Skating with Celebrities winners expecting child together

08/07/2006 at 05:26 PM ET

Skating With Celebrities winning couple Kristy Swanson, 36, and Lloyd Eisler, 43, are expecting their first child together on Valentine’s Day. Lloyd already has two sons with his estranged wife – Ethan Harley, 2, and Seth Keenan, 7 months. The couple met last summer and officially began dating when Lloyd separated from his wife Marcia on November 30th while she was 8 months pregnant.

The couple had been denying pregnancy rumors recently, although they were in fact expecting. In a statement, Kristy said, "We wanted to wait until I completed the first trimester to officially announce our pregnancy. Lloyd and I are thrilled and wanted to share the wonderful news."

Source: Yahoo and People – photo for use on CBB courtesy People Magazine.

Thanks to CBB reader Julie.

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yogadaisy on

Wow, I really feel for his wife.

Victoria on

Hopefully he doesn’t do to Kristy Swanson what he did to his “estranged wife”.

kim on

So incredibly tacky…ugh

Abby on

Actually, Eisler’s youngest son is named Seth, backed up in the article about the news. Also, his now ex-wife has petitioned to have her sons’ last names changed to her own.

Manda on

So this child is going to have two half siblings whose mother their dad abandoned for this G-List actress….good grief!

Summer on

while none of us know the situation and what really happened, i have always liked her and i wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy and the same happiness i would wish anyone who was pregnant…

NicoleMarie on

left her when 8 months pregnant? Sounds like he did a Kevin Federline unless Kevin did a Eisler. Hmm..

tink1217 on

i agree, summer. nobody knows the whole true story. just what the tabloids and press report. I do feel for his ex and his children, but I wish Kristy and him a healthy happy baby.

Melba on

well, nobody knows what the real dynamic was in the marriage BUT the numbers don’t lie — he and his wife separated when she was 8-months-pregnant, and he immediately got his new girlfriend pregnant. that much we know for certain, right? smells like a pig to me. if i were kristy swanson, i’d be a little nervous. karma can be pretty rough.

Melissa on

I hate hearing stories like this one.

rachel on

the people article says that the younger son (Seth) is now 8 months…she gave birth 2 weeks after their seperation was final

Sarah CBB News Editor on

His birthday is Dec 13th, so he’ll be 8 months next week.

Doreen on

Hmmmmm sounds like someone is following in Britney Spears footsteps. Better watch out for Karma though. Well, I wish them a healthy baby anyhow! 🙂

Unbelievable on

I am so tired of these kinds of stories… how sad for the kids that belong to and have yet to be born to people like this. What a disgrace… and what a jerk.

Scarlett on

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Kristy because you really can’t help who you fall in love with. She didn’t owe his wife anything. Lloyd is the one who shouldn’t of let himself go farther than friendship.

Caroline on

His poor ex, I can’t imagine what she has gone through, and this news must just sadden her so much. These two make me sick.

Canadian on

I used to be a big fan of Eisler until the whole thing. Canadian men have no scruples when it comes to Hollywood women! Remember Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott where he left his wife and mother of his son just as they adopted a daughter? Just like McDermott hooked up with Spelling when he was on location, Eisler hooked up with Swanson when he on location for the show. I don’t care what state a marriage is in, the fact remains Eisler left his pregnant wife and mother of his son for another woman. For those of you that say Swanson had nothing to do, she had everything to do with it, especially not having any morals, standards, or guts to set boundaries.

Seraphina on

Of course, maybe his former wife is pregnant with another man’s child…for some reason that never seems to occur to people! Again, I agree with everyone who said that we just don’t know what went on. Good luck to them both!

tink1217 on

people here are so freakin judgmental!!! are all of you perfect?? It was like with Shar and Kevin and Britney. NOBODY knows what happened but the people involved. These things happen every day to people in every walk of life and we never hear about it. Just because they are celebs do we hold them to a higher standard?? Or are they human beings? With faults. It is what it is and there is going to be a new baby and I hope that all goes well for them and for his ex too. I hope they can have an amicable relationship for the children’s sake. Instead of judging, why don’t people say something constructive.

Principesa on

It’s a nutty world, people.

KittyTaurus on

well, I do feel sorry for his wife but ultimately life goes on and people deserve to be happy – I wish them congrats and the best of luck with the baby! I personally think they were so hot together on Skating w/Celebs. Even though Taurus/Sag is not traditionally compatible they have a lot of good synastry in their charts with her Taurus Moon. I wrote about their connection awhile back on my celeb astrology blog if anyone is interested:

Was that constructive enough? 😀

Beccalovesbabies on

If we can’t JUDGE good from evil, safe from dangerous, kind from cruel, then what can we even base a society on?

While it’s true we don’t know the whole story–it is possible that Lloyd’s wife was a shrew–we CAN judge Lloyd AND Kristy for making the situation more painful for his other children.

His other children will only get to visit with him, while they’ll watch him raise his child with Kristy. It’s cruel to them.

I hope the baby is healthy and happy though. I hate to see ANY child suffer because their parents make selfish mistakes.

landroverdisco on

Kristy could easily find herself working at Hooters a la Big Daddy if things go awry. From what I have read, Marcia seemed very supportive of his skating career and dreams in general. To me, it appears she and her children got the shaft all the way! It is a shame he didn’t put as much effort into his marriage as he did pursuing Kristy. This story by the NY Post provides a better picture of what went down (according to Marcia of course):

Carol Lee on

Thank you Tink….judge not lest you be judged.

Seraphina on

I don’t know, Beccalovesbabies – you seem to be suggesting that any man or woman who has another child/children after suffering a relationship breakdown and not having the first child/children live with them is being “cruel” to their first child?!

Relationships break down all the time. For someone to not have another child with a new partner because their existing children don’t live with them and might only “visit” with him/her is pretty ridiculous. As is the idea that it is cruel to have more children.

You might want to re-think that comment – it’s pretty harsh.

alex on

Kristy is a homewrecker and I’m NOT happy for them. This site shouldn’t even mention them.

Karen on

This reminded many of Shar, Kevin and Britney. Reminded me of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (with a few differences)!

Beccalovesbabies on

I actually do stand by my comment. And I can back it with this simple thought:

How do you think the existing kids feel? What do you think it does to their sense of self-worth and security? They watch dad (or mom, as the case may be) raise their OTHER kids, but they only get to visit?

I’ve seen it countless times: The kids from the first marriage feel like second class citizens with their own parents. The parents remarry, and make kids with their new spouses. So then the older kids know that the “new” babies are products of who their parents REALLY want to be with, not with that “ex” who they don’t want anymore. How could a child NOT feel inferior?

Kids don’t ask to be born, so it’s a parent’s obligation and responsibility to not make selfish choices that would ultimately hurt their kids. That’s all I’m saying.

How, exactly, is choosing to not hurt your children ridiculous?

Christina on

I’m not sure how to feel about this, really.

On one hand, it’s no different than Heidi Klum who had 2 kids with 2 different men within 16 months. She left her long-time live-in boyfriend/common-law husband when she was pregnant with Leni, hooked up with Seal within a short time, and was pregnant again with Seal’s child before Leni turned 7 months old.

Lloyd & his wife had been separated for awhile, and tried to reconcile to give it one last go. It’s not like they had a really happy marriage to begin with, KWIM? Maybe they should’ve considered that before having another child so close in age to the first. If a marriage is already in trouble, a new baby rarely solves any problems.

amelie on

The difference between Heidi and Kristy is that Heidi didn’t have an affair with a married man. Seal didn’t have a pregnant wife and toddler at home.

Ilona on

Actually I recall reading that when Heidi was pregnant with Leni, the father Flavio Briatore was caught by the papparazzi with another woman. She found out from the media and fortunately for her also found Seal’s shoulder to cry on.

Amelie on

So Heidi would be comparable to this guy’s wife – the one who was cheated on. And Flavio’s mistress would be comparable to Kristy. Neither Seal nor Heidi ruined a marriage. Lloyd and Kristy did.

jgurl on

People like this are rude and disgusting. Am I judgemental? Yes. It is ridiculous to behave in such a manner. And it is just plain silly to say we do not know all the details. These two need to grow up. Am I happy for them? No. I am saddened for the unborn child of these two incredibly self-absorbed individuals. And I am scared for his ex who has to put up with this man parading his low-morals around thier children. As for the other woman? She should have kept her legs closed. She is an idiot and will get what she deserves- a permanent tie to this immature grown man.