Kerry Katona's pregnancy scare

08/25/2006 at 10:00 AM ET

Kerry Katona, 25, who is three months pregnant with her third child, was rushed to a hospital lately in fear that something is wrong with the baby. Katona was terrified when she started to bleed at home and was taken by fiancé Mark Croft, 34, to the hospital. Fortunately the baby was fine and she was released a few hours later. Her spokesperson confirmed, "Kerry is back home and everything is fine with the baby. She was just being sensible by getting herself checked out." Katona has daughters Molly, 5, and Lilly, 3 1/2, with ex-husband Brian McFadden, 26.

Source: The Sun

Thanks to CBB readers Stacey and Mary Beth.

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Ariana on

Wow, she had her first child really young. Now she’ll have 3 at 26! I’m 21 and I can’t even picture myself with one. I guess it really depends on the person.

Abby on

Not bashing her, but maybe it’ll be what she needs to give up smoking…

Melanie on

I never comment, but isnt this the one that was caught smoking a week or two back?

Kirsty on

Kerry does still smoke, she has cut down to 4 a day, which isn’t easy for anyone. Smoking whilst pregnant is never advisable, but I worked as a midwife in London for a year, and 50% if not more of the women I helped to deliver were smokers, who had definately not given up, some of them hadn’t even attempted to cut down. She is makng the effort to stop smoking, which is a lot more than other pregnant women do, so she should be supported, not shunned or judged!

Nicole on

I am an American who delivered a baby in Europe this year, and I was shocked to see women who were in the hospital with premature labor going out on the hospital balcony (!) to smoke. Two of my hospital roommates did so. And both of their babies were going through withdrawl a couple of days after being born, so we shouldn’t make it sound too harmless either…

HollyCatherineSlavic on

Who are these folks? Sorry to be ignorant. Glad everything is OK.

tink1217 on

kristy, you are right! a friend of mine I used to work with was PG and smoked half a pack a day, her doctor told her when she found out she was PG that quitting cold turkey would be more of a shock to her system and potentially harmful to her baby. Instead he told her to gradually cut down and by the time she delivered she had cut down to one or two every couple of days. Her baby girl was born about 7 pounds and very healthy. I think it depends on alot of different factors whether smoking affects the baby as much as they say. I am certainly not advising any PG woman to take up smoking during pregnancy, but I do see some truth to what her doctor told her. Then again, my mom smoked the entire pregnancy with me and I ended up with severe asthma. My brother was a smoke free baby and pregnancy and he has no signs of asthma. Go figure, I think it just depends from woman to woman.

Glad her baby is fine and good luck to her with 3 little ones!! Whomever she is, I have no idea!!

Sarah CBB Editor on

She’s a British tv presenter and pop singer. Sorry, that should have been clarified!

Clair on

It must be really scary for that to happen, i know she wants a boy and she’s going through a custody battle at the moment with her ex-husband which can’t be helping things

Sabina on

Quite frankly I find women who smoke during pregnancy disgusting. It’s an utterly selfish act and shows blatant disregard for the child’s health before it’s even strong enough to cope with air, let alone the thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarettes. And what if the innocent baby is born with a nicotine dependency and has to suffer with that for weeks or even months? No, I just have no sympathy for women who do that. If it’s so hard to quit, how about quitting *before* you get pregnant? And in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, as far as I’m concerned there should be no doubt in the mother’s mind. Pregnant = no smoking. I like Kerry, I have done since I was a teenager, but I’m ashamed to see her acting this way.

HollyCatherineSlavic on

Thanks for the information.
It does seem that in Europe, both smoking and drinking(wine anyway) are more acceptable for moms-to-be. Esp. France.

Carly on


Thanks, but my mother smoked heavily while pregnant with me (her third child) and I was the healthiest baby she had. The first two pregnancies she didn’t smoke whatsoever, and they had allergies and were 5 pounds each.

aries19ca on

Sabina…couldn’t have said it better myself. My thoughts exactly. I had a “friend” who smoked through her entire pregnancy and I was repulsed. Hopefully this scare will show her that smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. If it doesn’t, what will?