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08/22/2006 at 07:52 PM ET

I am headed to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo in mid-September.  I will be going with Anya and my mom.  We’re staying on the Strip which I’m excited about because I’ve never been to Vegas before and want to witness the spectacle.  Do you have any recommendations?  I’m not interested in gambling and as I’ll have Anya with me I’m looking for baby-friendly things to do and places to eat.

If you are a vendor who is going to ABC, I want to meet you!  Email me with your info and booth number!

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Rae on

Just be careful in and out of casinos. Nothing but loud noise and cigarette smoke. Hard to avoid when staying on the strip though.. Good luck. PS Anya is beautiful!

S on

you should go to the bug M&M store…its really cool…they have tons of colors of M&M’s and M&M merchandise. it was a lot of fun when I went. But also they sometimes have shows (circus, ect) in the different hotels and you can go even if you aren’t staying at that hotel.

Kristin on

My business partner and I will be at ABC next month. The company is called Grace Allaiter and our signature product is a stylish nursing apron. Come by our booth #1824. We’ll be in the First Time Exhibitors section near the Park. See you soon!


atsirk17 on

Go to the M&M factory.

Carrie on

My 1 year old son had so much fun watching the Bellagio water fountains at night (just barely at dark, since his bedtime is usually pretty early). It’s fun and more relaxing to watch them from the Paris hotel outdoor cafe, if you can finagle an outdoor table facing the Bellagio fountains. The fountains are choreographed to all sorts of classic and modern music and it’s just magical (and hypnotic to babies).

Also I would TOTALLY recommend the gondola rides at The Venetian. Of course it’s not the real thing, but the ambiance is really comfortable, the gondolier usually sings REALLY well, and the frescoes painted on the ceiling of The Venetian are beautiful. Sometimes the line is pretty long, and it does cost, but I thought it was very much worth it.

KM on

The arboretum at the Bellagio is beautiful–always decked out in seasonal flowers.

To check out some animals, the Shark Reef exhibit at the Mandalay Bay is really cool, or the Secret Garden at the Mirage.

wdc on

There is the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, definitely the water show as mentioned (a must see at night), there is a show out in front of TI (ship battle, singing, etc), Rio has the carnival stuff going on but they aren’t on the strip, there are Lions at the MGM, the Mirage has the white tiger habitat. Bellagio also has an amazing flower garden inside. The ceiling in the lobby there is a must see as well. Inside Caesars the shopping area has quite a few fountains – my 10 month old would love those the best! Cheap entertainment. 🙂 There is a store at the Fashion Show Mall called Along Came a Spider. They have really cute things if you feel like shopping. Have a fantastic time.

Catherine on

We went to Vegas in 2003 when I was 15 and my siblings were 14 and 13. You all must think my parents were nuts to bring their children to Vegas but there is actually so many family orientented things to do there and a few minutes away from the strip. My parents hit the slots once or twice for like 5 minutes because gambling isnt their cup of tea and they actually had more fun doing the tours and museums along the strip just looking at the hotels is an adventure.

We stayed at New York New York which was great bc they had a mini kid “casino” which is all arcade games and called Coney Island and their tickets, Nathans, and of course the roller coaster. Plus they have recreations of everything in Manhattan, times square, stock exchange, and leaving a recreation of Little Italy with restaurants , its amazing how accurate and detailed they are. I felt like I was in DisneyWorld bc Ive been there a million times since I live in FL and no one is as detailed as Disney until Vegas Hotels

However, Id recommend staying at the MGM too bc NYNY is connected by an overpass and MGM is on the same side of the street as th M&M and Coca Cola factories. The M&M shop had a little tour and show which was cute. Plus theres a movie theater and gameworks all there and along that side there are shops and a cute Grand Canyon themed one which Id recommend bc its so fun walking upstairs through the Canyon into more of the shop

It all depends on price range the Exalibur is right there too but friends of ours who stayed there didnt care too much for the rooms, and alot of people who stayed at Circus Circus which is on the other side of the strip didnt care too much either bc the hotel needs renovations but its been 3 yrs since Ive been in Vegas

The Venetian, Caesars, and Bellagio are all gorgeous and when Im over 21 and hopefully go back Id stay there. The Paris is nice too.;)Its like going on a mini trip to Europe. I went to the real deal Europe this year and I visited all the “countries” I saw in Vegas and its pretty amazing how accurate the details are.

Our family members LOVE the Bellagio everytime they go to Vegas thats where they stay but theres not really kid friendly stuff there.

Theres also Treasure Island, The Mirage(which smells good inside)and they have shows infront every couple of minutes. Treasure Islands Pirate show is supposed to be amazing they were redoing it while we were there

The Mirage actually might be better considering Anya’s age bc they have Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and animals throughout shed probably enjoy. We actually saw Siegfried and Roy 2 months to the day he was attacked and the show was great but they supposedly still have the animals there. MGM has animals too.

Overall my recommendation would have to be the MGM/NYNY part of the strip bc its safe to travel around bc of the overpass through traffic, and theyre the same company so you can use the coupon book at both plus theres just so much kid stuff going on at that corner. However, since you live in NY I dont know if NYNY would be a getaway for you 🙂

Good Luck and Have Fun just the scenery is beautiful! I vividly remember my trip and definitely go to the Hoover Dam its under 20 minutes away regardless of what the hotels tell you. The tour is real interesting. The overpass may even be complete. The Grand Canyon is a 5hr ride but SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!

BTW if you havent seen when Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek DEFINTELY rent it BEFORE YOU GO TO VEGAS!
Its a personal fave and its corny, but I was so excited to see everything I saw in the movie in real life. She flips a coin everytime she passes over the Hoover Dam’s NV AZ state line and my sister and I wanted to do that too but were bummed when we were told they painted over the line bc people would stand in the middle take pics and hold up traffic.

Before I forget- Go to Madame Tussauds at the Venetian it is so much fun and print a coupon from their site before you go.

GrietjeV on

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Las Vegas Hotels

1) Excalibur Hotel Casino
At night, this castle is like a kid’s fairy tale come true, lit up in pinks, purples and greens. Across the drawbridge lies one of the most kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas, with a King Authur theme that will delight kids and anyone who grew up loving tales of knights in shining armor. Puppet shows and costumes will enthrall younger children. Rooms are some of the most inexpensive on the Strip.

2) Circus Circus Hotel Casino
Loud in design as well as volume, Circus Circus nonetheless offers very affordable accomodations on the Strip. Plenty of activities for teens and older kids, including an entire theme park in the back.

3) Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
A few steps above many of the other resorts on the Strip in elegance and style. Children are welcomed and pampered as well; the hotel will even childproof your room before you check in.

4) Luxor Hotel Casino
Older children will love this pyramid housing high-tech entertainment and elevators that travel at a 39-degree angle. One entire floor of the Luxor is dedicated to entertainment of the non-gambling variety such as IMAX movies, video games and virtual reality rides.

5) Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino
Its water park, with wave pool and sandy bottom lagoon, is popular with families. During the day, there’s a rare coin museum, a walk-through aquarium and several trendy restaurants.

6) MGM Grand Hotel Casino
One of the largest hotels in the world, the MGM Grand dominates the corner it takes up, with a huge gold lion and gigantic video screens outside. Nine restaurants include the entertaining Rainforest Cafe. Live lions are on display inside.

7) Monte Carlo Hotel Casino
Affordable elegance with family-friendly amenities such as cheap and quick food, a video arcade and a pool area with a lazy river and wave pool.

8) New York New York Hotel Casino
Affordable and whimsical hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is like a theme park version of New York City. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York is like walking through a storybook version of the actual city. Everything’s there, just on a smaller, cuter scale. The Statue of Liberty stands in front, and inside you’ll walk through Central Park, complete with and oak tree. The location is great for families, as M&M World and Gameworks are right across the street.

9) Stratosphere Las Vegas
Older kids who love theme park thrills might be brave enough for the three rides atop this 1,149 foot tower, including the highest roller coaster in the world.

10) Tropicana Hotel Casino
The tropical theming offers a soothing break from the indulgent excesses of the Strip, and families will love the large water park and slide.

Hope this helps! Las Vegas is a tacky, gaudy place that you have to see once in your lifetime!

Mei on

We like going off of the strip to Sam’s Town. Their fireside buffet is one of the best and they have a good light show in the middle of the casino. Kind of retro but really enjoyable! Just have loads of fun!

Lauren on

I really liked the Rianforest Cafe which is in the MGM Grand. Very kid friendly!

Ericka on

I agree with Mei about being off the strip. Sam’s town is GREAT! We stayed there and if you didn’t want to leave you would never have too. It has EVERYTHING you could possibly want inside and it’s beautiful. The water lightshow is a hit with the younger kids as they have fake “live” animals and the water that shoots into the air a million feet lol. There is a movie theater and the fireside buffet is AWESOME and HUGE.

I love just walking the strip…it’s amazing. Sensory overload!!

Have a great time!

Twinmom on

I was in Vegas last month and I just have to say that you probably won’t be able to do much outside because it’s 115 degree heat (although no humidity, but with the sun out it was very hard being outside.) My girls are the same age as Anya and I wouldn’t think of taking them out in that heat. I would suggest picking a hotel that has the most baby friendly things on the grounds. I stayed at the Wynn, which was fabulous, but I don’t recommend it for a child.

Bridget on

I agree that the Bellagio Fountains would be great for a child. We went to Vegas for my sister’s 21st birthday and we really enjoyed them. The volcano at the Mirage is something Anya might like and there is a huge fishtank behind the front desk as well as the white tigers just off the casino (they’re all free which is great!). I don’t recommend the Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island for a young audience. We stayed at Treasure Island so were able to get “VIP” entrance but it’s definitely geared for adults. Skimpy clothes and sexual innuendos are about all it offers. The wax museum is great and you can usually find discount coupons online. You can check out this site: if you’d like – I used it for my first trip to Vegas and found a ton of very useful information. Hope you have a great time!!

Ang on

I live in Las Vegas, if you have a car I recommend driving to Summerlin, there are great places to shop and eat. You can also drive up to Red Rock.
For the strip, M & M World is Kid Friendly, I dont recommend going down the Stratosphere way after dark (scary).Everywhere is smoky, but believe it or not its pretty kid friendly.
Great place to eat is Cheesecake Factory in Ceasers Palace.

Ang on

I live in Las Vegas, if you have a car I recommend driving to Summerlin, there are great places to shop and eat. You can also drive up to Red Rock.
For the strip, M & M World is Kid Friendly, I dont recommend going down the Stratosphere way after dark (scary).Everywhere is smoky, but believe it or not its pretty kid friendly.
Great place to eat is Cheesecake Factory in Ceasers Palace.

Tara on

The Paris has a great pool area, like someone mentioned earlier with the heat in Vegas finding a great pool area would be key for me. The Paris is also in the center of the strip right across from the Fountains of Bellagio. You can usually check out pictures of the pools on the hotels website. A great restaurant with a very Kid Friendly and Adult Friendly menu (and awesome cheesecake!!) would be The Cheesecake Factory, it is in Ceasers Palace where they have the mall part, also in front of the restaurant is a large aquarium with all kinds of beautiful and colorful fish in it, they also perform a show at the aquarium that is very animated, a kid may enjoy that also. The M&M Store is a great store for kids but it is 2 floors with stairs.

Joy on

oh we have a rainforest cafe here in Alantic City, NJ and it’s awesome! I bet Anya would like it if she’s into animals. But be warned it’s an animated cafe. At any point the sound of thunder could rumble and animals (fake of course) start coming out from every end of the cafe! It’s cute as long as your kid isn’t frightened by loud animal sounds and flickering lights!

Have fun!

Christa on


we just took our three boys (ages 5,6 and 8) to Vegas earlier this summer. It’s really not the best place to take kids of any age to, but we were going to a convention and decided to make it a family holiday. There are, however, some fun things to do with the kids. I found that if you could do things inside the beautiful hotels we were able to avoid a lot of the inappropriate billboards, car signs, posters, etc. that were everywhere on the strip. We especially enjoyed the Shark Reef in the Mandalay Bay and the M&M store. As mentioned in the other comments, there are some spectacular sights and shows in front of the Hotels right on the strip.
What I found to be most helpful was having an outdoor pool in our Hotel. We stayed at the Hilton, off the strip, and it had a really nice pool with a shallow section for the little kids. I found that because it gets so hot there (over 110 degrees when we were there) that the only way to cool down was either in the pool or inside with air conditioning. Make sure to have some slip on sandles available for your little one as the pool decks get incredibly hot.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful. Enjoy your trip.

spindoctor on

Having been to Vegas at least once a month for work last year, I can say that there is not much for kids at all. 😦 Smoking is permitted everywhere. And the only way in or out of the hotels is through the casinos, which are very smokey. But on a brighter note, many restaurants have outside seating and there is no shortage of sights to see while eating dinner. And the pools and fountains are fabulous. In the mornings, there is hardly anyone at the pools at all (still sleeping it off) and it really feels like a vacation. I hope you have a wonderful trip (all 3 generations).

sharlit159 on

I love Las Vegas, and I agree that finding a hotel with kids’ activities is the best idea. It will be hot outside and smoky inside on many parts of the Strip. My cousin had a really good experience at the Bellagio. She stayed there when she got married, and her 14 month old LOVED the gardens and the fountains. Me, I love the art galleries in the Bellagio and the Wynn. Just be sure to keep away from the casino with Anya – the workers were super-picky with my cousin’s daughter. I understand why, but were a bit rude even when confronted with an adorable toddler 🙂 Anyway, have fun & be sure to take lots of pictures!

Mechele on

Hi! I went to LV in July (trip #6) and shopped in the M&M Factory for the first time. It has escalators and an elevator going up to all four floors. Very kid friendly and not too pricy. Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay as well as the lion exhibit at the MGM Grand are really cool. Coney Island in the New York New York is fun too. For great food, try Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville located in the Flamingo Hilton! Be warned, the design of most (all?) hotels makes it impossible for you to get to your room without walking through the casino. Have a great time!