Anna Nicole Smith: Mourns son's death and welcomes daughter

09/13/2006 at 08:00 PM ET

Update Wednesday PM: Per Entertainment Tonight, Anna Nicole’s new baby daughter is named Hannah. Also, per Anna Nicole’s request, the autopsy and toxicology reports regarding her son’s death, expected to be finalized on Friday, will not be made public unless Anna Nicole choses to do so.

Sadly, the news tonight reveals that Anne Nicole "was so distraught at the loss of Daniel that she refused to leave his side and it was necessary to sedate her in order to check her out of the hospital…The devastation and grief over Daniel’s sudden death coupled with the sedation has been so extreme that Anna Nicole experienced memory loss of the event…[making it] necessary for Howard to tell Anna again that Daniel had passed away,"

Update Wednesday: Yahoo News reports that the death is now termed ‘suspicious,’ as there was another person in the room who was not a hospital employee when Daniel passed away. It has been revealed that the third person was Anna Nicole’s lawyer and close friend Howard K. Stern. A formal inquiry into the death has been scheduled, and may possibly lead to criminal charges depending on the findings.

Originally posted September 12, 4:30 pm EST: The initial results are in, and the cause of death was not a natural heart attack, as was first reported. The coroner will only say, "The cause of death was not natural…At this point in time, there were no external injuries that appeared on the body. It’s difficult to give you something more without going into the full detail." They are withholding their decision until the toxicology reports come in on Friday. New reports suggest it may have been an overdose of antidepressants Daniel was prescribed. We will continue to update as new information comes to light.

Originally posted September 11th: With great sadness we report that Anna Nicole Smith’s son Daniel Wayne Smith died on September 10th, just three days after Anna Nicole welcomed a baby girl. The baby girl, who is yet to be named, was born by c-section and weighed in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

Her site posted the following message today:

"In Loving Memory. DANIEL WAYNE SMITH – 1/22/1986 – 9/10/2006. On September 7th Anna Nicole gave birth to a healthy 6 pound, 9 ounce baby girl. Her son Daniel was in the Bahamas with her to share in the joy of his baby sister when he passed away suddenly on the morning on September 10th."

They do not currently know the cause of death, but it is not believed to be related to drugs, alcohol or foul play. We do know that he died Sunday morning at the hospital where his mother had given birth, as Walter Evans, a spokesman for the Royal Bahamian Police Force, said that "the son of an undisclosed celebrity had been found in a room of the private Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau."

The latest reports say that Daniel passed away while sitting upright in a chair in his mother’s hospital room, possibly after a heart attack or another previously undisclosed heart condition – however, this remains unconfirmed. The Nassau Guardian and TMZ report that Anna attempted to wake her son up around 9 am on Sunday morning, after he had arrived on the island Saturday evening to meet his new baby sister, who was born on Thursday. Anna realized her son was unresponsive, and immediately called for help. The Nassau Guardian says Anna attempted to revive her son unsuccessfully, but this is also unconfirmed. We will update as clearer details on this tragic loss become available.

Said Anna Nicole’s lawyer and best friend Howard K. Stern, "Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being."

Source: Anna Nicole Official Website, Nassau Guardian via Perez Hilton, and TMZ.

Thanks to CBB readers Boulder, Rachel, Corinne, Clare, Belinda, Michelle, Stephanie, Leslie, Rosemary and Tracey.


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Ericka on

Oh my god…at first I read it on Perez so I thought it was a joke about the old man’s son who just died.

That’s horribly sad, my heart and thoughts go out to her at this difficult time.

Angela on

Oh my God, I am so shocked. My heart goes out to Anna Nicole. She must be going through such mixed emmotions right now. Very sad news. Congratulations to her on her new baby daughter.

Lola on

She must be feeling very bittersweet right now. I feel awful for her, very shocked by this news. Congratulations to her on the birth of her daughter, but my love, thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family over the tragic passing of her son.

Hea on

Oh my…that is just so sad! You can say a lot of things about Anna Nicole, many of them bad, but it was always obvious that she loved her boy.

S.W on

How sad. Such awful news. My heart and prayers go out to her.

Aleah on

This is just horrible. Poor Anna Nicole must be in a in such a state! My heart goes out to her.
Despite all the sadness, congratulations for the baby too.

Michelle on

My thoughts are with Anna Nicole and her daughter at this very sad time.

Alex on

Wow. I feel so sorry for her right now. She loses her son RIGHT AFTER giving birth to a daughter? That’s definitely going to give some lasting psychological side effects to Anna… so very, very tragic.

tink1217 on

OMG, what a terrible tragedy! I am definitely not a fan of hers, but losing a child is the most horrific thing for a parent to go through. My heart goes out to her.

NicoleH on

Love her or hate her she always talked about her son and he was always a priority in her life. This must be so horrible for her especially only a few days after the birth of her new baby.

giadana on

How devastating! I remember Daniel from Anna’s show. He was a sweet kid & a straight “A” student.
I hope she has lots of support in her life to get her through this very difficult time. I can’t imagine getting hit with this type of tragedy…especially postpartum.

Candice on

Oh, how sad. She’s in my prayers.

jashmom on

I was conpletely shocked when I read this story. You could tell she just adored her son. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to Anna Nicole. She must be an emotional wreck right now. At least her son got see his new baby sister. And congratulations on the birth of her daughter!!!

Jamie on

How sad…I can’t even imagine what shes going through…I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers…

Carol Lee on

How terrible for her. She really seemed to be a great mom. Deepest condolences to her for the loss of her child.

ash on

I can’t even imagine how she must be feeling right now… I actually know someone who, just a few months ago, lost one of her twin sons (only about 2 years old) on the very same day that she gave birth to her third son. It was horrible.

tan on

This is truly sad.I use to watch her show faithful and he was such a doll.To give birth and suddenly have to make funeral arrangements for the other is sad.My heart goes out to her.It will be very tuff for her planning a birth day and remembering the other child all in the same week.

Autumn on

Oh that is so sad! And nearly on 9/11 as well! I wonder how Daniel died? Drugs? Foul Play? Suicide? Who knows?

Maybe it’s a good thing that Anna had her daughter, but it’s so tragic that her son died so soon after his baby sister was born!

I’ll pray for Anna, that she’ll be able to deal with her son’ death as well as taking care of her new daughter.

Nicole on

My thoughts and prayers are with you…Remember, God does not give anyone more than they can handle….you’re little girl has someone who will always watch over her, from above..Don’t be sad, just remember how much you were loved by him and he by you…God Bless and Keep you both, safe and healthy..

Erin on

I thought this was all a sick joke so I’m shocked to find out it’s true. Very, very shocking news!

My condolences to Anna, her family and friends… this is all so horribly sad. =(

TK on

My heart sank when I read this. I remember watching Daniel on the Anna Nicole Show and she always seemed like such a proud, loving, and protective mother. My heart goes out to Anna. 😦

Natalie S. on

My thoughts are with the family. Such a shocker, 3 days after giving birth to another child, only to lose the other. My heart goes out to the family.

corriev on

How awful for her. I can’t imagine the thoughts that must be running through her mind. On one hand celebrating the birth of her daughter, and on the other hand grieving the loss of her son. How strange that he was found dead at a hospital. My thoughts are with her.

Stacey on

That is horrific. 😦

joy on

I too when I first read it on another message board thought it was a joke but then I shot on over here and wow it’s true! my gosh this is horrible. I am no Anna Nicole fan but I do know that her son was her top priority. To welcome a child then to lose one so sudden is just heartbreaking. I will keep her in my thoughts.

wonder what it could of been that he died of?

Doreen on

Shocking!! I used to watch him on Anna Nicole’s show a while back. Very sad. I wonder how did he die? Tragic…so young.

natalie on

wow! i’m sure its hard to deal with such conflicting emotions at this time!!!!! i bet she is thinking, i’m so sad, yet i have this new life i should be proud of, but i just lost a son!

i thought she was always really good to daniel.

how awful!

Josie Kay on

According to reports that are coming out now he had a sudden, massive heart attack and Anna Nicole literally tried to revive him using CPR.

As a mother I can only imagine her pain and helplessness. I know I would have done the same thing if it had been my baby boy!

She now has a daughter and I know her son was looking forward to his sister being born. At least he got to see her before he passed away.

God Bless the Family and Friends.

Yonni on

So tragic….May God be with her in this time of need.

chrissi on

aw that is so sad. im not a fan of hers but i really feel for her at this awful time. poor woman.

Izzie25 on

This is horrible!!!! I’m definitly not a fan of Anna Nicole but I loved the fact that she was devoted to her son…you could tell that she loved him. No matter the bad decisions she’s made before and no matter how much I couldn’t stand her, raising her son was something that she did right and continued to do. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

yogagirl5117 on

This is just absolutely aweful! I remember when Anna first burst on the scene and the way she talked about her son who was then like 4 she spoke of such love! And she kept him and raised him by herself – the quintessetial single mom. My heart and prayers go out to you, Anna and may your son who was taken from you way too soon rest in peace eternally.

C. on

I guess the real blessing in all of this is that Anna Nicole got to see both her children together even if it was brief. Daniel will be very missed.

Ariana on

I just had a relative (age 32) and friend (age 20) pass away in a 2 week time period. They both died suddenly in their sleep. It’s been hard on me, but life goes on. It’s not easy losing a loved one, especially so young. All my prayers to Anna Nicole and her family. God Bless.

corinne on

My hearfelt sympathy to Anna and Daniel’s baby sister.

Cherish on

I was really shocked when I heard about his. My prayers go out to Nicole and her family. That’s just sooo sad. I am glad that he was able to spend time with his little sister before he passed away though.

Suzybee on

OMG this is horrible! It seems that lately, when it rains it pours!! My best friend recently passed away after giving birth to her son, leaving him and a 3 1/2 year old daughter behind. That same day, the ex-husband of another friend, and father of her son, passed away as well!

joy on

There are reports it was a massive heart attack…my brothers friends cousin had a heart attack and died at 24 also. It’s so tragic to be that young of something that you usually only think happens to older unhealthy people.

so sad.

anamcara on

I agree with everyone – regardless of what you may think about Anna Nicole, it’s just sad. And right after her baby girl is born too. I hope she gets some therapy to deal with it all. She did always seem to devoted to him too. My heart goes out to her right now.

PHicks on

I am a fan of Anna Nicole Smith. I know what she’s going through. My son died 3 months ago on my 40th birthday. He was 21 years old. I’m going to remember his death every year on my birthday, just as I know she’s going to remember her son’s death around her daughter’s birthday. My heart goes out to you Anna Nicole.

FC on

My heart goes out to Anna. It’s a shock to know that she gained a daughter and then lost a son a few days after. But it’s still nice to know her son got to know his baby sister before his passing.

Still, very bittersweet.

Jes on

Awww. that is too bad. =[ she gains a daughter and loses a son…

GrietjeV on

I lost my only son a year ago and it’s been the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to endure. I can’t begin to describe the devastation that losing a child leaves behind for all who loved him/her. My son was only 26 years old but developed sudden, severe high blood pressure that didn’t respond to medication. He started having trouble breathing and called his wife, but by the time she got home he was in cardiac arrest. To this day, the coroner cannot tell us why he died and that has been one of the hardest things to deal with…there’s just no closure. But, I can tell you from personal experience, these things do happen out of the blue to seemingly healthy people without drugs or alcohol being involved. The coroner said people have no idea how many people die and the cause of death just cannot be found. That is what I’ve had to deal with. So, my heart goes out to Anna and her family, no matter what the cause of Daniel’s death turns out to be. You cannot imagine the pain of losing a child until it happens to you and it’s so very hard to let them go. And it’s something you NEVER get over.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

That’s tragic 😦
You just don’t think of people dying so young…dying in your sleep or of a heart attack at only 20 ?! Hearing this kind of thing always worries me…

Amber on

My Prayers go out to You and your new Baby Girl.. May God be with you in your time of Grief.. Daniel was a very Handsome and Sweet Guy.

Alicia on

Wow. I am in shock. I can’t even begin to imagine the way she feels right now. THat is so sad. Please keep us updated when they find out exactly what happen to him. My heart goes out to Anna Nicole at this time.

Lindsay on

When I heard that her son died, I figured he was just a baby or, like, 2 years old, not 20! (i don’t much watch the articles for Anna Niolce Smith, so I had no idea except for that she was pregnant)I don’t know how to feel for her, though. sad or happy?

Allison on

That is just horrible! I remember David from the show on E!. He seemed sweet, was a good student, and didn’t seem to be the type to get into any trouble. A real blessing for a mother to have. He would have made a great big brother for Anna’s baby girl.

Condolences to Anna Nicole. Whatever you think about her, she sure seemed to raise a good son.

Miss155 on

May his soul rest in peace and may Anna Nicole find peace of mind.

preesi on

New reports are that it was a overmedicating of antidepressants and other substances…

Kelly on

My prayers go out to you Anna at this time of such joy & tragety all at once.

You are a strong women & remember your little girl needs you to be strong for her.

My God Bless Daniel, he is in a better place with the Angels & will be looking down at you & his new little sister.

natalie on

how sad. she should name her baby girl danielle or daniella after her son. i think that would be sweet. poor thing. i’m beginning to think she may have known something was wrong with him in the first place maybe drugs especially if they are asking for a toxology report!

preesi on

Now my local news (6ABC) is saying that CNN is reporting that NO DRUGS or HEART ATTACK were involved!

Which one is it?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

They don’t think he overdosed on cocaine or anything illegal. They’re just saying that he was on anti-depressants and that’s the speculation for now. We’ll know more Friday when the autopsy and toxiocology reports come out.

M NET on




Carrie Jo on

Oh wow, how terribly sad for her. It’s always such a shock when death happens like that. She’s in my thoughts & prayers as well.

Jen on

My heart is breaking for her and her family! I cannot imagine what she is going through. Though, I am sure with her strength, she will pull through to be an amazing mother to her new baby girl!

Lola on

Even if Daniel died because of drugs, this doesn’t make it any less tragic and heartbreaking for Anna Nicole. I’ve heard people saying some really horrible things about Anna and her son’sdeath, and I think it’s disgraceful. It hasn’t been on this site, but people elsewhere seem to have very little respect for the fact that a mother has just lost her son, and a baby girl has just lost her brother that she never got to know.

By all accounts, Daniel was turning into a lovely young man, who was very much looking forward to the birth of his new sister. I feel desperately sad for Anna and her baby daughter. I hope she has some good people around her that will help her through this difficult time.

Stacy on

How tragic. My prayers and thoughts are with Anna.. no one deserves this.

Stacy on

Poor Anna, to her son was growing up to be a fine man. Congrats on the birth of her daughter.

patricia on

It’s strange how this get weirder and weirder. Now there will be a possible criminal investigation? (via CNN)… wow. In any case it’s really tragic.

brandy on

I am so….. sorry to hear about your lose! i am shocked (i dont know you).. but iam a parent myself and i couldnt imagine the pain you must be going through!! keep your head up and remember that your daughter needs you now!! and you will all be in my prayers!!

Doreen on

This IS getting stranger and stranger…..hope they get to the bottom of this really soon!!!

Lana on

Entertainment Tonight is reporting the baby will be named Hannah. The source is John James, actor & director, who is a good friend of Anna Nicole’s.

Mandy on

I really feel for Anna Nicole. What an aweful thing to have to go through. I do send her congratulations on the birth of her daughter. ET is saying she is named Hannah. I send my love to Anna and Hannah.

Diane on

Anna, I am so sorry to hear about Daniel. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

atsirk17 on

My regrets for the loss of Anna Nicole’s son at what should be a joyous time. I am sure it is just a typo, but the most recent posting says “Hannah” requests that the toxicology and autopsy reports remain confidential. Isn’t Hannah the baby?

Nicksmomma on

I feel so terrible for her and her family. Regardless of the cause of Daniel’s death, her son is still gone. It was so obvious that she loved and cherished that boy, so I am sure she is crushed. And I can’t even imagine going through this at the exact time that you are trying to celebrate the birth of a new baby you have wanted for so long. None of this seems fair…my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family at this time and will remain with them for some time to come. Hannah will forever have a very special angel looking over her.

Barbara on

I couldn’t even begin to know what Anna must be going through to give birth to one child and to lose another at the same time. I am so sorry for your lose. God bless you and your new daughter.

Kori on

This just gets worse and worse. I feel sorry for the baby now, the time Anna would have had enjoying a newborn is stolen from her for an unlimited amount of time now. I know someone who lost a grown daughter and 2 years later she still walks around very fragile, like a ghost, and cries on a whim. I have a hard time believing Daniel was into drugs anyway, he seemed to ALWAYS be around his mom, not hiding away in his room or out runnning the streets. Seemed like a nice, shy kid.

Autumn on

That’s horribly sad how it keeps getting worse. The fact that Anna had to be sedated after her son passed, then because of that she even forgot that her son had died!

I just hope that Anna doesn’t have a nervous breakdown or something, because who would then be legally responsible for baby Hannah?

This is all turning into such a mess…

rosie on

tragic horrible news, im so sick and tired of hearing about Anna Nicole being loopy and all kinds of horrible things, this is a tragic horrible thing that no mother has to go through or deserves, god bless you Anna it was evident that her son was her world, god bless yu and your little girl Anna she has her big brother to watch over her 😦

NicoleH on

This is such a nightmare…. I feel so bad for Anna and her new baby. Its so strange that her son would die like that at such a young age…. I hope they figure this all out soon. It must make things so much worse not knowing what happend or how or why….

Miranda Dee Rainwater on

My condolences go out to Anna Nicole and her family. It was such a tragedy that she found her son dead just two days after she had given birth to her baby daughter, Hannah. I am so sorry that this happened to you, and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know it is hard for you to celebrate the life of your daughter when you just lost your son. Things are going to be ok though because the angels will keep you in their wings.

Holly on

Oh my God!! That is so sad!! I can’t even imagine giving birth and then losing my first born!! I don’t think I could handle it!! I hope that she has stong people around her to give her support and help her with her newborn cause she is really gonna need it. I hope that she overcomes this like she has many other things in her life. U are in my prayers!! Congrats on the baby girl!!

Theorist on

i know im gonna get a lot of heat for this. I’m a little scared to admit, but lately i’ve been wondering if the son is possibly father to the child and that might have something to do with his death… i know i know conspiracy theory.

Natalie S. on

With the recent events, could this getting any more bizarre. I’m just stunned..

ahcene on

hi anna nicole
iam really sorry about your son daniel,i think its very sad for any parents,and my condeliance,
God bless ,and congratulion on the baby girls.iwish the best,