Does Shiloh keep Brad and Angelina apart?

08/07/2006 at 12:02 PM ET

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are supposedly sleeping in separate bedrooms – because newborn Shiloh, 2 1/2 months, has hard time sleeping at night. A source said: “She wants to keep an eye on her. Brad needs his sleep but he helps when he can." Pitt sure needs his rest as he is currently filming Ocean’s Thirteen.



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Nisha on

OK, first of all, you can’t beleive anyting that comes from Female First. They’re pro J. Aniston, and hate BP & AJ….

kate on

Yeah, I mean, how can you ever belive these rags?

That said, it’s not that uncommon for seperate sleeping quarters. She’s nursing Shiloh and Shiloh probably sleeps better with someone than alone.

Kaisa, CBB contributor on

Hey now, we’re not saying that this story is solid; there is a question mark at the end. And I agree, separate bedrooms are not uncommon. Please, don’t post comments as in ‘How can you believe them?’ If we’d post the things we believe in, we would be on a shortage of posts.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

It’s posted in the rumors category, so I hope everyone thinks twice before believing it!

ang on

To start off with, how would they even KNOW this? Do they have bugs in the walls? Secret cameras? lol!

charsmom on

Even if they are sleeping in separate bedrooms, that doesn’t mean that their relationship is in trouble! You have to do whatever you can to get some sleep when there is a newborn in the house!

Mya on

“If we’d post the things we believe in, we would be on a shortage of posts.”

For some reason this made me LOL.

If its true, (I doubt it because it comes from FemaleFirst) its no big deal but on the Today Show Brad talked about not wanting to miss a thing so that’s another reason I doubt the story.

Megan on

I have a two year old and my wonderful husband and I have spent many nights apart since his birth (I’d join my son when he wakes up at night to nurse and get some sleep) Everyone slept better that way. Our society tends to get all weird about couples sleeping separately…like it could only mean something is terribly wrong, but couples express love and closeness in all kinds of different, personal ways.

Vibeke on

Duh. sounds like they’re normal people at least. phew. what’s the big deal.. most of this world (co )sleeps with their newborns in the same space..because they DO wake up at night and DO need to be fed and changed. so one parent does that job and the other one goes out during the day and does another job and needs some sleep to be able to do that. So sometimes the parent who has to get up in the morning and won’t be able to nap with baby during the day will choose to sleep in another bed! The grown up will survive a few nights without their partner.. it’s the baby who has more pressing needs to be met and is only just getting used to this cold lonely world! ; )

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

I would love to see a recent pic of Shiloh.

sarah on

When I read this I thought.. Phew!! They are normal!! THere baby doesnt sleep at night either!! Yay!! haha!! Its funny how people can just come up with all kinds of things about celebrities, that makes me a bit uneasy, how they could know so much!

I would like to see a recent photo too!!