Suri Cruise to make her official debut in Vanity Fair

08/29/2006 at 09:55 PM ET

We tried to get some more information from our source on the Suri Cruise issue of Vanity Fair but that place is locked up tight like Fort Knox!  It’s so insane!  You would think they’re printing state secrets instead of baby photos!

According to our source, "the actual press printing the magazine has been roped off and only certain personnel can even get close to it. All of the pages that do not meet the Vanity Fair approval (pages of magazines are approved by a spokesperson from the magazine prior to the job finishing) are being bound in heavy cardboard, and security guards are accompanying the employees to the shredder with them."

Originally posted August 26, 2006:
We will definitely see the first official photos of Suri Cruise in the October issue of Vanity Fair.  The photos were taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

According to our source, a factory in Kentucky is printing the pages of the issue of this magazine this weekend.  In order to ensure that no photos are leaked, security guards are positioned throughout the entire factory.

There had been rumors about the photo shoot and the subsequent editing of the photos, including that though Suri looks like both Tom and mom Katie Holmes, is small, required a very long shoot (21 days) and that they required a lot of retouching. 
We predict it will sell record numbers.  People have a love or hate relationship with Tom Cruise but they are dying to see his baby.  I’ve noticed that even people who deny interest in celebrity gossip want to know what’s up with Suri.

Will you buy the magazine?  Please note that while we are sure the images will be all over the internet (and probably before the magazine even hit newsstands), we will not be publishing them on CBB due to copyright rules. 

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tink1217 on

interesting, i probably won’t buy the magazine, but i will most likely look at it at Barnes & Noble!

Erin on

Nope, I won’t buy the magazine…I’ll just look at the pics on here!! 🙂

giulia&silvia on

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giulia&silvia on

we are very glad to write our lines in one of the coolest blog of the web.. and we hope that our blog will reach the same success.. the best wishes from two italian girls..

joanna on

i bet suri has baby acne. i have friends who have been embarrased by their new babies face when the little bumps showed up. that would require some retouching. i will wait till my mom gets her mag in the mail and then look at it!

LaMama on


P Dawn on

Nope, I wouldn’t waste my money on buying the magazine. I don’t need to. In this day and age with the internet and all, it will be more than easy to look at the pictures for free.

crzymaid on

I normally buy Vanity Fair, but I think that issue in particular I will borrow from friends who have a subscription rather than buy it.

Brandee on

No way will I buy that magazine. But, I will look at the pics online or in B&N. 🙂

Madi on

My mom has a subscription to VF, so I’ll be getting it, but I’m not sure I’d buy it if we didn’t. I agree with Erin, I’d just look at them on here. =)

Paola on

I can’t wait to get the magazine. I know they are going to be BEAUTIFUL pictures! 🙂

Carrie on

Oh, I’ll buy it – my curiosity will always trump my feelings about a nutty celebrity.

stephanie on

hells yeah. tomkat4lyfe \m/ i am so excited. a vanity fair spread by annie leibovitz is far cooler than any old spread for the weeklies, even if it’s people. kudos.

…21 days? huh?

Shelly on

I’d like to buy the magazine, although it’d probably sell out, hehe.

Principesa on

Been a fan and subscriber to Vanity Fair since college.

MuffThumb on

I will DEFINITELY buy the magazine. I’m sooo excited! I’ve been waiting to see this no doubt beautiful baby girl, for MONTHS!!

yogadaisy on

Will definitely NOT buy it but will see the pics here.

Why would they re-touch a baby’s photo? That seems ridiculous. Babies are perfect just the way they are.

C_topanga on

Ooh I’m glad I just got a subscription to Vanity Fair! Honestly, if the family is happy, they’re happy, and that is all that’s really important.

Nik on

Why buy the mag when you can find all the pics on the internet.

lizzielui on

21 days? Retouching? Mercy!

lizzielui on

21 days? Retouching? Mercy!

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Lol, yeah i’m with Erin.

pink.lioness on

I really, really can’t wait to see those photos. Shame they’ll be retouched so much, but better that than nothing I suppose! I’ll only buy the magazine if the money goes to charity like with Shiloh, though

crazylibra on

I probably won’t buy the magazine because they will be ALL over the internet for sure.

Heather on

I don’t think I will buy the magazine either. I feel that would just be giving into what Tom wants. I will just look at them on here, or maybe in the store.

Posh_Fan on

I’ll just look at them here or some other site. I wont waste my money though.

Jess on

Nope. I don’t want him (maybe them) to have that satisfaction. I’ll just look at the pictures here and maybe in line at the grocery store. That’ll be enough for me. Mr. Cruise, in my opinion is just greedy and wants to make a huge profit off of his kid. Everything that guy does is a publicity stunt. He just got zapped from his production company and this is his way of stepping back into the limelight.

lyndsay on

I stopped buying anything attached to Tom Cruise after he made his comments about PPD. I will check out the pictures here though 😉 !!

alexia on

Really? can’t wait to see little Suri…

Karen on

I bet that Suri was adopted and that it took so long to touch-up the picutres to make it look like Katie/Tom.

Kelley on

I will definitely buy it. I can’t wait to see her. I still like both Tom and Katie and have been looking forward to seeing Suri. I am sure she is adorable.

nanny on

Nope, I’ll see them on the internet like always. Why would I waste money to see pictures, which probably are gonna be fake? Just my opinion.

Jennifer on

No, I’ll Just go to Barnes and Noble to take a Look!! And Enjoy a latte While I’m at it!

Lacey on

I won’t buy the mag, just look at the photo’s online 🙂 I am not that interested in their baby, and I also wonder why they “required a lot of retouching”. She is a baby and I would not have retouched if she was mine, but to each is own.

sabrina on

I will look at chapters!

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I won’t buy a magazine just for the baby pictures. It won’t be long before they are all over the net anyway!

M on

Wonder what would need to be retouched or edited with an infant’s photos? Is there something wrong with her?

Erin on

I ahven’t decided if I’m going to buy it, but I probably will. =) I can’t resist buying mags that have a celeb baby featured in them. As much as I dislike Britney, I bought her issue with Sean Preston. LOL

Meg on

I won’t buy the magazine, ’cause Vanity Fair is expensive, but I will definitely be looking forward to seeing pictures of this little baby!

MMM on

I agree with the other posters. I will not buy the magazine but I will look at them, whether here or at a book store.

Northern Girl on

I won’t buy the magazine. It seems like Tom wanted to build this whole Suri thing up so he could somehow profit from it, be it monetary or to gain recognition from it.

Carol Lee on

I won’t buy the magazines and will do my best to avoid the pictures but I’m sure they will be plastered everywhere. I can’t stomach the man anymore as I work in the mental health field.

Sienna on

I might buy it if I knew the money was going to charity and not lining Tom’s pockets or going to the Church of Scientology. I like that Brad and Angelina donated the money but I’m not sure Tom and Katie will do the same.

Lisa on

A lot of retouching and editing? Are we really seeing photos of suri then?

Dazzlar on

What if she was born with a “birth defect” (for the want of a better term!!) like a Cleft lip or palate. How terrible for parents that live in such an appearance driven world! I hope that everything is okay and I will look forward to seeing the pictures!

(On the lighter side, maybe Tom was too involved and had to be photoshopped OUT of the photos!!)

S on

I’d probably buy it….i mean they have given the magazine permission to use them. i probably wouldn’t buy the magazine if they were paparazzi pictures but they aren’t

Elizabeth on

I’ve had a subscription to Vanity Fair for years, so I’ll be getting it, but not just for Suri.

Chase Roper on

While it’s interesting that nobody here want to buy the magazine, my question is, where did Tom and Katie buy the baby?

Kristin on

Yeah, my guess is that they took a random baby and decided to finally just put out pictures of themselves with a baby. The whole thing just seems like a huge scam & what a waste of money to buy a magazine just because it’s Tom & Katie’s supposed “Suri.” HA! Anyway, what was with all the retouching – I would honestly love to know. There has to be something wrong with that baby.

lala on

heh, I called this about a month ago, when they said that the Mission Impossible 3 DVD would be coming out in October–I told my friends, that’s probably when we’ll see Suri. 😉

Stef on

I’m not going to buy the magazine but I am curious enough to take a look and see what she does look like. I won’t actually pay for it though. Does anyone know how much the pictures sold for? I’ve also never heard of a photo shoot that lasted for 21 days…that seems a bit ridiculous. Why would the pictures have to be touched up so much? It’s either a bunch of stupid rumors or something weird is going on.

Alicia on

I won’t buy it but I probably will look through it. Jennifer, I like your idea!!

ginettissima on

Also won’t by the mag. Well, I’m outside of the US, which means that any US magazine purchased (if I can even find it) is about twice the price! eek. But I wouldn’t buy it even if that weren’t the case. I just can’t be okay about putting money is Tom’s pocket. 😐 He’s simply too grating. And I don’t imagine that he’s doing anything really good and necessary with the money he’s getting from the photos (a la Brad and Ange)… maybe I’m wrong, has anyone heard about the final figure and what Tom and Katie are going to do with it?

Aleah on

I won’t buy it. First, because the pictures will be available all over the Net, and second because the Suri Cruise series is no longer interesting.

hedgewick on

Yawn… who cares anymore.

anon on

I will do what I did with Britney’s pics, and all other magazines, visit my local library. I enjoy seeing all the pics!

Laura on

I probably won’t go out and buy the issue, but I would like to see what she looks like.

Diana on

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! He obviously tried to build this whole thing up and I think its ridiculous! and besides they are retouched pictures I don’t get what thats about!!

laura on

Yeah, I’ll buy it. Why not? Why won’t you link to the pics here? I don’t think that’s “disrespectful” to them?

I mean, obivously we’re all curious about celebrties or else why we be on this site?

anewreader on

nope, I will not buy into the hype of these wackos. I wish people would forget about them already, this just feeds their already huge egos

lizzielui on

21 days”? Retouching? For a photoshoot for an infant? Mercy!

J. on

Yey! Rah! Finally!

-These are not thoughts or emotions I’m actually expressing at the moment. 😉 Who actually cares about this anymore? They missed the boat a few months ago.

Stef on

I’m going to take a peak but I won’t actually BUY the magazine. I can’t see spending money on that.

SnapDragon on

Suri… Who???

Who Cares, Vanity Fair filled with way too many ads, and well that one will surly be boring….. *yawn*

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Legally, we cannot publish the photos without express permission from Vanity Fair. We will be linking to other sites that have the photos up for viewing, we just will not be showing the photos on CBB ourselves

M (michie) on

I am looking forward to seeing the photos. Just because they “say” there is retouching doesn’t mean it is on Suri. IT could be anything. Those photos are going to be beautiful regardless. Can’t wait to see them.

joy on

nope at this point my interest is lost.

Karen on

No, I will not buy the magazine. Although, I will admit that I am curious to see the pictures of Suri, I will just look at them on the Internet. I am interested….but, don’t care enough to buy the magazine. After she “comes out of hiding”, she will be in the magazines and on the Internet all the time, I’m sure.

semisocial on

leave it to cbb to always be the goody-goody of the blogs!

Vanessa on

Nah, I am not going to buy the mag. I’ll just view the pictures on-line somewhere.

Alex on

Are the foto’s allready there?

mystique on

The retouching part hasnt been verified anywhere other then some gossip rag in UK. I highly doubt it took 21 days to do anything. Most reports said it took 3 days in colorado for shooting.

And I really hope some are respectful and tactful of their child, she is an innocent baby and hasnt done anything to anyone regradless of how you feel about her parents.

And Tom and Katie cant do good by anyone standards, if they had released photos as soon as she was born, people would have called them publicity hounds trying to pimp their child. And I really wished we would have just stuck with the announcement instead of the added gossip that has no validity whatsoever. But thanks for the info, had a feeling it was true.

As for whether, I will buy it, not sure. But I wish both Tom and Katie and their baby well and I think they make a great couple and I hope they beat the ods.

Scarlett on

I will buy it depending on how cute the pictures are.

MamaMia5 on

I’ll admit my curiosity. However, I won’t be buying the magazine. Looney Cruise probably has all the profits going to The Church of Scientology.

Jose on

You know, I see the people in America is not being told the truth and therefore keep attacking a human being for having expressed himself freely. And this despite of the fact that America calls itself the land of freedom! Around the globe we like Tom Cruise and we love the way he declared his love for Katie at Oprah and we admire him for doing something to warn people about the dangers of psychiatric drugs. He could just have sat back and enjoyed his fortune but he is concerned about one of the greatest catastrophies in history and tried to do something about it in spite of risking everything. Psychs are drugging millions of american children at schools for made up reasons. That is huge!!! Here in Europe we can’t believe americans are so blind. It’s unbeliavable. They must have filled you with falsehoods and lies to in order to make you accept this situation. And you keep attacking Tom iwn the media and the blogs when he is just a good man!!!
After his exposure of the psych drug fraud last years, the sales of psych anti depressants fell a 20% and they -the psychs- have not forgiven him. They have been running this evil black propaganda campaign for more than a year now. They can sure control the media, but they won’t fool the whole planet. No matter what they do against him, we have eyes and we like Tom. He is a fighter and he will continue being extremely successful! We admire him more than ever!!

tealou on

Well, all professional photos require a degree of “retouching” — even if its just for cooour correction or lighting or whatever.

For most photographers these days it is a routine thing to “touch up” photographs, even if they are from a good shoot.

I for one think that those sorts of rumours need to be taken lightly. As much as I think TC is a freak… what is defined as “retouching” debatable.

terry on

I’ll buy the magazine

Doreen on

I will def as always check the photos at the gossip sites hehe. Including CB of course!! 🙂 #1!! If I’m at Walmart or wherever…I will look through to see the pics but I won’t buy the magazine.

Susannah on

Actually I like Vanity Fair but I will not buy the October issue specifically because of the baby pictures.
I loved Katie Holmes before all this. Now, she reminds me of a Stepford wife.
And why would a baby’s photo shoot need editing and retouching? What are they trying to hide?
(Of course I’ll scour the internet looking for photos anyway…but they’re free)

gapeach on

I wouldn’t buy the magazine – even if I couldn’t see pictures on the internet. In no way would I contribute – even indirectly – to TC.

Also – I wonder why there were so much retouching and why the shoot took 21 days?

journeyman on

Will all the so called security they are suppose to have- how is someone going to get a picture out before it is published? Why have it printed in Kentucky of all places? If your source had all of this information makes me wonder why the source couldn’t get you a picture so you could beat the official publication date? Is this just more of the Suri legend?

T on

Retouching? I think my suspicions are correct, Suri was born with a deformity or some sort of odd cosmetic thing like that and they had to keep her out of the public eye until they could get it fixed. now they can show her, but only heavily retouched. I hope they fix whatever it is wrong with her. a huge birthmark on her head, perhaps?

annie on

No. I’ll flip through it at the supermarket, likely. I’m sure Tom gets paid generously no matter how many people buy it, but I’m not throwing any of my money that way.

I wonder if VF is going to jack up prices for this? I’m also not terribly surprised this is coinciding with a DVD release. What surprises me is that he doesn’t seem care how obvious it is he’s using his child for publicity. It just looks dirty, personal opinions of the man aside.

GrietjeV on

No, I will not be buying the magazine. I will also not be looking for it on any website, blog, gossip rag or anything else. I don’t buy, rent or watch Tom Cruise movies/DVDs because I can’t stand to even look at him, plus not one penny of my money goes to him or the Church of $. That’s how it’s going to stay. When War of the Worlds came on a cable station I was watching, I promptly got up and turned it to another station (I think a lot of people feel that way and their opinions are reflected by Paramount’s decision to drop him like a hot potato.) You asked, or I wouldn’t be posting…not supporting Tom Cruise in any shape, form or fashion…and I no longer feel empathy for Katie aka Kate. She’s in over her head, but I guess she likes the perks of her business contract marriage. I wouldn’t answer at all, but you asked. So, no. Absolutely not.

Annika on

I think the retouching was probably a rumour! I can’t wait to see the magazine when it comes out in Australia! So excited!!

Roonie on

I certainly will NOT buy the mag. With Tom’s recent axe from Paramount, I am certain this is just a money-generating endeavor. And I’m not feeding into it.

loonytick on

Usually those spreads of infant pictures are actually pictures of the parents holding the child. I wouldn’t be surprised if TC needed touching up. Or perhaps Katie had another outbreak of cold sores that she wants removed from the final product. And evidently after the quiet birth is supposed to be a fairly quiet infanthood. They may have had so many restrictions on the shoot that it had to be done in tiny spurts of time, one hour this day, another hour two weeks later, etc., which could make it end up being spread out over a ridiculous time period.

As for Kentucky, that’s probably where the magazine is always printed.

sara on

i am so sick of hearing about this kid, i really dont feel like seeing pics of her.

Sc on

Dying to see the pics – I’m sure Suri is gorgeous!

Vanessa on

With all of the security etc, I am not going to look at the pictures once they hit the stand. Where I live, there are no street vendors so to see the mag you would have to visit a bookstore or have a subscription so this won’t be hard.

comicbookchick on

I agree with everyone else that retouching is standard and doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with anyone in the pictures, just that maybe a shadow was off, etc. and surely the 21 days is a bit of an overstatement.

I think it’s cool that the photographer is Annie Leibovitz. But there is no way that I would spend money on Vanity Fair anyway. 😀

ls on

I have a subscription to VF, and am curious about the pictures, but would not buy the magazine if I didn’t already have a subscription. Agree with other posters, dislike Cruise and have lost a fair amount of respect for him after the Brooke Shields debacle, and choose not to give him money in any form.

esther Panda on

It’s funny because when I read those comments, it’s like Tom Cruise was evil , that no one will buy the magazine, that no one cares…But just have a look at the numbers of comments, EVERYONE care and everybody wantt to see the baby even if nobody wants to admit it !
I’m sure Suri is perfect and beautiful, why is there always some people to say she has terrible diformities… I’ve read that Katie Holmes was feeling pretty bad about all that people say about her daughter and I understand her…

Little Mami on

i cant believe it is so much hype over a picture of a kid!!!they dont need to have security accompany someone to the garbage with these pissy pictures of this girl. I will be so glad after her pictures come out and people can shut up about her because it’s so annoying to read about her everywhere and she hasnt been seen!

John on

I will veto that issue and make it a point NOT to buy the issue. I am sure the baby was digitally created anyway.

Tunstin on

There is no way I’m buying it. You can always see it free on a newstand. I just don’t have much interest in paying to read about Tom’s manufactured life

Vicki on

I will not buy VF, with their many many ads, when can see the pics on the internet today also! It took almost 5 months to produce pics of Suri because that is how long it took for Tom&Kate to go overseas to find and adopt the perfect looking baby to suit him! Ever notice they were and still are, out and about every day & night, without Suri, since her so called birth? Where has she been all this time? In her foster home overseas?

Amy on

As a photographer, there is always some retouching done on photos, especially on those of celebrities. I heard on the Today Show this morning that the Cruise family did not get any money for the photos. At all.

I can’t wait to see them. Annie Leibovitz is an amazing photographer, and I am sure they are going to be georgeous.

MizLiz on

I’ve subscribed to VF for years, so I’ll no doubt look over the pictures. Tom Cruise is such a fool….if he had allowed “casual” snapshots now and then of them with the baby (like Ben & Jennifer Affleck did) there wouldn’t have been all this intrigue and gossip going on. However, if you’re trying to hide the fact that the baby is older than it should be—well, maybe they DID have to wait.

miranda029foru on

Jesus!!! It is no wonder that Tom & Katie have protected Suri from any and all media coverage with everyone coming down on them. So what if he has different beliefs and acts in a manner that “weird”. Isn’t that what makes this great big melting pot of a country great? The freedom to act and say what you think? And baby Suri is VERY pretty? It looks like poor Katie had some SERIOUS heartburn… all that bueatiful hair.

Dana on

Suri is very cute! She has such nice and thick balack hair. I’m so glad that Tom and KAtie are finally showing her off!