Denise Richards and her girls at LAX

08/31/2006 at 02:54 PM ET

Denise Richards, 35, was at the LAX earlier this month with her two girls, Sam, 2 1/2, and Lola, 14 months. Girls’ father is her estranged husband Charlie Sheen, 41. More photos can be viewed here.

Sources: and I’m Not Obsessed

Thanks to I’m Not Obsessed‘s Vera and CBB Reader Corinne.

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gargoylegurl on

Sam and Lola are adorable! Cute little blondies…8)

natalie on

isn’t lola 1 years old? why do parents continue to count their children’s ages in months after they have reached the landmark age of 1? just curious.

lola looks a lot like denise and sam like charlie.

natalie on

why are children after the age of 1 continued to be aged in months? like why 14 months instead of 1? i have always been curious because to me there is no difference between 1 years old and 14 months. thats like calling my three year old nephew 38 months old.

Émily on

They are so blond and so cute ! Beautiful beautiful girls !

Liza on

I have just read that Denise’s mother’s has very recently been told that there is nothing more they can do for her cancer, that it is now terminal and only a matter of time.

I know Denise got a very bad press recently, but something haunts me about it…and my intincts tell me that she really was treated very very badly by several people.

My heart and prayers go out to her and the children. PLEASE may they all find some peace and may the press just back off them and their family for a while so they can heal. I believe Denise wholeheartedly when she says that she asked for none of this, and it is very hard to read her say that the hardest thing is dealing with the paparazzi because the children are now old enough to be scared by them.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Natalie – Children’s ages are usually counted in months until age 2 due to the large developmental differences between ages 1 and 2. A 13 month old and a 22 month old are in vastly different places, even though they’re both one.

Liza, I had no idea about Denise’s mom! How horrible. Lola looks just like her too.

joy on

Everytime I see them girls I see Charlie!!! wow!

s on

they are adorable…i think this is one of the first pictures i’ve seen of sam where she is not frowning. she usually has that face when she is getting photograph (probably due to the large amount of paparazzi following them) still.. cute

Lorus on

Denise seems like such a loving mother. The girls are lucky to have someone as caring and hands on as her.
The girls must be great flyers since we’ve seen so many pictures of Denise with them at airports. I surely wouldn’t want to fly that often with two youngins if they weren’t really good on planes. Even with the help of a nanny!

lor on

You know what, I honestly believe that little Sam has eased up a lot since seeing her Mom happy. I don’t know, she seems like a much more relaxed child now. I honestly think that Richie has brought some kind of resolution to the Richards family, that Charlie and Denise will never be together again, and little Sam is seeing a much more relaxed environment.

You know what, maybe something really good will come out of this mess. Maybe we might see one of the most beautiful little families ever with Denise and Richie together…certainly Sam seems to be benefitting already.