Matt Damon tries to hide Isabella from cameras

08/26/2006 at 10:15 AM ET

We walk a very fine line by covering celebrity babies.  Some celebrities are comfortable having their children photographed, some are comfortable with it on their own terms (like releasing photos to People) while others don’t even want to release their child’s name or birthdate, let alone have a photo taken of them.

Matt Damon hasn’t released photos of his and wife Luciana‘s baby Isabella, 2 months, yet and the paps are still trying to get a good shot of her face.  Leaving an art gallery, they covered the baby with a blanket and Matt tried to fend off the photographers.  We’re not comfortable publishing the photos- besides there’s not much to see except parents trying to protect their offspring, but I think it’s interesting that it made the website. 

If your goal is to show celebrities, period, then it’s relevant but it’s really invasive.  If someone is covering their face, what’s the point in taking a photo?  If someone is in public,  legally, they are allowed to be photographed. But ethically, if they are really going out of their way to cover their baby, they should be left alone.

What do you think?

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tink1217 on

i think if parents, whether celeb or not, do not want their child photographed we should respect that. bottom line, period! I mean, as parents we have to give permission to the school district to take and release photos as far as school related activities and publications. It is the same thing. These children are helpless and defenseless. They only have their parent to shield them.

Jaclyn on

I’m really torn about all of this, clearly I care since I visit CBB but the child isn’t the celebrity that parent is. However, I think this is why Gwyneth Paltrow is smart to release the pictures of her children early on to end the speculation and avoid this sort of frenzy. Furthermore, is this the same gallery that the rest of Ocean’s 12 went to? Brad & Angie left their kids at home knowing their would be lots of press there, why didn’t Matt & Lucy do the same? Do not go into the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat.

tink1217 on

i enjoy coming here too and seeing the babies and celebs whist PG. BUT, if a celeb doesn’t want their child exposed it is their right. Just because they are celebs doesn’t give us the “right” to know everything and see everything. I know if I were a celeb I would want to shield my child as much as possible without becoming a recluse.

Lola on

I am uneasy with this issue. Celebrities choose to be in the public eye, they court the media attention, and when they cry about the cameras, I have little sympathy for them. But….with the children it’s different. Posed photos are obviously fine, ones where the photographer is not hounding the parents or child, I don’t really have a problem with either. But the ones where parents are trying to shield their babies, I’m a bit funny about.

I haven’t looked at these photos yet, and I don’t know if I will, but my opinion on the concept is this; Matt Damon is not the kind of celebrity who goes all out for media attention, and therefore, I think that hounding him for pictures of his girl is slightly unfair. I do understand the argument that he is in the public eye, so he should expect things like this, but it’s not like he’s one of these celebrities who will do anything to get their photo in a magazine.

However, if what Jaclyn said is true, that the rest of the Ocean’s 12 cast were there, and Matt was aware that there would be media interest, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of sympathy. If he was just walking down the street with the baby, or something like that, then that’s another story, but if he takes her to a place where he knows there are going to be photographers, and expects them not to take notice, he’s either wanting the attention, or he’s being slightly naive.

I do think photographers go too far in pursuit of photos of some celebrity children, but really, Matt Damon should look at how the Shiloh interest has been handled, compared with Suri, and understand how to cope with the media and a newborn baby.

But on a nicer note, even if we don’t see the baby for some time yet, take a look at her beautiful parents, I’m sure she’s gorgeous!

nanny on

I totally agree. Thank heavens Christian Bale had let us see his precious little girl. *sighs* Matt on the other hand, if he doesn’t want his baby photographed, he should be given respect for it.

Emma on

I certainly do think that celebrities have the right to protect their children from the press. I don’t think that anybody should take that right away or get irritated about it. It’s always a lovely bonus if we get to see all these beautiful babies but if not, then as parents with our own rights, we should respect them and their decisions. If it were me, I would probably do the same thing. It must be pretty scary for parents to have cameras pushed in their kids faces or photographers hussling each other to get a good picture. If it were me – its not what anyone would want for their child. I know that in most cases, it’s done with a long angled lens and they are nowhere near the celebrities or their children, but it does happen and it must be intimidating for all concerned.
I do love seeing the little ones and how they grow over the months but i’m really only interested in seeing pictures that have been taken with the parents approval and acceptance.

Lacey on

I agree if they don’t want there children photographed ok, but if you know your going to a place where obviously alot of press is going to be then maybe leave baby home, you are in public and yea it sucks but you have no rights to who can photograph who.I mean we have seen other pics with him & family and he didn’t seem to even care that they were taking photo’s. So it is a very thin line.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I find it embarrassing to look at photos where quite clearly the person has not wanted to be photographed. I also wonder what the point of the photo is. Especially when there is a crowd of paparazzi – aren’t they all ending up with the same photo anyway?
I think it is up to the celebrity whether or not to release “official” photos. Atleast that way they still have some control AND keep the fans happy.
I find it RUDE and disrespectful to fans when celebs are all over the media at every opportunity when it suits them (ie latest film premiere) then giving the finger to the fans when they want privacy.

Nicole R. on

As adults we have a special responsibility to protect and respect all children — so I think that means that paparazzi shots and gossip coverage of children needs to be held to higher standards. No trying to make the kids look dumb or foolish, no ridiculing the kids’ looks or outfits, and if anyone in the family doesn’t want the photos taken, we should respect that too.

I feel unclean, somehow, looking at photos of an unhappy parent shielding their kid. So I wish everyone would cooperate with the camera! 🙂

Lucy on

CBB has many times linked or posted pics of children of celeb kids whose parents DO NOT want them photographed. I’m thinking particularly of the Phillipes – while their parents may not consistently cover their faces (it would likely be more frightening to their children that way) both parents have repeatedly spoken out indicating that they despise it and believe it to be a massive invasion of privacy. Why is it ok to still post these pics, but seemingly take the high moral stance on others? Have you asked each and every celeb parent whether they want their kids photographed?

Inge on

I think that people who are in the spotlights, like actors, singers etc, they choose for their job, so they also choose for the circus that goes with it. But their children didn’t, they didn’t ask for the attention and for being photographed. So when parents don’t want their kids to be photographed, people have to respect that and leave them alone.

Diana on

I absolutely agree with what everyone else says, if they don’t want their baby photographed people should respect that. And I don’t blame them at all!

Laura on

I have to agree with Lucy on this one. Reese and her husband obivously don’t like it when their kids are photographed walking to school, at the beach etc. Yet, Matt Damon is at an art gallery and throws a hand up yet…cbb won’t link to the pics? I agree, release an official photo and paps will back off.

korie on

I think it is quite hypocritical of this site of all places to ask this question. This site wouldn’t exist without the paparazzi photos.

I agree with Laura regarding going to an art gallery opening with an infant. You have to know that there will be photographers there.

I think Danielle (and other celeb bloggers) get caught up in the “celebrity” of it all and start to think that celebs as friends, rather than the focus of their work. This isn’t a put down, I think any of us would do the same.

joyfullyours on

Actually I think celebs are better off releasing that official photo. Since Brad and Angelina released Shiloh’s face we barely see paparazzi pics of them – yes they are still going to be around trying to get more photos but the desire to have the first shot no longer exist. I believe Sarah Jessica Parker may have been one of the first to call all the paparazzi and stand outside for a photo of her son james. The paps didn’t seem to hound her as much.

I believe celebs have a right to protect their babies and it’s their business but I truly believe if you give that one shot then they’ll back off and not hound you as much.

Vanessa on

Getting photographed is a by product of being a celebrity or child of a celebrity. I think all people, celebrity or not, have moments where something like having your picture taken bothers them and times when it does not bother them. I understand sheilding your child from strangers and possibly unsafe conditions (paps doing anything to get a picture and might knock someone holding a baby down in the process is one possiblity) but pictures come with the territory and celebs either keep their child out of public eye or take any forseeable precautions before venturing to highly populated public places.

MamaMia5 on

As a mother of 5, I certainly wouldn’t want people following my children around taking pictures of them. That’s precisely why I’m not an actor.

If celebrities are really bothered by it that much, they should take their millions and their children and get out of Hollywood.

Mimi on

If any parent, including celebrities, don’t want strangers taking pictures of their young children, that should be respected.

It’s just wrong for papz to sneak around, stalking babies and toddlers, taking pictures without permission, then selling them for publication.

As much as I enjoy seeing pictures of darling children, it should not happen without permission or acquiescence.