Jon Voight calls Zahara Shakira

08/29/2006 at 10:17 PM ET

Hmm, maybe Angelina Jolie has a good reason not to talk to her dad Jon Voight.  At the fourth annual BAFTA Tea Party (a British awards show), chatting with reportters on the red carpet, Jon sent out some wishes to Maddox who just turned 5 and made a MAJOR faux pas when he accidentally referred to Angelina and baby daddy Brad Pitt’s daughter Zahara as Shakira.  Oops. 

Check out the videoJust Jared has the transcript.

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rachel on

heres news and i dont know how to connect you:

Matt Leinart To Be a Dad

Football star Matt Leinart is going to be father. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback and USC women’s basketball player Brynn Cameron are expecting a baby in the fall.

Leinart, one of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful People this year, graduated from USC in December 2005 and will continue to live in Los Angeles and Arizona. Cameron, a 20-year-old USC junior, will sit out this upcoming basketball season.

“It’s an exciting time in their life,” says a source, who knows both parties. “They both have support from their families.”

The Heisman trophy winner, 23, who is a close pal of Nick Lachey and was linked romantically to Paris Hilton in the past, is also currently raising money to start the Matt Leinart Foundation, a learning center for underprivileged and disabled children.

“Kids are important to Matt,” his rep said regarding the foundation. “He really wants to help kids who can’t help themselves.”,26618,1449309,00.html

Madi on

Oh boy. That’s not the way to get back into your daughter’s life, Jon.

sara on

well he’s probably ever meet her, so give the guy a break!

julie on

as much severe dislike i have for the man,
i kind of feel bad for him.
has he even met the kid?
it seems to me that,
more than anything,
its just a sad little note on how distant he and his daughter are.

Ash on

yikes… I actually feel really sorry for him. He’s probably kicking himself right now.

Tierchen on

The poor man probably never saw his grandchildren in person, no wonder he switched the names 😉

anon on

I don’t think it is that big of deal. I came from a big family and my dad was always forgetting my name. I am sure he feels awful for making the blunder in public.

rhyssa on

Maybe if he’d actually met Zahara he could say her name!
Angelina is a spoiled brat! We don’t all like our fathers, but we are mature enough to let them see their grandchildren!
I don’t like her, not at all.

Maria on

I can sooooo see my dad doing this. I’ve been in the US Army for five years now, went to Iraq and everything, and the other day my dad asks me if it was the Marines or the Army that I was in…. 🙂

Jennifer on

I dont think three grandkids is to many names to remember. She has had a strained relationship with him since he left her mother. Wathcing the video I felt bad for him he did seem kind of off not just messing up the name thing.

mom4bob on

I’m sure if his grandchildren were a living, breathing presence in his life, Jon Voight would have mentioned ALL THREE names, and correctly.

Like many others who have posted on this board, I don’t fault Mr. Voight for his mistake – rather, I am sorrowful for his very apparent loss.

funkyfeet on

In my opinion, if the man can memorize scripts then I think he should be able to remember his grandkids names. Also, we don’t know what when wrong in his and Angelina’s relationship, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. She is the mother of those children and knows what’s best for them.

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Before my youngest brother was born my dad was always mixing up my name with my brother’s, it got to the point where he’d just say both names when talking to us, then my brother was born and he mixed up my brothers’ names all the time. Now he has it pretty much down but he still mixes us up sometimes.

Evie on

Well I think the entire situation is sad but who really knows what happened between the two, I’m sure we don’t know everything.

Marie on

My husband swears Jon Voight seemed drunk when I showed him the video. Who knows. He might have been. He almost messed up her name the second time and then almost messed up Shiloh’s name.

But I don’t buy the “they’re not in his life” reason for his not knowing her name. I could understand not pronouncing her name right, but that’s no where near her name.

My estranged father has not seen my son, but he knows his unusual name and how to pronounce it even though I haven’t talked to him (word of mouth gets around). So no, I don’t buy the excuse about him not knowing the kids being the reason he messed up.

Smileyme on

I don’t think that not seeing his grandchildren would prevent him from knowing their names. I know my second cousin’s baby’s name and I hadn’t met him untill this summer, so I think he should be able to remember his own granddaughter’s name. I don’t think he has any excuse, but I do pity him. I doubt that Angelina will be very happy.

Erin on

Where does one start on Jon Voight?

Jon has always used his daughter as a way to get his mug into the press so this is just laughable!

This man was also on television not too long ago raving about Shiloh… yet you NEVER saw him raving about either Maddox or Zahara. THAT’S why he doesn’t know her name – it’s NOT about being in their lives or not – in my perfectly honest opinion, the man has never cared about Mad or Z because they were adopted. Why else would he have tried to ruin Angie’s chances of getting Mad in the first place??

ericka on

I don’t think he forgot…for some people it can be a hard name to pronounce.

The man REALLY does go about getting messages to his daughter/grandkids the wrong way. The man is always sending messages to her via the media and it probably pisses her off as would me. Why not just pick up the phone? Or send a letter? She dispises the media you’d think he’d find a better avenue to express his love to her and the kids.

Marshy on

In Shakira’s Words (more or less): Uh daddy when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad.. I don’t see Angelina forgiving him for this any time soon…

Kori on

Shakira? He must have been drunk. But still, I would remember Zaharas name if I were drunk and I am in no way related to the child. I hope for a reconciliation in this family but then again we have no idea what really happened. All we know is he said Angie needed psych help.

millie on

who knows what’s really going on between him and Angie. Maybe he tried to reach her privately and that didn’t work or maybe he was just asked a question about his grandchildren? In any case, he’s getting old and looked off here.. I start to feel sorry for him at this point. Whatever he did (short of abuse), I think it’s sad. I’m sure he’d remember their names if he had any contact with them.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I thought Grandads were known for that kind of thing LOL I am always called by my sisters name!

CD Magice on

Shakira the Latin Goddess