Taylor Hanson and wife welcome third child

09/09/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

Update: Taylor Hanson confirms the news on Hanson.net, saying, "River Samuel is an incredible addition to our family, we could not be happier." The baby was born in Tulsa, OK, on Sept 4th, as previously announced.

Update Sept 5th: Apparently, Taylor and Natalie welcomed a baby boy named River on Monday, September 4th.

Update: August 5th:We’ve since found this story to be untrue – still waiting for baby!

Update July 15th: A source tells us that the couple welcomed their third child and second son in the early morning hours of Monday, July 10th, in Tulsa, OK. The baby boy’s name is supposedly Joshua. As stated in the comments, at this point, the news is unconfirmed. However, our source regarding the day of the birth has been quite trustworthy in the past. Still, Taylor is apparently in Africa at the moment…We shall see if it is true or not!

Originally posted on July 14th: Singer/songwriter Taylor Hanson, 23, and his wife Natalie are expecting their third child by the end of the summer. The new baby will join siblings Jordan Ezra, 3 1/2, and Penelope Anne, 15 months. The baby is rumored to be due by the end of the month – if anyone has more information, please send an email.


Thanks to CBB reader Iesha.

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Doreen on

Omgosh! Another baby! Hmmmm He’s been ‘mmmm bop’ing’ a lot! lol I didn’t even know he was married with children until recently. Now, he’s on his 3rd child? I saw that the youngest brother just got married. Time sure does fly by. I remember them just as teens singing that song: ‘MMmm Bop!’ 🙂

Stef on

It seems so surreal that I used to listen to him when I was young and now he is married and on baby #3. It’s a bit freaky though because he is also the same age as me and I couldn’t even imagine having kids yet (although I would love to). I bet these kids are adorable…his wife is beautiful and I always thought he was gorgeous as well.

Virginia on

Wow, those babies have all been really close together. I would love that, but could never handle it. I wish them lots of happiness. They seem really cute together.

Kate on

His wife is gorgeous! Congrats on another one and the best of luck to them- that’s brave [to me] having three that close in age!

Natalie on

Dang..Let the girl breathe Taylor..lol Congrats to them both..but dang..

Erika on

LOL, 3 1/2 and 15 months isn’t THAT young… add another one, still not that bad.. I have 13 month old twin girls, and am due in feb with another one…

congrats to them, i had the BIGGEST crush EVER on taylor when i was like, 12. lol…

alisha on

omg!!! their kids ezra and ellie are really cute. i hope the new one has red hair too.

mmmbop on

Isnt he a little young to have that many children…I couldnt even immagine one right now and I’m older than him.

Juliana on

Well I think it is a personal choice to have children at any age, and some people are ready sooner than others. We should not forget that. His wife is beautiful, i’m sure the children are as well.

joyfullyours on

I know someone that’s like 28 and on like kid #5 or 6….losing count haha!! I am his age and many of the people I went to school w/ have kids but for me I’m enjoying my ME time LOL!!

Aleah on

Wow! It seems like yesterday he was 15-year-old kid singing ‘Mmmmbop’. Congrats to them, though.

Stephanie on

It isn’t like they don’t have the money to have the kids! They can 100 I am sure if they wanted to, I just hope they enjoyed life a little together before the chaos and traveled, you are never just the two of you again!!!!

Jen on

I think that it’s great that they are having another! Their son & daughter are so cute.
By the time I was 23 I had 4 kids (including a set of twins). It can be tough but always wonderful. 🙂

Stephanie on

That picture DOES make her look pregnant, but to me, it’s not airtight evidence, because the picture gets so dark near the bottom. But, if she is, then congratulations to them 🙂

nicola on

damm he is gonna be a dad for the third time my husband and i are still trying after 5 years of marriage and 2 years of trying with no sucess.
and he is the same age as me (mind u could not have 3 so close together) i would want to have my full attention on one baby first and wait 2-3 years for the next.
ahh well good luck to them

Elisa on

If I could see the future when I was 13 I would kill myself. I dreammed to be the mother of his children. LOL!
Congratulations! I’m very happy to you guys.
I have taylor’s age and I CAN’T imagine myself having a child or even getting marry… I’m a baby!!! hehe. I thnk the showbizz make him grow faster.
He had a large family, with 7 brothers/sisters, so I think it’s natural to want a big family to his too.

Doreen on

Joyful, you sound like me! lol There’s plenty of time for us to have children! :)Can anyone direct me to some family pics of them? I can’t find any so far….

Doreen on

I just can’t believe he’s a Father of 3 now. LOL They grow up too fast!! I just saw some pics here but that’s about it: http://www.greatestjournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hansonjtay

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

WOW. Taylor has a lot of siblings himself, maybe that’s why they are wasting no time having lots of babies !!!

They are a beautiful family.

kaylamc on

I never even knew he got maried or I had kids!!! Congrats to them!!! I’m 21 and have 3 kids, yea it’s young but hey we want to get it over with now…LOL I’m just kidding… But that’s great about the baby, I wonder what their having?

fumar on

there isn’t much I can say that other people haven’t already said!

Congrats to them! I suppose that if they can handle that many kids at that age, I don’t find it too weird. I believe they were married when he was 19, she was 18 and five months pregnant. I always wonder if he proposed before or after she became pregnant. I am 20, and I would love to be a mother, but I just don’t have a guy… yet.

Sentinel69 on

I have 5 kids , my first at the age of 20 and my 5th child when i was 29.IMO being a young mother is nice instead of having children at 30+ or 40+ .Not a big age barrier and a lot more energy.

vanda on

wow! congrats to the T.Hanson family 🙂 its only 18 months between my kids,the youngest is 6 months now. never will regret it 🙂

Jaclyn on

He is our generation’s Donny Osmond. They’re just more family orientated and want kids, good for them. I’d much rather read about baby names than rehab clinics!

I’ve been married since I was 19 and now after over two years, I feel like I’m ready to start trying next spring, so its all relative to the person. Some people need more me time first and others prefer to start their golden years earlier, everyone should just follow their heart.

alex on

Wow… thats so many kids in so little time. They are still kids themselves. To each his own. I used to listen to them when I was in Junior High.

ericka on

Congrats to them! I love him and his brothers. They used to be my favorite…mmmmbop! You grow up fast in that industry and they have the money and time to have kids this young. I think if it was an 18 year old normal girl that was in school people would be looking at it way differently.

Aleah on

Well, congratulations to all the family.

Kellie on

Congrats to them! Nothing wrong with having babies young! I had my 5th kid when I was 28,and my oldest was 9! My 3rd and 4th are 14 months apart and I wouldn’t have it any other way, much easier at that age, less demanding!

Concerned on

You might want to be careful on who your “sources” are because fans like to make things up about Natalie and her births all the time.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

The birth info came from someone that has been trustworthy in the past. The name info came from someone who seemed truthful enough, but we shall see. The info will of course be redacted if it ends up being something different. I will reword the original post so that it’s a bit clearer.

Barbara Mangieri on

Oh c’mon!
Thats just a big lie!
how can the baby born AND have a name if hanson are now in Africa!? ¬¬

Ida on

it says on their official site that they are in south africa right now doing a charity benifit, so i don’t think she’s given birth yet! and i don’t know about the name because joshua is his younger brother’s name :/

i’ve been a fan of hanson since ’97 so i’m really happy for taylor and natalie!

Concerned on

Thanks for rewording the post. I won’t dispute the trustworthiness of your source. However, I will let you know that the July 10th date and the name Joshua were posted on the forums previously, and that was merely rumor, so maybe your source read that information and took it for truth. Just a possibility. But thanks for being open to other views!

Lila on

even if she did have a third child, their youngest brother is named joshua mackenzie, so i really doubt he’d name his son after his brother….but you never know. congratulations to them either way!

LilyNLucysMama on

If I were still a teenybopper I think my life would be over! I always DREAMED to be the mother of his children lol. While I’ve lost the obsession, I’m still a big fan of the music, my daughters are too! I’m a single mom to twin girls so I can’t imagine THREE at the same time at different stages! Poor Nat!! It doesn’t surprise me though, Taylor is 1 of 7 and has always said he wanted a big family like his!

Mary Hanson * on

Não vou colocar fé de que isso seja verdade, pois essa foto tem cara de ser antiga, capaz até que seja ela grávida da Pennelope! E outra, quando ela estava no casamento da Kate com o Zac, ela não estava com esse barrigão… Ela não caberia naquele vestidinho mínimo com esse tamanho de barriga, certo?
Se vcs concordam comigo, passem no meu flog, comentando!
Mary *

Storm on

I bet that none of you ladies with 4 kids by 22 have careers. Didn’t you ever want to be anything but a mom? your 20s are when you’re supposed to discover yourself and travel, and be an adult with no strings attached. You have the same energy at 30+ than you do at 20+, why not enjoy what little time there is between college(or in your case, high school) and being a full fleged adult?

Mark on

Hasn’t anyone considered that the short time between babies is an evil plot to further the plans of the Hanson dynasty?!?

Each of his brothers will have 3 kids successively when they are of age. Then in another 14 years their offspring will rise up to bombard the public with Mmmmm-bopness non-stop.

Critics will snidely remark that it’s more like a Mmmmmm-Sweatshop given the long hours Taylor and his brothers make their children work. But soon after seeing 9 pure-blond teens on stage at one time everyone will be under the control of the rising Hanson empire. Someone needs to do something before it’s too late!

Steph on

WOW! that was FAST!! I’m sure it won’t be their last either. 😉

Stephanie on

So what if Joshua is Mac’s first name? They call him Mac!

Melissa on

I am very happy for them.Taylor and Natalie are really cute together.There kids are really cute.I wish them the best in rasing their family.And wish them many more years of happiness together.And I hope they have a house full of kids.

Theresa on

Natalie is beautiful as a woman, as a wife and as a mother. Taylor is a damn lucky man ! Congratulations to both of them and the rest of the Hanson family!
PS : Wow I just found out Zachary got married! lol Cool for him I was so in love with that him when I was like 14 lol

Lori on

Well, she has to earn her Alimony SOMEHOW, might as well pop ’em out now.

Corinne on

If the news is true…than CONGRATS TO THEM!

Their love for one another,their kids and,
the rest of their family is so…genuine
and admirable.

God bless them!

poshy on

All i gonna say is if you gonna put something about some1s personal life GET THE FACTS RIGHT, it only gonna upset people involved as far as i am concerned ya got no heart an you don’t care who you hurt as long as you put ya bs on the internet. As for Taylor and his family that down to him to let the world know NOT YOURS:D

Kristin, CBB Fashion Editor on

Please keep the comments focused on the topic of this post. The derogatory ones will be removed and you will be banned from commenting on this site again.
Thank you.

Christina on

Congrats to them! This is great news! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a young parent. Likewise, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an older parent. Children come along when they are meant to, whether you are 20 or 40.

rach on

I too had a crush on Taylor when I was 14. I blush to think of it now.
We are both 23, I cannot imagine having kids yet, enjoying my life too much, and my 33 year old boyfriend agrees!
Are they quiver full? Ie don’t use birth control, let God control their family?
Anyway hope their happy and enjoying their family.

Scarlett on

I love the name River. Cute.

Anonymous on

Get used to seeing this guy with more kids…Natalie and Taylor are planning on having ATLEAST 5 kids.

Kori on

Taylor came from a family of 7 and are religious. I get the feeling they just enjoy the love of a big family. More power to them, who cares if they are young, they have the money and the love. I love the name River.

Jessica on

congrats to tay and nat. I have loved hanson for so long, and i cant believe that one of them already has 3 babies!!
They are beautiful little kids too!!
Lil red heads!! How adorable. I wonder where the read hair comes from; Tay’s side or Nat’s side?!
They are cute though!
TAYLOR AND NATALIE:: Love you guys both. Congratulations and God Bless your family.

Mrs.Holmes on

Im am very happy for the couple and thier children…as for thier age i have no concerns. I’m 18 years old and was married over thr summer, then found out i am due with a baby in april..i will still be 18 but Im ready as im sure Tay and nat were

luuuu on


I love you tayloy and hanson!!!

i love brasil!!!


Bay bay!

briansgurl on

that’s mean to say she’s just having babies for the future alimony. Their love is real, and unlike some, they are not in the spotlight. Hooray for them!