Pamela Anderson already expecting third child…?

08/07/2006 at 11:59 AM ET

Actress Pamela Anderson, 39 who married rock star Kid Rock, 35 on July 29th, is rumored to be expecting her first child with Kid already. On Ryan Seacrest’s daily radio breakfast show on Friday, she phoned in, saying: "I’ve never been happier." When Seacrest asked about her plans on expanding the family, she replied: "There might be one in there now." Anderson has sons Brandon, 10 and Dylan, 8 with ex-husband Tommy Lee, 43.


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Erin on

Pam did say that she wants to have another
child and her imposed deadline is her 40th
B-Day,which is July of next year.

Dorkiee on

just wondering (seeing as how pregnancy usually occurs without protection) how Pam’s hepatitus C comes into the equation. Will Kid Rock now be infected too?

and is there any risk to the baby? (if she is pregnant). I dont know alot about the condition. Going to google it 🙂

Natalee on

I would just take the comments to mean that they are not doing anything to prevent a pregnancy, so technically it is possible.

Good question about the Hep C thing, Dorkiee-I wondered that myself.

Hea on

“That would be one WEIRD child! Those are two people that SHOULD not reproduce!!”

Ehrm…okay?? Judgemental much? Who are you to say some people should not reproduce? You know the nazi’s tried the same thing…look what happened.

Kaisa, CBB contributor on

Tammi’s post deleted due to insulting comment. Whoever posts a comment that insults others, be aware that the comment will be deleted and you might be banned as well.

KitKat on

My mom acquired Hep C in 1972, 2 years after I was born and had my sister in 1978 with no complications to the child(sister). I am not sure of Hep C complications during pregnancy as everyone who has Hep C varies on their liver function & other health issues.

Steph on

If she isn’t yet, she will be very soon! I put her on preggo watch the minute her and kid suddenly announced their wedding plans. She has said time and time again that she wants at least one more child and would love to have a little girl and before she is 40. I don’t know very much about kid rock and they are an odd pairing, but I am sure that she is a good mom. Who are we to judge? Good luck to them.

Doreen on

That’s great news! I hope she has a girl–whenever she’s expecting that is. 🙂

tink1217 on

i think they are both a little strange, but Pam is such a good mom to her boys from what I see and hear and I think she would love a little girl. I would be happy for her if she were PG or became PG soon!

stargazer on

As far as the HEP C is concerned, unless if they shared blood on blood contact it is unlikey that Kid Rock got it thru sex. It isn’t transmittable thru bodily fluids other than blood. But sharing razors or other things that might contain even trace amounts of blood could infect him. As far as the baby- that is to be determined. I only know about this working with IV drug users. I am sure her MD would be advising to not have more kids if the HEP C was a concern.

dvr on

Hep C can be transmitted via seminal and vaginal fluids….. major route of transmission

opko on

Here are some facts on Hepatitis C:

The most common means of transmission of hepatits C is through injection drug use, sharing needles or any drug-related equipment.

Activities such as tattooing and body piercing, or sharing toothbrushes and razors with an infected person can also spread the hepatitis C virus. The risk of getting HCV infection through ordinary household or workplace interactions is extremely low.

The rate of transmission of hepatitis C by sexual contact is considered to be very low.
However, unprotected intercourse during menstrual periods if the woman is HCV positive should be avoided.

The risk of passing hepatitis C to your newborn is approximately 5%. Cesarean section is not recommended to prevent HCV infection. Breastfeeding does not appear to transmit hepatitis C unless nipples are cracked or bleeding.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

aww..I hope they do have a baby. I think they are great parents.

Lorus on

She’s such a great mama that I can’t wait until she adds to their family. I’m really hoping she has a little girl next.

GrietjeV on

Thanks, opko, because the first thing that came to mind when thinking about a possible pregnancy was the Hep C issue. Since I’m not in the medical field, I didn’t know what kind of threat it would pose to a developing baby. You shared some good info. I would still be very concerned, however, during the actual birth process because there is such an elevated chance of blood transference. That would really scare me if I was in her shoes! My mother contract hepatitis from tainted blood when she had a tranfusion after losing a lot of blood during surgery back in 1982 – right before the routine screening for hepatitis and HIV began. I know she can’t give blood because of that and it mildly affects her liver, but I didn’t know much about it, beyond that.