First pic of Suri Cruise – blurry, but real.

08/10/2006 at 01:36 PM ET snapped the first photos of Suri Cruise, almost 4 months, apparently lying on a bed while mom Katie Holmes stands nearby next to an unshaded bay window. Just Jared has all the (albeit creepy) photos – they’re blurry, but you can barely make out baby Suri, who looks to have dark hair and is wearing a diaper.

Source: Just Jared

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

What do you think of these photos? Invasion of privacy or price of fame? We didn’t feel comfortable actually posting the photos – so we only linked – but others have – should that be allowed, or should the media wait for the official photo release?

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Jessi on

What a disgusting invation of privacy those pictures are. It give me the creeps, really.

momof2girlies on

Yes, I agree. Everything about it was so creepy. Sad you can’t even open the curtains without a telephoto lens snapping a shot!! Ah, the price of being famous!

Sarah on

if it were anyone but tom cruise..i’d consider it an invasion of privacy but he has asked for the attention with all those crazy rumors that the paparazzi want the real story so they are following him

Karmellah on

Am I the only one who finds the pictures really out of propotioned? They dont look really real to me, but if they are real, i think its utterly disgusting for someone to stoop that low.

Logan on


annkri on

I cant believe that anyone is that deseperate to see a baby that THIS is passing for a look at the kid – you cant even tell what you are looking at.

I’m no Tom Cruise fan but it is also too weird that people think its okay to take pictures through someone’s window like this, it gives me the creeps too.

Shelly on

Geez, the papparazzi are desperate for pics. I hope Tom and Katie will release an offical photo soon, because pics like these are disturbing.

Lisa on

Total Invasion. If they were out in public it would be one thing, but this goes overboard.

Kim on

this is strange…

Ariana on

For all we know, it could be a cat in diapers. Honestly, it looks like a scene from the “Omen”. CREEPY.

Nixx on

This is creepy! I understand people snapping pics when a celebrity has his/her child at an event (like a movie premier, etc) but looking into their home & taking pictures has crossed the line!

Mommyx1 on

Ariana, that totally made me LOL.

Anyways, those pictures are really creepy. But so weird looking to me…the first thing that crossed my mind was how she is staring out the window while her “baby” is just lying there alone behind her. I don’t know why but it just seems odd to me. So impersonal? Maybe I’m just crazy.

madison on

Zooming a camera into a private home is way beyond the price of fame – invasion of privacy pure and simple.


I don’t think it is extreme. They have asked for all this attention by not releasing one darn picture of the kid. Why can’t they just act normal? Just release a family picture and be done with it. All this hiding and sneaking around with the kid has promoted this ridiculous insane behaviour. They DESERVE IT!

LaMama on

How sad to not be able to take your baby for a nice stroll in the fresh summer air! Also very sad to not be able to hear all the “oohs” and “ahs” about your brand newborn baby. I can’t imagine not being able to share my joy. I would feel so isolated.

The picture is very odd. There’s some symbolism behind the idea of a thin piece of glass separating a woman and her child from the real world, I think! Glad I’m not famous.

I really think this whole thing could have been avoided if they just released a picture after she was born or take her out a couple of times. If they didn’t feel safe doing that, then they shouldn’t have made their relationship and pregnancy such a circus.

Natalie on

Don’t care about the pictures, Tom, Katie or Suri….but care enough to post my

J. on

First of all, I think the paparazzi go too far. These people are human beings, and their families don’t deserve to pay for a career they had no control over their parents or loved ones choosing.

Secondly, about the baby, it looks to me like some clothes thrown down on the bed or a baby doll. 😉 ;)~

Kieshyiah on

I completely agree with most of these comments, this is going too far. There comes a point when invasion of privacy, stalking, trespassing, and many other things come into order with these pictures.

(They are releasing a family picture, by the way, it says on x17’s site. Vanity Fair, I believe?)

Anyhow, this is very wrong, in so many ways. Not only on the obvious level of the invasion of privacy, but also in the pure fact of people actually thinking and saying things such as, ‘they deserve it!’ to justify these acts. All they did and are doing, is trying to raise their child as they feel is the proper way to do so, as any of our parents have done. Just because people are so curious and unable to accept that perhaps not everything in a ‘star’s life should be public, it drives them to do unacceptable acts and justify it to themselves in meaningless ways.

As far as Katie feeling trapped and the symbolism in this picture, I agree, however I cannot be so sure it is Tom or Scientology as much as the press and pressure to ‘do what everyone else is doing.’ I can’t even imagine not being able to take my child for a walk, or play with them outside, or even be able to get a little bit of sunshine by opening a window without someone hovering over my house with a helicopter and a telephoto lens ready to ruin and endanger everything I believe in.
It’s just wrong, and I don’t think any price of fame should be so personal, and so threatening.

Do you realize that a lot of the stars now fear for their safety, their reputation, even their lives can be at risk with how much the paparazzi are crossing the line? It has never been this bad, and if something isn’t done about it soon I fear it is going to get a lot worse.

Something should be done, and I really feel that this crossed way to many lines to even mention.

TH on

That is one FAKE looking baby. Why arnt there any other pics with the baby in a different position??

Serenity Now on

This is horrible – what a huge invasion of privacy. I don’t know what they’ll do but I imagine a lawsuit will occur.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

LOL very sick!
Someone commented on that site that it was actually tom cruise in a diaper! LOL
I think it’s an invasion of privacy and very sad that Kate was probably not in a position to be able to take Suri outside. For a walk, fresh air etc
Then again I do believe tom has brought a lot of this attention on them himself. He used this relationship and pregnancy for his own agenda ie: his movie. He gets the public interested and once the baby is born slams the door in the publics face! That is a bad move on his behalf.
I feel sorry for Suri.

TJ on

Scary…for some reason it reminds me of Flowers in the Attic. Katie must have some serious regrets…and who knows if it’s even a real baby. With as wack-o as Tom has become, the pictures were probably set up. ICK!

Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

Um…..anyone else not see a baby at all? I guess so, i don’t see anything even resembling a baby, and Katie looks pretty creepy looking….something aint right, and it aint the paps takin pics like this.

Cherish on

Um, I can’t see anything…LOL,and yes I do think it is creepy.

ili175 on

Ariana, that picture is totally “Omen”-ish. lol.
It is really hard to see a “live” baby in there. That doesn’t look like a cradle or bassinet, so what is the baby laying on? and why isn’t KH watching her to make sure she doesn’t fall?

It’s really excessive. But that baby’s been out in open air at some point or they didn’t take her to Telluride with them which would be overly weird. And we still didn’t see any pictures then, how is that possible?

I think TC outdid himself on the whole secrecy thing with Suri after “jumping the couch” for nearly a year.

That Katie, she looks like she’s pondering her escape. lol.

gapeach on

Looks very contrived to me. She had to have heard or seen the helicoper (or what ever the picture was taken from).

Mica on

Lol @ CB being uncomfortable enough not to post the pics but don’t mind posting links or posting the information in general.

If something makes me so uncomfortable I don’t want to show it on my site, I’m darn sure not going to mention it so it gets alarger audience to to me, or post links to the offending pictures.

Shannon on

I agree with Mica. If you are uncomfortable with the photos, I don’t see why you would bother to post links at all.

joy on

I think it’s an invasion and I think it looks fake!
I agree about the omen thing. Katie looking out all creepy with the so called baby on bed! don’t buy it nonetheless still creepy!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

We’ve gotten quite a few emails about them, so people are interested. We aren’t posting the pictures but are providing links – that way, readers can choose if they’d like to see them or not. That seemed like the best way to satisfy everyone.

Hopefully that answers your questions, and we can stay on topic.

hazey on

If that strange shadow with a face is Katie then her nose has grown a WHOLE lot! It looks a little fake to me. But the fact that there are photos so invasive makes me sick.

Amy on

Of course it’s an invasion of privacy — if the shots are even real. The whole thing looks like a photoshop hoax to me; it would be much easier to create those blown up shots in photoshop than it would to take a telephoto shot from a helicopter and enlarge it with that much clarity.

Jen on

Really? These pictures are “real?” What’s real about them? They look pretty fake to me — for all we can see, that could be a doll. Doesn’t look like a baby at all. And isn’t it just so coincidental that Katie just *happens* to be standing by an open window and the “baby” just *happens* to be visible?

Doreen on

I can’t see how she can’t take Suri for a stroll or anything–either one of them!! I mean they’re both missing out on having fun with the baby. She looks miserable!! I would be too if I was locked up in that house. I don’t think it’s good to distance yourself from your baby but whatever they believe about Scientology. 😦 This pic is eery though…..not getting good vibes from it….

Gabbie13 on

Pretty creepy and sad at the same time IMO. Does anyone remember a couple weeks back that there was a reward for the first pic of Suri….which would lead to creepy things like the paps taking pictures into people’s bedroom windows!

Anna on

This is a totally invasion of their privacy…

mystique on

You people are unbelieveable. This is a child we’re talking about and the hypocrisy and double standard is hard to escape. So because he didnt release a photo of their child, he deserves to have someone using telephoto lens to poke thru his windows and snap photos of his child? And not every normal family releases a photo of their baby, jen and ben didnt. Have you seen a photo of Matt Damon’s child?

Are you people hearing yourselves, I wasnt aware that you had a personal stake in seeing suri’s photos. Cant Katie go to her own window to look outside? Its a total invasion of their privacy, she’s a innocent baby, regardless of how you feel about her parents.

yogadaisy on

Yeah, but Matt Damon wasn’t making a spectacle of himself jumping on couches proclaiming his love for his “woman” a thousand times.

Sorry, but Tom Cruise brought this on himself! His insane-ness and whacked-out need for constant attention has caused his wife and baby to live a freakish isolated life.

Personally, I don’t think the pictures are staged. I can see the baby in the background. What is weird to me is that she is just staring out the window…unless Suri is napping (which it looks like she is) it’s odd for her to be ignoring her like that.

dave on

Katie looks like she’s quietly weeping for someone to rescue her.

sophie on

I ususally dont comment on articles relating to tom ,katie and ‘suri’ but after these supposed pictures of her and the lenghts they went to it reminded me of when baby Sean P was born and afew days after there were pics of Britney sunbathing in her garden,then right after that there were pics of Grandma spears/Britney hlding Sean in the garden…does anyone remember those??They were pretty eerie too….i would be so freaked out to go into my garden and see helicopters circling it and what makes it worse is that cos these pics were so clear(the britney ones)it makes you wonder if the paps were ib the bushes or something??Creepy if you ask me…

Lollie on

Being photographed when you’re out in public is the price of fame; being photographed when you’re in your house is an invasion of privacy.

That said, these photos are fakes — x17 is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

MichelleAnne on

they look weird.Cause if they are really then suri is huge.LOL And kate is super tall.
I am getting to thepoint as I am sure others are that I really don’t care will be so anti climatic to see her now.
I wish them the best

MuffThumb on

If those pictures are real (which I have my doubt) then they were taken under serious invasion of privacy!! that’s completely unacceptable!!

However, I also think everyone’s overestimating Katie’s position. I dont think she’s been “standing there” for a long time, I think she was changing the baby, heard the helicopters and came to see what was going on!

this is SO wrong on so many levels!

Annie on

I think the baby looks huge too.

Tom jumped on couches, created a media storm criticizing Brooke Shields for something that was really none of his buisiness, and held a freaking press conference after he proposed at the top of the Eifel Tower for goodness sake!

After he went through so much trouble to invite the public into his life what did he think would happen when the baby was born, did he think the public wouldn’t be interrested?

Sure it is creepy that the pics are being taken and I don’t condone it, but I do kind of laugh, the subject matter is so creepy in itself.