Rumor: Is Jennifer Garner pregnant?

09/12/2006 at 10:00 AM ET

Jennifer_garner Update: A source close to Ben tells us that the couple is not currently expecting.

Originally posted September 11th: Rumors are once again flying that actress Jennifer Garner, 34, is pregnant with her second child. She made an appearance alongside husband Ben Affleck, 34, on the red carpet and in many eyes seems to be expecting. Garner and Affleck have daughter Violet, 9 months. More pictures can be seen at Teddy & Moo’s.  It might be a bad camera angle or the wrong kind of a dress or maybe she really is pregnant.

Does Jennifer Garner look pregnant to you?

Sources: and Teddy & Moo’s Celebrity Gossip

Thanks to CBB readers Amy, Christine, Michelle, Bella and Aimee.


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Lis on

SERIOUSLY? I think she looks great! and thin. she does not look pregnant to me.

Julie delaFuente on

I think I see a slight popping out of her bellybutton! YAY! Although I just read in People that her trainer considers Jennifer’s body to be “bikini-ready”??!?

Megan on

I don’t think so. There are pics of her carrying around a breast pump and as we all know that breastfeeding lowers the chance of conceiving again.

Aleah on

I saw side pictures of her over at WireImages, and there definitely wasn’t any baby bump.

Stephanie on

I got pregnant twice while breastfeeding – and carried on breastfeeding for a few months with each pregnancy in full force 😉 It happens much more than people realize.

That said, I don’t think Jen looks particularly pregnant here, but she does have beautiful skin!

Doreen on

I was going to say the same thing!! I see her belly button sticking out some….:)

natalie on

I think its wrong to suggest that a woman looks pregnant. I don’t want to start rumours. however, I just think she doesn’t care about her weight in hollywood anymore and is more concerned about nurturing her body and not getting super thin for the sake of her baby girl. I think she’s earned her dues and doesn’t feel the need to be thin. I don’t think she’s pregnant.

Finn on

Plenty of breast-feeding moms have thought “breastfeeding lowers the chance of coneiving again” only to find themselves pregnant.

brattymom on

Actually when I first saw these pics last week I thought she was pregnant! While breast feeding does decrease the chance of getting pregnant, it does not eliminate it. She may be in her first trimester.

Michelle on

It wouldn’t surprise me, as everyone knows how keen they are to have a big family. Small age gap!

Shelly on

I don’t think she is. I’ve seen the same photos of her in that dress from a side angle and its clear she’s quite flat.

yogagirl5117 on

I know that right before I get my “monthly bill” my tummy swells like I am pregnant, but I am still childless. So who knows? But to me it seems that Ben and Jen would enjoy Violet a little longer before adding to the family. Maybe when Violet is 2 or 3 – by then Jen and Ben will only be what 35-36?

tink1217 on

breastfeeding only lower your chances of getting pregnant if you EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed. Violet has probably been eating solids for a couple of months now and it all depends on the woman’s body and how her hormones react to breastfeeding. I know 2 moms who thought they wouldn’t get PG while breastfeeding and they both got PG when their kids were 6 months old by “accident”. Personally, I hope she is!! Maybe a baby Ben is on the way!

tink1217 on

i just saw a pic which is supposedly from Sept. 10 at Teddy & Moo of Jen and she does NOT look pregnant at all.

Amber on

I don’t think she’s pregnant. Some people have an outie belly button! It’s not that uncommon, but as soon as someone sees a belly button they all assume that person is pregnant. My belly button never popped out and I had twins the first time!

Lauren on

To add against the theory that breastfeeding lowers your chances of becoming pregnant…
When my aunt gave birth to my cousin, she was assured by her doctor that there was no way she could become pregnant while breastfeeding. Two months after my cousin was born, my aunt was pregnant with her second child, who arrived a month before her big sister’s first birthday.
I don’t think she looks particularly pregnant, but it’d be nice if she is!

Cherish on

I don’t think she is pregnant. I think that picture was just taken at a bad angle. In the other pics she does not look to be expecting.

MizLiz on

When Jennifer was first pregnant with Violet, it upset her terribly that rumors were flying before she even told her friends and family. When she fainted on the set of “The Kingdom” she refused to tell the paramedics if she was PG. Don’t blame her a bit. Of course, it could be that she would rather be comfortable with an empire-weaisted dress. They do want five kids, so she shouldn’t space them too far apart.

Julia on

Being Jennifer Garner’s biggest fan
She is Definately Pregnant

She has never had an outer belly button except when she is Pregnant


lilac on

It’s prolly her Violet mummy tummy.

SY on

I’d hate to be the subject of such speculation! I agree w/Lilac that it’s probably just left over tummy from Violet, especially if she’s nursing, she might be keeping some weight on (not everyone loses it fast while nursing). I’ve learned not to assume that someone is pregnant after I stuck my foot in my mouth and asked our neighbor if she was–her answer was a definite NO. BTW, my husband thought she was too as did another neighbor.

Barbara on

Only time will tell 🙂

g on

I don’t think she is, but if she is, I am so happy for them!

Aubree on

Definitely not pregnant. The dress is an empire waisted dress, which tends to make people look like maybe they have a bump. She looks fabulous! I wouldn’t have picked the dress, but she looks healthy, and in shape.

jing on

my guess would be that she hasn’t completely lost the tummy, and the empire-waist dress is only accentuating it.

Alicia on

I dont really think she looks pregnant. But they are a couple that I would love to see have more children!!

DangerousMuse on

I don’t think she’s pregnant.

Madi on

Not ‘currently’ expecting… I’ll keep my hopes up. =)

millie on

I wish people stopped speculating, I can’t imagine how she feels knowing that her belly is too large. I don’t think she’s pregnant though breastfeeding is not a perfect birth control method. My son nursed exclusively for a long time but I got my period after 6 months. I would never rely on it to prevent pregnancy.

Aimee on

Unfortunately this is an incredibly unflattering dress…even though it is a safe basic black dress.
She (or perhaps her fashion stylist )normally has impeccable dress sense but this outfit is very very wrong.
However the dark broad stripe of fabric is very very suspicious…I wonder if she is trying to cleverly hide a burgeoning bump.

If that dark fabric in the center was gone and if the material was the same all through out I wonder what the dress would have revealed….
Try to imagine how the body would have looked
A sibling for adorable and sweet Violet perhaps…………
hmm hmm hmm…………

Diana on

I totally agree with Natalie, I think it so wrong to speculate about women being pregnant. If they aren’t it implies they are fat, and if they are and don’t want to tell I think that is wrong too.

Its like when someone comes up to you and says oh when are you due and you’re NOT! How horrible would you feel, but it’s TEN TIMES worse because its like a whole bunch of people asking you this. I really wish CBB would take party in speculating about women being pregnant.

Barbara on

I think it would be great if Jennifer and Ben added another baby to there family. I am sure Violet would love it too.


Ashley on

Just because someone is not horribly anorexic does not mean they are pregnant. She is LOVELY as always.