Klum-Samuel family at US Open last weekend

09/15/2006 at 10:30 AM ET

Seal, Heidi Klum, Leni and Henry were photographed at the US Open in New York over the weekend. Leni sat on dad’s lap and enjoyed an ice cream cone and a kiss from mom, while Henry made faces and clapped at the exciting points in the tennis action!

More photos in the extended post.

Source: Yahoo

Thanks to CBB reader Jenn.

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OoSpoiled1 on

I am absolutely in love with this family. They are beautiful – and you can tell that Heidi and Seal TRULY love eachother.

Lana on

What a beautiful family!!! I love seeing them together. Leni is going to be such a knock-out. I can’t wait to see what sex the third one will be. I am guessing a boy.

Jen on

They are such a beautiful family! Seal is obviously such a wonderful father and husband. I love little Henry’s face in the picture above! What a cutie! I hope their next child is a girl; I just love how Seal dotes on Leni!

joy on

yeah I agree they are one of my fav. families and to think I didn’t even know who Heidi Klum was a few years ago until she had Leni whom I find to be 1 of the top most beautiful celeb babies.

zillah on

hi, i don’t want to be inflammatory but why is seal being called leni’s dad when he is her step dad. i don’t know how her biological father feels or if he is involved at all but surely it is not fair on anyone calling him her dad. i am interested to know what other readers think ??
many thanks

Glenivia on

ok can the kids be any cuter??? LOVE THEM!!! They do seem TRUELY in love!! I enjoy them as a couple!!

FC on

Henry is stylin’ in his little board shorts. I love that face he made in the first photo of the extended post, and the last one of them all together is adorable. Leni and Henry are adorable like always, their parents just lovely.

I love the photos! ♥

pua on

Heidi looks so pretty w/o makeup. She’s always beautiful, of course, but w/o makeup she looks refreshingly different–softer, in a way.

ginettissima on

Totally agree, OoSpoiled1. 🙂 Such a beautiful family, through and through. I love the process of seeing Leni looking so much like a little girl and no longer a baby, and likewise seeing Henry looking like a baby and no longer an infant. Just incredible… 🙂

Kresta on

Gosh, Henry is a big boy. He looks like a 2 year old already. He is going to be a tall man. I wish he didn’t have the dummy. They all look very happy together.

annabelle on

So what do you think happened in Photo #2? Is Seal explaining the finer points of tennis to Heidi — or has Heidi spotted a paparazzi camera and Seal is telling her not to let it bother her? Henry has such a CUTE look on his face in photo #1 — crinkle nose! What an absolutely adorable family!!!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Zillah – we call Seal her dad because although he is not her biological father, he is her dad in every sense of the word and has been since Heidi was 7 months pregnant with her. To pretend he’s not would, to me (and I think many readers), be making light of their relationship.

Just as we try not to label children as adopted in posts, we don’t feel we need to identify stepparents, especially in this case.

We are welcome to reader opinions about this though – sarah@celebrity-babies.com

joy on

As far as I know I don’t think Leni’s biological father is in the picture therefore Seal is her daddy. Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be someone’s daddy. Leni looks so comfortable with him and how lucky for her she gets to grow up in what some have labeled a “rainbow” family and be loved by someone like him. Some children don’t get that lucky. I can’t wait to see the new baby. I have to admit when Henry was first born he wasn’t all that cute but now he’s def. a little stud lol!! And I can’t wait to see this baby, I hope it’s a girl.

pink.lioness on

Leni’s biological father is Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore. However, Briatore split from Heidi during her pregnancy.

Seal, who Heidi met not long after her split from Briatore, said after Henry’s birth in an interview:

“Leni is my first child. Just like Henry I saw her take shape and move in Heidi’s body. And I was present at her birth too.”

“Leni is my daughter and Henry is my son. I am happy to have two healthy children and that Henry will soon be saying Papa to me just like Leni does already.”

I can’t tell for sure but I don’t think Leni has any contact at all to Flavio Briatore, and there are no pictures of the two together on the internet.

I just checked Briatore’s official website flaviobriatore.it and there is no mentioning of Leni there – at least I couldn’t find anything…

So considering all this I guess it’s fair to say Leni is Seal’s child, not just his step-child.

Émily on

In my opinion, Seal is Leni’s daddy and Flavio is just her sire…

Me too I am in love with this family. Henry is just toooooo cute and Leni beautiful as always!

carrie on

I agree, beautiful, loving family!

gianna on

I heard Flavio set up a trust fund for Leni, but does not ever see her. What a piece of work he is. Anyway I think it’s sweet how Seal loves her, and Leni is beautiful. Honestly though I do wonder if Leni will feel different than Henry and her other brother/sister when she is older. They will both be biracial, and she is so blonde with blue eyes. I knew someone in HS, that had 3 biracial siblings and she felt so different as they got older.