First entire Jolie-Pitt family photo

09/14/2006 at 01:00 AM ET

UPDATE: See more photos  from the article and a side by side comparison of baby Shiloh to baby Brad and Angelina at Just Jared.

German Gala Magazine is publishing the first picture (from Getty Images) of the entire Jolie-Pitt family, while they were in New Orleans last month. The picture includes Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh. We haven’t seen Shiloh since the release of her first pictures in June. See a bigger blurrier version here.

The magazine refers to the Jolie-Pitt clan as a "Patchwork Family". German press have also used this term for the Klum-Samuel family, due to the mix of race and colour in each family. We have since learned that although Heidi Klum believes the title to refer to the mix of shades in her family, European press actually uses it to refer to step and other kinds of blended families – two or more different families becoming one.

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Source: Gala

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Kirstie on

This picture goes to prove that they are still together despite the million and one rumours that have been going around about brand and Ange breaking up. They have a gorgeous family.

Alina on

“Patchwork Family” doesn’t mean a family, which is mixed in colour and race, but a family with children, who are not the biological children of one of the parents. (a conglomerate family?! – my English is not that good, sorry)

Alina on

“Patchwork Family” doesn’t mean a family, which is mixed in colour and race, but a family with children, who are not the biological children of one of the parents. (a conglomerate family?! – my English is not that good, sorry)

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

Heidi had referred to it as meaning they were all different shades –

anne on

I know that Heidi said that in an interview, but she got it wrong. Alina is right. They used the terms on Heidi because Seal unfortunaly isn’t Leni’s bíological father. It has nothing to do with race or colour. I guess they are using it for Brad and Angelina because inthe beginning of the relationship Maddox and Zahara were Angelinas children.
Just to set the record straight.

preesi on

Sarah, YOU are correct!

We need a bigger pic!!!!!!!!!
Alert to German readers. Please scan the cover for us?!

Nora on

I have to agree with Alina. If a German newspaper is using the term “patchwork family” it definitely refers to a family where (some of) the children are not the biological children of (at least) one of the parents.

This is a term used a lot in the context of parents separating/ remarrying/ forming new families. NOT in context of ethnicity. Even if Heidi chooses to understand it like this, that is not what it originally means.

preesi on

I dont believe Zahara was EVER just Angies kid.
I think THEY both were always her parents.
I think Angie adopted her under the notion that Brad would always be her Daddy, they were just in a tricky delicate situation at the time. It had to be timed. Maddox already was calling Brad Daddy at that point..

pink.lioness on

The term patchwork family is “just about” correct for the Jolie-Pitts, simply because Maddox was already three years old when Brad came into his life. I also agree with Alina and the others – “patchwork family” has nothing to do with colour AT ALL.

Melanie Griffith for example has a patchwork family. Her children are by different fathers and have different siblings (from their father’s sides).

Heidi was referring to the different skin shades in her family and probably just couldn’t think so quickly (it was in an interview, after all) of a perhaps more appropriate term. True, Leni isn’t Seal’s biological child, but he’s been her daddy since the day she was born.

It’s great that Angie and Brad feel the time is right to show pics of Shiloh again!

tink1217 on

they are such a beautiful family. Shiloh is getting big and is gorgeous!! I love them together!

FC on

I wish there was a better photo, but it’s a cute one of their family nonetheless. Shiloh’s getting to be big. 🙂

Maike on

Alina is definitely right. My family is a “Patchwork Familie”, because my children aren’t my husband’s children. But both, my kids and my husband, are white and I know many other patchwork families that aren’t mixed-raced either. I think the right English term is “blended family” or maybe step-family.

momof2girlies on

OMG, Shiloh looks to have some adorable pudgy cheeks!! Something I have always loved! Wish the pic was clearer though!! But all in all, they look like one big happy family!!!

joy on

finally! I’ve been waiting to see all 3 out and about. I wish the photo was bigger so we could see Shiloh better but it looks like she’s got Brad’s look more! cute little baldy baby! hehe

NIsha, CBB Contributor on

If patchwork family is a term used for families with members of a different race, then I am truly tired of hearing this beautiful FAMILIES called so. I am biracial and my family comes in all different races and shades of color. It’s a family, plain and simple, it’s just people coming together… race should not be and issue!

sfl on

Once again, the term patchwork family has NOTHING to do with skin colour or race. And it doesn’t have a negative meaning.

I guess it’s a typical German expression, as so many english speaking people here have problems with it :o)

Kay on

Alina, Maike and Nora are right. Here in Germany the term patchwork family has nothing to with race or color. It´s used for families in which not all the kids have the same parents.

I don´t know why Heidi Klum explained it differently in that interview and why she wasn´t sure if it was positive or an insult. As a German she should know that it´s not about race or color, just a very common term.

Sabina on

Bigger picture, someone, please! 🙂

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Wow. I was wonderign when we’d see pics of Shiloh again. She’s beatiful.

chicakms on

I think Americans think Patchwork family is mixed race because here in America a “patchwork quilt” is a blanket made of various/odd scraps of material all sewn together to make one blanet.

Barbara on

As much as Maddox and Zahara are photographed it shocks me that we don’t see more of Shiloh now that she has a few months under her belt. 🙂

SuriNotCruise's on

Brad n Angeline are a bunch of posers… They try to look so rock/goth/badass but they’re not, they’re posers! n she tries to dress her kids the same way :p

Luise on

chicakms, it’s actually the same idea: two (or even more) families coming together and forming a new one.

I think it would would be nice, if that could be corrected in the original post.

Stephanie on

Ahh this makes me SO happy! Shiloh is beautiful, as we all knew she would be! I love her little chubby cheeks! And Angie looks great, as do all the kiddos and Brad!

Aleah on

Zahara and Shiloh are definitely gonna break hearts when they’re older!!

tink1217 on

Shiloh is so adorable!!! I think she mostly looks like Brad, but I do see Angie in her too. Great pics!!

ili175 on

It’s hard to tell but it seems like Shiloh resembles Angie when Angie was a baby. I don’t know how many people have seen a picture of Angie as a baby but she had her lips already, like Shiloh seems to, and was this adorably pudgy baby (I mean super pudgy, huge cheeks).

ana on

Justjared now have the whole scans to the magazine.

Autumn on

You might be right chicakms, although I don’t know if it’d always mean biracial children, or just adopting children of a different race (as in Brad & Angie’s case).

Anyway their family is so cute, and I just love the new baby pics of Shiloh, as well as Maddox and Zahara. (Shi looks like such an angel in her white blankie, but I think Z and Maddox are cute too in their outfits.)

I wonder how they manage Kindergarten for Maddox, since they travel so much on location (or so it seems)? Still though I’m sure they figure something out.

origamiart on

lol290 on

bigger pics @

Katia on

Ugh. I think the term “patchwork family” is disgusting. Why can’t they just be called a family?

I also hate how magazines always refer to Maddox and Zahara as Angelina’s ADOPTED children. Why does that even need to be mentioned?

EllaB. on

Shiloh is gorgeous. But what is that ring on Angie’s finger? Could that be an engagement ring? Remember when Sandra Bullock wore her engagement ring on her index finger. Just a thought!!

Zoey on

Perhaps I am insensitive to the issue, because I have not adopted any children, nor am I adopted myself, but I’m having a hard time understanding why so many people are offended by saying that children are adopted vs biological? The way I see it, Angelina has been /extremly/ open about the fact that Maddox was adopted, and she said Maddox is well aware of it himself. I just dont get why it would be insulting to state a fact that is already known? It seems the equivilant of distinguishing between sons and daughters. It’s just a way of ‘splitting up’ your children.. same as you would with gender.. or age… and it doesn’t make any child better or worse than any other children, just unique. I dont see anyone saying.. Shiloh is better because she’s biological.. just like I don’t see anyone saying that Maddox is better because he’s a boy. Could someone please explain to me why this is insulting?

I’m really truly not trying to insult anyone here. I know its a sensitive issue, but the point of my post is not to offend anyone, but I honestly want to learn so I can be more aware of why certain things are are taken the way they are. Thanks.

Katia on

You didn’t offend me at all. 🙂

I just don’t see why people have to keep pointing out that Maddox and Zahara are adopted. Everyone who isn’t living in a cave knows that they are.

I mean, if you adopted a kid, and had one biologically, would you introduce them as such?

“Meet Timmy, my adopted son.”

“This is Sara, my biological daughter.”

No. You’d simply introduce them as your children.

With that being said, I think it’s wonderful that Angelina talks to Maddox about being adopted, I just don’t think everytime we see a pic of Angelina and her kids, the article has to include that two of them are adopted.

Carol Lee on

That bothers me too. Does anyone remember an interview with Marie Osmond where the interviewer asked her which of her children were adopted and she looked confused and said, “I don’t remember”. The best answer I ever heard. Shiloh is gorgeous.

landroverdisco on

I am not much for the Angelina/Brad hype but I have to admit Shiloh has turned into such an adorable baby. She is going to be a beautiful child soon enough. I have to give Brad credit for being so interested and genuine about parenthood.

Zoey on

Hm, ok. But then.. how is that different from when people say.. this is ‘suchandsuch’s child from her first marriage with ‘suchandsuch’? You wouldn’t introduce a child as

This is Billy, my child from my first marriage to Joe Shmoe.

But no one seems to be offended by this?

Again, not looking to offend.. just to learn.

Katia on

I saw that episode today, and I think the question was unnecessary and tactless. I can only speak for myself, but I honestly don’t care to know whether her pregnancy was planned or not. It’s just not something that interests me. I would much rather hear cute things about her kids, or cravings she’s having.. or how she maintains such a flawless appearance.. something like that.

Katia on

Haha, ignore my above post. I had two of these pages opened at once, and posted on the wrong one. Oops!

GrietjeV on

I have always said that Maddox and Zahara are absolutely beautiful children and now I can say, without a doubt, little Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous! If you go to Just Jared, there are baby pictures, side-by-side, of Shiloh, Brad and Angelina…Shiloh is definitely a mix of both. Most of her features are like Brad’s, but she most definitely has Angelina’s beautiful full lips, right down to the exact same shape. What a gorgeous family!

pink.lioness on

Well… actually it’s usually not the parents introducing their own kids in that way, but the way magazines are writing about them. I believe they do that for information, although it’s probably most of the time unnecessary to state a fact over and over again.

Of course a mother won’t introduce her child like “he’s my adopted son” but when OTHER people talk ABOUT them, they might say “that’s her son… I think he is adopted”, something along that line.

Of course that doesn’t mean a biological child is “worth more” – or vice versa! I can’t see why simply talking about a fact should be insulting. That would indicate it is shameful to be adopted, which it’s NOT. And I don’t see why it’s such a big deal at all…

Gianna on

You know their was so much hype, about how beautiful Angelina and Brad’s child would be before she was even born. Well she is even more beautiful than I ever imagined. Look at that face, she has gorgeous eyes and lips. I think she looks like both parents, although she can’t go wrong with either one of her parents she favors more lol. I think the lips and nose is Angelina, and the eyes and coloring is Brad’s. I think Shiloh and Sean Preston IMO are the two cutest celebrity babies. Although I also think Violet Affleck and Suri are quite pretty.

Sabby on

What a gorgeous family! The children are so beautiful and Angelina looks so happy!

kadarm on

besides the media comments about adopted children, which they would not make talking to Jolie or pitt, the other thing I cannot get, why do you keep referring to kids as future heartbreakers? is breaking hearts is a thing to do? do you like people who break your heart? why is beauty this important at all? are pitt and jolie interesting for you only because they are pretty?

Eram on

A person as high profile as Angie has indeed set up a noble example by adopting kids as an attempt to not let her own childhood pain cast shadows on the lives of these children.Instead of taking revenge from society she has tried to wrap up all the ugliness in society and spread light and love in response to the pain she herself went through.Not everybody is like this. Maybe she got this from her beloved mother & not her father who reportedly left Angie,her bro & mom for another woman & never took responsibility of his children. Hats off to you Angelina .Keep up!!!