Actress Donna Mills and daughter Chloe

09/19/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Actress Donna Mills, 63, was at the Racquet Rumble Tennis Tournament with daughter Chloe, 11. Chloe is also being raised by Mills’ long-time partner Richard Holland.


Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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giadana on

I’m assuming Cloe was adopted by both Donna Mills & her “long time partner” in order for him to be raising this child…..Otherwise, I’m confused!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Yes, but we try not to label kids as “adopted daughter” whoever in posts because it’s been found to be offensive to some in the past. Chloe is adopted though, yes.

Yonni on

I think it is good that you don’t say “adopted” daughter/son. Once the child is adopted they are the child of whomever adopted. Also to giadana – it could be poissible her child was biracial. My two daughters are biracial so they aren’t spitting images of me exactly. I know that the actress Victoria Rowell stated before that people thought she was the nanny because her child was so fair skinned.

Nineveh on

I think in this case raising the question of adopted or not isn’t that surprising, considering the age of mother and child.

I thought she could be biracial, yes, but the fact that mom is 63 and daughter is only 11 also made me wonder “typo or adopted?”

Terri Allan on

I don’t understand, since when is adopted a bad word??? Why is it disrespectful or offensive to say “Adopted Daughter?”

Brandi on

Golly, you guys will never be able to please everyone, will you? 🙂

If you put “adopted daughter” then you get arguments from those who are adopted, have adopted or those who are pro adoption arguing that by saying adopted you are reminding people that the child isn’t theirs biologically and, because of this, pointing out that these children are somehow not equal to or as special as biological children.

I, too, think it’s nice that you don’t put “adopted” on everything. I mean, we all know Maddox and Zahara are adopted, but the label isn’t placed on them. Why should it be on anyone else?

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

lol the points I was going to raise have already been mentioned – great minds think alike! 😀
I just assumed they were biological mother & daughter. What surprised me was the age. Is Donna Mills really 63 ?! I wondered whether she gave birth at 51 or what…seems not.

Daze on

What piqued my curiosity is the math. Did Donna have in vitro and give birth at 51/52? Chloe is a beautiful girl who seems to share her mothers smile. She is obviously biracial and I have seen adopted children who do resemble their parents quite coincidentally. Would some one ‘in the know’ please clear up the mystery. Is Chloe biological? I know a few actresses like Joan London and Geena Davis and Diana Ross actually had babies pretty late in their biological clock life.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Daze, I answered it in the second comment. She is adopted. 🙂

Daze on

I settled it myself. I googled Donna Mills and she did adopt Chloe in 1985, who is her only child.

Ima Wright on

No one seems to be getting to the truth regarding little Chloe. Stop the politically correct garbage. Is she adopted or not? I know plenty of people who have been adopted and they are proud of it! They are even thinking about starting a parade in honor of adopted kids, since they were adopted themselves. When they march through downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL, I’ll be there cheering them on!! Adoption Now!! (Before radical Islam takes over America!!)

trulycurious on

I actually think they look alike. Donna Mills looks great for 63. Cute girl but I thought she was older than 11. She’s really tall.

Janet on

I think Donna Mills is just about the prettiest actress out there. I wish she was in more shows too. Just love her ! Miss her acting. And btw I have her make up tape, The Eyes Have it. A prize possession of mine. :]

tina millls on

Yes she ADOPTED is right way saying it. It’s obvious she realm not real mother of this child. Also why adopt a blk child. It looks so awkward. Should have adopted a white or Asian child will look more better.

lee on

Donna Mills is a very special women she has the ability to love and care for this very lovely young girl. Adoption is good only when an adopted child is lucky enough to be adopted by a women like Donna Mills. With this article I have a new respect for Donna. Why not adopt more children give them a home and a new life.
Many Blessing to you Donna