Brooke Burke's belly gets a kiss from David Charvet

09/21/2006 at 01:24 PM ET

David Charvet and Brooke Burke were spotted at a Malibu beach on Friday – and the photographer caught quite the adorable picture! David and Brooke are expecting their first daughter together – Brooke’s third – in January.

Source: Flynet via TMZ

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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julie on

Does anyone know where I can get this gorgeous skirt? What an adorable couple!

tink1217 on

that has gotta be one of the most adorable pictures! Brooke has amazing skin!

Natalie S. on

Those are adorable pictures. I love pictures of men kissing their wives or girlfriends pregnant bellies. However is David wearing Uggs in the picture where he is kissing Brooke’s belly? Um David I know you’re good looking but leave the Uggs at home..

momof2girlies on

What awesome pictures! They look so happy. And she looks great! Here’s to a happy healthy rest of the pregnancy.

JK on

Wow! Those are beautiful pictures. They couldn’t be more perfect if they were planned out.

valerie on

Do you think they were casually strolling? Those look like staged photos. More importantly, why on Earth is David wearing Uggs on the Beach. Nonetheless, they are a beautiful couple…she looks great…could still see residual six pack!

Lorus on

Awww! That is such a sweet photo of them. They look like they are so happy together.

nstew on

She looks amazing (as does he, of course). I’m 5 months pregnant and would give anything to look like she does right now…running on the beach and all! I can barely drag myself in and out of the shower:)

Yonni on

Cute photos..It must have been for a photo shoot or something. Nevertheless gorgeous photos…

Mad Mom on

When I was pregnant, even at 5 months, I looked like a big preggo blob…..maybe if I looked like her pre-pregnancy I wouldnt have been so, bleh…..

Gianna on

Celebrities make pregnancy look so great. Most of them look like Brooke, and just have a belly and skinny everywhere else. But I guess the fact most of them are in great shape and still work out while pregnant, helps them look so great. David is hot, I loved him on Baywatch and Melrose place.

landroverdisco on

Baby No. 3 onboard and she still looks fantabulous! The woman has some incredible genes. Their daughter is going to be gorgeous.

Liz on

Could they be any more beautiful?

Aleksa on

The woman is very pretty, I don’t know who she is though, is it just me or has she been making a lot of public appearances lately.

Doreen on

WOW, gorgeous pics!! Love David kissing her belly, how precious! I can’t believe how GREAT she looks and this is her third child on the way!! Most people don’t even look this great without ever being pregnant. lol She’s hot and so is he. What is the boots though? :)They are going to have 1 gorgeous baby OR maybe twins like most are now in Hollywood. 🙂

Joy on

These are WAY staged!!!

corinne on

They are beautiful pics.She looks gorgeous.



Wow she’s really starting to show. Atleast in these photos. In other photos it’s like you can’t even tell she’s expecting.

Congrats to the both of them!

Hea on

“More importantly, why on Earth is David wearing Uggs on the Beach”

Watch a recap of Baywatch… Pam wore Uggs and just about any kind of furry boot on the beach all the time. It appears to be a bit “trendy” to some.

Brook and David look great together.

Seraphina on

I agree Joy – I wouldn’t be surprised if these pictures turned out to be outakes from a photo shoot.

That said, they do look beautiful. But so they should – that’s their job really. 🙂

Diana on

What a gorgeous couple! She looks AMAZING pregnant! Normally I think pregnant women should stay away from the bikini’s but it looks amazing on her!

Scarlett on

I think they are staged too but they are still cute. I swear that I WILL be all tummy and no fat anywhere else when I’m pregnant!

Angie on

Even with a swollen pregnant belly, she still has amazing abs. I hope that I am that lucky when i’m pregnant. Wow!

lucy on

She does look good-but just so everyone out there doesn’t get a complex-she was married to a plastic surgeon before she and Dave were together. That helps in the “no fat department”. Now doesn’t that make you feel better? : )

FC on

Uggs look out of place, lol, but they do look cute. That one of him kissing her pregnant belly is adorable. 🙂

Laety on

Beautiful pictures! I’m really happy for them..I didn’t like Brooke before cause I felt she had take david from me ;p , but I have grown to like her, and I do really think their daughter will be as beautiful as they are…Looking at Brooke makes me think, I better start working on my body now, so that when I’m pregnant I can look like she does!