Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal at movie premiere

08/08/2006 at 11:06 PM ET

Maggie_gyllenhaal_3Peter Sarsgaard and pregnant fiancee Maggie Gyllenhaal, happily posed for photos at the New York City premiere of her new movie, Trust the Man.

Maggie said that she plans to "take at least a few months off" after the birth of her first child.

Photo thanks to Check out the rest of their StarTracks!

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Jennifer on

I think Maggie has to be the most unattractive actress today. Yikes

ashley on

i agree jennifer. maybe not the most unattractive, but i’ve never thought she was very cute. her brother is hot though!

Allison on

I have always thought Maggie has a very unique beauty, maybe not conventionally beautiful, but attractive in her own way. She sure looks happy to be pregnant! And her fiance is very cute!

Ash on

I can think of a million actresses who look much worse than Maggie. I actually think she’s pretty, but her look is definitely unique.

Jane on

I think she’s cute! And she’s actually a good actress – Something that is rare these days. Anyways, she and her partner look so cute & happy together!

dave on

I think she’s attractive, but why does it matter? Her job is to act, not model. If she were a guy, her attractiveness would hardly be an issue.

Sarah on

Sorry but is that first message “helpful” or “necessary” – NO! (And in my opinion, not “true” either)

Anyway, how super-cute have they got together? They used to pose so aloof before and now it’s all smiley smiley!

Jennifer on

Sarah, it was my own opinion just like everyone else who posted their own opinion. It may not have been “helpful” or “necessary” but what does it matter. How can you make a helpful or necessary comment about this pic. How does how super-cute have they got together? They used to pose so aloof before and now it’s all smiley smiley! helpful in any way as you posted. Please tell me. Your comment was just as pointless and not usefull like my own but then again it was my OWN opinion. Please try not to post again if you can’t take other peoples opinions.

Ariana on

Beauty is within the heart and in her belly right now…lol. I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Maggie is a wonderful actress and very dedicated to her career. I wish her the best.

Kellie on

Well Jennifer, at least Sarah wasn’t being rude.

Jennifer on

Kellie, I didn’t think I was being rude I thought Sarah was being rude. I would never blast anyone because they had an opinion. Look at all the peoples comments after mine. I did not write to them, some diaggreed with me and I didnt make comments to them. Why you may ask becasue they are all grown up enough to realize it was my own opinion.

Kellie on

Well, my opinion is that you were rude, in your initial comment, and your reply.

Jennifer on

And that is your opinion. Now lets drop all this nonsence.

Sarah on

Okay, you asked me to tell you…Because I wrote something nice about her!

It states at the top
“When you are posting a comment, ask yourself what my nephew’s Montessori nursery school teacher tells them to consider before saying something… “Is what I’m about to say true, helpful and necessary?” If not, please do not post it.”

I think it’s generally accepted that we can post “wow, that baby’s beautiful” or “love her top” even if it’s not important, it’s just a comment. That’s the point. but why write negative stuff at all?


Come on moderators, back me up

Sarah on

And sorry Danielle, I know you don’t like it when this gets into a big arguement, but I’ve been called rude and I want to defend myself.

(No-one’s ever slated me on the net before-who’d have thought it’d happen on a baby site!)

Sarah CBB News Editor on

That’s why Jennifer’s original comment was deleted.