Suri's pictures could fetch a pretty penny

07/13/2006 at 03:21 PM ET contacted the editorial staffs at People,Us Weekly, In Touch, Ok! , and Life and Style to find out how much pictures of the unseen Suri Cruise could go for.

Ok! said posed pictures of Suri, like those of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, would go for $4-5 million. However, In Touch and Life and Style magazines both feel the missing Suri is an effort by Tom Cruise to drive the price of the pictures up and were, therefore, unwilling to pay top dollar. One editor implied the pictures would fetch less if proceeds went to the Church of Scientology as opposed to the African children who benefited from Shiloh’s pictures.

You can read the rest of the article here.


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Marie on

I have to agree with the editor that implied that they’d get less if the money went to Scientology. I’d feel better if the money were going to people/children/cultures, etc who really need it. Maybe that’s why they supposedly didn’t get as much $ offered to them when she was first born… And I think perhaps, he is holding out to make the price go up, which is a lousy thing to do, especially if it’s for a greedy reason and benefits no one except himself.

AnnaRose on

I think if that’s his plan it’s going to backfire. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t care if I ever see a picture of the baby. I think it’s odd that we haven’t seen her yet, but I’m not as interested in seeing her as some of the other celebrity babies.

stephanie on

i disagree, AnnaRose. the fact that everyone overreacts and made such a big deal about not seeing her and making up conspiracy theories would just drive the price up.

AnnaRose on

It seems as if it’s the press that it making the biggest deal out of seeing the baby. Most of the people I know don’t care about seeing her that much. If they keep dragging this out there are going to end up being other, more interesting celebrities to care about.

gargoylegurl on

My impression of Tom is that he is very astute when it comes to his career & money.

I’m inclined to agree with In Touch and Life & Style on this…I think it’s entirely possible that Tom planned the “Suri Mysteries” in an effort to drive up prices for photos of her.

In Touch and Life & Style may not have the desire or the funds to purchase such photos, but I would be almost willing to bet that People or Hello Magazine would. With all the speculation and wild & crazy rumors that have surrounded this little girl; it would be worth every penny for a magazine to invest in this.

I predict a family or “posed” spread by the end of the year and I’m gonna guess the price tag around 5 mil!

I’m sick to death of the whole Tom/Katie/Suri thing, but if I’m being totally honest, I have to admit that I would buy the magazine with her pics just out of sheer curiosity.

Tom’s probably sitting back laughing at all of this – watching the world go nuts – and he will no doubt be laughing all the way to the bank.

Tina on

Maybe that is why Katie is so “sad” looking. Perhaps she is sad that she is being forced into keeping her child under wraps and forced to hear/see all the rumors all while Tom has a “big plan” to get more and more money. That would be worse than no baby at all 😦

aran on

So I guess Roger Friedman’s “sources” had no idea what they were talking about when they said Suri already had a photoshoot and mags simply wouldn’t pay enough for the pics.
The false stories/”gossip” about these two is reaching a preposterous new level. Can’t Fox News and MSNBC just report actual news for once?

LaMama on

If a magazine does come out with pictures, I say that we just don’t buy it. Why reward such behavior? He’s manipulating us and fattening up his wallet in the process.

Summerside on

I’m SO incredibly sick of hearing about Tom Cruise. He gives me a headache.

Campbell on

I’m hearing everyone ‘loud-n-clear… but, really “fattening Tom’s wallet?” I say this not to be down on anyone, but PLEASE PEOPLE, DO ANY OF US REALLY THINK THAT A 5-6-7-8-9-10-…etc. million DOLLAR BID MEANS SQUAT TO tc??! SERIOUSLY!! Who knows what the guy reads (or has “his people” read?)… In the end, WE are the ones entertaining ourselves. Truth be told, I find it all very interesting… would I be here posting if I didn’t?.. Bottom line… Nothing is more interesting that a group of (mostly women, I assume)people gettin together most days and dishin on what “could be”… Come on…. I think we find EACH OTHER MORE INTERESTING THAN NOT. *SMILE*

gargoylegurl on

I would agree that a few million dollars to Tom Cruise is probably not much money, but if his plan (as has been speculated) is to give the money to Scientology (or anywhere else for that matter) then a few million is a big deal. That’s a hefty donation!

Campbell I respect what you are saying & would agree that some of the Suri conspiracy theories have been amusing to read, but honestly I’m tired of it. I’m just speaking for myself here…I come to CBB primarily for the celeb baby photos & parenting articles…the Tom/Katie/Suri rumors are starting to get old with me.

Campbell on

Gargoylegurl… It’s funny I tend to agree w/ most of your posts…. and once again, I’m w/ you on this on … It is getting REAL old, and uninteresting…

AllisonJenny on

I wonder how much pictures of Suri’s new little brother George Glass will fetch j/k

Stef on

I’m pretty sure that no magazine would pay for the pictures of Suri if they knew the money would go toward the Church of Scientology. I can’t see a magazine wanting to associate themselves with a specific religion. That would really be bad press. I can understand them paying for a picture if the money is going to charity but the church isn’t exactly a charity.

LaMama on

Gargoylegirl, I agree with you and I’m just as guilty as the next person for having fun with this topic. But you’re right that it’s getting old. At the bottom of this whole thing is a little baby that deserves to have positive energy and blessings sent her way. *smile*

Dawn on

I truly don’t believe that there IS a Cruise/Holmes baby. I don’t think that Katie was ever pregnant. I think that the child we will see (some day), named Suri will be an adopted child. They may have even gone as far as making sure the baby was an exact replica of Cruise.

I think the whole thing is a sham and we will never, ever be able to prove it because a DNA test will never, ever be done.

I am so sick of hearing about the whole Tom Cruise thing. He has ruined his image with the whole Katie Holmes deal.

Sad, really.

Celeb Gossip lover!!! on

Okay Tom, you are cooler than Brad, Suri is more popular than Shiloh, will you show the f*^&in pictures already?? Yes Tom, we want to see pictures of Suri.

Is Tom always trying to pump his self up? Its like a popularity contest or something with this guy!!!

I just want to make sure she doesnt have the devils eyes like Rosemarys Baby, and I love Katie I would like to see her happy with her baby, she obviously worked hard for her!!

mystique on

HAHA like Tom would have his baby on the cover of Us Weekly and In Touch. Life and Style lol cant even afford it. They werent even in the running to be out of it, if we see Suri she is most likely going to People Magazine and then OK! Everyone else need not apply because I’m sure that Tom and Katie will have the final say in which magazine gets the photos.

And I’m with Gargoylegirl, I’ve had enough of this. CBB is about celebrating celebs and their children and most posts these days about Tom and Katie is turning into some indictment. I’ve read some posts on here that I never thought I’ll see, CBB is above this and better then those other blogs.

And just because he’s keeping his child under wraps means that it has to be about money? Why do people love to jump to the absolute worst conclusions about these two huh? They havent even asked for money and they are certainly not the only parents who dont wnat their baby on a cover of some magazine.

And I can tell you right know the magazines care about the almighty dollar and Tom and Katie dont have to tell them anything about what they’re doing with the money. Some celebs gave it to chairty, some keep it. Even if Tom and Ktaie gave it to scientology that will not be a factor in the bidding because they wont know and it’s none of their business what they do with it.

chasingsnakes on

To be honest – I don’t care to see Suri’s pics. All babies look like babies. I am watching TomKat news for one reason only. I want Katie to leave that psycho.

Stef on


That’s basically my theory. But I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting not to care. Maybe if people pretend not to care, he’ll get mad that his popularity has gone down and he’ll do something crazy to make it go back up again.

stargazer on

I find this whole situation totally odd. I am not a Tom Cruise fan and never will be. His actions last year between Oprah and then Matt Lauer and Brooke…he acted obnoxious and made a fool of himself. Yet, he was ranked #1 in Hollywood. So, bottom line- he could care less what everyone thinks, he’s got some serious power. Looking at the photos of Katie, she certainly didn’t look REAL pregnant. The timeline was proof to that but she did look different after having the baby. She did gain weight and her face was different, more mature. So something happened to her. Whether it was an actual pregnancy or the stress of trying to fake one. Who knows?
And yes, I am T I R E D of all this Suri nonsense. He is clearly keeping the secret of her just to jack up the price of the photospread. Wish we could mandate a boycott of all things TC/Suri….Annoying as ever. I am much more interested in Ed Vedder and his daughter!