RUMOR: Jennifer Lopez tries IVF treatment…?

09/22/2006 at 01:10 PM ET

Singer Jennifer Lopez, 37, who, contrary to loads of rumors, is not pregnant, has been trying IVF treatment in order to get pregnant according to a British tabloid. A source told The Sun: "Jennifer said she wanted to have two children. She said she’d recently started IVF treatment and couldn’t wait to have a family." She has also been eating a lot of spinach, "Since my doctor recommended it I’ve been on spinach omelettes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and sautéed spinach with every dinner. I guess if the spinach doesn’t help me conceive, I’ll still end up with Popeye-sized muscles." If this is true, she better not be eating the Ecoli infested spinach we’ve been hearing about lately!

Lopez is married to singer Marc Anthony, 38, and is stepmother to his children Ariana with his ex-girlfriend, and sons Cristian, 5, and Ryan, 3, with ex-wife Dayanara Torres, 31. 

Source: The Sun via Hollywood Drag Photo Source: vH1

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Sue on

Hope she’s watching where she gets all that spianch!!

natalie on

AWW poor thing with this spinach outbreak.Maybe she coould eat canned spinach good luck to her.

Darla on

Isn’t her name Dayanara Yorres?

asheley on

she better watch out with that spinach, but yea i read the story in in touch which also had many fotos of anna nicole smith and her son, and daughter

Beth on

If this is true, Jennifer better seek another doctor and another diet. She’s going to have trouble finding fresh spinach on the market at the moment and personally I’ve never heard of spinach increasing your odds of getting pregnant. Perhaps she has a Vitamin A defiency? Would that it were true that certain foods promote pregancy. Such an easy solution to fertility problems. How silly.

Christina on

I wish her the all the best for successful IVF treatments. She has wanted a baby for years & years. Infertility has to be heartbreaking, and I’m sure it doesn’t help that all the tabloids are always publishing pregnancy rumours about her. That HAS to be pretty painful!! Not to mention that many of her ex-guys have babies with their new gals, Diddy & Ben, and her husband has 3 kids, too. It must be hard when it seems that everyone else easily gets what you want so very much. My heart goes out to her.

Angie on

she’ll probably end up having twins or more. I wish her luck!

Michelle on

How painful it must be for Jennifer to constantly deal with rumours about her supposed pregnancy when she is actually going through fertility treatments. That’s terrible. I am going through the same thing and can’t imagine having everyone in the world asking and wondering if I am pregnant yet. I haven’t even told my parents or friends! Imagine everyone knowing your business…that sucks

tink1217 on

I hope it works for her! Infertility is heartbreaking, and imagine out in the public eye?? Must be hard!

And, Darla, his ex wife is Dayanara Torres.

Barbara on

I would hope that someone has said something to her about eating spinach right now. You never know where it will turn up.
God keep you and future children safe JLO.

jane on

It’s all fake don’t believe a word of it. She doesn’t want kids. Believe me, I know people that know her. They say she’s a workaholic. Her career is #1 to her, that’s why Ben Affleck left her. So don’t expect to see her pregnant anytime soon.

preesi on

Spinach contains Oxalic Acid with prevents the absorbtion of CALCIUM.
No one should eat too much, too often

Nancy on

I think the oxalic acid is destroyed by cooking. It’s raw spinach salads that should be avoided.

Terri on

Yeah, I agree. It has to be tuff dealing with the media questions about being pregnant. I wish her and Marc the best. I’m a big fan of hers and I know she wants a baby very badly. To the person who said Jennifer dosen’t want kids, you are totally wrong there.

CJ on

I don’t really buy that hearsay that she doesn’t want kids. She’s actually slowed down alot since she got married. She hasn’t done much of anything. I think her& Benn left eachother because they’re so different.

I hope that JLO has had a chance to bond w/ her stepsons. I know Dayanara didn’t want them around her at first. Good luck to her on having kids.

Alicia on

I never knew that spinach could help you concive! But, i dont think I would give it a try now. If these rumors are true I sure do wish her the best. Fertility promblems are sure hard to deal with!!

claire on

I’m totally crossing my fingers for JLo. I’ve read that she’s wanted to have children for quite some time now and dealing w/ fertility issues is not easy (even more so if you’re in the public eye). I’m going through fertility treatments myself, and going through IVF and all the meds will definitely “bloat” you up. I looked about 4 months pregnant during an IVF cycle, and had to deal w/ a whole lot of “whispering”. Now, since my failed IVF, I’ve had to deal w/ the “she must of miscarried” whispering. Fertility treatments are difficult, so I definitely wish JLo all the best and of course success.

Celebrity Sleuth on

People just confirmed she’s having twins. Yup. She definitely got some “help” with her pregnancy.