Carrie Anne Moss and sons out in California

08/27/2006 at 07:28 PM ET

Leda210806a_01Leda210806a_03Actress Carrie Anne Moss was spotted out and about with her two boys – the oldest will turn 3 next month, while the  younger boy is 9 months. Carrie Anne has never released the names of her sons. She wears her baby in a MyPouch babycarrier ($79-249).

Photos for use on CBB via Splash News.

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Tiffany on

Actually, according to which is usually pretty reliable with their information, Carrie has never released the name of her SECOND son, but her first son is named Owen.

Sarah, CBB News Editor on

She never released the name of her first son either – publically, anyway! The name Owen was said because of someone supposedly in her yoga class with her being told the name. Carrie has never said anything, although Owen probably is the name!

IMDB is a site anyone can post information too – for example, according to them, Courteney Cox-Arquette has been pregnant for the past year, lol.

I bet Owen is the name, but I don’t want to say that it is just in case it’s actually not.

ang on

Um, don’t you think if she doesn’t want the name posted, it would be a little bit more respectful of the CBB to refrain from posting it? I remember you doing this exact thing with Sara Gilbert’s son’s name as well (and withdrawing it). Have a bit of respect for this family’s decision to keep it private…

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Hence why the name wasn’t posted in the post. It wasn’t posted and withdrawn, as the Sara Gilbert one was (which as soon as we were told she wanted it kept private, we took down). If people want to discuss what the name may be in the comments, it’s fine, but I’m not putting it in the main post as if we know it as a fact, because we don’t (and Carrie Anne obviously doesn’t want to confirm or deny).

Tiffany on

I didn’t mean to stir up anything, I just thought maybe you guys had overlooked a detail and didn’t know of a name at all. I thought I was merely being helpful, not being a b****.

Personally, I don’t see the harm in people knowing your childs name. If you never want to release pictures, okay. If you don’t want his entire birth information known, understandable. But I don’t see why knowing a kid’s first name is a huge deal.

Now my first time posting here I’ve apparently been berated by a few people and I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I hope my post didn’t come across as berating – that wasn’t the intent! I apologize if it did.

tink1217 on

personally, i don’t care what their names are, they are just cute to see! although carrie is wearing an “interesting” outfit. Exactly what is it??? a dress?? just curious!!! both her boys are adorable!

Laura on

She seems like a cool Mom! I remember seeing a pic of her nursing and I thought it was sweet.

Roise on

Her older son looks like he is older than three. Not until I was babysitting did I realize the difference between “toddlers” and “preschoolers”. There are some three year olds I would still consider as toddlers, but her son looks like a preschooler to me.

trin250 on

OMG her sons are so cute. I was just wondering, does anybody know more specifically where this picture was taken because it only says california.

matrixlovesme on

Does anybody know more specifically where this pictures was taken?

noha on

her kids are so cute and she looks beautiful and happy, but I noticed that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring, but maybe she just forgot to put back on after washing her hand or something.