Jennifer Garner expecting baby #2?

07/13/2006 at 03:17 PM ET

69b0fbbcf8 x17online has several suspicious pictures of Jennifer Garner that have led to the question, is Jennifer expecting baby number two? Jennifer has one child, daughter Violet, 7 months, with husband Ben Affleck.

What do you think?

Source: x17online


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Sara on

I voted yes… just cause I hope she is. I would love to see her and Ben with two little ones.

AnnaRose on

I googled the movie to see what it was about, and from the description it doesn’t sound like she’s pregnant in the movie. So I’m voted for pregnant.

josiekate on

I don’t think she is expecting. I looked over at and checked out the board comments about the movie and a couple of people said they saw her less than a week ago and her stomach was flat. So it must be for the movie.

Millie on

Hmmmmm I’m not sure, her belly does seem slightly more rounded in the comparison shots…. I suppose only time will tell!

AnnaRose on

The fact that her stomach was flat last week doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not pregnant. One of my friends just had a baby and she had a perfectly flat stomach the one day that I saw her and then I saw her two days later and she was huge. She just sort of popped instantly like that with all of her kids.

gargoylegurl on

Oh, I hope she is! I love Ben and Jen! 8)

Autumn on

Oh that would be cool if they had another child, and let it be a boy this time so they’ll have one of each at least!

Truly though I suppose only time will tell if Jen’s already pregnant again, but it’s still fun speculating! 🙂

(If she is expecting again and looks like that already, then it must be the case of Heidi Klum and AnnaRose’s friend who popped out earlier in their pregnancies.)

Mommyx1 on

Nah, I don’t think so.

Lindsay on

The shirt looks too snug on her… I wouldn’t exactly say tight buts really really conspicous. I’m going to say yes on this one only because It would be nice to see her have another baby. She seems so down to earth.

Victoria on

I don’t think she’s pregnant, and I don’t think it’s part of the movie either. I think she’s got some babyfat still.

haylie on

i went to their site. and the source where they got it from which is x17 blog site. and some do look it as some dont look it. and there were comments on x17 blogs that seem to be possiblities like she hasnt lost the baby weight completely. but i would love to see her have another one even if this one isnt true. she looked so beautiful pregnant and even when she isnt pregnant she looks beautiful

Meg on

I hope Ben and Jen are expecting again. They’re such a cute couple. I hope that they don’t become another Hollywood divorce statistic.

redgirl on

I hope she is! Violet is so cute and it seems like Ben & Jen love being parents. Didn’t Ben say they wanted a bunch?

Summerside on

I don’t think Jennifer is expecting but I would love it if she was since she’s my favourite celebrity mom.

landroverdisco on

I don’t think she is pregnant. I do hope she has another one but not this soon as I think her body still needs to recover from Violet.

josiekate on

After reading more comments, I agree with Victoria that it is just a little leftover baby weight. I came across a picture from back in April and she looked about the same as in these pics. But I am sure she will have another soon!

Campbell on

See, I’m not feeling the whole “I love her and her fam, so I hope she is” … ya know, just NOT a good reason… don’t mean to rain on anyone… I absolutely love Jen, Ben, Violet, the whole story if you will. But because WE love pregnancies,babies, children, etc. Doesnt’ mean that our fav’s are automatically gonna deliver (no pun intended)*oh, I crack myself up*…. jk

AnnaRose on

campbell: I don’t think that anyone was saying that we THINK she’s pregnant just because we like them. They were saying that they HOPE she’s pregnant because they like her. THINK and HOPE are two totally different things.

Annie on

I don’t think she is pregnant. I’ve been a fan of Jen’s for years and she’s always had a stomach that stuck out just a little even though she was very fit.

Layla's Mommy on

I voted no but I think it would be cool. I bet she is still nursing and that is why her boobs are so big and i think the tummy has a lot to do with the posture.

A on

I am really cautious to say that she is pregnant! I think that the t-shirt is too small and she hasnt lost all the baby weight as quickly as others do! Nothing wrong with taking your time to lose the weight! 🙂

Kim on

haven’t we learned anything from the whole Reese debacle….she’s BLOATED!!!

jashmom on

Ben, Jen, & Violet are my favorite celeb family!!! That would be awesome if Violet is going to be a big sister soon. But I have to agree with some of the other posts that Jen still has some babyfat. It’s not that easy losing that baby weight. I’m still trying to lose mine (and my 2nd is 16 months old).

shaine on

I think she may be, look not only at her tummy, but her boobs, they are bigger too.
It would seem anyway.

Layla's Mommy on

It looks like she is wearing a nursing bra. The straps are really lumpy. I think the big boobs are due to nursing Violet.

chasingsnakes on

She is not pregnant – just not skinny anymore.

linda on

Stop dissecting the poor woman’s life! If she’s pregnant then she’s pregnant…if not then she’s not! We’ll find out soon enough

Melanie on

I voted no. posted a photo of her from the same movie set recently, and she didn’t look pregnant at all. I think it’s just the way the photo looks. I do love her though, and think Violet is very cute, but I think she’ll wait a while to have another baby.

yeehuaser on

I also voted no because the People picture also made a reference to her Boston Univ. shirt saying that she has been working out very hard with a trainer and another report said she was seen working out very hard at a gym. Makes me think if she were pregnant she’d monitor the intensity of her workouts a bit.

Aubree on

I don’t think she’s pregnant. I had a baby 6 months ago. I lost my weight less than 2 months after I had him (I’m a very thin person and only gained 30 pounds) but even now, if I’m not thinking about sucking in my stomach, it looks like I’m about 4 months along. She looks wonderful!

nicksmomma on

I dont thinks she is pregnant again, I do want to see her and Ben have another or two though. My son was born 3 1/2 years ago and I still have a little pooch that if I wore a really tight shirt like she has one and didnt suck my in tummy may lead some to believe that I was pregnant. But, I am not. So, I think hers may just be a little left over from Violet.

emily on

just to let you guys know im related to ben and him and jen are not expecting their second child. she still has some baby fat and hasnt lost it all but she is training here in Boston with a BU trainer.

elizbth on

she doesn’t look pregnant at all! its just a bump from her pregnancy with violet!

audrey on

No,I don’t think she’s pregnant.She doesn’t look pregnant at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nose on

nicksmomma, can you confirm whether or not she is nursing?

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I can confirm that she is.