Britney Spears and Sean Preston at recording studio

08/09/2006 at 01:48 AM ET

Bspearspink080806_41_1Bspearspink080806_01Britney Spears was photographed arriving and leaving a recording studio yesterday, with son Sean Preston, 11 months. Britney, who is due in about 6 weeks, wears a cute pink maternity sun dress, while Preston wears a t-shirt with skulls on it. As they leave the studio, Britney’s minders attempt to cover them from the paparazzi with a purple sheet. You can also view a video at x17’s site.

Sean wears a Lyla Blue "My Dad Rocks" t-shirt ($32).

Source: Photos thanks to x17 and Splash News.

Click the extended post for two more pictures.

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Scarlett on

I think Britney looks so cute! Sean is adorable! Lol. He is so chubby he looks like a fake baby!

Lisa on

I love Britney in the pink. I hope it is like the article says, that she is hinting maybe she is having a girl. Sean really is a cutie.

kim on

I really believe this baby is a girl. She looks MUCH happier and healthy this time around. Good for her!

Hea on

Britney looks great and as a metalhead, I can’t help but grin at Seans cute little t-shirt. \m/ Rock on Sean! You’ll make a great big brother. hehe

sarah on

If she is hinting she is having a girl by wearing pink, does anyone remember is she did the same while pregnant with Sean? You know if you put two and two together!!

To Sarah on

I think people are just hoping. Nothing wrong with that is there? :o)

Lau on

Aww Look at Sean’s T-shirt he is so freaking adorable, he is very blonde.
Britney looks great and healthy! she in a really good shape, I can’t believe she is having the baby next month.
I hope it’s a girl, it seems like it is she is carrying so different this time around.
Best wishes to her. Can’s for the new little one.

Marilyn on

I wonder if her baby could be born on Sean’s birthday (September 14). What is her exact due date? I’ve heard late September and early October.

To Sarah again on

Yes, she did the same when pregnant with Sean Preston. For the premiere of Willy Wonka she wore a blue shirt that said “I have the golden ticket” and pointed to her belly.
Just FYI

Shannon CBB contributor on

Marilyn – her exact due date is unknown but it is in about 6 weeks. So, just after Sean’s birthday. However, it is presumed she will have a c-section, so she would probably organise it to not be on the same date at Sean’s birthday.

Stephanie on

She looks much better and happier than she has in previous months. I still think she is having another boy though.. I am sure she would be thrilled with a girl, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Lauren on

Has Britney said whether she knows the sex of this baby or not? I believe she answered the question in her Dateline interview, but I can’t remember her answer.

Kelly on

Does anyone know who makes Sean’s shirt? I LOVE it and would like to get one for my son.

luna on

kevin said that he and brit don’t knows the sex of this babay. it’s surprise… britney is beautiful and sean is so adorable. i love you brit

Yes on

Look I found this picture of the shirt, I think it was a gift for britney.

Stephany on

Sean is so flipping adorable! And Britney looks happy in this picture. I hope she really is. This girl deserves some happiness. 🙂

Kelly on

“Look I found this picture of the shirt, I think it was a gift for britney.

Wow! Good find, you are a true detective! I am going to have to check out that line. My son loves skulls (odd but he calls them pirates) and I think the shirt is cool. Sean P is really getting cute…love those chubby cheeks :).

Christine on

at least I think that’s the shirt

Kristin, CBB Fashion Editor on

The shirt that SPF is wearing is indeed from Lyla Blu. We posted about them on our site a while ago, and you can read that post here if you’d like
The tee that SPF has is a ‘my dad rocks’ tee, atleast that’s what it appears to be! Kingston Rossdale is also a fan.

Campbell on

Britney does look nice in pink. Maybe because the black hair and hot pink “go well”.. That baby looks soooo different to me now that he’s sprouted hair! He does look like a little chubby baby doll. Precious. Also, I NEVER understand what people mean when they say a woman is “carrying different”. Honestly, that one gets me. I’ve had three healthy BIG babies and the “carry” factor never played a roll in whether the baby was a boy or girl. (I have a son 21, daughter 19, and another daughter 8). p.s. Actually for some ridiculous reason I see Britney being a good “boy” mom.

tink1217 on

i really hope she is having a girl, one of each is nice. I have one of each and have been very happy with experiencing boy stuff and girl stuff. As for carrying differently, I have noticed many of my friends carried differently with their different sex babies. I carried much lower with my DS than with my DD, and I was bigger everywhere with DD. I gained more with DD also. Totally depends on the woman, of course! Britney looks much better this PG too. At least lately. In the beginning of her PG this time she was still looking a bit rough at times, but she looks great now.

SP is the cutest celeb baby to me. Kingston is cute, so is Coco, Grier, Rowan, etc.. but there is just something about SP that just makes me smile.

gargoylegurl on

I just find it so pleasant to come here and read the positive comments about Brit, for a change. It’s nice. She does look wonderful and happy – good for her! 8)

Ariana on

Brit looks great and happier during this pregnancy. You can tell she is definitely enjoying every single moment. I really hope the paparazzi back off from Brit. Although I am not a Brit fan, she is a human and deserves respect. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. I can’t imagine being a celebrity mom. I admire her for showing off her belly in Harper’s Bazaar. She obviously doesn’t care what the media says.

Doreen on

Sean P is getting cuter!! 🙂 Also, I love Brit with her black hair and pink dress–they go well together. I think she looks better with this pregnancy than the first.