Daisy Lowe on fallout from Gavin Rossdale DNA findings

08/07/2006 at 08:15 AM ET

Daisy Lowe, 17, daughter of  musician Gavin Rossdale, 40 and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, 35 gave an interview to W magazine about her life. In 2004 it was revealed through DNA test that Daisy’s godfather Rossdale was her biological father and she comments on it: "It was a really weird time in my life. I stopped going out and just sort of hid from it a lot. The press – they were absolutely horrible, just w**kers."

Rossdale and Lowe are now a ensuing child support legal battle and Daisy’s relationship with her biological father is distant; they e-mail each other occasionally. Daisy thinks of Pearl’s husband Danny Goffey as dad, adding  "I definitely don’t call Gwen [Stefani, Rossdale’s wife] ‘Stepmum’". Rossdale and Stefani have son Kingston, 2 1/2 months while Lowe and Goffey have Alfie, 10, Frankie, 6, and Betty, 8 months.

Source: W magazine via Femalefirst.co.uk

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Victoria on

I don’t blame her for not calling Gwen her step-mom. She grew up without Gavin as her dad, why on Earth would she be worried about who her step-mom is? At her age it’s probably good to know who the guy is, but after 17 years no one can just walk in and call himself your dad and assume the role of caregiver and disciplinarian or anything. I hope she is able to get a relationship of some sort with her bio-dad.

kim on

Its a shame about the child support battle. Daisy is now 17, seems a little late to ask for support, but maybe there is something Pearl is not saying. I dont understand why Pearl Lowe would keep that from Gavin all these years. It seems that Daisy had a better relationship with Gavin when she thought he was just her god-father. I hope they can work through the problems and that she is able to meet her new little brother sometime in the near future.

Ash on

Unfortunately, Daisy’s mother is basically to blame for this situation. Why in the world would you keep a secret like that for all these years and then suddenly decide that you want child support? I’m having a difficult time understanding that. I hope Daisy and Gavin can restore their relationship in the future.

Yonni on

At 17 her mom shouldn’t be worried about child support. It makes me sick sometimes when people use any reason to get support. If she was that worreid about it she could have had a dna test years ago. I am sure Gavin would supply Daisy with whatever she needs and help pay for further education.

vallinnapod on

I’m pretty sure I am correct in saying that there was a lot of stuff in the British press when the ‘discovery’ was announced. It wasn’t very flattering towards Gwen Stefani who was reported to have told Gavin she wanted him to have nothing to do with Daisy – hence her hostile comment about ‘step-mums’ and perhaps Pearl’s new push for child support?

sarah on

I dont think she should be rewarded child support, because she will probably try to get back pay too!! Its horrible that people have to be vindictive that way, but like others have said there could be more that we dont know about. I could understand how Gwen would be upset but it doesnt sound like her to not want to have anything to do with her! I could imagine her trying to make her a lil mini Gwen, or at least a shopping buddy!! Having Gwen in the family would be kick ass!! I hope everything goes well for them.

Alisa on

From what I remember it’s just not on the mom eithet though. Gavin is to blame also. It’s not like the mom hide the kid out. He was in her life since she was little. He’s dumb for not getting a DNA test. You have sex w/ a lady and less than a year later she pops out a kid some alarm bells should go off no matter what the lady says. Being so young, I think he just wanted to sweep his possible fatherhood under the rug back then.

Gwen seems cool but w/ situations like this you never know what people might say or do in the heat of the moment.

spindoctor on

Gavin had to have had an idea that the child could be his and it kind of makes him look like an incredible jerk for not trying to find out sooner. I’ve seen the girl and she does indeed look like Gavin. I can’t believe he wouldn’t notice the likeness. Hard to believe.

Lauren on

That’s really too bad that Daisy doesn’t have a real relationship with her biological dad and stepmom. I remember when the whole debacle happened hearing that Gwen was furious with Gavin (which she had every right to be), but it’s too bad that they both can’t put their pride behind them and attempt to involve themselves in her life. I get the impression that Gwen wants nothing to do with her and considers herself and Kingston Gavin’s only family; Daisy’s interview, straight from the horse’s mouth, only confirms that thought.

I totally agree with those who say that Gavin was an ignorant jerk for not saying, “Gee, I the woman I screwed around with has a baby nine months-maybe it’s mine??” That’s why I adore Seal for raising Heidi’s daughter Leni as his own even though she biologically isn’t. It is a rare man to take on that responsibility, but not impossible.

Chiara on

“I dont think she should be rewarded child support, because she will probably try to get back pay too!!”

And she’d have every right to do it. Gavin is responsible for that child as much as her mother is. He’s already been able to go a decade and a half with no responsibility towards her, fiscally or otherwise. He’s not exactly a man stricken with poverty. There could be any number of reasons that Pearl Lowe didn’t seek support beforehand and wants to know: a bad relationship between the two of them she didn’t want to expose her daughter to, a good stepfather in Danny Goffey, a belief that she could do it all herself with maybe a realization now, with three other children to care for, that she can’t. Gavin has an obligation to care for her; he’s lucky he got away without it for so long frankly, no matter what the reason. I can’t believe anyone would take a mother to task for that. Boy, do women get the short end of the stick sometimes.

LilyNLucysMama on

I LOVE YOU CHIARA! AMEN! It IS his responsibility. I have yet to see a dime from my daughters’ father, and it’s hard to even try because he lives in England, and us in Illinois. I didn’t file until my daughters’ were 8 months old BECAUSE I thought I could do it on my own, he wanted nothing to do with them emotionally so I thought it would be best for THEM to keep him out of their lives in every way possible. Unfortunately, just because their dad doesn’t want to take physical or emotional responsibility, doesn’t mean I can let him off financially and ended up having to file.She has every right to recieve child support, and it’s not our right to judge WHEN is a good time for that. She probably has her reasons for waiting so long, and the most important one being most likely to protect her daughter. Chiara said it all…

karlee on

I think its the mothers fault that gavin and daisy are in this whole situation in the first place. Not telling gavin that daisy was his daughter and waiting years later to reveal the truth. In my opinion she ruined the relationship that gavin and daisy may have had.Whose to say that gavin would not have taken care of his daughter, he never got the chance too thanks to pearl. I doubt that she was trying to protect her daughter from anything, I think she was being selfish like she is being selfish right now. She did make gavin daisy godfather after all,so I doubt she thought gavin so terrible.I don’t think the truth for the dna test was for daisy to know who her biological father is and to have a relationship with him,but to get money out of gavin.

sarah on

True!! Someone said Gavin didnt want anything to do with her, that is so wrong!! If he was her godfather and they had this great realationship that says they had a realationship. And whos to say Gavin ignored the thought she could be his, maybe he always knew and took the job as godfather to be in her life in anyway possible!! Did anyone ever think of that? Maybe the mom didnt want Gavin to know or have any part, but out of the wood work when she is 17! NO I dont think she deserves back support because she is 17, hello she can support herself basically and she grew up with a father, its not like she struggled the whole time, she had help!! She should have told him sooner!!!! Woman dont always get the short end of the stick, and some woman do bring this upon themselves!

Obviously we dont know the whole story, and these are just opinions and thoughts!!

Ada on

Gavin knew about her his entire life. Pearl also knew that she was his daughter.

He did not want to claim her as his child so he offered to be her godfather as to avoid scandal and he could still be involved in her life to a degree.

Things got sour after the press got ahold of the story and Gwen very publicly found out.

I don’t think this was in any way Pearl’s fault. She did what was best for her daughter.

Things would have been much harder on the girl if this had gone public when she was younger.

jamie on

What scandal…it was the late 80’s no one was famous. Gavin did not know…and he saw her from time to time when she was a kid…he got big so he was on the road when daisy was growing up. Pearl is after gavin’s money, she even said in an interview “when i get money ima buy new furniture for my new home!” what the hell is that about. Gwen never said anything about gavin and daisy…she understood the situation and was supportive. Pearl was one of gavin’s bestest friends…but she’s after his money now so they no longer talk!!

LilyNLucysMama on

I’m assuming that any child support she gets will be for Daisy and Daisy’s college funds etc. so why shouldn’t she get back pay. Child support is exactly that, CHILD support. Since Daisy is almost 18 that’s no reason not to get back pay and such.

What intreview did Pearl say that in? Is there a link?

Erin on

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I read somewhere that Pearl Lowe is pretty much known as a groupie? I think I read there was a list of possible fathers for Daisy so that’s why she pretty much did not search out her true paternity, although she thought Gavin may have been the biological father of her daughter for some time.

Gavin… well, at least he had a close relationship with Daisy. In my opinion, if things are not as close now, I think we can look at Pearl for blame. But that’s just my opinion!

Anyway, I agree with those who say this is all Pearl’s fault. Groupie or not, this woman cruelly kept her daughter’s paternity a secret from everyone. You can’t just decide out of the blue to do a DNA test because your chance for child support is running out – and that is exactly what I think she did. She seemed, to me, to wait until Gavin married Gwen to decide it was time to reveal all. Horrible!

As far as Daisy not calling Gwen step-mum… well, I don’t blame her. She doesn’t call Gavin dad so why should she call Gwen her step-mother? Doesn’t make sense to me.

annie on

You people judge without knowing the facts. And they ARE there. Just after Pearl’s fling with Gavin, which she said was the ‘briefest’ of flings, she met a man called Bronner in Egypt and assumed he was Daisy’s father, and he left sometime after she was born. And they DID struggle for a while. A few years ago Daisy tried to find this Bronner on the internet and it got Pearl worrying. Daisy had started growing very tall, she’s now about 5’10”, and according to Pearl, it was only then that it occurred to her that this Bronner guy wasn’t the father and maybe Gavin was. And I’ve seen many recent pictures of Daisy and Pearl’s looks are much more evident. If you are looking closely for them, you can find Gavin’s. But she doesn’t look overwhelmingly like the man, in most pictures.

Having said that, ‘sources’ have claimed that everyone would look at Daisy when she was a child and say ‘that’s Gavin’s girl’. So who knows…All we really know is what Pearl has said, which is what I said above.

And she is his child and legally that means he owes her something. It’s likely that they are just settling an ammount at the moment. Whatever the case, it ain’t gonna put that big a dent in his bank account. But we all know Gwen’s way richer…

annie on

And if anyone is interested in Pearl’s point of view:


If you’re not, you don’t have to read it. Simple as that.

Alisa on

Well if Gavin didn’t want it to come out like this when he was married then HE should’ve asked for a test. Why is some of it on him? He did know the girl & know she could be his but he did want to claim her so now he has to pay. I agree the woman does get the short end of the stick. You guys are saying she’s selfish & horrible.

But it looks like to me she was/is a good mom to her kids & that’s the important thing. His daughter does deserve that back child support. Gavin shouldn’t get off the hook by ignoring her for years