TV's 'Supernanny' says she's not ready to have kids of her own

09/24/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

TV’s ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost says that at least for now, she’ll stick to taking care of other people’s children. 

"I can’t hear the biological clock going tick, tick, tick, right now. I’m 36 and when I meet somebody and when we decide that we will have children then maybe we will. But maybe we won’t have children. I don’t feel that urgency that many women have."

For the past 17 years, Jo has worked as a nanny; she became a household name in England after the 2004 premiere of her reality-show "Supernany," which made its way to America last year. 

In an interview with Reuters, she talked about how important it is for parents to not be afraid to set limits for their children.

"Parents are almost fearful of disciplining their children. They are scared they are going to lose the connection with them when they are teenagers or adults."

When asked about those who criticize her childrearing methods, Jo says that she is just trying to help families as much as she can. "I certainly don’t have horns growing out of head … I work with the families and I am very dedicated and passionate and what I do makes a difference to families."

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halifaxhoney on

I was wondering if she had her own children. She’d be a great mother. I agree with alot of her methods.

maz on

i always knew she didnt have any kids, i bet if she had her amazing powers would like cease to exist!

millie on

I think she’s wonderful. So many parents are afraid to set limits and be firm with their children. When you watch some of those families they have on the show, you wonder how they survive.

Christie on

Isn’t it ironic that many nannys don’t have their own children? Is it because they’re WITH children everyday? I have noticed that!

Candice on

The sad, ironic truth is…most nannies and chilcare providers DON’T have children. Ever. I’ve always loved kids and have always said that I would have as many as I could, but now that I’ve worked as a childcare provider for the past five years, I’m finding myself questioning the thought of having children at all.

But on the subject of Jo…I love that woman. She’s a lifesaver. I practice a lot of her techniques with the children I nanny for and they work like a dream.

Michelle on

She’s a lovely person, and I think she’d be a wonderful mother. Women are having babies well into their 40s these days so she can explore that option if and when the time comes. Far better to wait for the right person than to sleep with the first one who comes along, like most celebrities do. And she can always adopt!

Erin on

Weird – I thought she had kids of her own. I can see why she wouldn’t though, considering she is with kids every single day. Plus, being a nanny kind of means you are a mother anyway – you may not have given birth to them, but you have a huge art in raising them.

Maybe I should become a nanny? I don’t want kid of my own, but I enjoy babysitting them. LOL

joy on

well as a nanny myself and an aunt of 3 I can totally understand her reasoning! I love what I do but I also get to give the children back at the end of the day and get handed money in return. It’s a nice tradeoff! I get much satisfaction from my work but at the same time I know how hard it is and find myself questioning actually being a mother. I do want kids but I also am smart enough to know the responsibility and cost of raising children.

Kori on

I find this really interesting. Jo has great advice and is a great 3rd party, able to look at things without being too emotionally involved.

Childcare providers who don’t have kids just don’t understand that it is and always will be TOTALLY different when they are your own. You don’t want to “give them back” like you with other people’s kids. It is just different, and you can only know the feeling if you are a parent. I didn’t really want kids, then had a surprise pregnancy and had no idea I was missing anything in my life, let alone the biggest part of it. I had always babysat and loved kids, just didn’t realize how different it is when they are your own.

Karm on

I have baby-sat and nannyed for years.

I still want children just as much as I did when I was a teenager but I now understand how much work it is and I wish to be married and stable first before I bring children into the world.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

Regarding having your own kids as “TOTALLY different” is something I don’t agree with. I have nanny friends who have had their own children and according to them the day to day care is no different. The only difference is there’s nobody coming home at 6pm to relieve you! (other than daddy time)
Emotionally involved or not the kids still have boundaries.

Nicola on

I’ll weigh in on the nanny issue. I worked as a full time nanny for many years before having my own child. The week that I brought him home, realisation suddenly hit that there was no “end of the day”, no going home to relax with a nice meal and a movie, no leisurely mornings browsing the net with a nice cup of coffee in hand. Now *this* was a full time job! I will openly admit that it took a few weeks to get into the routine and to accept this new person as a member of the family, rather than viewing my son as a 24 hour a day job. Going from full time nanny to “Mom” is not an easy transition!

joy on

I’m at the point that I can’t wait for the clock to hit 6 p.m. when I know my duties are over…but this week the baby I watch is on vacation w/ her family and I do admit I miss her somewhat already?!

I am sure having your own is differnt but I am sure even there are times that you just look at it and go, what did I do this for?! lol – even the best parents look forward to a helping hand.

Kori on

I wasn’t saying day to day care of a child is different whether its your own or not…I was saying it’s different because it’s yours, you don’t- or at least shouldn’t want to “give them back.” I love kids, but my own child is a whole different level, yes it’s hard work but it’s the best job I’ve ever had.