Penelope Cruz refuses more Suri comments

08/07/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

Penelope Cruz, who recently commented on seeing Suri Cruise has refused to make any further comments on that subject. She told "I’m not going to talk about that anymore. I answered that yesterday and I’m not going to talk about it in detail because I really protect the people that I love." She also blamed her lapse of judgement for her outburst on Suri: "It’s important to keep living life as an observer and not just feel like you’re being the thing observed because then you start looking at yourself from the outside instead of really alert…I forget people are looking at me in a situation like that, like yesterday."

You can view the video of her interview here.


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MMM on

Blah, blah, blah! Sounds like Tom’s people got to her.

I think that I am over Suri and seeing her at this point. I can wait a few years. I am more looking forward to seeing Britney Spear’s new little one (girl I think, she was seen buying dolls).

meliciousgirl on

Maybe she genuinely forgot how much of a fuss everyone makes over Suri comments and is now embarrassed by the level of attention her comments are getting? If I made comments about a friend and the next day they were in every gossip mag on the planet I’d be embarrassed too.

Aleksa on

You know what’s strange, is that the 3 celebrity people that have seen Suri all say that she is “beautiful”, well if she’s that “beautiful”, wouldn’t Tom want to show her off? Or maybe he’s just going to keep waiting until magazines desperately want to see Suri, so they’ll pay big bucks, and it’ll earn more money then Shiloh’s picture.

editorjax on

Think about it this way, Tom is probably thinking that the longer he holds out showing off his kid, the more suspense will grow and the more money he will garner for the photos. Sad, really. I respect Angelina and Brad for donating the money from Shiloh’s pictures to charity. Too bad Tom can’t take a hint from them. And I’m going to laugh my azz off if no one is even interested anymore by the time he rolls Suri into the spotlight.

jane on

Oh pleeeze! To feel guilt or to suddenly self-censure oneself because one has the “gaul” to actually PRAISE the baby of an ex-lover and his new wife? Who do these people think they are? What is wrong with saying how lovely a baby is? No matter who the parents are? What harm can this do? It is not as if the baby involved is in a vulnerable situation. I think the entire situation is VERY strange. Certainly not normal. I fear for that baby’s future mental health.