Maddox Jolie-Pitt: Life & Style's cutest kid

08/29/2006 at 12:07 PM ET

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son Maddox, 5, has been named Hollywood’s cutest kid by Life & Style magazine! It’s hard to argue that stylish, globe-trotting Maddox is anything less than adorable. While Britney Spears may take fashion hits for her outfits, she can rest assured noticing her chubby-cheeked ten-month old Sean Preston has ranked number two in this poll. Rocker Chris Martin & actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s sweet little Apple, 2 years old, places number 3– no surprise as this little girl is the spitting image of her mom! The top five is rounded out by Madonna & Guy Ritchie’s handsome six-year old Rocco John and Julia Roberts’ less visible but oh-so-precious 21-month old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.

Visit the extended post to see the rest of the top ten.

Source: National Ledger

6) Courtney & David Arquette’s two-year old Coco Riley

7) Three-year old Rudy Indiana Otis Law, son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost

8) James Wilke, three-year old son of the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

9) Heath Ledger’s look-alike daughter with Michelle Williams, ten-month old Matilda Rose

10) Adorable three-year old Carys Zeta, daughter of stunner Catherine Zeta-Jones and daddy Michael Douglas

Who is your number one pick for the cute celeb baby left off the list? I have to go with Julianne Moore’s super cute clone Liv Helen.

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Mir on

Didn’t Maddox JUST turn 5, like three weeks go? How can he be almost 6?

Nicole on

Madd is definitely the cutest celeb kid out there, but he just turned FIVE on August 5–he’s not quite six yet!! 😉

Émily on

Leni Klum !!!!

Karen on

Maddox JUST turned 5….won’t be almost 6 for another 10+ months! *lol*

madison on

Maddox just turned 5 a few weeks ago,so he isnt almost 6. And Carys zeta is a very blonde little girl, not brunette.. that is her brother. And I am pretty sure Coco Arquette is two years old, not one.

tink1217 on

my pick for number one would be Coco Riley and number two, by just a hair would be Sean Preston.

Tata on

Ok, but… where’s Reese’s kids, Ava and Deacon? They are very cute too 😦

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Thank you all for the corrections. Sara had written this post a few months ago, although it was just published now, so many of the ages were incorrect. They have hopefully all been fixed.

Naughty Cal on

For me, the biggest glaring omission is Presley Gerber. He didn’t even make In Touch’s list earlier, despite being #1 a few years ago. His sister Kaia should be on there too. Cindy Crawford’s mini-me is definitely cuter than Liv Freundlich.

Ava and Deacon definitely deserved to be in as well.

kerri on

What about little violet affleck? I think she’s adorable. I think Coco would rank high on my list.

Janglin on

What about Zahara Jolie-Pitt?

I would have added both of Heidi Klum’s kids and Violet Affleck as well.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I don’t like these lists. They are only the opinion of the person writing it. The kids who made the list are the kids whose parents are in the news at the moment. Which explains why so many cuties were left off it.

Ana on

Well, I have to say I don’t really appreciate these kind of things, you know (making up a list of the cutest kids), kids are kids, and for me they are all lovely, especially when it comes to babies. Maddox is very cute, but so are the others. And like many of you said there are lots of other celeb kids who are lovely and aren’t on the list.
In my opinion Maddox is considered the cutest kid, for the people of Life and Style, but he may not be considered the cutest for many other people.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Maddox is very cool, and have a lot of style and an amazin g smile. But I don’t like to think of kids and babies in that way, because each kid is a kid.
Answering to the question I think Beatrice Milly McCartney is very cute (although she almost doesn’t appear). And also Charles Crowe.

Lola on

I think Leni Klum/Samuel is very cute, as is Rod Stewart’s little boy Alastair and Noel Gallagher’s little girl Anais, although in my opinion, the cutest celebrity baby is Sunny Bebop Balzary, the beautiful blue-eyed daughter of Flea and Frankie Rayder.

But to be honest, all the little ones mentioned are cute, and I also undersand the opinion of Ana, a very valid point of view.

Andrea on

What about Rowan and Grier Henchy? I think they are the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!

yogadaisy on

Yes! Rowan and Grier are by far the most beautiful. Also, Ava and Deacon are also super cute – more so than those on the list.

melanie on

I do think all of those kids are cute. I think Zahara is a stunning child and should probably be on there along with her brother. She’s one of the ones missing in my opinion.

cecelia on

I don’t think Apple looks like her mother at all. She resembles her father much more so, especially in her eyes.

Ameena on

definately reese’s kids should be in there and also leni…. she is super cute and … violet for sure!

Lola on

Cecelia, I totally agree with you. Apple is very much like Chris, I don’t see a lot of Gwyneth in her at all. She’s still very beautiful though, she has such pretty eyes.

Sweden on

I think Coco is actually the cutest celebrity kid. She should have been number one, but Maddox is also cute

sara on

Zahara Jolie-Pitt should definatley have been on the list. And Holly Marie Combs’ son, Finley Donoho, and Rowan Henchy.
Also, Coco would have been placed higher up on my list. But Maddox is a cutie though.

courvidfan4life on

coco arquette always:D