Introducing Quinn Kelly Stone

09/01/2006 at 11:12 AM ET

Actress Sharon Stone and her sister Kelly rep Cindi introduce the newest addition to the Stone family – son Quinn Kelly, adopted in early June. He joins big brothers Roan, 5, and Laird, 15 months.

Source: X17 online

Thanks to CBB reader Steph for the middle name info.

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Melissa on

She looks so happy! Look at her smile. Happy for her and her children.

ili175 on

Melissa I had the exact same reaction. She looks so happy, which is wonderful for everyone involved.

annabelle on

Ditto the above comments! Such a beautiful beaming mommy! Absolutely grand!

giedre on

I’m happy for her.Just can’t understand why she only adopts boys…Strange to me.

katie on

Too bad other people can’t adopt a baby as quickly as she seems to.

waitingandwaiting on

giedre, you are sooo right… The average person has to wait while Celebs can just go “I think I will adopt” okay here’s your baby… Meanwhile… My husband and I have been waiting for 2 years

waitingandwaiting on

giedre, you are sooo right… The average person has to wait while Celebs can just go “I think I will adopt” okay here’s your baby… Meanwhile… My husband and I have been waiting for 2 years

Still Waiting on

It is really a shame that the non-celebrity population has to wait so long to become parents, when celeb’s can wave their magic wand and poof, they get a baby… I have been waiting 18 months for our little girls photo.

Non-Celebrity on

You are so right Katie

Jenn on

Does anyone know what agency or attorney she used? Cause they are either REALLY good or well (you can fill in the rest)

tink1217 on

he is really a cutie. but, i wonder why, like some of you, she adopts only boys???? strange! and it is a shame non celebs seem to have to wait alot longer to adopt.

filipa on

The ladie next to Sharon is not her ”sister Kelly” but her
representative, Cindi Berger, just a small mistake from this blog.
Both (sharon and baby) are gorgeus

fila on

The ladie next to Sharon is not her ”sister Kelly” but her
representative, Cindi Berger, just a small mistake from this blog.
Both (sharon and baby) are gorgeus

eBirdie on

How do you know she didn’t wait to adopt this child like any other parent? Birth mothers usually choose an adopting mother for their child, so she does probably get an easier time of it in that regard…I’m sure a young girl having a baby would jump to have Sharon adopt it, but she isn’t exactly to be faulted for that, is she? And as far as the third boy goes, she doesn’t have any more control over it than any mom does over what gender her child will be born with. The birth mother and the adopting mother are connected before the child is born.

Kori on

giedre- what’s wrong with adopting only boys? boys are just as good as girls. i think a lot of women don’t understand the powerful bond of a mama’s boy until you have one. maybe she’s noticed an adoption preference toward girls and wants to be a crusader of boys for that reason.

Sharon looks overjoyed, and I love the name!!

pink.lioness on

Adoption agencies are probably delighted when a rich celebrity shows interest in an abandoned or orphaned child… it’s maybe like winning the lottery or something… surely a celeb can also make a generous donation towards the orphanage to speed things up (just a guess). I know it shouldn’t be but it seems to be all about the money, imho anyway.

Waiting and waiting & still waiting, stay strong, I wish you the best of luck.

Sharon looks very happy though and her new baby is adorable!

annabelle on

I am certain it is frustrating to have to wait to adopt — but we don’t know the details Sharon Stone had to go through to adopt, do we? I don’t think it is fair to judge her situation. Yes, it appears to have been easy for her — but we don’t really know.

As a mom of two sons, I totally understand why she would want to stick with boys — SO much easier, IMO! Please do not read into this that I dislike baby girls — ALL babies are HUGE blessings — but when I look at my friends with daughters (and remember back to when I was a teen), I am thankful to have boys. :< )

My heart goes out to those of you waiting to adopt — prayers for you that it will happen soon.

Chiara on

I wonder if Sharon has kept her former husband’s name for their oldest child (I believe they were still married when he was adopted). Otherwise he is Roan Stone.

As for the adoption thing, I feel for everyone who is waiting for a child, but the bottom line is that this is a child who needed a home and by the looks of it has found a very good one. I say we leave it at that.

Mandy on

Quinn is a beautiful baby and I love him name. I do think the woman next to Sharon is her sister, Kelly.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

That quite a close age gap between the younger two.

joy on

Celebs also have lots of $$ to spend on adoption where as most normal americans have to wait to get the funds before they get the babies. And it’s sad bc we have so many unwanted children but so many people wanting desperately to be parents.

I heard her say she will only adopt boys but Lauren Holly also adopted 3 sons. I guess it’s your preference. I would accept whatever I got. So if someone handed me a boy or girl I’d feel blessed. Beggers can’t be choosy. But she looks happy and I bet she’s in a different place in her life now that she feels that being a mother is more important role for her.

Kim on

How can a single mother adopt any kids at all? Isn’t there strict rules and regulations that involve the child being adopted into a family of two stable parents? Or maybe that’s just Australia.

Nineveh on

He is so cute.
And I think she once stated that she is a “boys mom”, so I don’t find it strange that the third one is a boy too.

Christine on

While I am thrilled that she ‘s welcomed a new baby into her family, I’m with a lot of you guys on this one. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems she only adopts American boys, and from friends of ours that I have talked to about adoption, it is simply not that easy, what gives??

yogadaisy on

So what that she chooses all boys? Boys are great and the bond between brothers so very strong. I love how all her boy names are one syllable, too! Matchy without being too cutesy.

Contrats to Sharon and her growing family and welcome sweet Quinn!

editorjax on

Kim, you have no idea what you are talking about. Many single parents adopt in the united states.

Lisa on

There are plenty of children needing homes. You just need to contact your state. My husband was adopted through Illinois department of children’s and family services. He was 3. Maybe you wouldn’t wait so long if you’d consider taking a little bit older child instead of just an infant.

Kim (not the above Kim) on

We adopted at the same time Sharon Stone did the first time. We waited 9 months. She waited 7 months. She and her ex-husband went through Gladney the first time and a teen couple placed with them. They were chosen from a pile of waiting couples just like many of us are chosen.
You never know what may have led to her adopting the last two children quickly. She could have been picked, or it could have a previous birthmother of her other boys finding herself placing another child. You just don’t know.
On Oprah some time ago, she made the comment that she always saw herself as a mother to boys and enjoyed raising them.

giadana on

I work in a social services position & find it highly unlikely Ms. Stone is finding healthy, blonde, male infants for adoption on an annual basis.
I’m betting it’s some type of surrogate arrangement.

Rye on

I agree with Giadana’s last comment. I have seen the in’s and outs of social work and adoption agencies and it IS very unlikely for her to have miraculously adopted 3 blonde little boys without some sort of surrogacy scenario-although it is NOT impossible. It is just VERY rare. Also, about her only adopting little boys…I once saw her on an interview after she adopted Roan and she stated that she would love to adopt only little boys because she felt more suited to raising boys. I guess that is fine, as long as you have nothing against little girls. It seems like I always hear people saying they want boys nowadays and I rarely hear women saying they would like a girl (unless they have had one or two boys and feel the need for a girl) but i wonder why the world is like that? Oh well, congrats to Sharon on her new addition!

joy on

usually once you adopt one child it’s easier for you to adopt another in less time.

Even in foreign countries such as China it takes a long time for the first baby but once you adopt again the process is faster and quicker. My mom’s friends had to stay in china for 6 weeks the first time then it was only like 2 weeks for the second and third baby. I am not against surogacy but I like it better when celebs open their hearts to the unwanted children and not just be involved with having someone carry their children for them.

When she was married to her husband was she unable to conceive? I don’t follow S.Stone so I know nothing about her.

Katey on

I think it’s cool that she adopts boys.. there’s a statistical preference towards girls in the US so I think it’s cool to see that not everyone just wants a little girl.

In regards to how quickly celebs can adopt, I mean it’s probably just the fact that they can get good lawyers, etc. Money talks.

Kori on

Are all 3 really American? I thought one was RUssian, or maybe I’m just dillusional.
Rye, I disagree and think women tend to prefer little girls. AT least women who have never had a boy, never had kids, or have several boys and just want something different. Women tend to think girls are sweeter and more like them- more like a “mini me” they can dress up and put in dance class. I personally prefer boys because boys worship their mothers, not that I NEED that but I became a mother at 21 and love the mama’s boy bond. On the other hand I also gave my mom hell in my teens we clashed and clashed and I know if I have a daughter someday I will get it in return. My husband would love a daddy’s girl though, he had a slightly higher hope for a girl the first time too so I don’t think the trend is toward boys. Of course now he thinks our son walks on water though.

Lisa on

Adopting a child is the same procedure whether you are rich and famous or not. I say good for her!

SY on

As the mother of two HEALTHY boys, I don’t think it matters of the gender. Tons of people I know keep asking if we are going to try for the girl, but we’re happy with our two boys. We know two couples who adopted more than once…the first couple’s boys are two years apart. The second’s are boys w years apart and not biological. Then the birth mother from the second son had another child 14 months later and asked if they could try to keep the kids together (same mother different father) of course they did, but it was a surprise to them. Maybe this is why Sharon’s last two are so close in age?

PQ on

I’m sorry, but no the process is not the same for all people. Those who cannot afford a private attorney often go throught an agency. That usually takes much longer.

Lauren22 on

Honestly, does it really matter HOW or WHY she adopted??? What is important is that she has given 3 beautiful boys HOMES to be raised and loved in!!!! Without Sharon, those boys may have been raised in foster homes until the age of 18!!!! I give many thanks to Sharon to doing such a good deed!!!!

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I wouldn’t have thought the boys would’ve been in foster care till they were 18. They would have been very easily and quickly adopted by someone else. The kids lingering in foster care are those who are older, disabled and unfortunately a different race. That’s what I think is so sad about seeing someone just ‘pop up’ with a white, healthy newborn – not once, twice but 3 times and in quick succession. If I were to adopt a child I could not even imagine specifying my preference as such. I would just be happy to become a family and enrich a childs life. But then again as someone has already pointed out perhaps she used a surrogate…who knows – its her business.

Janet Williams-John on

The woman with Sharon Stone and her child is not her rep Cindy. It is her secretary Paulette.

joy on

Kori I think it’s different for everybody. My mom and I are super close and she and my brother are not. He was always about my dad and I was always attached to her (kinda still am lol). I truthfully would love to have a bond with a daughter like me and my mom have but I will admit that as a nanny little girls are alot more whiny then boys but at the same time boys are way more rough and tough and harder to keep grounded. In any case I’ll take either as long as they’re healthy.

Impeach Bush on

How does she get these WHITE babies?
This is almost IMPOSSIBLE in the usa. She must be paying 100s of thousands. Perhaps they’re Russian, but I doubt it bec. of health issues.

Waiting and Waiting on

Exactly! How does she get those blonde blue eyed babies? Well most agencies require prospective adoptive parents to complete a home study and medical exam. It is amazing that the general public is not OK’d for adopting if they have slight health issues. Such as when adopting from China and also pertaining to home studies in general the adoptive parents CANNOT have any medical issues… It is amazing that someone who is Single can adopt a baby, mind you, three babies after having an aneurysm. There is another celebrity, not naming names, who is single and was in the middle of battling cancer when she adopted.

CJ on

She can get white babies if they are private adoptions. But you can’t even tell if Quinn has blonde hair & blue eyes yet. Maybe she lucked out & hooked up w/ a young mother looking to give her kid up for adopton. That’s what happened to my friend. Her & her hubby were thinking about adopting & how to start the process, when their friend said they knew a pregnant girl who didn’t want her baby. Less than 3 weeks later they had there baby girl.

cassopolis on

Sharon stone said : she “picked up” the mother, pay everything, always wanted boys blue eyes and blond.
I guess she doesn’t want a girl she doesnt wanna beauty competition 🙂
she got a lot of money she paid, sure if a shame when ordinary people waiting years and years to have one