Skating with Celebrities' "taboo" couple on impending parenthood

09/25/2006 at 05:45 PM ET

Actress Kristy Swanson and her beau, Olympic medal-winning skater Lloyd Eisler, allowed OK to tag along as they perused baby items at the store Flicka in L.A.
During their shopping spree, the couple spoke about Kristy’s current pregnancy and their future family plans.

"We had already talked about children but planned on waiting about two years," Kristy, 36, says. "Everyone has the plan that the house comes before the baby- but not in this case."

The couple became involved last summer when they were teamed together on the reality competition show, Skating With Celebrities. They won the show and started tongues wagging when they came out as a couple in December of last year. The reason for the big controversy: Lloyd was married (to Marcia O’Brien), had a young son (now 2), and his wife was pregnant with their now 8-month-old son.

"We were great friends from the beginning, but during the first two weeks, I felt there was something, " Lloyd, 43, says.

A few months thereafter, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together. Their baby is due in February.

"I was feeling a little hefty but didn’t think about being pregnant since my period had been quite recent," Kristy says. "When I missed the next month, I got a little worried. I bought a home pregnancy test, and the three-minute wait felt like the longest of my life! Just to be sure, we took three separate tests."

Lloyd adds, "We were being so careful, so it came as a bit of a surprise. We gave ourselves a week to mull it over- and I think the decision we made is one that we’re both really happy with."

Kristy said her skating workout kept her in such great shape that her pregnancy has been pretty easy, but says her cravings have been very strong.

"I’ve started drinking more milk, and I love cottage cheese," she says. "Yesterday, I had a craving for brownies. I ran next door and borrowed my neighbors car, since Lloyd was out with ours, and drove around but couldn’t find any. My neighbor ended up baking me some!"

As for the future, the two say they know one thing: they need a new family-oriented vehicle. They also may decide to relocate their growing family.

"We only have a two-seater sports car and a motorcycle, so that will definitely have to change," Kristy says. "We haven’t decided yet if we’re going to stay in L.A. or move down to Orange County to be closer to my mom."

Source: OK, Oct. 2, 2006, pgs. 54-55

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Kathy on


“We haven’t decided yet if we’re going to stay in L.A. or move down to Orange County to be closer to my mom.”

Apparantly it isn’t important to be near his other two children who live in Canada.

Nanofairy on

I didn’t think these two could do anything that would make them more unlikeable than they already were – but publicly talking about how the baby is an accident and they had to give themselves a week to decide whether to have an abortion takes the cake. Ugh.

landroverdisco on

They certainly make for an interesting union. Hopefully, she has accepted the fact her new love interest will be obligated to pay child support (and possibly spousal) as well has her new role as step-mom to two small children. I feel a real sense of sadness for Lloyds “left behind” children.

Lis on

Karma… what bad Karma

fynn on

I can’t believe how many women just seem to get pregnant and then say they were very careful with protection and it still somehow happened! if you’re careful you DO NOT GET pregnant! it’s not difficult. I just think those people are careless or otherwise not proparly aware how fast it can go.

tink1217 on

why does everyone think he left his children??? He may see them every day!! Just because a marriage ends doesn’t mean responsible and caring parents can’t still be full time parents to their children! We know nothing of what actually happened with Lloyd and his ex. Kristy is a big girl and am sure she realizes child support is a must. Nobody is perfect, least of all celebrities and sports figures. We only see what the media wants us to see.

Anna on

Wow, she couldn’t find any brownies?! She must be really stupid because with all those supermarkets, bakeries and eateries out there, it should be one of lifes easier tasks. But I’m being mean, so bash me for it…

leslie on

ok, this guy makes me sick! Why would someone that has two small children only have a “two-seater” car?! And instead of moving closer to her mom how about being close to his children! And if she wanted brownies she should have baked the darn things herself! Just my opinion:)

Beccalovesbabies on

Well, I think landroverdisco is very insightful. I wonder how much time he IS spending with his kids, considering he’s unable to drive them anywhere. Also, if they’re planning to move closer to Kristy’s mom, that statement doesn’t imply “closer to his other kids.”

Lorus on

tink – His ex-wife and two other children live in Eastern Canada and as stated by Kristi they live in L.A. so I doubt he sees them “every day”. There was quite a lot of media coverage here about this when it came out because they were a Canadian couple. They were having problems in their marriage but his wife did fly out to be with him towards the end of Skating w/ Celebrities so there was some obvious overlap there.

I don’t think that couples should stay together for the children but I do believe if your wife is pregnant the man should put his personal life on hold until the baby is born. Putting a pregnant woman through something traumatic isn’t ideal for her health or the baby’s.

I wish them the best for the sake of this new little one. Hopefully everything works out for everyone involved.

MandaLynne on

Sorry, but I’m with Landroverdisco on this one. Lloyd had absolutely NO BUSINESS surrendering to an extramarital relationship with Kristy while his wife was pregnant with their second child. He made the committment on his wedding day to stay true to his spouse and broke it in favor of physical attraction.

I do hope things work out for the sake of all children involved but Lloyd and Kristy are two self-centered individuals.

CJ on

That’s true Tink. But the way he talks about their car situation it’s as though there are no kids in their lives. If I didn’t know already before I read the interview I would have no idea he already has kids buy what they both say. Also she talks of moving closer to her mom, not his kids. But atleast he/she aren’t attacking his ex like Spelling & her husband.