Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart to become a dad

08/30/2006 at 08:53 AM ET

Matt_leinart320Arizona Cardinals quarterback and former USC star Matt Leinart, 23, and girlfriend, University of Southern California basketball player Brynn Cameron, 20, are expecting a baby this November. We hear that it’s a boy!

The couple had been together for two years before a brief split in the spring (during which Matt dated Paris Hilton!). It is unclear what the current situation is. According to Stan Cameron, "Brynn does not want to get married.  She wants to finish school and let Matt do his thing and then figure it out."  A source who knows both athletes said, "It’s an exciting time in their life. They both have support from their families."  This will be the first child for both.

Brynn will sit out the basketball season this fall and is expected to return to the team in 2007.

Stan Cameron told the Ventura County Star, "It might not be the best timing in the world, but we are obviously very happy to have a new baby in the family.  Brynn just found out about a month ago and told the team on Monday."

Matt signed a six-year  $51 million deal with the Cardinals.

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Principesa on

Oh no. Another USC fan in the making!

Betcha this kid is going to be a looker!

OoSpoiled1 on

He dated Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach, too. Congrats to them!

Hillary on

I read an article referring to her as his “former girlfriend”, so who knows what the situation is. I hope it’s not too complicated for the baby if they’re no longer together.

I agree, that will be a good looking kid!

Kori on

Wow, due in november and just found out a month ago? Maybe as an athlete she was used to not getting her period for lengths of time and thought nothing of it for awhile. That will be one goodlooking kid though!

anonymous on

Wow, that baby will be gorgeous. But if I was her, I don’t think I’d want to marry him either right now. He’d have to really prove himself, and it would probably be really hard to overcome the Paris Hilton thing. Yikes! I wish them the best of luck.

chri1720 on

Irregular periods is one thing but not noticing you haven’t had period for months is strange. I have a feeling that she must have knew earlier. Anyway, good luck to them!

Carol on

This story seems odd to me. How did she not know that she was pregnant 7 months into it? Also, if Matt and Brynn broke up “last year”, it is medically impossible for it to be Matt’s baby. Think about it, we’re in the ninth month of the year and she has two more to go but they broke up last year. Doesn’t make sense. Unless the story is false and he was still dating her this year that can’t be his baby. Does anyone else smell a rat in this story? I hope it isn’t Matt’s baby because he just got drafted and he doesn’t need this added pressure in his life right now. I’m surprised that no one else is doing the math in this story.

CJ on

This kid will be tall too. Lol. Matt has seemed immature this past year. I think all the attention went to his head along w/ the lure of the Hollywood lifestyle. He said that when pics of him drunk w/ a girl came out it ruined their relationship. So hopefully he & Brynn work things out & do whatever is best for their baby.

I agree Carol the math doesn’t make sense, but maybe her dad mispoke.