Amanda Peet: Now known as 'Fatty' because of daughter to be – and that's okay with her!

10/01/2006 at 10:50 AM ET

Update: A source close to Amanda and David told us they’re having a girl! Amanda is also closer to five months along than four, as previously reported. The couple married last evening.

We had previously posted that actress Amanda Peet, 34, and her fiance David Benioff are expecting a baby and will be getting married by the end of the month. She confirmed both bits of good news on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, saying that she and David will be married this weekend, and stating that she is four months along.

Amanda also doesn’t mind if you call her the nickname her co-workers on the set of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip have come up with for her – Fatty. David disagreed, saying, "That’s just not right!", but alas, Amanda thinks "it’s really funny! [Studio 60 creator] Aaron Sorkin is convinced I have a five year old in here or twins or something. All they do is call me fatty and whenever I’m not on set they’re like, ‘Check craft services – she’s probably over stuffing herself again.’” Wonder if she will still think it’s funny when she creeps closer to 40 weeks!

She also said that she and David don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but they will be finding out. "I do want to know!," Amanda says.

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M on

I am so happy for her. SHe is going to be cute when she is farther along. 🙂

augustmoon6075 on

I’ve been a size 0 my whole adult life…except during my pregnancies with my son and daughter…and my nickname at work was also fatty…and I LOVED it!

Nati on

I just saw an episode of Friends in which Chandler (Matthew Perry, who happens appear in Studio 60) calls Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) Fatty while she’s pregnant.

Kate on

She’s laughing now about the nickname, but she won’t be when she’s 39 weeks and hasn’t seen her crotch in 2 months.

Remember “Growing Pains”? They made all those fat jokes to Carol and that actress wound up with anorexia…

rye on

I bet she has a boy. I don’t know why-I just get that boy vibe from her-but she would have such a cute little girl! I have always thought Amanda Peet had such gorgeous eyes and features!

landroverdisco on

She is definitely going to have a beautiful child. She has exquisite eyes and just a stunning face. I am excited for her!

Diana on

Good for her being so comfortable with herself not to let that get to her!

Aubree on

I have to say I got comments like that when I was pregnant, but knowing I was supposed to get bigger when I was pregnant… I was fine with it. It actually made me happy. I really enjoyed watching my body change while I was pregnant, knowing how excited I would be at the end of all of it!! I think if you go into it with a good attitude, you’re fine. Congratulations to her for being so comfortable with herself and congrats on the baby!

FC on

A girl for her as well? Cool. I’ll be ready to love this baby once they get here. So far I haven’t seen one that I haven’t fallen in love with, hehe.

Congrats to Amanda and her husband! 🙂

Dazzlar on

Well of course she should be “ok with it” she’s not actually fat, she’s PREGNANT!

tink1217 on

Cool!!! A little girl!!! Thats great!!! Congrats!