Gwyneth Paltrow on naming Moses and…McDonalds?

09/22/2006 at 07:38 PM ET

Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with Access Hollywood on Wednesday while the actress was in Los Angeles to promote her new Estee Lauder Pleasures bath line (she’s been their spokesperson for the last year – click here to see photos of the mother-son duo leaving the Lauder luncheon). In an interview with Billy Bush (click here to watch the video), Gwyneth reveals just why she and husband Chris Martin chose the name Moses for their 5 month old son.

When told by Billy that Moses is a big name to live up to, Gwyneth said, "Well, I think he’s the man to live up to it! When we were pregnant with Apple, if she was a boy, she would’ve been named Moses. We just always had the name…Moses to me is just such an amazing name. Plus, he was born on the holiest Sabbath of the year, which is the Saturday before Passover. And he was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York…And it was my father’s Hebrew name." However, she tells Fox News that instead of Moses, they often call him his Yiddish nickname – Moishe!

Gwyneth was also asked about the diet she feeds her children – does she allow McDonald’s? She answered that she tries to feed them whole grains, but laughed, "No McDonald’s. Never. Over my dead body!"

In Apple Martin news, Gwyneth reveals that she’s started a toddler preschool program and is loving it. "She’s having a ball!"

Source: Access Hollywood and Fox News

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Luna on

My theory is that kids who are denied junk food grow up to become teenagers who are obsessed with and eat nothing but junk food.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting a child eat McDonalds or any other fast food occasionally. As long as it’s not part of their regular diet and they understand it’s a ‘special treat’, why not?

Everything in moderation……

estelle on

i’m gwyneth on this one. fast food is like posion to children. i don’t even think adults should eat it. if you raise your kids to eat healthy food they will make healthy food choices when they are older. yes they might go crazy with junk food while a teenager but every teen does that.

Zoey on

A more accurate English spelling of the name would be Moyshe. It’s a Yiddush version of the Hebrew name Moshe (Moh-sheh), from which “Moses” is actually derived.

Ysenia on

beautifully said, really Luna. But also remember this is Gwyneth Paltrow talking. The same one who said “no nannies” yet she does employ nannies. “no T.V.” yet she later admitted to letting Apple watch the Wiggles. She speaks like this to set herself apart. . .why she just can’t be truthful, I’ll never know. . .

gracie on

I will never let my children eat fast food. My parents never took me to McDonalds and I have never been to KFC. I have no desire to go either. I don’t think you have to let your kids eat junk food, just so they can be like everyone else. That’s why we’re the parents, we set the ground work for healthy habits and they can decide whether to follow those habits when they are adults.

tracey on

Luna, I agree – everything in moderation.

However, recently I’ve discovered a tonne of food allergies – and I can never eat McDonalds or any fast food, ever again. I understand when she says ‘over my dead body’ because quite literally, it could happen and it only takes 1 tiny crumb to knock me over for more than a week. Maybe that’s where Gwyneth’s outlook is coming from?

kate on

I love gwyneth P and Chris M.I think she takes parenting so seriously and handles life with grace and dignity.
That and she has a beautiful family 🙂

maz on

i think its right to lay off the junk food especially in england where are u no jamie oliver has been campaigning for healthy food in schools – her daughter is like for me too young to have fatty mcds chips and chicken nuggets – if she gets used to healthy food early on, she’ll end up following a healthy diet her whole life, and apple needs the whole grain ‘goodness’ at her age anyway

georgia's mom on

I total agree with Gwyneth. My almost 4 year has never had any fast food. It is filled with corn syrup and chemicals. In fact we don’t eat any processed foods. We don’t eat any factory raised animals. I don’t think she will rebel about this because we do and plan to do more as she gets older explain to her why we eat what we eat. How our food animals were raised. I doub’t she’ll want to rebel by eating animals raised knee deep in their own feeces.

ili175 on

I’m not sure it’s as black and white as you describe it to be Luna, but I think you are right about everything in moderation. Though I don’t have an issue with keeping kids off of fast food until they’re older, so that it doesn’t become a habit.

I am more puzzled by the order of logic for the name Moses. First it’s because of when he was born, then it’s because of where he was born, and lastly it’s because it’s her father’s Hebrew name. It seems to me the logical order in her head should have her father’s Hebrew name as the first and best reason her son is named Moses.
Second, I have to point out something which I would have hoped would have been obvious to Gwyneth had she been brought up in the Jewish faith as opposed to being what I will qualify as a “poser.” There is a reason that we have our regular names which are often Hebrew names though widely circulated names as well, and that we then have our “Hebrew” names which most people do not know. I hope that she will teach him some things about the Jewish faith having given him such a name, though they are things that she does not appear to know herself.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

In another interview, she did list her father’s name as the primary reason, I should say that. In the video for this interview, she was going along with Billy, saying, well with where he was born, when he was born, etc, how could we not name him that?! I just got the sense she was much more relaxed in this interview than she usually is.

kimmyana on

I am 100% with Gwyneth on this one, and always have been. My parents raised me without fast food in my life, and it’s one of the few things I’ve never fought them on.

joy on

well fast food places also now offer healthier choices. Wendy’s now lets your kids pick yogurt or fruit cups in place of fries and milk and apple juice in place of soda (which is something no kid should have). And McDonal’s allows Apple Slices and juice as well. I agree fast food shouldn’t be eaten all the time but using it as a special treat once a month isn’t a bad thing esp. with all the choices you get to choose from. Sometimes working mothers also don’t have time to whip up a meal all the time and find it easier to grab something on the go.
Growing up my mom allowed us to have burger king or McDonald’s every thursday as a “special” end of the week treat. We always looked forward to it and trust me it was much better then eating another plate full of Mac N Cheese and fishsticks!!

preesi on

Just remember Gwyneth, its ORGANIC spinach that is making people so sick and killing people. NOT regular spinach…

Nowadays Fast Food Restaurants have gourmet salads, grilled chicken, apple dippers, apple sauce, low fat milk and fruit cup and she still cant find anything good about them…
What about Boston Market? Whats bad there?

I think she just wants to appear caring, but Im sure occassionally she buys a salad or a fry when shes busy..,

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Wow. I’d kill for mcdonalds right now, it’s been….about a month and a half or more since i last ate there. Which sounds about right because my parents rarely get fast food. I could never eat it everyday. Not even once a week. But i’d die if it were denied to me entirely. I don’t belive in a strict diet, moderation and exercise work just fine.

Ana on

The only think I have to say is that parents, normally, try to do what they think better for their children. If she thinks is better for Apple and Moses not to eat fast food better for them. I hope I’ll be able to raise my children as vegetarian one day so…

meliciousgirl on

I’m with Gwyneth on this one. Junk food is not a ‘treat’, it’s rubbish. My Mum felt that way so I grew up not drinking soft drink or eating crisps and never going to fast food outlets, and I never felt like I was being deprived. I am a normal, healthy and sane adult now and I will be bringing up my daughter the same way.

Annie on

My parents raised my sister and brother and I as vegetarians. No junk food either. None. No fizzy drinks, nothing greesey or fried. And I still tend to eat this way out of preference due to my upbringing. However, with a rather carnivorous husband and three growing children, I now eat meat. I should point out though, my parents were not vegetarians because of animal cruelty, that was never an issue. They just preferred everything clean and organic, and so do I.

But my children, like me, have never had junk food, fast food included. And they definitely don’t feel deprived. I think giving children junk food as treats makes them think it’s something special, something to get ahold of. My kids don’t think this way and neither did I. And my sister is a vegan of her own accord. I’m glad my mum and dad fed us healthy food and I think my children will feel the same.

And chances are, in that environment, Apple and Moses will be health freaks too. I know here in London, the absolute ‘home’ of the ‘yummy mummy’ thing, it’s very fashion forward. Dropping our kids off to school, mothers seem to talk about nothing more then their healthy lifestyles and what guru they see now. I hope Gwyneth has a better reason!

Ash on

My parents never kept me from eating junk food growing up. They always had a big jar of candy in the kitchen for my sister and I whenever we wanted some. Now that I have a degree in psychology, I can say with confidence that my parents’ use of reverse psychology worked. We grew up not really wanting candy or junk food because we could have it anytime we wanted it… therefore, it wasn’t considered anything special. We’re both very thin now (my sister is actually too thin… 5’6″, 95 lbs) so, as you can see, a little junk food here and there didn’t kill us.

On the other hand, I had friends whose parents never let them eat junk food so whenever they came over to my house, they would pig out on the candy. And as adults, they’re the ones who are now obese. So while it’s important to raise your children with healthy eating habits, it’s equally important to teach them how to eat bad foods in moderation. When they get to college and they’re tempted by $5 pizza specials and fast food restaurants on campus, they are going to need the skills to cope with those temptations. There’s a reason why so many kids gain the “Freshman 15.” When you’re cramming for finals and live in a dorm with no kitchen, it’s easy to resort to fast foods.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

Her children are too young to be asking for fast food. Once their school friends introduce them to it it will be a different story. I work in the child care industry and soooooo many times I hear parents talk about what they won’t allow: fast food, TV & videos. Trust me – they do not last LOL Before long those kids are infront of the tv with a bag of sweets !!!!!!
I’ve also heard parents-to-be say their kids will only have ‘educational toys’. Oh please…

leis on

Well I respect her opinion… but i doubt if she doesnt prepare burgers, spaghetti, fries, sundaes etc at home besides those are real food so what’s wrong with them…. personally as a parent i let my kids eat fast food. But im quite strict when it comes to chips, candies and sodas, coz they’re not healhty!

Free on

hell, my child must be a PARTY ANIMAL! We prepare alot of whole foods at home, but also eat at fast food places about once a week, I too like the idea of fruit as a side item and I order it for myself too, but my child gets to enjoy was a great part of my childhood and everybody could use a pixie stick 🙂

Kori on

I applaud Gwyneth but am not as strong in that department. I allow my son chicken nuggets from fast food places as a treat but then make the healthier choice side order instead of fries, like fruit or yogurt, and milk as the drink. One thing I do not allow my son to have is soda. He is great at eating veggies and trying all foods, the day he starts turning his nose up at healthy food is the day he won’t get those fast food treats from time to time. I do think fast food is terrible for us, I don’t think our bodies are made to digest it, but once or twice a month will not kill us. I admire those with 100% self control though.

joy on

I actually somewhat agree with Ash.

I grew up being able to have whatever I want. Now as a almost 24 year old adult, I choose not to eat meat, I choose not to eat candy that often (there are times of the month if you know what I mean when I crave some chocolate) and I don’t drink soda.

I do once in awhile stop by a fast food place to grab some french fries or something else if I feel I just need something quick but I never crave it at all and I grew up eating it regularly.

It’s different strokes for differnet folks obviously. I won’t give my children sweets or sodas esp as toddlers but when they get older they are going to grow up being with friends who have it and do you think a 8 year old is going to say to his buddy, “sorry dude my mom would freak if she knew I had that!” – doubt it!!

I actually know a mother who doesn’t allow her kids to have any sweets, candy, sugary foods and we used to tease her. Well every chance her son got he was snatching snacks and candy off of all the kids at the daycare and he was only 2. So it just goes to show that even if they don’t have it when they find it they’ll want it!

sb on

McDonalds and fast food seems to be the “convenient” norm these days. Coincidentally heart disease, diabetes,and the obesity rate of this country are off the charts. I can’t believe how many really fat children I see on a daily basis!!! Fast food has absolutley NO nutritional value, it is filled with cancer causing chemicals and preservatives. I am with her completely, and will never feed my child that poison. As my children get older I will do my best to educate them as to why fast food is so unhealthy. I would bet just about anything that if fast food was completely elimintated from the American culture most health issues and obesity would decline substantially.