Asia Carrera has unassisted home birth

08/03/2006 at 05:33 PM ET

Asiacarrera1Former adult film actress Asia Carrera, 32, gave birth to her second child, son Donny, on July 31st in an unassisted home birth. The baby weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz. She describes the experience in her August ’06 Expecting Club at iVillage, saying exactly how and what happened, and shares photos of Donny nursing and big sister Catalina, 17 months, trying to "eliminate the competition!"

Asia’s original plan was to have the baby at home with her husband Don present. Tragically, Don was killed seven weeks ago in a car accident, however, Asia decided to continue with the unassisted homebirth plan. All the best to Asia and her family during this joyful yet difficult time.

For more information on homebirths (they can be assisted by midwives, or unassisted) check out Is Homebirth for You? and Midwifery Today’s page. There is also a Homebirth Debate Blog for those interested – please keep it out of the comments.

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Thanks to CBB reader Melissa.

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KayZee on

Oh. My. God. I’m horrified. What if something went wrong? And she only gained 7 (7! yes 7!) pounds with this pregnancy?! Where is Social Services when you need them?

michelle24 on

Wow,I could never have given birth alone.I’m not so brave!!!!And is she related to Tia Carrere?They look alike.

The pictures are adorable. As are the pictures in the bf’ing gallery in this site by the way!

Summer on

i think the previous comment (from kayzee) was very rude and uncalled for. there is nothing wrong with anything that she did, you don’t know her or her family, and every woman is different. i gained 35 pounds with my first one, 10 with my second one, and 8 with my third. people are different and choose different things… without knowing them and their family saying that social services should have been involved is basically ignorant and judgemental.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

Seeing as her husband died in the middle of the pregnancy, she could have easily lost weight from stress. We don’t know the whole situation and probably shouldn’t judge.

Michelle – Asia Carrera is not her real name, nor it is Tia’s! They aren’t related, but Asia’s name was inspired by Tia’s. I also had to remove the part of your comment about the other blog – sorry.

joiedevivre184 on

Congrats to her! And good for her for doing UC! I’ll be doing the same with my first.

Lisa on

I think what she did was amazing. I’m a member of Ivillage’s boards, and have been reading her posts since the start. She’s truly a wonderful mother and wife. What happened to her husband has just torn her apart.

Kayzee, what you said was completely disrespectful. For the record, I gained 40 lbs with my first, and barely 5 lbs with my second, and they’re both still in my care. Not gaining enough doesn’t warrant a social services visit. Good grief.

JoJo on

Kayzee, there is nothing wrong with only gaining 7 pounds. I only gained 5 with my son and I am just as thin as Asia. No need to call social services, my God! Totally disrespectful.

I am so proud of Asia for doing what she did. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her and what she has done in trying to carry on for her family. I have been reading her posts on Ivillage for a very long time now and I am so happy she had the birth she wanted. Especially after all she has been through in the past few months. I would LOVE to have a birth like she had with my next child. It sounds perfect and just what I would want, too.

Congrats to Asia, Catty and Baby Don!!

Rachael on

I had a midwife assisted homebirth October ’05 and it was truly an awesome experience.
The fact that she ended up unassisted really shows how awesome women are.
Congrats to her!
(My sympathies for the loss of her husband.)

eabdeb8176 on

I feel just horrible hearing about what happened to her. I read everything including about how now she is having money troubles. I think it would be a good idea if people sent her (as they have been doing) Walmart target and babiesrus gift cards. My sister lost her husband the same way 27 days after they married and she found out a month later she was pregnant. Believe me she didn’t gain much weight in that pregnancy because of the grief and depression she was going through. My thoughts are with her.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

How sad her husband is no longer with us.

I wish Asia and her children the very best for the future.

Heavenly_Hibiscus on

The photos are beautiful. Catty is just precious !

Melba on

I’m also a member of the ivillage boards as I am due in November with our second child, and I’ve also followed Asia’s story since the death of her husband. What has happened to her is heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time; She is a testament to the courage and conviction of women everywhere.

As for the social services comment, I won’t even dignify it with a response, other than to say that those babies are lucky to have Asia as a Mommy. Period!

Sara on

I really like how you go to her daughter’s website and it links you to her porn site.

MistyB on

If you really research the statistics in our country, a woman is FAR safer birthing at home than in a hospital. Not some wacky out there “crunchy” view…it is truly proven by medical and birth statistic data. OB’s do not practice evidence based medicine rather they practice based upon what malpractice standards dictate. FTR, I gave birth to my child at home and it was one of the most fabulous days of my life. I also have a degree in public health and am well versed in doing medical statistics and research. I think anyone that chooses to birth at home has probably put more thought into their decision than most mainstream people would ever give them credit for.

Megan on

Wow! What an amazing birth. Based on my own homebirth experience I’d imagine that it helped her process the death of her husband. Giving birth into your own hands on your own terms is very empowering and healing.

Erin on

Congrats to her!! I’m happy things went well for her – kind of scary to think she was all alone when she gave birth though! =O

kristen on

That’s awesome. I had my kiddos at home with a midwife and I think that unassisted birth is just wonderful. It’s amazing what women can do.

Congrats to her, and I’m glad she has her healthy baby boy after such a tragic loss. I can’t even imagine. I wish her the best in raising up her little ones in the future, no matter what was in her past.

I’m posting about this birth on my homebirth site. It’s so rare that I get to link to a CBB post about home birth and I get so excited about it LOL!

LauraJ on

Kayzee~ Your comment was disgustingly ignorant! Asia did nothing illegal or abusive, infact IMO, she is a symbol of what good parenting truly is…Doing what you know is best for yourself and your family REGARDLESS of what others may think or say.

Congratulations Asia and thank you for bringing(unintentionally of course) Unassisted Childbirth(UC) into the public eye! My prayers are with your family.

kristen– what is your site’s address? I love reading anything homebirth related especially if it also has birth stories!!

This is an incredibly informative UC site that I think everyone should at least skim before they post anti-UC comments:

Erin on

Just so the mods know – Asia gave birth to little Donny on July 31st, not August 2nd! 😉 I just got done reading some of her blog postings and noticed the mistake. =)

jo on

I have read her entire blog recently and it brings tears to my eyes. Her grief is really raw and at the same time well explained. I can’t imagine being in her situation; it makes me feel ill thinking about it. I really hope for the best for her and those kids. Now that the pregnancy is over, maybe she can start putting her life back together with both of those cuties!

Suge on

While I think home births are great, I disagree with the posters here about Asia’s unassisted birth. It was reckless of her to have no one at all there with her while she delivered – for her, for her daughter and for the new baby. I can’t imagine her grief for the tragic death of her husband and I understand why she wanted to keep their plan for an unassisted birth. But she should have had someone, anyone, with her to safeguard all their wellbeings.

Lorus on

Congratulations to Asia and her family. What a truely empowering thing to have an unassisted childbirth.
I love the pictures she included. Her daughter is absolutely gorgeous. She sounds like such a loving Mama.
I was at the birth of my friend’s son during an UC. I checked her dilation, massaged her, and caught him. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
I plan on having a homebirth next time around as my first was a scheduled c-section because of a footling breech presentation.

FFion on

Oh my god, what are some of you like. For god sake her husband died only 7 weeks ago. Imagine having to try and face bringing a new life into the world and having to deal with the loss of another. Yes, it is incredible that she managed to have an unassisted birth, i think that is truely commendable, but just imagine how she must be feeling. And all some of you can mention is about how she only put on 7 pounds during her pregnancy. It does not matter how much weight she did/did not gain the main thing is that her and her new child are healthy.

katino on

I think that’s really cool. More women really should give birth at home, or try it unassisted. Sure, it’s painful, but you know your body better than anyone and if it’s not your first birth, it can be a very empowering and joyful experience. And it is true that women who give birth at home and without any medical intervention during the birth tend to have a better experience and a faster and less complicated birth. There’s too many unnecessary c-sections and unnecessary pitocin drips and epidurals.

Hea on

Now that is a strong woman! Go Asia! If she can do this, she can do anything. It’s just too bad that those precious children won’t get to know their father, who I am sure would have been a great dad to them. It’s such a shame…

TracieLee on

I gave birth in a hospital with NO drugs at all. The pain was awful……but the recovery was better and easier than my previous experience with an epidural.

Beautiful pictures of Asia’s kids….

erikaka on

Oh my god, my heart breaks for this woman! I would die if my husband died so tragically and just a few days before I was to give birth. She must be so proud that she decided to go through with the UC. I hope to have a HB with my second.

kristen on

Suge: if you read her birth story you will notice that her midwife arrived shortly after the baby was born, so she was planning on having the midwife there.

I do believe that she and her late husband were originally planning an unassisted birth, however, and I think that’s great.

LauraJ: I love reading the UC birth stories on the unassisted childbirth site, they are so beautiful!

The birth stories page on my site is still growing but I have quite a few home births and I have one UC birth (with pictures!) that mamas have shared. You can see the stories here:
My own little one’s home birth stories are there <3

Jess on

I think it’s great that she had such a wonderful birth, just her and her daughter and then the baby. I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for her to lose her husband during her pregnancy…

I don’t think that I could’ve done a solo birth like that. I absolutely needed *someone’s* hands to hold while I was pushing, plus I was just very comforted by my midwife’s presence, even if she was just sitting at the dining room table, not talking or anything.

Shaine on

Heavenly, you made a error, it’s Asia, not Tia.

Anyway, I noticed another error in the post itself, the date he was born.
If you check that post on IVillage, the date is July 31 and she said she was posting about it about 2 hours after the birth. The above post says August 2nd.
Her website also says he was 11 days early, with his due date being August 11th.

Just thought I would share.

Konny on

That’s awesome!! I loved her birth story . . I think the more we hear about UC, people will see that it really is safe. My youngest baby Ava was born at home unassisted back in December. 🙂

Ada on

I’m sorry… am I missing something? Am I the only person who finds it appalling to have a home, unassisted birth when there are medical services readily available?

I realize that it is an empowering experience but I am shocked that people actually do this. There are SO many things that can go wrong during birth. How do you monitor your baby’s heart rate? What happens if you hemmorage? What happens if you have a rupture in your uterus? What if your baby shifts positions? What if the baby is being strangled by the unbilical cord? What if your labor stops progressing? Without certain protective measures, YOU WOULDN’T KNOW if any of these things are happening to you or your baby!

There is a reason why so many women used to die in childbirth before technological advances. Because there is no way to really know what is happening inside you, and things can take an unforseeable ugly turn for the worse in a matter of seconds.

To me, this seems irresponsible and short-sighted. At least have someone with some medical or emergency training present.

loretta on

Asia seems like an amazing woman. A homebirth is the best with no complications!!! I wish her the best & hope she can make it through these difficult times. Does anyone know where to send her gifts??? I visited her website but there is no contact info. Thanks

Hea on

Babies are born into this world every single day and most of them are probably born at home since modern hospitals aren’t avaliable to everyone. I don’t know this to be a true and a fact, but I am pretty sure that at least half of the births in this world take place in a home environment with perhaps a midwife or an experienced woman. In some countries in Africa, women work all day while labouring and then give birth to their children on the floor of their house.

I wouldn’t neccessary say that home births are dangerous. There are always risks with everything but children have been brought into this world since the beginning of time. Some of them don’t make it, some of their mothers don’t make it. It’s the way of life and it is sad. I doubt I would have the courage to have an UC birth but I applaud the women who do have the courage to stand up to what society today has pegged for normal and “right” and do things the way they are most comfortable with.

Sorry about the long post…

Lisa on

We all seem to be missing the important part of the story. She called her midwife, and there was no answer. By the time she got a hold of her, Donny was born. The midwife did show up and help afterwards. I don’t think it was her plan to have NO ONE there at all, or else she wouldn’t have called her.

Besides, what do you think people did before obstetricians came along? I know that was a long time ago, but geez, Asia’s being chastized for her choices, and it’s ridiculous.

Konny on

Ada, it’s called educating yourself. Midwives and doctors do not possess some knowledge that is unattainable to the layperson. There ARE ways to know what is going on . .plus never underestimate instincts!!

Autumn on

While I agree that a home birth might be cool, I also agree with Suge in that Asia should have had another adult present at least during her birth.

I say this because a century ago my great-grandfather lost his first wife to child birth, when he was out in the fields and she went into early labor w/o any way of contacting him. She then bled to death because of complications and because she had no one to even try to help her.

Asia was lucky and should thank God everything went as smoothly for her as it did, as far as the birth of her son.

Hea on

I’m not sure whether or not Asia is a christian but if she is, I’m sure she’s grateful to her God that the birth went well, perhaps not for the loss of her husband but that’s another thing. And like it’s been said many times over, she tried to contact an adult . In fact, her midwife but there was no reply.

I’m sorry that your great-grandfather lost his wife but if she went into early labor, maybe there was a big complication with her baby prompting the birth? Some sort of complication that in Asia’s case, frequent OB check-ups would notice and if so, she could take precautions?

Carrie on

The following is from her home page (I’m only posting this because somebody asked about contact information):

Asia Carrera
875 W Redcliff Dr. #2, PMB 144
Washington, UT 84780

Wow, what a journey she is on – I read all of her journal entries from her home page, and she’s really struggling (I would be too!).

Ada on

Konny, I consider myself to be extremely educated on the matter.

“Midwives and doctors do not possess some knowledge that is unattainable to the layperson.”

Actually, they do. That’s why we have them. And it’s not just their medical knowledge that is utilized during childbirth – there are monitors, tests and other technology that have sky-rocketed the advantages for safe births with minimal complicatations.

As far as instincts, a woman in labor will be in a lot of pain and stress… relying on her “instincts” as far as knowing what is happening in her child’s body or even her own are completely unreliable. There are complications that remain symptomless until it is too late.

And yes, there are babies born out of hospitals every day to women all around the world. But why don’t we mention some of the statistics on babies born without proper healthcare or the deaths of babies and/or mothers in those instances?

I applaud Asia for being such a strong woman in the face of such turmoil in her life, and I am extremely happy that everything went well for her.

I simply don’t agree with unsupervised, unassisted births as a whole.

Kelsey on

I don’t think that I could ever give birth by myself alone and with a young child at home to watch after also. I feel for Asia that she had to lose her husband so tragically, but hopefully this baby will resemble her husband and she will meet someone new who will want to take the role of daddy to her children. I have to say that I’m not very educated in the hospital vs home birth matter, but I respect whatever choice a woman makes when giving birth. I’ve just finished working in a maternity ward this summer to get some credits for school and it truly is amazing to see this little life in you one minute and out in the world the next. Best wishes to Asia and her family!

LaMama on

I can’t even imagine it! My babies were born without medication in the hospital. I’d be too chicken to do it at home… ALL ALONE… and with a toddler running around! Yikes!

I’m glad she had the birth she wanted and I’m sure the empowerment she feels will help her to remain strong during this trying time…and she clearly loves her little daughter. I wish many blessings for them!

I must say I do find it rather tacky for her to be asking for donations. I’ve heard of churches and communities rallying around families in need, but it seems rather bold to come out and ask for it on your own. But if it keeps her from her from returning to her former profession, then maybe that’s a good thing?

Konny on

Ada, I believe if you were as educated on the matter as you claim, then you wouldn’t even have asked these questions:
“There are SO many things that can go wrong during birth. How do you monitor your baby’s heart rate? What happens if you hemmorage? What happens if you have a rupture in your uterus? What if your baby shifts positions? What if the baby is being strangled by the unbilical cord? What if your labor stops progressing?”

Do you know that ruptured uterus is typically caused by the use of pitocin which brings on contractions that are much stronger than normal? Have you heard of Shephard’s Purse or consumption of placenta for excessive bleeding? What about a fetoscoope or doppler for heart rate? What about getting into various birthing postitions to help a baby that has turned, in order to ease delivery . . . .there is a LOT of information that IS available. I don’t know how many mothers would jump into something like UC without doing the proper research.
Birth is NOT an emergency, it is completely natural. And, statistics show that one medical intervention leads to another ,which is why so many moms have had “complications.” They were caused BY the medical establishment.

Trust birth, trust your body!!

Suge on

Konny, not all complications can be predicted or avoided by avoiding doctors and hospitals. Having an unassisted birth does not mean having a birth all alone while watching your toddler – it simply means without an expert present. Even though her midwife didn’t make it, Asia should have called a friend to be there to help with her daughter and in case of an emergency. I say this from experience. After coming home from a wonderful and easy midwife delivery, I had an unexpected hemmorhage. My husband found me unconscious on our bathroom floor. It’s for unexpected situations like this that another adult be in the home during a birth – I would have bled to death if I had been alone.

Konny on

Suge, I’m sorry to hear about your excessive bleeding . . and I very much agree that some situations are unavoidable. But, my point was that many UCers have things on hand for those types of situations. There are various herbal tinctures for hemmorage- I already mentioned Shephard’s Purse, but there are others including a very potent cayenne tincture. Of course one can always consume placenta as a preventative measure as well.

From the things I have read about Asia in the past, she is a highly intelligent woman, and I wouldn’t doubt that she was aware of the things I have mentioned.

I do know the definition of UC, as I have had one myself. I did have my husband there and my 3 other children. But, I have also had a solo UC miscarriage . . funny how my OB had sent me home to miscarry alone (my husband was out of state on business) and I had 2 small children to care for. I could have easily lost too much blood. And back then I did not know one thing about how to handle it should that have happened.

I believe that UCers are very aware of the risks of the unforeseen, but have also armed themselves with information on how to deal with those instances.

LauraJ on

OK ladies let’s end this debate before it turns nasty, which from my experience it inevitably will, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

My opinion on the subject…”When it comes to childbirth women should support one another regardless of HOW they choose to give birth.”

Also keep in mind that if you critisize(sp) another’s beliefs that will only force them to dig their heels in deeper and defend themselves SO…if you really want to change someone’s beleifs try being open and understanding of those beliefs.

Hea on

If you read her blog, you can clearly make out that she is very socially phobic and that she knows no one where she lives. My guess is that she didn’t have that friend you were talking about to call and things progressed very fast for her. She was only in labor for 2 hours if I read things right. She probably barely had time to think let alone call more people than her midwife who should’ve been on call.

Holla on

I had an unmedicated midwife assisted birth. It was my first
child. I gained 60 lbs!! MY daughter was born 30 hrs later
weighing in at 9lbs 9oz & 22 inches long. Yes, It was incredibly
painful and at times I thought I couldn’t do it. BUT I did and not once did I want pain meds..I loved having a midwife and have no regrets about my birthing experience..My daughter is 9.5 months old now and I am back to a size 6(Thankfully!!!)

purplelisa on

Very well said, Hea. Agree 100%.

Christie on

I too am a member of iVillage. I haven’t read all of the posts, but for those bashing Asia for not having anyone with her, if you read her birth story, you will see that she did call the midwife who did not get there in time and arrived after baby Donny was born. And for those of us who have posted with Asia over the past few months or years on iVillage, we know that she is an amazing mother and a woman to be respected and admired. She has been through pure hell these past 2 months and needs prayers and support, not criticism from people not walking in her shoes.

Carol on

Konny, I can vouch for this anecdotally. My first birth, the nurses totally blew me off, assuring me that this would take hours and not even checking me until I had been at the hospital for an hours. I was complete! So they brought me to the delivery room to wait for my doctor to be called at home and told me not to push. By the time the doc arrived, I had lost all faith in the nurses and didn’t trust anyone. Eventually, my son had to be delivered quickly because his signs were falling. Luckily I was able to deliver after an epi w/o vacuum or c section, but he was taken away from me to be put in a warmer. WTF?? Why not wrap him with me? Anyway, he would not have been distressed if he had been delivered when he was ready to be delivered.

The same doctor delivered my third. At the end, she urged me to push him out quickly just because she was in a hurry. He was out in three pushes and because I’m a strong pusher, he was out and taking a breath before being suctioned. He ended up with transient tychipnea and had to be transferred to a NICU in another hospital. This is a condition that is common to c sections which we had because he was born too quickly. Both times, the overly medical, overly cautious doctor caused the complications.

The second baby was delivered by a very laid back OB who just let me run the show. It was a beautiful birth with no complications and I had two full hours with my daughter before she was taken from me. All three were unmedicated hospital births. I would have loved to do this at least with a midwife who was educated in natural pain relief because in all three cases, I was on my own for managing my pain. Something must change!

Faith on

Suge, just for the record:
Most people who attend births regurlarly will be able to tell you that fast births (that come fast on their own – not rushed) are usually complication free. Long drawn out births are where most complications are found. Hemorrage is unlikely (although it does occasionally happen – especially if the mom is exhausted from long labor – in which case the MW would already be there) in a homebirth because the natural provisions for preventing it are not interfered with:
1. skin to skin contact with baby
2. breastfeeding (usually initiated by the baby within the first 20 minutes)
3. Mom’s hormones are not diluted by I.V.
4. There are no drugs contracting her uterus after birth (which can cause a “lazy uterus” when the drug wears off)

If you ask a midwife, they will probably tell you that they are not especially worried about a woman giving birth quickly before they arrive. It happens, and usually it is fine.
The actual statistics (for the person that was asking) show that home birth is just as safe as hospital birth for the baby, and it is safer than hospital birth for the mom.
If you want the specific studies cited, contact me offline.

L on

I just have to chime in here. I feel immense empathy for Asia and her/her family’s huge loss. Also, many comment b/c they assume she planned to uc all along. Some do actually choose to do this, but as Asia said, she was going to use a midwife.

As for naysayers who speak about unassisted childbirth (UC) without even doing a Google search to research for themselves to find out why women chose this every day and how it can be safer than a hospital or over-managed midwife homebirth experience… it’s obvious you do not understand the concept and how birthing women can be effected by anothers presence at the birth.

Fortunately we live in a time where SO MUCH information is available and easily accessed. I say women, EDUCATE YOURSELVES on your choices and on caring for youselves, EMPOWER YOURSELVES and make the best decision that works for you.
I have… and I choose UC.
From an RN who is tired of seeing women give their power to others, seeing babies induced for ‘tired of being pg’ and other excuses… and tired of seeing babies go to nicu when it is preventable in many cases.

k on

“I must say I do find it rather tacky for her to be asking for donations. I’ve heard of churches and communities rallying around families in need, but it seems rather bold to come out and ask for it on your own. But if it keeps her from her from returning to her former profession, then maybe that’s a good thing?”

And I find your Comment very tacky, LaMama.

Her husband just died. She is facing the prospect of raising two children on her own, one who just arrived into this world, and you call her asking for help “tacky?”

She’s maintained her own website for a decade and knows how many of her friends and fans visit it. There is nothing wrong with reaching out and asking for help when you need it most. If someone finds it “tacky” or doesn’t want to help, they are not being forced to, of course. Geez.

LauraJ on

Hey everyone keeps talking about her blog but I can’t find it,someone wanna post the address for me? Thanks!

LaMama I also found your comment extremely “tacky”, I just pray that you’ll never be put in a situation like Asia where you have to ask for and are dependant upon the kindness of strangers ’cause “Karma’s a Bitch.”

Kaisa, CBB contributor on

Debating over homebirth was asked to leave out of the comments. Now, I’m not going to delete the comments doing that, since it would take too long and wouldn’t bring any use, but future comments debating the issue will be removed.

LaMama on

Ok, Ok… sorry about the “tacky” comment. I do not wish ANYTHING bad on her. I have the utmost compassion for her situation. I even mentioned that I wish many blessings for her, if you read my whole comment.

LauraJ, in response to the “Karma’s a Bitch” comment, you do not know what I’ve had to endure in my life or what I may be enduring now. I just deal with things differently. I certainly do not think there is anything wrong with asking for help. I’ve just never heard of anyone asking for help THAT way and I was raising an eyebrow, that’s all. I’ve seen people ask an individual or organization for help and then someone else does the fundraising. Maybe she doesn’t have anyone to turn to. I don’t know. I’m truly sorry if I offended you.

LauraJ on

LaMama I’m sorry about that post I was like way harsh. After I re-read your post I understood what you meant but then it was too late, ya know? Anyways I’ve had my share of trials so I sympathize and truly wish you and your family all the best.

Who would have thought a simple little birth announcement post would become so heated? LOL!

LaMama on

Thanks LauraJ!

I was pretty sure that when the debate over unassisted childbirth wore out, people would find something else to pick on. LOL! Funny thing is I decided not to touch the UC issue with a 10 foot pole and look where it got me! *smile*

Denise Stone on

There is NO statistical, evidence based information regarding these ‘tinctures’ and other botanicals you mention.
If you were, or consulted, a medical researcher, you would have known this.
Please do not give medical advice on a blog site, especially since you are so obviously NOT a physician.