Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia follows in mom's footsteps

09/17/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

Model Cindy Crawford‘s, 40, daughter Kaia Jordan, 5, is following mom’s footsteps and modeling children’s bikinis by Melissa Odabash. Two more pictures can be seen here and here. Please note that the photos have made many readers uncomfortable, so please proceed with caution.

Crawford and husband Rande Gerber, 44, also have son Presley Walker, 7.

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

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Stacey on

What a beautiful little girl!!

Kim on

I’m sorry but I find those pictures completely inappropriate, except the last one, but especially the second one. I would NEVER allow my 5 year old to pose in so few clothes for a magazine. Such a disgrace with all of the pedophiles out there.

Jen on

I thought they were a little risque – certainly not something I’d let my daughter do. But the third (?) pic – the topless one with what looks like a back tatoo is so completely inappropriate and disgusting that I felt I had to comment. Why would you let your baby girl do that? Why would any photographer pose that? It is sickening.

courtney on

I agree with both of you, she is a beautiful little girl but those pictures just stike me as inappropriate.

Heather Slater on

I completely agree with the other comments. I was not surprised to read the story but I HATE the pictures. Is this the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for kids? YIKES!

Beth on

I was shocked by these photos: the hyper-sexualization of little girls in our culture is spinning out of control. I was especially disturbed by the photo from behind that others here have described. Regardless of who the child’s parents are, it’s sad and very wrong, in my opinion, for little girls to pose that way.

erica on

i thought i was being prudish that my first reaction to these photos is they are inappropriate. in my opinion she’s way too young to be posing/posed that way. there’s no doubt she’s a beautiful little girl, but with all the pedophiles out there i’d be extra careful about the kinds of pictures of her being taken and on the internet if i was her mother.

preesi on

Even MORE disgusting is the new Dakota Fanning movie coming soon called Hounddog, in which she gets violently raped and spends alot of the movie naked or partially clothed!
I kid you not:

What is going on in todays society?

This all needs to stop! These pics are not appropriate. What is Cindy thinking? What is Rande thinking?

meme on

Cindy stop it now. How the heck could you do this. and If you can’t stop it where the heck is your husband on this discusting display of using your daughter to prove something to your very neey self

Penny Lane on

I definitely agree. The string bikini she’s got on in one of the photos is ridiculous! Beautiful little girl, but she’s just that: a little girl! Completely inappropriate!

Suey on

I was logging on to comment and I see that most people felt the same way I do. The Jonbenet case is back in the news and my first thought was the shock of seeing this little girl in a most provocative pose. I thought more of her parents, especially her mother.

Lana on

Wow, I can’t even believe how wrong that is. The topless one has just left me speechless. And I may be totally out of the loop, but when did they start making string bikinis for 5 year olds???

sugemom on

This will be my last comment submitted to this website. The new censoring of comments is incredibly biased. It seems that critical comments are allowed through by CBB when they agree with the comments, but are censored when they opposed CBB’s views. Very hypocritical.

Darcy on

I think they’re cute, but I can definitely understand why you guys could think they’re weird. If I was her mom I probably wouldn’t let her do this.

Kaisa, CBB contributor on

Sugemom, I cannot understand your statement. Which specific critical comment has not been approved? I have not denied any comments on this story.

Émily on

I’m really shocked by these pictures, she’s just a little girl, not a woman, I find these pictures totally inapropriate, especially in this site…. She’s just 5 years old!!!!!!!!!

preesi on

Reese Witherspoon has it right when she refuses to allow Ava to wear two piece swimsuits..

preesi on

Kaisa/ dont worry about it! These people are babies! Everyone has to always complain about SOMETHING!
Its a free site and you do it out of fun and love and you should have to take BS from posters!

Jennifer on

I’m glad so many people are objecting to the photos. I, too, feel the same way. I study women’s images in the media and teach classes on them and these images DO matter in our culture. By sexualizing children (ie. the one with her coyly looking over her shoulder without a top on) speaks volumes about our culture. I am angry with Cindy Crawford for allowing her child to be put in this position. Her child may have wanted to be a model and liked the photos, but Crawford and her husband have the responsibility to look at the ramifications of these types of photos. I can see parents who desperately need the money from a child’s modeling career being talked into the photos (although I still find it highly inappropriate), but Cindy Crawford and her husband don’t need the money and should know better. If you see these types of photos in magazines, I encourage everyone to write to the magazine editors objecting to this type of sexualized portrayal of children.

Anne on

I am in agreement with most of the other readers/viewers. These pictures were very surprising to me because they are very inappropriate and overly provacative for a child! I would have possibly expected pictures like this of a child the age of Riley Keough…but not a 5 year old child! This is REALLY over the top!

ginettissima on

Totally agree with most of the comments here already… the topless, coy-turned around shot with the tattoo on the lower back is NOT an appropriate way to portray a FIVE-YEAR-OLD. 😐 Come on…

sara on

I agree. Kaya is such a pretty little girl, but no 5-year-old should pose topless! The first and last ones are ok, the second I can’t see but the third is absolutley inapproperiate! What were they thinking when letting their daughter being photographed like that?! She looks just like a minisized playboy model, and I think that is wrong. Yes, fine, if she was modeling bathingsuits, but bikinis – no.

Karen on

First of all, I would not compare Dakota Fanning to this little girl. Dakota Fanning is more than twice this girls age and has been in the business for most of her life. I’ve seen interviews and read interviews where her mother tossed and turned about this movie, she wasn’t sure but ultimately she talked to Dakota and they decided that it would be a good idea to do it.

Now, I’m not saying if I agree or disagree with that, but I have to say that if the girl is smart enough to push away Tom Cruise’s pushiness with religion, I’m sure she’s smart enough to understand what the movie is about and she knows that it’s only a movie and not real life.

As for Cindy’s daughter, the one picture where she is just wearing pants, that is inappropriate, no doubt, but the rest look fine to me.

Nors on

I agree with the other commenters, these photos are very inappropriate. Cindy should take a note from Reese Witherspoon who says she will not let her daughter wear a two piece bathing suit.
It is the sad state of our society that the innocence of a child’s body would be so sexualized. I would hope CBB would remove these photos as to not encourage their use.

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Those pics aren’t too bad. The third one is wrong though because she’s so young. But seriously just because she’s in a bikini? Do you all shop at the same stores i do? Cause seriously she’s pretty covered.

Martha on

I am in agreement with all those who have said that the photos are inappropriate. Yes, she is a beautiful child. But a family photo album is the place for them – not the public sphere as we know it today – especially the ‘cyber’. If this ‘world’ is all Cindy knows, then she is opening a door to a very unsafe one for that child. But then, who are we to influence anything she does? All she and her daughter will get will be endless compliments as her daughter makes her ‘debut’.

Tracy on

I was shocked to see the topless photo!!!! We don’t let our 5 year old wear bikinis either. I don’t think little girls should wear them. And what a way to oversexualize girls!

Natalee on

I too, find the “topless” and “string bikini” photos extremely inappropriate. While I don’t think that little girls should wear 2 piece swimsuits, I don’t think that pics 1 & 4 are that terrible. I am greatly disturbed that her parents would allow such a thing.

proudmommyof5 on

We live in a world where lines are crossed all the time. Where the word decency has been virtually eliminated from our vocabulary. Where children (as well as adults) are bombarded with inappropriate images and encouraged to do inappropriate things from a very young age. As a mother of 5, it sickens and scares me beyond words. We should be protecting our children, not putting them naked (half or otherwise)in front of a camera. That’s not art, it’s child abuse.

Lisa on

I can’t believe the 3rd picture with her topless and with a lower back tattoo. I find nothing wrong with tattoos, I find that to be very inappropriate for her age. I would never let my daughter pose that way.

Luise on

I agree with most of the comments. The pictures (and the string bikini) aren’t appropriate for a 5-year-old.
I have to say though, the reason I find the topless picture inappropriate is not that it’s topless, but the fact that it portrays this little girl in an “erotic” way. The pose suggest that there is something to hide there (as in “adult breasts). Actually, I don’t have any problem with girls that age running around topless on the beach (I did so myself back in the days), the bikini top (or in this case the turning around) is what sexualizes the image.

Angela on

I agree with the other comments, the pictures are very inappropriate. Kaya is only 5 years old, she shouldn’t be posing in bikini’s like that. There are so many perverts out there. I am very surprised with Cindy and her husband.

L Rotha on

These pictures are absolutely disturbing,goes to show most models like Cindy lack brains and good parental judgment.

Émily on

The third one is really disturbing…

Jaclyn on

Undoubtably, both of Cindy’s children are gorgeous but I do not understand the need to exploit her young daughter with these provocative pictures. Rande and Cindy are smart people, why would they want to involve their daughter in this sort of firestorm? Regardless of how you feel about children working in the entertainment industry, those pictures cross a line and it was a line that they have enough clout to draw wherever they want!

tink1217 on

the only one that rubbed me the wrong way was the topless one. other than that one the others were fine!! Kaya is beautiful!! Do any of you remember the Coppertone adds way back when??? With the topless little girl and the puppy pulling at her bikini bottom??? Sure it was a drawing and not a real little girl, but gimme a break!!!

DangerousMuse on

Kaya is adorable. But I feel like she shouldn’t model until she is much older.

SweetPeasMom on

While I do not like the topless photo, I think the whole rag on and on about little girls wearing bikinis is way over the top. I have a daughter and 9 count them 9 nieces and every single one has had a 2 piece bathing suit. They are covered wehre they should be and are not thought of as “sexual objects”. It saddens me to think that the world is being overrun by prudish people that have nothing better to do than to tell other people how to raise their children. Did you give birth to this little girl? NO. Do you have the legal responisbility to raise her? NO. Then shut it up! You have your own children, go back to raising them.

preesi on

Tink? The Coppertone girl WAS real and she was none other then Jodie Foster!

ang on

Sweetpeasmom – does the fact none of us have legal responsibility for this child mean we should just turn a blind eye to exploitation? Does this apply to other children in other situations? Child abuse? It’s up to society to speak up when children are used in this way. Otherwise people would abuse them however they liked and because they weren’t ‘our’ children, we’d all turn away! Let’s think about that! I thought Cindy was a better mother than this.

Jessica on

The one that really bothered me was the one where the kid was topless and had a (hopefully) fake tattoo on her back. My God the kid is 5! The rest of the pictures were cute, but I wouldn’t let my 5 year old wear those bathing suits.

k_Em on

I agree with many of the commentors already. I was disgusted by the photo of Kaya looking provocative and slyly over her shoulder….

I have a 4 year old daughter and she has not and will not wear a two piece bathing suit until she is much much older. We need to protect our children and not put them on such sexual display for anyone to watch and take advantage of.

I’m not saying we should have them fully clothed, 24/7, but look at our world today. We need to take preventative measures….. this is one of them.