The Suri Cruise conspiracy spreads

07/13/2006 at 10:01 AM ET

For those readers closely following the daily Suri Cruise news updates, here’s the latest – has put together a photo timeline of Katie Holmes towards the end of her pregnancy, with comments analyzing the size and shape of her baby belly on different dates. Perhaps the media will now promote daily rumors until baby Suri appears to prove her existence. Until then…conspiracy theories abound.

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Melanie on

She doesn’t even walk like she’s pregnant in that video TMZ posted.

t. on

Does anyone else notice how in the march 25th photo she is flicking off the camera guy under her shirt…take a look at her hand. I think if I had snap shots of me all the time, at least 1/2 of them would look like that. As far as Suri goes….who knows.

Zoe on

I know that they have a right to their privacy and to shield Suri from the public, if that is their wish, but come on, how about 1 picture. It just seems strange. Everything else about these 2 has been so public, and now nothing. I readlly can’t see what 1 picture would hurt.

P Dawn on

Not only did she not walk like she was pregnant, but the thing that really struck me as odd was the fact that she never once touched her belly. Most pregnant women – especially that pregnant – touch or rest their hands/arm on their belly, but not Katie, not even once.

Stef on

It’s all very fishy to me. She looks enormous in the March picture and then not so big in the April one. It could be a weird camera angle or even the shirt but it still makes me wonder.

sandy on

does anybody notice the in every picture of them together, kate is being draged along behind tom like an unwilling puppy on a leash.

Alisa on

I’ve seen pics of other celebs that weren’t touching they’re bellies. I thik people are reaching for anything to attack Tom & Katie with. People should be thrilled they went away after all of the complaints about them. Everone’s different so you can say she didn’t walk like a pregnant woman, since this is her first pregnancy you only can compare her to other woman, & everyone is different. I feel sorry for this baby, because it’s clear no matter what her parents do with her she’ll be attacked no matter what.

Lis on

You are right P Dawn not only did she not touch her belly but she did not rub her back or walk like a pregnant woman. I was as big as her and I was always arching my back to make up for the big front. I see woman do it all the time. That picture of her with her top blowing up and showing her maternity underwear was on the cover of a Magazine I had got and my hubby not knowing much (other then what he saw from me being pregnant) said that looks like a big wad of plastersine on her belly. He was joking about how fake the belly looked. But once again just another speculation. Poor Suri if she does exist has already exceeded the strangeness of Michael Jackson. She will never be able to live this down there will always be stories about her I think.

Vera on

So you (gossip mags etc) complain they were around too much, yet when they want a little privacy and try to enjoy being a family with Suri, it’s not allowed? These conspiracy theories make me chuckle. lol.

kim on

I dont know…granted it is odd that we havent seen a picture of Suri, but I’m sure TomKat isnt the first celebrity couple to not release pictures. Personlly I love Katie and I was a big fan of Dawsons Creek and she doesnt strike me as the type of person to fake a pregnancy for publicity. Actually I dont even think she likes being in the public eye, its all Tom. when she was with Chris Klein you rarely saw photos of the two of them. I believe that Suri exists and that people are now looking for ANYTHING to speak bad about Tom and/or Katie. Every pregnant woman is different, so the not touching her belly or back is nothing odd. My friend is 8 months pregnant and she rarely does that. Also these are just a few pictures and clearly not a snapshot of her actions through her whole pregnancy. I clearly remember people on this message board were sick of TomKat, but now we want more…make up your minds!

ali on

Hey, how about the stretch marks from her belly right after she had the baby? I remember everybody was freaked out by the picture, and now nobody seems to remember them.

Katee on

That pic of her 13 days b4 she had suri looked really deformed that one looked really fake how can you go from being big in march to small in may and then huge again you cant..Its all fake if you ask me

kaylamc on

It is strange how her belly goes from big to small, but really what would they get out of faking having a baby? And I also remember the pics of her stretch marks…are those fake too???

spindoctor on

I actually lost 9 pounds in the weeks before my daughter was born (and the labor was induced because of it). So I can see why she would be smaller. A lot of women lose weight in the last weeks, according to my doc. I DO think there is some truth to the speculation about the baby. But it could be that there was a tragedy or that she ill. Hope not. 😦

kaylamc on

Ok I just looked at the pics of her belly after she had Suri and those are real stretch marks. Maybe like spindoctor said there was a tragedy or she is ill…..that would be very sad though…

joy on

the belly always looked odd to me from start to finish!

She doesn’t look happy. Sure she’s smiling but behind that smile she looks sad. I feel kinda bad for her then again she’s a grown women.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Not everyone pregnant woman waddles or constantly rubs her belly or supports her back. (My gait never changed- I never waddled though I think it’s so cute when pregnant women waddle.)

Sid on

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Why are people so obsessed with trying to “prove” that Suri doesn’t exist?

Why should they HAVE to show us their baby? They don’t owe it to us. Tom didn’t parade Isabella and Connor around in front of the media when they were young. Why should Suri be different? She’s a baby. She’s entitled to the opportunity to decide for herself how much she is in the public eye. Unfortunately for us, that will take a while for her to be of age. Clearly Isabella and Connor are at an age where they can fend for themselves a little better with the paparazzi. Suri can’t. Can YOU imagine taking your 3 month old out and having a HUGE crowd yell, scream and surround you? I totally respect the fact that they are subjecting her to that and frankly can’t understand why others can’t accept it. It’s their child. Feel free to raise your child as you please, but leave them alone.

Lis on

do not believe that the pregnancy was fake nor is baby Suri. It is fun to make up different conspiracy theories as this is such a strange situation. Sorry but these two have done nothing but hog the spot light since there courtship. Well Tom mostly with Katie in tow. If they had just released a picture or taken her out for a walk etc.. it never would have come to this. They are at the point of no return now as it has gone too far. This child will spend the rest of her life defending her parents actions. If she looks a little more tanned or any features that do not look like Tom everyone will be quick to point it out. Look at all the other stars that have had babies recently. Photos are done and yes they are still hounded for more but there are no bad comments about the children. Everyone is thrilled with the little ones. I know when I had my first I would have love to be famous as I was just totally in love. Every outfit I put on I wanted the world to see how cute she looked. Every smile every coo. I cannot imagine hiding my child away and allowing all this hurtful talk to go on and on. And it will not stop even after a picture is taken( which unless the Scientology space ship did take her away will one day appear)the talk I think will always surround her. I feel sorry for Suri. And the longer this goes on the more elaborate the tales will become until it will be hard to tell the truth from fiction .

yogadaisy on

What strikes me as odd is there has been no response from TomKat about this. Surely they are aware of all the “Suri/Fake baby” hype. Considering how much Tom values his public image one would think he would have done something to clear this up and stop this from becoming a Michael Jackson circus-like event which it has indeed become.

It seems keeping Suri hidden has become a real detriment to their public image which could lead one to believe that there is a problem somewhere….

LaMama on


Marie on

My official 2 cents worth is that I think she was really pregnant, Suri really exists and they’re just guarding everything around her.

It’s been pointed out that Conor and Isabella weren’t photographed for a long time, so why would Suri be any different? It’s been said that according to Scientology, the baby should be shielded for a while from public. My baby won’t be going anywhere for at least the first 4 weeks and we won’t be receiving visitors until after then either because we want the immune system some time to strengthen and time for me to recoup. Doesn’t mean my baby isn’t real though, just because people won’t be seeing him or her right away.

Yeah, supposedly the sale of the pictures was pulled, but we don’t know if the real reason was because Tom wanted more $$. It’s all speculative. Whatever sounds good at the time to sell more gossip, right?

As for her changing belly shapes and sizes — those two first pictures do seem different, but I look at my (overdue) belly and depending on how I’m standing or sitting and what I’m wearing, it seems to change too. And it does look like she’s giving the finger under her sleeve. Good for her if she is!

I would have said that maybe she secretly delivered sooner than announced, but with that supposedly official birth certificate, I guess not.

I can’t believe I’m actually kind of defending them… They irritate and bewilder me to no end, but here I am, saying what I’m saying. sheesh.

Stacey on

FREE KATIE (From the Scientologists!)

Check my profile for links!

Natalie on

ACK!!! Who cares anymore..

Tere on

My 2 cents: it’s their right, just like anyone else’s, to keep their daughter out of the public eye. The fact that they are celebrities doesn’t obligate them to release pictures of their kids.

What is fishy about this situation, however, is that watching the way this circus has played out, it really seemed like these people had no notion of privacy and were totally out there flaunting every single moment of their relationship. For people who layed it all out there, the sudden withdrawl seems weird.

And while I agree that the pregnancy pictures are strange, it would be hard to pull something like this off. And, in all the “post-baby” pictures of Katie, her face has that post-baby fatness to it that we’ve all gone through. How do you fake that?

The whole Cruise/Holmes thing has been so bizarre that I find myself thinking they could’ve actually faked this whole thing. But why? The lack of convincing motive keeps me on the fence on this one.

mabsat on

I agree with you Tere I dont understand WHY they would fake the pregnancy, and, more importantly, if theyd been faking the pregnancy all along, im sure they would have had a good plan thought out for when the ‘baby’ was born – if it was really a faked pregnancy they wouldnt then not show the baby and make everyone think it doesnt exist!! that just wouldnt make sense theyre not that stupid, if they were trying to hide the fact that they never conceived a child, they would have done it in a much better way im sure.

vedderlover on

I can’t seem to find the stretch mark pictures. Can someone send me the link?

kaylamc on

Just scroll down alittle and you will see it

vedderlover on

thanks kaylamc!

Alioop on

I had another closer look at the stretch marks photo and actually her belly is big just as a belly would look after giving birth but the marks look more like they were made from her sitting and having her jeans pressing into her skin … you can clearly see the mark on her skin made from belt loop on her jeans directly above the loop. Take a look for yourselves, you’ll see I’m not making it up. I am so confused right now!

chasingsnakes on

That’s what I thought about these so called “strech marks” when I saw them for the first time but I did not want to spoil anybody’s fun that she allegedly has them.

Anyway, I would like to share with you guys that whenever I feel bad about my life, I think of Katie because she is the person that I am sure has it worse then me.

Layla's Mommy on

I don’t think the pregnancy or the baby is fake but I do think there may be something wrong or that she had the baby eirlier than thought. Maybe they had the baby at home and then took her to the hospital later to get checked out. Maybe she was a few weeks old on the day they said she was born.

black on

I find it all very weird.
Why were they in the spotlights while they were dating and “being pregnant” and now they don’t let anyone (not even their friends) see their baby….
What’s up here????

Amara on

I love it that they won’t show the baby. Most of the interest in these celebrity babies are to criticize their looks. Not a Brangelina fan however, it was disturbing how some people compared shiloh to yoda. I don’t understand all of the fuss over these babies right after thier birth they basically all look the same until they are about 6 – 8 months old.

No matter how Suri looks people will attack her looks (something no child should be criticized for) because of their feelings for Tom and Katie.

People complain about celebrities pimping their children and they complain when they don’t.

Maybe I’m naive but why would Tom and Katie fake a pregnancy? If Tom is sterile getting sperm would not be a problem. I just can’t imagine Katie Holmes or any reasonably sane woman silly enought to go through with a plot like the ones the conspiracy freaks are claiming.

Amy on

This is crazy. They have no reason to fake a pregnancy. Katies face got chubbier and so did the rest of her body. She looked like any other pregnant woman.

SparrowsLady on

Repeatedly saying that Isabella and Connor weren’t photographed for years is not going to retroactively make it true:

After a year of very public strange behavior, it’s not really shocking that TomKat are the subject of outlandish conspiracy theories. You don’t get to have the wealth and attention that goes with being an international superstar only when you want it.

gargoylegurl on

I’m starting to wonder if Tom planned this whole thing and it’s all about money…

gargoylegurl on

I meant to also say…

I think what people have said, myself included, is that that Isabella & Connor were *seldom* photographed as babies, not never. Tom did an excellent job of shielding them from the press until they were quite a bit older. There are hardly any public or paparazzi photos of Bella & Connor when they were babies, the only ones I’ve ever seen are the ones linked above and that’s pretty impressive given Tom and Nicole’s level of fame.

LaMama on

Here’s another photo you can check out:

gargoylegurl on

Yes. I’ve seen that photo many times before. The children look to be more toddler aged as opposed to young infants.

Besides these 3 photos, I can’t really think of any others that were seen until they were quite a bit older…

Some people don’t want to acknowledge that the Kidman-Cruise children were rarely photographed when they were young because it doesn’t really help support the conspiracy rumors.

The whole thing is getting ridiculous!

april on

People in Toledo have seen Katie out with Suri, when Tom was in China promoting a movie. She was also reportedly looking for a house there.

loladaisy on

maybe she has really bad cradle cap?

Ali on

If people in Toledo have seen Suri, why haven’t the papparazzi? I don’t buy that for a second.

nicksmomma on

Oh my gosh, I have never in my life! I cannot believe some of the stuff being said on here. I agree with the person that posted that said everyone complained when they first got together and they were in all the mags, now they are out of the spotlight and just to have something to do, people are “speculating” that Suri doesnt exist or has a birth defect or died. This is awful. I doubt it, but just think if Katie was reading some of this stuff…I know personally, it would make me not take my child out now for sure. Why? Just to prove to everyone “Look, she is real, see, here she is!” No way! But see, now they are in a damned if they do and damned if they don’t situation. They have kept the privacy that they are entitled to, and are being put down for that, and now when they do show Suri, everyone will just say that it isn’t really their baby, or that they had to wait for the “adoption” of a baby to fit Suri’s age went through. It is so sad…this is similar to the same thing that Britney went through…after awhile every single little thing she did was pointed out and critisized, now she has went off the radar for a bit, and everyone needs someone new to go after…
Like I said before, I know if I were Katie, with all the “speculation” going on as to whether or not my child was real or not, I would say “Screw it, I am in no hurry now to show them for sure” and make sure no one saw her. This is just ridiculous in my opinion

nicksmomma on

Oh, and this is my two cents on what people are saying about them parading their courtship and engagement to the world…you are right, they did! So much at times, I felt ill. But a child is much different than a new relationship or even an engagement. They were flauting like it was no tomorrow, but maybe this area of their life they want to have to themselves for awhile…I know I did. And I know I am not a celebrity, but think about it, people put their engagement and wedding announcements in the papers and stuff (we did) and when our son was born the hospital put it in the paper (this is a small area and they do that with all births-but no picture) but for our engagement and wedding we put a picture of ourselves in it. Not of our son, that was something private, I guess you could almost say sacred to us. Is this making sense to anyone? I hope so, because I know exactly what I want to say and am trying to say, so I hope it is coming out that way…lol

gargoylegurl on

nicksmomma: I get exactly what you are saying and I totally agree!

Michelle on

Wasn’t there a photo awhile back of Katie holding Starbuck’s cups, her shirt flew up and revealed her real pregnant-looking tummy (flesh and all!)? It was posted on CB Blog a long time ago…anyone remember that? That was the only thing that helped me believe it was real back then…

mabsat on

yes if you click here then scroll almost to the bottom theres a pic of her belly taken in february.