Artist finds inspiration in Suri Cruise's diaper

08/30/2006 at 10:11 AM ET


From the artist who brought us Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston, a fantasy of Britney Spears giving birth to her son on a bearskin rug (nevermind she had a scheduled c-section), comes Suri’sBronzed Baby Poop.  This bronzed piece of crap art is what artist Daniel Edwards believes will be as important, if not more, than the mysterious Suri Cruise‘s first baby shoes: he has bronzed her first solid meal poop. Click the extended post for more!

The gallery says it supports Tom and Katie’s decision to withholdimages of the 134 day old baby Suri from the public, even though many tabloids andblogs suggest the reason for this is a physical abnormality. According to the gallery, the poop is artistic proof that Suri is ahealthy baby, after celebrity sightings by Tom’s friends Lea Remini,Penelope Cruz, and Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.

The sculpture, which went on display today at the Capla Kesting Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn through September 9.  It will be auctioned off on eBay, with the proceeds benefitting the March of Dimes.  A reception will be held September 8th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at 121 Roebling St., Brooklyn NY 11211.   

Since most babies’ first meal happens around the 4 month mark, itonly makes sense that she would have her first solid poop around thentoo.  Obviously Daniel doesn’t have a kid because said turd resembles adog poop more than a baby poop, especially after only one solid meal.

A limited edition plaster edition will be available as well so you can can add Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter feces to your collection of celebrity poop.

Source: Capla Kesting Gallery 


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Sandy on

well…that’s one of the more weirder things I’ve heard of…lol…

comicbookchick on

… I am a fan of art. I support art in any way shape or form, but someone seriously needs to stop this man before he strikes again! LoL. 😉

Christy Kelley on

That poop really looks much to big to have come from a 4 month old child….they probably have to have bigger diapers if she’s making those poopies all the time.

Lore on

I think this is ridiculous and even though I am not a big fan of the whole Tom and Katie thing I think this is offensive to them and their baby.

Ana on

Oh my God, this is too ridiculous!!!

Carol on

Why is anyone giving this so called ‘artist’ attention? This man needs to go away!

Yonni on

That is just nasty…

jenny on

that’s disgusting!

Thegabster on

That is just disturbing… I don’t think we have to worry about this becomming a trend! lol

tink1217 on

OMG, how creepy and totally ewwwww!!! Art is not something that looks like poop, and that certainly doesn’t look like baby poop!!! More like dog poop to me!! Yuck, someone seriously needs to get this man some help!

Max on

Firstly, ew. Secondly, I thought it was common knowledge that solids shouldn’t be given until the child is AT LEAST six months.

Angie on

That so called artist has too much time on his hands. Of all of the things in the world to focus on, he chose poop of a baby that I’m sure he’s never met as a topic. Anything for publicity I guess.

funkyfeet on

I really want to give Tom and Katie the benefit of the doubt. Did they approve this? Where did the “artist” get the poop from?

ProudMommy77 on

Wow, I really don’t understand what constitutes art. The sadest part is, someone will want to buy that thing!

Doreen on

I think this is ridiculous! Come on now…*shakes head*.

Kris on

Wow…I can finally cross that off my “things to see before I die” list!

Seriously, the guy has no clue. No 4 month old has a poop of that size. This poor girl is going to be reminded of this for years to come…though it will be a great ice-breaker during her middle-school years!

Jenny on

that’s disgusting!

Ana on

Gosh, this is so, so ridiculous!!!

y on

That is just sick..Im sorry that guy needs therapy

Candice on

Seriously? Even my fecal matter doesn’t come out that big.

heather on

Ridiculous. Any artist who has done ANY research will know that a 4 month old does not poop like that!! What some people will do for a buck! Yuck!

pink.lioness on

That has nothing to do with art, it’s just sick.

Lorus on

Wow. He’s obviously never seen baby poop.

Lauren on

That isn’t amusing in the slightest way-it is disgusting and offensive to Suri and her parents. Shame on this idiot for exploiting the family this way.

Megan on

So obviously he’s assuming she’s had solids even though we all know tha the AAP recommends waiting till babies are 6 months to start solids.

He must also not have children because even if they do have some solid food their poops do not look like that at 4 months!

annabelle on

I’m no Kate & Tom fan, but this is sad. I can’t believe a gallery would even exhibit this — very offensive. What is this world coming too? Very sad.

Campbell on

I’m with you Kris…How humiliating for Suri.

Campbell on

I’m with you Kris…. How humiliating for Suri. It doesn’t matter what sort of sense of humor one has or how “well-adjusted” one grows up to be, discussions of one’s bowel movement should be between a girl and her doctor.

sarah on

awwwwww im sure it looks just like her how cute!

vanessa on

thats sick sick sick!!!!!

Lola on

Wow, this guy has time on his hands! I thought the Britney/Sean thing was weird, but this eclipses that and then some!

I have to agree with Lore, I think it’s offensive to Suri. It’s one thing to make ‘art’ out of celebrities, but this is taking it one step too far. Suri and Sean are being expolited here for publicity and I don’t think it’s right. Furthermore, it’s just plain weird. Let’s face it, if this didn’t have Suri’s name attached to it, it would be nothing but a lump of poo made out of metal. Seriously, what is this guy thinking? He obviously has not an ounce of concern for the way his ‘art’ will affect Sean and Suri as they grow up, and someone should stop him now.

I don’t even want to think what he’s going to come up with next.

Layla's Mommy on

Um….okaaay. This guy has problems.

Jennifer B on

I hope Tom and Katie/Kate seek legal action to remove their daughter’s name from this “poop”. It’s disgusting, poor child.

tealou on

I must be the only person finds it funny or even gets his point…

He’s obviously makeing a statement about the hoopla around a human — poo being one of the great things we all have in common.

He’s probably also making a statement about attaching a “name” to something and then having it sell, despite the ugliness of it.

His art is obviously a bit deeper than people are used to, but try and step back and looka t it critically, rather than reacting in a completely predictable way.. after all, thats what his statement seems to be.

Julie on

‘A meaningful momento’?? LOL – I honestly can’t remember any of my child’s dirty diapers that I wanted to put in the scrapbook. Oh I hope her classmates don’t hear of this in 13 years!

Collin on

Thank you tealou. Most of these people are morons.

This is not the greatest art ever, but it has immense value in the DuChampian sense. Yes. . .The artist is making a statement about the state of great art right now, and all of the brainless idiots who keep Suri Cruise’s fecal matter on a golden pedestal.

Sam on

What a beautiful baby girl and what good parents, why should you see her. Just listen to what you are all saying are you jealous that you do not have such a beautiful child. Perhaps it is just the American real side coming out because you are all ungracious. I am only surprised that other countries seem to be following in your terrible footsteps.