Pregnant Heidi Klum in New York

07/13/2006 at 12:04 AM ET

German website Bunte has some fabulous belly shots of pregnant model Heidi Klum in New York City on Wednesday promoting her reality show, Project Runway. She was on both Today and Live with Regis and Kelly, and said that she is just over three months pregnant, is due at the end of the year and is surprised at how much sooner her belly has popped than with her first two. She told Regis and Kelly that she didn’t even start to show with Leni until four months along.

Heidi also did a new interview with AOL Books – here are some highlights:

On the jump from two kids to three: "It does [change the family dynamic]. We’re a new family and we’re just figuring it out for ourselves too. We don’t know everything and sometimes you can’t read everything in books, sometimes you have to figure out how things work for you, but it’s a lot of fun. We have always wanted to have a big family and that’s what we’re working on right now."

On the transition from pregnancy to motherhood: "I think that being pregnant should make a difference to a woman. I think that you should always have a healthy lifestyle with everything that you do. With your head having a healthy mind, being forward, being happy, being really content and happy with yourself, and the same with working out and eating good. And if you have all of that before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy, it will be much easier for you afterwards to get back in shape and understand the process of your body being pregnant and going through these different stages. A lot of people get really depressed when they get really big, ‘Oh my God, I’m so big! I don’t know if I’m ever going to be skinny again!’ But I think that’s just nature, and the most important thing is that you have a healthy child afterwards to look forward to. And your body will go back."

For those who’ve had more than one child – when did you start to show with your subsequent babies? From the looks of her belly, do you really think Heidi is three months along – or perhaps more?

Thanks to CBB readers Annedore, Lisa, Bella, Katrin, Mary Beth, Deanna and Christine.

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AnnaRose on

She doesn’t look three months pregnant. Maybe she’s going to typical celebrity route and lying about the due date.

Smileyme on

Wow, she looks a lot bigger than three months. But as usual she looks great, pregnancy seems to really agree with her.

Shannon CBB contributor on

Im thinking maybe four to five, because she wouldn’t have announced it until at least 12 weeks.

Rye on

Wow! She is HUGE for 3 months!!! Maybe she is having multiples? I can’t imagine how big that baby will be when it comes out if she is already that round with it only being 3 months! Crazy!! I am hoping they add another girl to the mix so Seal has one of each (even though he considers Leni his daughter-I mean biologically)

Mia on

she looks very defined for just 3 months, Im thinking maybe 5-5 1/2 months,going onto 6 maybe.

If she said she’s due at the end of the year-wouldnt that imply November/Dec. due date-which would mean she’s about 5 months along now.

pink.lioness on

Heidi looks much more like 5 months along in this picture. But if she was having twins, surely she would know, and share those news? Anyway, congrats – they are a cute family!

Sarah CBB News Editor on

This is Heidi at 5 months along with Henry, for comparative purposes:

Personally, I think she’s farther along than she’s saying she is. I think she’s 4+ months and due in November. Just my opinion though, no sources to back it up.

melle344 on

For some reason, I think she is having more than one baby. I think she is carrrying twins. And, she is probably four months or five months pregnant.

Shelly on

I think its funny that Heidi Klum and Britney Spears are pregnant again at the same time. I think Heidi looks very cute pregnant 🙂

AnnaRose on

rye: I think it goes beyond Seal just considering her his daughter. He is the one who is raising her, and loving her, and taking care of her, therefore he is her father. Blood does not make a family.

Amanda on

My first pregnancy I had multiples (a set of twin girls) and I didn’t start showing until I was 4 months pregnant. I was small and cute for about a month and a half and then bam – I was huge. I’m now pregnant again and I am 3 months pregnant (my twins are only 11 months) and I am already showing in a big way – everyone assumes I am at least 5 months as well. Sometimes you pop sooner after a few kids, and sometimes you stay small. She could be off, but with all the money she has I would think she could afford a good doctor who would be able to tell her a correct due date.

Natalie on

wow! she’s huge for three months! Katie Holmes was nowhere near that huge at three months, and everyone thought she was five months along!

we shall wait and see!

Estelle on

I think she is so big b/c it’s her 3rd baby in 3 years. I know girl who had 3 babies in 4 years and she showed that early too with the last one.

Lorus on

I think women tend to show a lot sooner if they get pregnant soon after having their last. Plus the more you have the weaker the ab muscles are at holding in the uterus.

Shannon CBB contributor on

Amanda – we aren’t suggesting that she doesn’t know the correct due date…it’s just that sometimes celebritites announce an earlier date to put off the paparazzi. A prime eg of this is Britney when she was pregnant with Sean. She said Oct, and she had him Sept – we all really knew it was Sept though because JamieLynn let it slip on her blog.

It’s just a way to put the paparazzi and media off a bit.

OoSpoiled1 on

I don’t think Heidi is one to lie about her due date, she seems a very honest person and not someone who cares too much about the paparazzi knowing when she is due.

That said, I think the reason she is showing so much is because this is her 3rd pregnancy in 2 years! Her oldest just turned 2 in MAY! Her ab muscles have had absolutely no time to tighten back up, so that’s why she’s popped so soon!

Karen on

My first pregnancy I did not go full maternity wear until 5mos, 2nd 3mos, 3rd 6 weeks I could not button my pants anymore and I need to up a cup size in my bras. I just exploded the last time around. I also gained the least amount of weight with the 3rd. Go figure!

Karen on

3 babies in three years = slacker stomach muscles thus bigger bumb earlier!

owens_mommy on

I just wanted to add that I am due about the same time as Heidi and I am the same size she is. This is my third pregnancy and I was in maternity clothes by seven weeks. I haven’t gained any weight yet (actually lost some due to morning sickness) but my belly just popped out really quickly. I agree, she has been pregnant three times in three years…it would seem completely normal to me. She is probably somewhere in her third month, but it might be towards the end?

TracieLee on

With my first pregnancy, I gained most of my weight during the first trimester and at 3 months, I looked about 5 or 6! I think Heidi is amazing and even if she is misleading the public about the due date, then that is her right!

Lisa on

Wow, I have two children and I was huge with my second. I showed much earlier also. I agree with the other posts that Heidi looks farther along than 3 months, but with the media the way it is these days, I don’t blame her for wanting to throw them off the trail a bit. I have to say though she was very big with her last pregnancy and maybe she is just bigger due to this being her 3rd child.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

That is true – remember, we all thought she was due with Henry in July because of how big she was, but it wasn’t until September?

I just counted out the weeks, because I’m wondering – if she’s due by the end of the year as she says, and the last week in December is 40 weeks…she’ll be 16 weeks/4 months this week. So either way, she’s further along that she says, but that’s not a suprise considering she did the same thing with Henry.

Melissa on

I have three children. With my first child, girl, I didn’t show until I was around 5 months. Second child, girl, I was showing very early one like around 3 months. Third child, boy, I didn’t start showing until I was 4 months.

Lisa on

Sure I think she could be three months. This is my second and I was huge already at 3 months. No one believed me when I told them I was due in November.

GrietjeV on

I have always been very tiny. I’m only 5′ 1/2″ tall. I was around 98 lbs. when I got pregnant with my first child and she had nowhere to go but straight out, so I showed at three months…most people thought I was around five months along (she was a 7 lb. 3 oz. baby.) I showed by three months with my other two (I had three in all – the second one was a 7 lb. 13 oz. boy), but really blossomed with the last one because she ended up being an 8 lb. 2 oz. baby, which was big for little me! I gained 19 lbs. during the whole pregnancy with the first two and 21 lbs. with the last one. I was only 5 lbs. over my normal weight when I left the hospital with all three. I know that’s not the norm, but that was apparently normal for me.

Stella on

She does look big for three months, but she still looks gorgeous! She probably popped so much due to getting pregnant so soon after having a baby. You know her, she will be lingerie ready soon after the delivery.

Stacie on

I personally think that she is farther along. I have had 4 pregnancies (1 set of twins) and while you do get bigger faster with subsequent pregnancies, it is a fact that the uterus isn’t that high at 3 months. I believe it’s only half way to your belly button at that point (if that much). She is pooched out much higher up which would sure indicate that she is farther along.

FC on

She looks great. I wasn’t expecting her bump to be that out, but she looks so cute. She’s one that stays cute while pregnant. She has for each one, really. To me, anyway. ♥

gcs on

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my third and I am HUGE this time!!! I had to dig out maternity stuff two weeks ago after wearing tight clothes for three weeks! She could totally be 3 months pregnant.

Sandra on

All I know is that Ms. Klum looks AMAZING! Whether she’s 3, 5 or however many months, she manages to look beautiful.

gargoylegurl on

My guess is that she’s between 4 & 5 months along with a Novemeber/December due date.

Jessica on

I’m due Dec 23 and I’m just about 17 weeks so she must be at least 4 months if she is actually due this year. I think she looks fantastic all the time and carries her pregnancies well. Congrats to her!

Katie Ford on

it’s twins