Britney Spears welcomes second son – Sutton Pierce, it is!

09/15/2006 at 08:15 PM ET

Update September 15th:, citing ‘a source close to the couple,’ reports that the name is in fact Sutton Pierce. According to, Sutton is a unisex name of English origin, while Pierce, also a unisex name, is of French origin and is a form of Peter.

Thanks to CBB reader Megan for her instantaneous email!

Update September 14, 10:40 am:  Access Hollywood claims to have confirmed the following details:
-The baby has dark curly hair.
– Britney and Kevin are undecided on a name, but they’re toying with names with the letter "J."
– Most of the combinations of names they came up with had the middle name "James." Therefore, the initials are possibly JJF.

Last night, The Insider said Britney’s baby’s name is Sutton Pierce Federline, however this is pure speculation and stemmed from the Internet rumor we first reported Tuesday morning. Britney and Kevin have not even confirmed the birth themselves yet! When Sean Preston was born a year ago today, the couple made an announcement on Britney’s website the following morning. Perhaps we can expect the same soon for this little one?  Conveniently, Britney’s site has a message that states, "Stay tuned!  Britney’s new site is in the works!"

Update September 13, 11 am
: Other sites are reporting the name as Sutton Pierce, however, this ‘news’ was first posted by a commenter under the Britney birth post at the Us Weekly website, therefore it is not considered credible at this time.

Update 8:30 pm: People confirms the news. The baby boy was born just before 2 am on Tuesday, September 12th, just as the National Enquirer reported. Baby is reportedly 19 inches long and weighed in at 6 lbs, 11 oz (same as big brother Sean Preston, 11 months, did at birth)! Kevin text messaged friends early this morning with, "Break out the cigars! We got a baby boy in the house!", while Britney’s father Jamie confirmed the news to Access Hollywood.

We’ve also included a super cute picture of Sean Preston looking out the window of Britney’s VIP suite at Cedars-Sinai, courtesy x17.  According to their sources, this is the same room that Madonna gave birth to Rocco and Jennifer Garner gave birth to Violet.

Update 4:40 pm: MTV News confirms the birth, but Britney’s rep dismisses reports that the baby is a boy as "speculation."

Update 1:45 pm: We are told that the news is definitely true – Britney and Kevin have welcomed a second son together. Us Weekly also reports the news, saying that a Federline source has confirmed. Expect a press announcement in the next few hours – probably first posted on, as the Spears-Federline camp seems to release all news through them.

Originally posted at 11:45 am: According to the National Enquirer, Britney Spears has given birth to her second child, another boy!  Star and OK! Magazines are now reporting the story as well, however, their source is also the National Enquirer.

They claim she gave birth to a 6 lb, 11 oz boy just before 2 am this morning.  Their source says, "Kevin [Federline] took Britney to the hospital in the evening hours of September 11 to prepare for the Cesarean birth."  They say her mother and sister were present at the birth.

Rumors about Britney’s baby have been that she’s having a girl, that she planned to name her "Jailynn" after her parents’ and sister’s names (Jamie+Lynn+Jamie Lynn), and that she wanted to schedule the C-Section for Sean Preston’s , September 14thOn September 7th, there were false rumors reported by E! last week that she was in labor.

As you know, we take everything we read in the National Enquirer with not just a grain of salt, but an entire salt shaker!  We will let you know more when we verify it.  However, one of our other sources tells us that they think it’s true!

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Lara on

Congratulations to the Federlines! How wonderful for Sean to have a brother so near in age to play with. They’ll probably be the best of friends. I can’t help hoping that a baby girl is in Britney’s future too (though not for a few years, poor thing is probably exhausted).

lola on

I am kind of hopng this rumor isn’t true! because i really wanted her to have a girl. Either way, a baby is a blessing, but I wanted to see her with a daughter too.

Sandra on

I just heard on German television that she gave birth to another boy. A show called “Exclusiv” (most of the time a very reliable source).

Nancy on

Since when do elective caesareans take place at 2AM? I’m not sure I believe this report.

staceymay on

I’ve read other places that it’s true. Good for her! I wanted it to be a girl, but as long as he’s healthy that’s all that matters.
I bet she had him at 2am to avoid being seen going to the hospital. I’m sure she wanted some privacy.

tink1217 on

why would she have a csection at 2am??? Docs don’t do that! I wouldn’t even think they would for a celebrity!! Whatever she has, boy or girl I just hope it is healthy!

wanda on

Well i’m glad its another boy. Girls are over-rated..!!

Autumn on

Aw yeah I’d sorta wished she would have had a girl too, but then again maybe next year…lol…jk! 😉

Anyway as long as her new baby is healthy, is what really matters.

Still though a 2AM c-section does sound rather questionable, so we’ll have to see if that’s really true or not.

angel on

I was just wondering if anyone knew why she had c-sections with both babies?

Kristy *momx2* on

US Weekly is now confirming the news! I was hoping she’d have a girl too! Oh well.. boys are wonderful too! 🙂

Melissa on

Congratulations to Britney. I’m expecting our second son in November, and personally, I think having two little boys under the same roof is going to be GREAT! Sean Preston will have a best friend for life in this new baby, I have no doubt.

Carla on

I’m so happy for Brit!!

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

She said in Elle magazine before Sean was born that she was afraid of the pain of childbirth. It was also probably easier to plan the births with all the orchestrating they would have to do because of the paparazzi.

Doreen on

Awesome news!! As long as the baby is healthy that’s what matters but I too soooo wished for her to have a lil girl this time. Maybe next time her & Posh can get together to discuss this topic and any how to’s to having a girl. 🙂

Mi_mom on

A co-worker of mine was scheduled for a c-section (for medical reasons) but when she went into labor they went to the hospital and did the c-section right then. I’m not sure Britney ‘needed’ a c-section but she might have had a similar arrangement with her doctor.

Alicia on

Yeah!! As fun as little girls are, I am glad she had a little boy so that Sean will always have his buddy! Maybe in a few years she will have a girl. Congrats Britney!

Steph on

Congrats to them! I think she probably wanted a little girl too, but I just had a feeling that it was boy for some reason! Any baby is a blessing and I am sure this will not be her last (hopefully for a while though..the girl needs to give that body some rest!) It’ll be nice having two boys soo close in age.

Angela on

Congrats to Britney and Kevin. I was hoping she would have a girl though!!! Boy or girl though, it doesn’t matter as long as the baby is healthy. It’s mad, there’s not even a full year between the new baby and Sean!!

M on

Nancy: celebs go by their own set of “rules”, this would NEVER happen for the every-day average mom, unless it was an emergency situation. C-sections, in some states, by law are mandated to take place only in the morning/afternoon hours— again this rule is bent on occasion due to emergency circumstances…

M on

As for having two boys– there is nothing sweeter, I have two boys’ and always wished for boys’ over girls’…

Anytime a baby is born is reason for celebration– so congrats to them.

Penny on

If she went into labor they would do the c-section then.. They would not have waited, because they can’t wait. Having a vbac is a personal choice of teh mother (for what ever reason she had her primary c-section)

Just sounds like the baby came earlier then expected or that they waited till she went into labor to have teh c-section (not an uncommon request anymore)

P Dawn on

For some reason I am thinking that she had her C-section wiht Sean at some strange hour of the night too, and it wansn’t an emergency…am I remembering correctly? If it is true, I guess if you have enough money you can get even doctors to do what you want (within reason). I suppose they figured they would have more privacy at that time of night maybe??? Regardless, congratulations to them all, and I hope we get to see pictures soon!

Laura on is reporting that she’s had the baby, but they say the gender hasn’t been confirmed yet.

BabyBliss on

Congrats to Britney, Kevin and Sean!

Way to go Britney! Any woman that gives birth to 2 children within one year amazes me!!!

Best of luck. Babies are such a blessing.

DangerousMuse on

Hi! I really love this site. And I’m happy to see that Britney had another baby boy.

Patricia on

No way! Today is MY birthday. It’s lovely to share it with Britney’s new son though. Welcome to the September 12th birthday club. Can’t wait to hear what they name the little nipper.

Victoria on

Aww congratulations to the Federline household. Britney will soon know the chaos that is my life 😀

Melissa on

Penny is totally right; Not all doctors are pro-VBAC (mine included) and so when a woman goes into labor prior to her scheduled C-Section it is treated as an emergency, and the surgery is performed immediately. If I go into labor at 3 a.m. the day before my section is planned, my son will be delivered at 3 a.m. — And I’m no celebrity, I assure you. 🙂

Becky's Daughter on

Ironically, I came to CBB today to see if she’d had the baby yet.

Congrats to her!!!

tink1217 on

EOnline has s story on it, but aren’t confirming anything, in fact sound skeptical because it was reported in National Enquirer. People magazine has nothing on it yet, which is the only place I would trust for info. I guess we will see soon!

ladybug on

People with genital herpes are common to have C-sections to not put the baby at risk of exposure. So that makes number 4 or 5 for Kevin.

Congrats anyways.

Kendra on

Another boy! Congrats! But wasn’t Sean Preston 6 lbs 11 oz? I only remember because it’s the same weight as my daughter. If so, that’s a strange coincidence!

dodah1 on

“I am kind of hopng this rumor isn’t true! because i really wanted her to have a girl. Either way, a baby is a blessing, but I wanted to see her with a daughter too.”


Anyway, she’s be pregnant again in now time. Then maybe she’ll have a girl. Anyway, she’s a mom now, so she’s going to have her hands full for a really long time. It’s hard when you’re so young having kid after kid.

LaMama on

I wonder what his name is?

LaMama on

dodah1, I’m sure she’ll have lots of help with the two babies. My kids are 18 months apart and I don’t have the luxury of giving them to a nanny while I sleep or go shopping. (Not that I’d want to, but SOME days it would be nice to have a break!)

tink1217 on

There are many reasons to have a c-section, including an emergency due to the baby or mother’s life being in danger such as a prolapsed cord. A previous csection, especially less than 18 months ago, placenta previa, pelvic disproportion, and breech presentation.

I think Brit figured her first was a csection and it was only a year ago and uterine rupture is a possibility. Csection would be the safest way to go.

People magazine still isn’t reporting anything.

shaylee on

aw dang I wanted her to have a girl..but either way im happy for her! I really wanna know the name

Ericka on

I don’t think she had an elective c-section that early in the morning. I’m guessing they had a c-section planned but she went into labor unexpecidly and as she previously had a c-section they just gave her another and seeing as it was unexpected that didn’t have time to prepare for a VBAC

Well anyway congrats to the both of them. I’m so happy for SP…he’ll be a great brother!

Karen on

MTV is reporting: Although it was never officially confirmed, Spears was expected to give birth later this week; reports circulated that she would have labor induced on Thursday in order to prepare for a cesarean birth. The birth of Spears’ first son last year was also a cesarean (see “Britney Spears Gives Birth To A Baby Boy”).

Why would they induce labor to prepare for a c-section?


heather on

I don’t think it is an unusual time for a c-section; if she went into natural labor, and they had decided against a v-bac ( whic I assume they would as the first c section was elective). It doesn’t have to mean that she was “diseased” as some peole have alluded to. I think it would be most fun to have two of the same gender if they are that close togehter. Mine are farther apart, but sometimes I think it would have been nice for them to be able to bettter playmates like that ( though in many ways, I am glad they are not).
I hope the nes is true, and can’t wait to hear the name. I was pleasantly suprised by Sean Preston’s name, and am interested to see what they come up with this time.

rachel on

MTV says she had the baby late monday night…you say Tues morning.

which one is it?

Mommyx1 on

Congrats to them!
Although it’s odd to me why she would have had a c-section 2 days before Sean’s first birthday? Kinda overshadow it for him, but oh well. Unless she already had gone into labor, then I see why. Lol.

Autumn on

Maybe she’ll name her son Justin, since he was born on Sept. 12th, the same day Timberlake’s album “FutureSexyLoveSounds” (or whatever its called) was released.

Wouldn’t that get K-Fed’s hackles up if Britney named her son, Justin? lol! 😉

Kori on

Oh I really hope it’s a boy! that would be awesome with Sean and the new one being so close in age, what do they call that…Irish twins? I know so many people of the same gender born a year apart who are soooo close. My guess is that maybe she had a c-section scheduled for this week, went into labor, and they tried to hold her off till 9/11 was over and did the c-section in the wee hours of 9/12. Who says her first c-section was elective? Maybe Sean was breech, do we really know for sure? As for VBACS many doctors will not do them. And when they are attempted, they are more often unsuccessful. Who knows though maybe she did go for the VBAC and we just don’t know.

tink1217 on

wasn’t Sean Preston 6lbs 11oz also??? And born just after midnight on September 14, 2005??? Hmmm, wonder if the latest “2nd son” thing is really true???

tink1217 on

Access Hollywood supposedly confirmed the baby’s birth with Brit’s father. I wish People magazine would update their page to announce something. I think I would believe it then!

joy on

ET just announced it as a boy. So it could be true. And she could of gone into labor at 2 am and that’s why they just did a c-section, although I truly dont know why a healthy young women would opt for a c-section over a vaginal birth!

anyways, I was thinking it was a boy all along and I know she really wanted a girl but oh well!

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Rachel, we don’t know as of yet. Now all the blogs and news sites are working off the same info. From what we heard, they went into the hospital late Monday evening and the baby was born by c-section very early Tuesday morning. No definites on time as of yet. Until Britney and Kevin confirm specifics with People, we really won’t know.

whitney on

People confirmed that it’s a boy. Man, I really wanted her to have a girl. Oh well, maybe next time.

Jessica on is reporting it’s a baby boy!! congrats to them!

Carol on

It is up on now.

Mailea on

People Magazine just confirmed that it’s a boy.

***Beth*** on

People Mag has it confirmed on their site now – says it’s a boy at 2am today. No name though. Congrats to all of them!

tink1217 on

People magazine just confirmed it!! Another boy, it is definitely true!! Wonder what his name is???

Sabina on have confirmed it- it’s a boy.

natalie on

whoa!!!! let me just defend early morning c-sections! first, she probably did that to prevent paparazzi or the media from finding out and surrounding the hospital during the day and causing an accident so it was probably scheduled early in the morning on purpose. second of all, i was a 3 am c-section baby and so was my son born at 4am via section!!!!!!!

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

People conformed it,26334,1532475,00.html

It is a boy but no name yet.

Christine on

its on People’s website now.

natalie on

also, let me add, i meant c-section not section! lol!

and, i was a healthy mom and had a healthy, nutritious pregnancy, but my son’s head was too big and he was also very stubborn and wouldn’t come out, so i had a c-section…

anon on

People magazine has confimed the news and I just want to say Congrats! to Britney and Kevin.

Zoey on

lakejw on

it’s true! a little boy was born to britney and kevin today. people has confirmed. no name though!!

Liz on

it is on yeah a baby boy.,26334,1532475,00.html

I’m so happy for her!! I can’t wait for the name.

You can see some pictures of sean preston at the hospital where she gave birth here:

Heather on

People is now reporting it on their site, so must be true! Congrats to them, I think two boys so close is great, fun for them to grow up so close together!

Doreen on

Yeah!!! CONGRATS to her and the family!!!

natalie on

i was just thinking….

i think britney must have had a scheduled c-section for medical reasons, because as you say, why would a healthy mom want to have one? i do believe that she has the right not to say why she had the c-section if it is a medical reason. she may say she wanted to have a c-section just to keep rumours about medical problems out of the press and for privacy reasons so that the public does dive to deep in her private life.

katie on

A lot of women opt for c sections because the don’t want to mess up there nether regions. But according to studies women who have c sections have more painful sex after childbirth than women who have their stuff blown all out of whack. I for one never would want a c section just because it is MAJOR surgery. But if you have to I can understand!

brit_fan4eva on


natalie on

actually, its just as painful for women afterwards who give birth naturally because the baby can tear certain tissue around the vaginal area when the head comes out. i saw it on dr. 90210 and it happened to my sister.

all bodies are different. its not a fact that your sex will be painful after a c-section. it wasn’t to me.

Rachael on

I’ve had three children now, all naturally! My first son was stillborn and I begged to have a c-section as I didn’t want to go through hard labor like I did with my first child, but was told that’s major surgery and unless absoultely necessary they wouldn’t do it. I know some schedule this surgery for convenience, but I can’t imagine not at least giving natural childbirth a try.

Congrats to Britany, she’ll have her hands full! The boys will be great together in a few years!

katie on

I tore pretty bad with my daughter but I still wouldn’t have wanted a c section. I just don’t understand how someone could opt for one just cause. I don’t know. I think the crotch pain wasn’t that bad (I was off the pain medication 2 days later), but some people think the c section will be easier on them. I am just going off what my sister, who works in LDR, has said to me about sex and birth.

Annie on

I don’t think she has to answer to you people about why she had a caesarian. At all.

Stacey on

Actually Annie, Kori

Britney already said why she didn’t want to give birth naturally.

Old news.

C on

Congrats to Brit, Kev & Sean if its true.
But now People’s site put this up

Did Britney do it again? Baby birth rumors swirl,26559,2006-09-13T001537Z_01_N12330354_RTRIDST_0_ENTERTAINMENT-BRITNEY-DC.html,00.html

estelle on

Has anyone here actually read the Elle interview while she was pregnant w/ Sean? Britney said she thought she was going to need a cesarean. She said she was afraid of the pain but also if she didn’t need a cesarean then she would get an epidural. She might have known there was something medically wrong but didn’t want to share. I’m sure if she didn’t have a problem with planned cesareans she would have just said she was getting one. Plus why would anyone opt for a cesarean b/c they were scared of the pain? A cesarean hurts much worse!

tink1217 on

I have had 2 csections and sex has been the same before and after having them. Not more painful at all!!! I totally think it depends on the woman. Everybody is different and every BODY is different!! MY first csection was an emergency and my 2nd was elective due to the fact that my babies were only 18 months apart and the chance for uterine rupture with a VBAC was high for me. Who cares why she had 2 csections. It’s nobody’s business but theirs!!

Congrats Britney & Kevin and congrats little Sean Preston the new BIG BROTHER!!!

Melissa on

Just to clear up one more misunderstanding…Many doctors performing elective or repeat C-Sections will induce labor prior to the surgery, because the contractions (even simulated ones) help to wake the baby up AND squeeze out fluid that may have collected in the lungs. The induction usually lasts 4-6 hours and then the C-Section is performed.

GrietjeV on

She had an ELECTIVE c-section, just like she did with Sean. She stated in an interview that her mother, Lynne, scared her half to death to give birth naturally because she told her it was the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. It scared Britney so badly she elected to have a c-section. She planned the same with this baby. And she was going to have the baby on SPF’s birthday, but Kevin pitched a fit saying that the baby was going to have its own birthday, not on SPF’s birthday, so they changed the c-section date. And she had it at 2 a.m. to have a better chance for some privacy…and she could certainly find a doctor willing to do this. Why does this surprise anyone? What celebs want, they usually get. Plus if she wants a mini tummy tuck, she could have it done after the c-section. This has all been discussed in past interviews. She really wanted a girl badly, but it just didn’t happen that way. There are a few things left that celebs just can’t control! The date change was Kevin’s doing. She had planned it for SPF’s birthday.

Paula on

Congratulations to the Federlines on this new addition to their family.

I have to say, when all of the magazines went on record saying that she was having a girl, I tended to think she was having a boy. Why? Because they had been wrong about other celebs after going on record saying that the celebs were having a certain sex, and they had the opposite. Case in point? There are many. Kate Hudson. They said she was having a girl. She had a boy. Angelina Jolie. They said she was having a boy. She had a girl. Katie Holmes. They said she was having a boy. She had a girl. Gwyneth Paltrow (the first time). They said she was having a boy. She had a girl. You get the picture.

Congrats to the new family, though, and I wish them the very best.

Paula on

Congratulations to the Federlines! I’m so glad that Seasn Preston has a little brother to play with. They must be over the moon, really!

I have to say, when I heard the magazines reporting that Britney was having a girl, I knew at that point, that she was having a boy. They’ve done that to so many celebs, meaning that they’ve said that the celebs are having a certain sex, and then when the celeb gives birth, they end up having the opposite. Kate Hudson. Katie Holmes. Angelina Jolie. Drew Lachey & his wife. Gwyneth Paltrow (the first time around). You get the picture.

Congrats to the Federlines once again!

M on

Some sites are reporting the new baby’s name is: Sutton Pierce Federline (same initials as Sean P)…

who knows…

heather on is saying that a source has said that the baby’s name is Sutton Pierce Federline ( same initials as Sean Preston) very cute, but for some reason, I don’t think it’s true. Sutton Pierce Is really nice, but something about it doesn’t strike me a Britney’s naming style.

natalie on

i believe there are deeper reasons (ie medical reasons) as to why britney choose to have a c-section. i don’t believe her when she said it was just to avoid pain. its her choice, elective or not. i don’t think we should bash her.

M (michie) on

I am hoping that is his name. That is a beautiful name. And they will call him Pierce of course. Such a cute name to go with Sean Preston:)

natalie on

i think sutton pierce is an awesome name! i’ll consider sutton for my next child. i believe its a unisex name. i went to elementary school with a female named sutton. she was a sweetheart! its very sophisticated.

Dorkiee on

Sutton Pierce is a very nice name, i like it. Pierce is one of my all time favourite names. Cute that its the same as Sean’s initials, but i doubt its true.

On a totally different subject, and something ive never been certain of.. what do they call Sean Preston – Sean, Preston, or Sean Preston? *shrug*

Ive also heard rumors of Braden Jamie Federline and Lyndon Jamie Federline.. but those were just comments from Perez’ site. So im 97% certain those are fake and made up.

Lana on

Congrats to Britney! Not to sure on the name Pierce. Love the name Sutton. Although I may have been one of the few that liked Jailynn (even with “Jail” in it).

CJ on

Dorkiee, they call him Preston. I like Sutton Pierce. Preston & Pierce has a nice ring to it.

Sean P looks soooo adorable smiling at the window. His smile is cute, he should flash it more often. CONGRATS!! to the Federline family! I’m glad she had a boy.

yogadaisy on

Why in the world would you give your child a name and then call him by his middle name? Why not just name them Preston and Pierce? Maybe this is a southern thing…?

And I also recall reading that her first c-section was NOT due to a medical reason, simply, she was afraid of childbirth. Such a shame.

Jen on

Maybe this was brought up already ( but I didnt read all the other posts)

Did Britney ever really confirm Sean Preston’s name after he was born? I dont remember Britney ever releasing a name to the media.

I doubt she will she release this babies name either, as soon as the press gets ahold of the real name, there will be no reason for her to announce it.

Kira on

Congratulations to the family!
I’m sure the boys will be very close….
My husband and his brother are 15 months apart & Are still VERY close as adults.
It kinda bothers me that so many people
want her to have a girl, Just because
she already has a boy. Think of how boring
it would be if everyone had 2 kids, 1 boy & 1 girl. Every baby is a miracle and should
be treated as such. Not like a runner up prize and something that is settled for.

tink1217 on

according to People mag, none of Britney’s reps will confirm or deny the whole birth thing. I wonder why?? And supposedly she had preeclampsia. That was the reason for the 2am csection rush. I also wonder why there is no birth announcement on her website like last time. With Sean it was the very next day after she gave birth. If there were complications, it would make sense. Hope she and the baby are well.

estelle on

Posted by: Melissa
The induction usually lasts 4-6 hours and then the C-Section is performed.
That makes sense. She probably did that with both b/c when Sean was born CBB said she arrived at the hospital at like 6 or 7 am and then had him at like 12 or 1 pm.

Also I really hope Sutton Pierce is not what she named him. I don’t like it at all but it would be cute if his middle name was Jamie.

Sabby on

Cool! I can not wait to see the picture of the new baby! I am waiting on pins and needles to find out the name.

ceci on

My two cents…

I am an NICU nurse and have never heard of doctors inducing labour before performing a planned C-section. I was actualy told by many Ob/Gyn that I worked with that it’s best to perform a C-Section before contractions start, because those contractions can complicate the delivery of the baby.

Also, the fluid that is in the baby’s lungs in squeezed out only when the baby passes thru the birth canal. That is why a lot of c-section babies are more “mucousy” the first couple of days…

Thirdly, I have never heard of planned c-sections taking place in the middle of the night, unless Britney really wanted privacy during the surgery, like GrietjeV said.

joy on

Pierce is a great name, I know a 4 year old named Pierce and it fits him perfectly but Sutton? ewww! I hope they call him Pierce if this story is true. Poor Sean has no special identity. Has to share his bday the same week, has to share his initials, and his mommy made all her bad mistakes on him. Poor baby lol!!

joy on

I have heard Britney refer to him as Sean and Kfed refer to him as Preston. So who knows maybe they call him by both names. But I never really understand the point of a first and middle name if you just call your kid by the middle name.

Josie Kay on

I was reading the comments and I saw that someone wondered if the use of a first and middle name is a “Southern thing” Yeppers it is. My first name is Josie middle Kay. My entire life I have been Josie Kay and I live in Florida. My niece’s names are Destini Brooke. Carley Desirenee, Teirnie Bree, Melissa Kristie, Ash Lyn, Hailey Harley, Cassie Lynne,and Gracie Rosalie. They all get called by their first and middle names. The same with my son who has the BIGGEST name, Austin-Joseph Alexander, he knows he’s in trouble if I pop the last name on it, The boys in the family all go by first and middle as well, Christian Joseph, Riley Jack, Alex Zander, Trenton Lee, Nathan Robert, Benjamin Franklin (That is his real name..poor kid :0 )Tyler Jacob, Anthony Michael.

All of the kids get the first and middle names used and yeah they all have a nickname of some kind but since I was raised in the South, when I worked in Child Care in Michigan all the babies in the Nursery were called by their first and middle names and the funny thing is that their parents liked it and it caught on.

As for Britney, I hope that she is ok. This pregnancy seemed to have her down a lot and it does seem weird that she hasn’t released a name or at least “It’s a Boy!” on her website. Maybe the wind is just out of her sails. She must be exhausted and Sean Preston more than likely wants to crawl all over mommy. Not to mention he’s probably a lil bit jealous. Is it just me or is that Jamie Lynn looking out the window with Sean Preston. I swear that she is a Britney clone. LOL.

Sorry so long..I guess I needed to rant.

God Bless the ENTIRE Spears/Federline family

~~Josie Kay

Nicksmomma on

Congratulations to Britney and her entire family!! Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is as to how a baby gets here as long as it gets here and gets here healthy, so who cares if she wanted a c-section or had to have one–it’s her life, and totally her decision. It is fine that the babies both have the same initials and the same birth week (meaning their birthdays are just a day or so apart). She knew the baby’s due least she didn’t have him on Sean’s actual birthday. And, I have several friends whose children all have the same initials..just something cutesy that they did. I have been and always will be a Britney fan and supporter and I hope she has a speedy recovery and is enjoying this precious time. I know she will do an excellent job the second time around just as she has with little Sean…so congratulations to the Spears and Federline families. This is truly a joyous occasion!

Shan on

Maybe they are waiting until after Sean Preston’s birthday to make an official announcement. Such a big deal was being made about overshadowing his first birthday that maybe they decided to wait and let Sean Preston have his day.

CJ on

Strange no announcement from her camp, I hope her & the boy are ok. As far as I recall Britney has never talked about SP’s birth after the fact, or given details surrounding the c-section. Alot of people have twisted & put words in her mouth from the Ellee interview & ran w/ it.

I will never get either why people pick out a first & middle name & then plan on calling the kid by the middle name from the start. They have called him other names too, but I hear Preston the most & Kevin called him that the other day on Ellen, so maybe that’s what they’ve decided on.

Just think now Kori has 4 brothers to bug her, poor kid. Lol

Shannon CBB contributor on

Britney calls him Preston and Kevin sometimes calls him Sean P or Preston:

meliciousgirl on

In Touch Weekly is now saying she had an emergency caesar due to pre-eclampsia. Considering she and Kevin both talked about her cravings for ice it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Ice cravings can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia (it definitely was for me.)

Aleah on

Sutton Pierce? That’s gotta be a bad joke someone came up with. Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce… born almost on the same day… it’d be like she’d want them to be twins or something… That Sutton Pierce name thing sounds like a bad joke to me…

Melissa on

Re: Ceci

I can only speak for my own, personal, experience but I can tell you definitively that my first was delivered by (unplanned) C-Section, and that our next child will be delivered by scheduled C-Section on Nov. 22 of this year; I am to check into the hospital at 7 a.m. to begin my induction, and the C-Section will take place around noon, after several hours of pitocin contractions. My sister had a repeat C-Section last July; She went into labor one week before her surgery was scheduled, however, and her doctors let her labor for three hours before going forward with the C-Section for the very reasons I outlined in my earlier post.

So at least here, where we live, laboring — either via induction or au natural — is not only not uncommon but actually encouraged.

Just curious … Have you ever had a planned, repeat C-Section?

In any event, as for her delivering in the middle of the night, again — if she went into labor on her own and chose in advance not to attempt a VBAC, logic dictates that she would have the C-Section performed overnight. I’m not sure what is so confusing about this…? If my section is scheduled for Nov. 22, but I go into labor at midnight on the 20th of November, our son will be born sometime in the early morning hours of that day. Was it a planned C-Section? Yes; I know I’m having the surgery and not a VBAC. Was it planned for that date and time? No, obviously.

Kathleen Tracy on

Access Hollywood heard from Britneys father and The Insider confirmed On Air the name is SUTTON PIERCE FEDERLINE

tink1217 on

Melissa, not to hijack your post but I myself have had a repeat scheduled cscetion and I have NEVER heard of anybody being induced with pitocin prior to having en elective csection either. I was hooked up to fetal monitors and given an epidural, but never induced. I also have many friends who had repeat scheduled csections and none of them were induced prior to having the csection. Given a spinal or epidural, yes, but induced with pitocin, nope. So, I find it strange too and I am not even a nurse! So, I can understand why a nurse would find it strange.

Sutton Pierce??? Well, I guess it is okay, but I definitely like Sean Preston much better!! Finally confirmation of sorts. Again…congrats to the Federline’s!

britt on

Another SPF?????????

anon on

It is her baby, but I like the name Sean over Sutton anyday.

Raelene on

I’m pleasently surprised. I actually really like the name. I’ve never heard of it before. Good job Britney!

melanie on

Congratulations on the baby to the whole family! Wow, 2 little boys. That’s wonderful.
I thought I would add that it isn’t really strange to have contractions induced for a c-section. My sister-in-law definately had that done at Johns Hopkins. Some doctors think that the contractions help the baby prepare for birth by getting fluid out of the lungs among other things.

yogadaisy on

ok, every time I see SPF I think of sunscreen!!

I don’t care for the name Sutton – it does not roll off the tongue easily and is hard to pronounce but at least it’s not Jailynn!

She may regret naming them similarly if she chooses to have another child down the road. Then she will have to choose to have yet another child with the SPF initials (which is way too cutesy and immature) or do something different and then she’ll have mismatched kids!

willa t on

i think this whole name thing is hysterical. i wonder where the sutton pierce rumor even began– it’s stated as fact all over the place and they haven’t even named the kid yet!

personally, i really love the name sutton for a girl. i could see it on a boy, but the two spf’s are too matchy for me. i totally agree with the poster above– what would they do if they had kid #3? then again, kori and kaleb’s names match, too. (and it’s like jennie garth’s 3rd daughter. i’m so curious what they’re going to name her…)

i do really like pierce. i think pierce james or james pierce would be my choice in their position. can’t wait to find out what it is for real!

Momx2 on

I still think it’s a girl that she had. 😉 I also don’t think that Sutton is the name.

Kelli on

I am very happy for them and I think it is wonderful news that the little one is here!
As for the induction before a c-section, I have never heard of that. I am pregnant with my second and my doctor has never mentioned anything about inducing me prior and they never did with my daughter (who was also a planned c-section). I was under the impression that labor was actually a bad thing because it could cause uterine rupture but I am not a doc 🙂
At any rate, I do not care why she had a c-section so long as the baby is here and healthy that is what matters.

angelbaby33 on

I just went to Britney’s website and it says that it is being redone. Right now there is a picture of a tiger that turns into a pic of her. This is new because just this morning, it was the old layout. Also, I think that it was somewhere on People’s website that it said she was due to have her c-section on Saturday but was forced to have it earlier due to problems she was having. So if that was true, she was never trying to have the new little one on Sean’s b-day!

Lorus on

Most doctors will not induce women who have had previous c-sections because pitocin brings on abnormally strong contractions that a lot of the time the uterus can’t handle so the risk of a rupture increases quite a bit. As for the statement saying that the doctors believed it would help get the fluid out of the lungs after the c/s is false. What pushes the fluid out of the lungs is the pressure the baby is under while in the birth canal. I’ve seen footage (in slow motion) of the fluid squirting out of a baby’s nose the moment it exits it’s mother.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Britney & Kevin name the new baby. I wonder if they’ll do a People spread like they did with SP.

tink1217 on

i saw her website too. i am sure they will announce something soon. Maybe this is ALL just speculation. Who knows!!


Why not call him Lucas after my little boy…!!!

steph on

just a thought but i have heard a rumor of celebrities having tummy tucks right after their c-sections. She did have a nice stomach after Sean Preston before she got preggers again

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

I wonder if the thing about his intials being JJF and his middle name being James are true…Jesse James Federline prehaps?

Ali on

LOL they side Sean had dark curly hair when he was born too. But he obviously didn’t in the first pictures they released to People. I don’t think I believe that one again.

melanie on

i did ask my step-father who is a cosmetic surgeon in D.C. about “mommy tucks” and he said no way would any doctor ever perform something like that. it would be grounds for having your license revoked. for one, the mom is not healthy enough right after giving birth. also, he said the results would be terrible because stomach still has a lot of shrinking to do. also, the interrupting the bond between a mom and a baby at that time for a 4 hour elective surgery would be grounds losing your license (regardless of what the mom wants).

Hilary on

Mommy tucks do happen. My mother, whose a family doctor, couldn’t believe it either until she was visiting one of her OB/GYN friends in Arizona and her friend stated it was a common occurence. She found it unbelieable…but it won’t get your medical license revoked.

Cathy on

Congrats! I bet he is a cutey, wonder what all of those mags are going to do now that they printed up the ones that say “It’s a GIRL??”

Kay on

I love his name! Congrats to the new family! 🙂

corinne on

Sutton. That poor little boy.
I dread when he goes to school.

Estelle on

First the Jessica/John Mayer fiasco and know this. People is getting as bad as all the other trash magazines. If Britney’s rep didn’t confirm it and they don’t say who their “source” is I don’t consider it official.
I’m still hoping it’s not true.

riri on

hmmm… sutton pierce and sean preston, wonder if the names were purposely chosen to have the initials the same initials s.p.

Stacey on

I think the name is adorable! It’s different but not off the wall. I can’t wait to see a picture of him..I wonder if he and Sean P will look alike??

shaylee on

how do u pronounce Sutton? Is it like button except sutton?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Yup. Sutton, mutton, button…they all rhyme…but that’s the pronounciation.

DangerousMuse on

Before Sean was born Britney told a magazine that she loved the name Preston. With her second born child we have no clue on what she named him until now. And she hasn’t confirmed it yet. Magazines have though and I hope they are wrong. I don’t like ‘Sutton’.

Kildine on

Pierce is not the French version of Peter ! it’s Pierre 😉
Pierce is I think the irish version of Peter ….

Lara on

I’m not fond of the name Sutton, but at least there’s nothing horrible about it. There aren’t any really bad insults, other than mutton, but that’s not really so bad. It’s too bad they didn’t go with a more classical name, such as Samuel or Stephen, or the rumoured James. Still, at least Sutton isn’t as bad as Pilot Inspektor or Apple.

pink.lioness on

I’m not sure about the name “Sutton” but it’s not the worst name I’ve ever heard, either… it’s certainly quite unique as a first name. Pierce reminds me of Pierce Brosnan 🙂
It’s probably better that Britney had another boy rather than a little girl as her sons now have the opportunity to grow up enjoying similar things at the same time and will be at similar stages in life – I can really picture them playing football together, liking the same TV shows and videogames and possibly even sharing the same circle of friends etc. – real cool 🙂

Kildine on

Pierce is NOT the french origin of Peter ! I think it’s irish …
The french name for Peter is Pierre !

Angela on

I don’t like the name Sutton at all. Sutton is actually the name of a town here in Dublin, Ireland!!!!

Strange choice of name for a little boy. I heard she wanted the baby and Sean to have the same initials, SPF. She should have chosen the name steven, sam or scott, so many options other than Sutton!

Aleah on

I still find it odd that she’d name her second son with the same initials as her first one.

Say on

I love the name Sutton. I would consider naming my baby that – boy or girl.

joy on

lets hope they call him Pierce.

Gianna on

Sutton Pierce has a cute ring to it, and it sounds nice with Sean Preston. And IMO much better than a lot of other celebrity baby names. I have a feeling the two brothers will look alike. Sean is so darn cute, can’t wait to see this one. The two boys have so many similiarties already, both virgos, same intials, and both weighed the same at birth.

heather on

I just think that britney spears is a wonderfull mother. She is just like the rest of us. I have really grown to like her over the past year, My son was born on September 1st 05 so i have been able to relate alot with the things she is going through being a new mom
I just hope the new baby is healthy. That is really all that matters

Sarah on

SPF is Sun Protection Factor – Maybe she has a sponsorship deal with a sunscreen company!

Jalola on

Sutton Pierce?

Here in Toronto we have a hotel called the Sutton Place. That’s all I can think about when I hear the kid’s name.

And it’s not a good idea to give two of your kids the same initials for identity purposes. Records can get mixed up, especially if the initials are used as part of a person’s identity number.

Kay on

Congrats to Brit and Kevin on another baby boy. I have all boys in my family, 5 to be exact. wouldnt trade a single one of them for a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alisha on

I am Britney’s biggest fan and I am so happy for Kevin and Britney. Her new baby is probly just as cute as her She rox congrats Brit

Kayla Nealy on

Hey Brit,
I have been a fan forever and I saw when I was 3 in Little Rock,Ar. Then again when I was 7 in Little Rock. Congradulation on the new baby I love the name Sean and now that youve named the other one Sutton I like that too. I am 10 and watch Jaime Lynn on Zoe 101. I also have a baby brother but he his name is alot longer than yours. Nicholas Charles Lane Michael Nealy. My dad is so crazy!
Love , Kayla