Heidi Klum appears on the View

09/14/2006 at 08:20 PM ET

Pregnant supermodel Heidi Klum made an appearance on The View this morning to chat about her hit show, Project Runway. Hoping Heidi would talk a little more about her pregnancy or reveal a cute anecdote about Leni or Henry during the course of the interview, we were instead a bit shocked when Barbara Walters proceeded to tell Heidi that, "What I really wanted to know is, was this [pregnancy] planned?" Heidi, ever the professional, ignored the question and instead focused on Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s query as to how many children she and Seal wanted. The answer? "Three is good for now, we’ll see [about more] after this baby comes."

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought Barbara’s question was a bit inappropriate. CBB reader Jenn emails, "I can see it maybe being okay if Barbara had asked, "Were you trying for a third child?", or somehow phrased the question a bit more tactfully – after all, the kids are pretty close in age. However, I was surprised to see her be so blunt, and was glad Heidi ignored her."

Did anyone else see the show? – What did you think? On a personal note, were you ever asked if your pregnancies were planned? How did you respond?

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corinne on

She always looks nice.Pregnancy seems to agree with her.
Oh and her husband’s not bad either!!!

Madi on

Is that picture from her current pregnancy? If so, she’s sure getting big!!
I have not seen the episode – although I may be able to find it on youtube or perhaps my mom tivo’d it.
I do that was very tactless of Barbara. It seems like such a personal question to ask someone on live TV.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

It’s an old photo from her pregnancy with Henry.

sara on

OMG?! Why would BW ask such a question? It seems like everytime a celeb goes on the View, those hosts say such negative things and try to start a fight! That show is really turning into trash! Anyways, I love Hedi, she is such a hot mama!!! I’m going nuts w/o cable for the next few weeks! No Project Runway 😦

joy on

I saw the show and I don’t think she came off rude at all infact w/ them all talking at the same time (annoying) it’s hard to even understand a word she says half the time. They were all playing and having a good time. I don’t think Heidi looked annoyed but it is the VIEW so you know they are fiesty women so if you can’t take the heat stay off the show lol!

Katharine on

I think the question was inappropriate. Leni and Henry are close in age, too, and some people like having them that close.

I think Heidi has said that she wanted her kids close in age.

I know I loved having my boys 18mo apart and wish we could have had their sister that same distance from the younger boy, but she instead came 2&1/2 yrs later…

I don’t see how that is anyone’s business… I don’t think it would be right to say, even if it was, a surprise pregnancy, just because if the kid were ever to read it… that’s something that should stay private.

Carol on

Being feisty is fine, rude is not. I think it is time Barbara Walters retired. Her credibility has been diminishing for some time.

NicoleH on

WOW she looks amazing every time I see her. They make such a perfect family…

I have to say that I think the question was rude… I am pregnant with my third child and due October 19th our youngest son turns 2 in December so our little ones are very close in age. Countless times during this pregnancy we have been asked if it was planned or people make comments such as WOW you will be busy. Must have been an accident etc…

I find it very rude… and the truth is I think at this point being our third child we are well aware of how you become pregnant….

To answer there questions YES it was planned and we can’t wait for the new addition to arrive.

Kara on

My answer to Barbara Walters’ question would be, “Yes, this and all my pregnancies were planned by God. Thankyou for asking!”

KellyGirl on

What a very rude and tactless question. She must have thought that was her other show where she interrogates guests. I am finding myself more and more disgusted with the behavior of the women on The View and this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Good for Heidi for ignorning and moving on.
I am sure this pregnancy was not planned but it’s nobody’s business but hers and Seal’s.

Jamia on

Kara- I like that answer!

On another note, Heidi is now selling jewelry on one of those shopping networks and her collection sold out in about half an hour today! She is definitely an enterprising businesswoman, pregnant or not!

estelle on

I think it’s very rude to ask someone that. It’s amazing how many people think that if a woman has babies close in age that it was an accident. I’m a young mom of 2 and get that question asked alot. It’s nobodys business but the parents.

Tracy on

I saw the show and I did not hear her ask that. It is true that they all talk over each other quite often, but I was wondering if perhaps they edited it out of the West Coast airings.

Either way, it’s rude. Maybe her dog asked her to ask Heidi that. LOL!

Kayley on

She is one rude, OLD woman. Good for Heidi, setting a great example and not shooting her down with a nasty answer.
Thank GOD I don’t watch this show, I think I would get pretty annoyed with Barbara!
No one has ever asked me that question before. Is any pregnancy really ever a planned one? You can plan and plan all you want, but something always takes you by surprise!

Ann on

I think that is a very rude question to ask anybody. Besides it invading what some might want private, what do these people gain from getting an answer to said question? When my second child was born my husband’s sister in-law came to see him for the first time he was 4 days old and all she could ask me was ” Is it rude to ask, did you guys plan this? ” Not only did she ask she asked if it was rude. I say if you even question if it is rude it probably is!

Anna on

I agree that the question could have been asked a little more delicately, but in all truth I think that it shouldn’t have been asked at all. Would she asked this same question to a person on the street?

Good for Heidi who I think handled it gracefully. She simply glowing and the two of them make a stunning couple!

Lin on

I adore Heidi, and I find it rude that so many people have asked her if this baby was planned. Many of them ask in a more polite way, but still. I wish they would just drop it, shes always very happy and seems to love her children even if they were planned or not.

CJ on

I think it was rude!! BW has been acting pretty strange these last couple of years. I think it’s time for her to hang ’em up.

GrietjeV on

“I am sure this pregnancy was not planned but it’s nobody’s business but hers and Seal’s,” was a comment made by a previous poster…ouch! That’s way judgmental. How can you be so “sure” about the details of someone else’s life? My oldest two were born five days short of a year apart…what some people call “Irish Twins.” I am well-educated, know how pregnancies happen and was so overjoyed at having my first baby that I wanted another to soon follow, as did my husband. I breastfed my first and didn’t use birth control, ON PURPOSE, because we wanted to let nature take its course. We thought, “when it happens, it happens and we will be ecstatic.” It was so hurtful the way people responded to the news of our second pregnancy when we were so obviously overjoyed. It wasn’t much more well-received when we announced our third pregnancy! We couldn’t understand how people just couldn’t share our happiness and wanted to speculate about how many “mistakes” we made…our children were never mistakes! We just let it happen when it happened and had absolutely no regrets. It took another three years for the third one to come along and I wouldn’t have minded if that pregnancy hadn’t taken so long to happen. Yes, I had every question in the book asked to me…most of them very hurtful, with some people actually giving “advice” on when the appropriate time for another pregnancy was or that we had one of each, so why have another one or had we not figured out yet what was “causing” the pregnancies? It was awful. We were treated as if we didn’t have the sense to make our own decisions. I removed myself from nonsupportive people. We could afford our beautiful children and considered them gifts from God, so it was absolutely nobody’s business when they came along. I am especially thankful that I had my children when I did, for I developed lupus in my late twenties and my health started to deteriorate. Thank God we didn’t put off starting a family or we might never have had those three lovely children. Everything happens for a reason…and I’m so thankful that I seized the opportunity to have my wonderful children when I did.

Denise on

I watched the show but didn’t even notice Barbara asking the question. I remember Heidi saying 3 was good but I must not have heard Barbara over Rosie’s yakking.

tiffany on

Barbara constantly asks questions that are inappropriate IMO, this being one of them. There are definitely more tactful ways of asking the same question. I don’t blame Heidi for ignoring her!

DangerousMuse on

I watched the interview because I love Heidi and I am so saddened to see that the view girls didn’t ask good questions. They kept bringing up dumb things like when the supermodels are on the show that suddenly the toilet seats are wet. Gross! No one needs to know that!

Erin on

Rude, schmude. I watched it as well and, as many previous commenters have said, they were all talking and crap at the same time but yes, Heidi evaded the question well.

I completely understand people’s curiosity when it comes to this issue – I have a 14.5-month old and a 2.5-month old here at home with me… I don’t get ‘Was that planned?’ but I do get ‘Wow – you must be busy’ and ‘Glad its you and not me’ (to which I respond, So are my kids Lady).

Michelle on

What a rude thing to say! It’s like asking if the baby was ‘an accident’!
I knew somebody ats school whose parents told them they were an accident and they ended up in therapy. She should have thought before she made that comment.
Go Heidi!

esther Panda on

Maybe the question is rude and she didn’t ask in the right way. But to be honnest i was wondering exactly the same thing! 3 babies in 4 years !!

FC on

I think Barbara just asked it in the wrong way. But I love how Heidi handled it with her own style and grace. 🙂

heather on

reagardless of age difference, moms age at birth, etc. whther or not a baby was ” planned” is entirely Mom and Da’s business- up to them to share or not. geez, Barbara :O) at least if you are going to ask, do so in private.

Alicia on

Wow. That was pretty rude. I did not see the show but I sure wish I had. I love Heidi Klum and if I could look that good pregnant, I would do it more often too! LOL. Very mature of her to just ignore it. I am happy for her! I see nothing wrong with having your babies as close as you want them.

Jennifer on

Kayley, your comment about Barbara Walters being “OLD” as you put it in all caps is offensive and age-ist. Yeah, she’s in her 70s…so what? It shows contempt for older people when you make a statement that derides her for her age. Please be more aware that this is no more prejudiced than saying someone acts a certain way because of their race or gender…age does not determine one’s views and behavior. Moreover, you show contempt for older women in how you phrased your comment…be it intentional or not. Just wanted to point that out…thanks.

anon on

I saw the show also and I couldn’t believe the words came out of Barbara’s mouth. It was very rude. If I had been in Hiedi’s place I would have told her it is none of your business. I think it is unfortunate that people think they have the right to make such personal comments about something so private.

brave on

yes, how awful to be asked such an impertinent question by an OLD woman. Barbara Walters is KNOWN for asking personal questions. Heidi is a big girl. She can take care of herself. And I’m sure she knew in advance she would be asked about her pregnancy. She was asked the same question by Life magazine. It. Is. only. TV.

ili175 on

Even though I dislike Baba Wawa, I think it’s common knowledge that going on the View is tantamount to asking for the hot seat. After all, BW asked Marcia Cross some question about being gay when she was on a few weeks ago, so it’s not surprising she asked Heidi about her pregnancy.

Secondly, I distinctly remember a post here months ago in which Heidi said that they weren’t planning to expand their brood for a while (obviously before she discovered she was pregnant again), which I believe is the reason BW thought to ask this question.

I think the question is irrelevant. If you are obviously having the baby, what difference does it make if it was planned or not?

kim on

Barbara has been making rude comments for months now. That whole show is ridiculous now, I actually find it to be a joke and I do not even watch it anymore. I wish that one day someone will put Barbara in her place..her question was completley out of line and it was none of her business anyway

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Here’s the article ili is referencing, from May of this year.


Hilary on

This doesn’t seem to bother me. I think it’s natural to question whether someone intended to have children so close together (think of Britney Spears) but I don’t understand why people believe the question implies a baby’s not wanted. Just because it wasn’t planned and you were asked about it doesn’t mean the person meant that you don’t want the child….I just think people are taking this a bit too seriously….really.

Carol A. on

I’ve always thought that BW is deliberately rude, that’s why I never watch anything she is involved with. But the network likes her, she pulls in viewers. If I were asked that question by BW, I probably would have given her a nasty look right on network TV, followed by silence. I don’t feel a bit sorry for anyone who goes on ‘The View’ and then is asked these pointed, rude questions. They’re asking for it.

P Dawn on

Not only is it a rude question, but how is she really supposed to answer something like that. To get on national TV and say, yep, this baby was a total accident would be extremely rude, and just think how the baby would feel years from now when hearing about it. Planned or not the baby is a blessing and will be loved and welcomed no matter the timing.

Chris on

I heard the comment and Heidi telling all of hte co hosts that she liked having her children close in age because there is a 10 year gap between Heidi and her brother. Enough said!:) GO HEIDI!

pink.lioness on

No wonder Heidi feels that three kids is enough for a while. The stress of having to care for a baby and a toddler and on top of that being pregnant at the same time, many women would be absolutely exhausted and near breaking point… but Heidi seems so happy and positive all the time. Admirable!

Dorrie Wheeler on

People can be unsensitive to pregnant women. I got pregnant with my 2nd child when my first child was 6 months old, kinda like Britney Spears but I think she has me beat by a few months. People were very insensitive and rude. They thought I had an unplanned pregnancy and got started too soon without protection. We planned our kids close for a reason.

Now they are 4 and 5 and I’m pregnant again and people have said rude things again like “You just got everyone in school why start over again,” I even had one person say “Everytime your kids start school are you going to pop out another one? You should just get a puppy.”

joy on

truthfully I don’t even think Heidi may have heard the question. For those who did see it all the ladies were yacking away at one another and Heidi was getting bombarded with questions from one girl to the next. So in all honesty she may have not of heard it.

Now I work in childcare so we have mommy’s in and out all the time. Some who just give birth and come in announcing another and we’ve asked, “oh wow was this a surprise” so maybe barbara could of put it better but I don’t find it rude the way it came off. Now if it was silence and she looked at her in seriousness and said, “Heidi was this an accident?” then I can see how that would play off as being rude and disrespectful. Come one she’s got 3 kids in 2.5 years! Maybe they were planned, maybe they weren’t. It doesn’t matter, but Heidi said they will just take one baby at a time and the way she sounded and put it made ME personally believe that this pregnancy may have been sooner then planned.

Doreen on

What this show needs is CLASS! I hate when they all talk over each other. I wish they would stop this as it’s SO rude and you can’t hear the guests speak!! The most modest one is Elizabeth! I like her. She is sensible and not ignorant like the rest of them! Heidi has the right to choose what questions she answers and those she does not.

Principesa on

People, think about WHO’S asking…the same woman who made the rude comment about the breastfeeding woman next to her on the plane.

Recall that little controversy?

Only then you will understand the mindset of the person asking.

Flick on the forehead to you, Babs.

Joy on

I don’t find the question from Barbara offensive at all, actually. I think she wasn’t trying to be rude (just direct and to the point)…and yes, she could have phrased the question differently, but i think a lot of people were wondering the same thing actually. why? because with both heidi and seal choosing to be very busy career-wise (especially heidi with “Project Runway” and modeling), it does seem kinda “rushed” for them to have another child so quickly. On the other hand, they are a very hands-on loving family and well-off financially, so I don’t see why anyone would really care, to be honest. You know?

As for me…I only have one child, and I never minded people asking me if my pregnancy was planned. I mean…my husband and I got pregnant on our honeymoon, so I got A LOT of questions about that…believe you me!!! hahaha And yes, although we both thought it would take longer to get pregnant, we welcomed our son with open arms and love him dearly. He’s our “little man.”