Interview highlights from Britney's Harper's Bazaar cover

07/13/2006 at 08:53 AM ET

Britney Spears is due with her second baby in mid to late September, and she shares her feelings on pregnancy, Sean Preston, 10 months, and the return to performing. Some highlights:

On pregnancy: It’s "empowering," but "you don’t feel the most beautiful all the time." She adds that she felt unprepared and paranoid while pregnant with Sean, but with this pregnancy she’s just "had to wing it."

On image: "[Pregnancy] was weird for me at first because of who I am. Wherever you go, they expect you to look a certain way. I’m not supposed to be this big huge pregnant superstar."

On working out and performing again: "After this baby…I’m going to get really intense with [my workouts]. According to Harper’s, Britney says she "can’t wait" to perform again, "but I really have to take my time and do it right and be safe…Actually, not that safe. When you perform, you have to be dangerous."

Source: People

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joy on

I’m afraid she’s lost much of her fan base and won’t be able to be what she was. She’ll have a hard time regaining fan status at this point.

Victoria on

I agree with joy. I think that if she wants to go back to “performing” (and I appreciate that she doesn’t consider herself a vocalist) she should think about changing her focus audience and sort of reinvent herself. If Mariah Carey can make a comeback the way she did, I think Britney can do it. She’s got to get herself together though, continue to spend time raising her children, grow a little as an adult, etc. I really like the person I became after I became a mom. It was a better version of me. I think it happens to every mom, if you just go with it.

Keila on

I’m happy for her and her goals. She may have lost most of her fans but I think she will gain some when she gains her figure back and all. I think she can come back if she wants to.

NA on

I think she is a great person, and she needs time, I like the way that she doesn’t seem affected about this whole hollywood thing. I mean she doesn’t care, she is not that fake. “she is who she is” and she is not afraid od that.
I’m sure she is gonna back to work, but like she said it… she is taking her time to do it right.
I wish her the best with her kids, her family and her career. I’ll be waiting for you Brit!

Jenn on

This video says it all! i just saw it posted a little while ago. I hope she turns it around for her own good.

NA on

wtf was that jenn? I know people has too much time in their hands. Oh boy!

AllisonJenny on

“On image: “[Pregnancy] was weird for me at first because of who I am. Wherever you go, they expect you to look a certain way. I’m not supposed to be this big huge pregnant superstar.” “

If by “look a certain way” you mean brush your hair and wear outfits that match,Britney, then yeah that is what is expected of you, me, and every other person on the planet. And you are so not a superstar : P

NA on

Give me a break. You can’t deny the fact that she is a superstar. hate her or love her… she really was/is a superstar.

Elli on

I continue to feel sorry for Britney. I had babies very close in age like her and can’t imagine going what I went through with the ENTIRE world watching me.

Chin up, Britney.

AnnaRose on

AllisonJenny: Great post. I was thinking the same thing when I read her comments. I don’t the expectations that people have of Britney’s appearance are unrealistic: wear shoes in a public place, brush your hair once in a while, wear something that you’re not hanging out of. I don’t think those expectations are too terribly high.
And I agree about the superstar thing as well. She is not a superstar, as far as her career goes she’s quickly becoming a has-been and if not for her lifestyle choices she would have been long forgotten by now.

lizzielui on

Britney was/is deifnitely a superstar and anyone who suggests otherwise is not in tune with pop culture. Before marrying Kevin she was the IT Girl and teen queen of the decade. Millions and Millions of records sold ( Three consecutive albums to debut at number one and over 30 million world wide), sold out concerts, and a huge fan base both here in the States and internationally. Her superstar status is the reason why she has consistently been in the papers for the past six years. If she were a C-List celeb the papparazzi wouldn’t care less about her. I am by no means a Britney fan, however, before having my twins I worked in the entertainment industry. Love her or hate her you cannot deny the star power that this girl has had over the years.

AnnaRose on

lizzielui: Actually her last several albums have done poorly, and her career has been going downhill. So I don’t think I’m all that off-base in calling her a has-been.
And I don’t agree that her superstar status is why she’s been in the papers for the last six years. She’s in the papers because she keeps manipulating things so she’ll end up in the papers. The true superstars don’t have to work so hard to get attention. Britney has done a reality show discussing her sex life, sold her wedding and baby pictures, risked her child’s life in public, and posed nude on the cover of magazines. She’s in the papers because of her constant publicity stunts, which is something that generally happens with people who are no longer that popular on their own (Micheal Jackson is one example that comes to mind).

tink1217 on

well, she has only released 4 full albums and a greatest hits album so how can you say her last several albums haven’t done well?? That woulod include all of them. Which, everybody knows she has sold millions of albums since day 1. I am not counting all the remixes and imports. I really hope she can bounce back from all the bad press and get her body back after baby #2 to make a come back in a couple of years. Something more mature in her music, maybe. If looney bin Mariah Carey can come back so can Britney. Granted, Mariah has an incredible voice and range, but Britney CAN sing. I just hope people can give her a chance.

tink1217 on

Oh, and most celebs do sell the rights to specific wedding and baby pictures to the magazines like People. Catherine Zeta Jones and MIchael Douglas did for their wedding, as did Star Jones. And, Brangelina did of baby Shiloh, for a good cause, of course. It is nothing new for celebs to do that. Otherwise the press would go to crazy lengths to get their hands on them anyway.

AnnaRose on

You’re right, most celebrities sell the rights to baby and wedding pictures. But there’s a difference, IMO, between selling one discreet picture to get the press off their backs and selling a 6 page spread with all the wedding details. In a case like that I think it’s more about getting attention than about getting the press off their backs.

AnnaRose on

tink: Here’s why I said her last couple of albums haven’t done well:
album # 1 – 14 million
album # 2 – 10 million
album # 3 – 4 million
album # 4 – 2 million
album # 5 – 1 million

I didn’t count any of her remix album. As you can see, each album she does the sales go down drastically. So I really don’t think I’m being unfair when I say that her last few albums haven’t done well, and in the pop world selling only 1 or 2 million isn’t really considered doing well when you started out selling 14 million albums.

KMGunn on

I totally agree, AnnaRose. Britney was never anything more than a PR invention. So what is she going to “come back” as? The poor girl isn’t exactly the sharpest knife, to put it mildly, and her fan base, as is the case with 90% of teen idols, are/were little girls and boys – most of whom I’d be willing to bet have grown up and moved on, and thrown out their Britney CD’s in embarrassment. Her moment has passed, thankfully. I wish her no ill, I’m just sick of the sight of her. She’s milked her questionable “talent” for all it’s worth – now I hope she just disappears and lives happily with her millions and her “awesome” husband.

Alison on

AnnaRose, those number’s aren’t quite accurate, her fourth album has been certified 2x but has actually sold over 3x, her label just hasn’t paid for the certification yet. And her fifth Greatest Hits album is a little different in that they tend to be more popular in other parts of the world than they are in the US. Worldwide the figures look something like this:

BOMT: 26 million
OIDIA: 20 million
BRITNEY: 12 million
ITZ: 9 million
GH:MP: 7 million

These are amazing numbers, she’s the top selling world-wide female artist so far this century. And over the past 5 years or so, all album sales have decreed while legal downloads have increased. Nobody sells 26 million copies of an album anymore.

The press makes much of this decrease, but in reality people that sell numbers like 7-9 million copies of an album these days have a big success on their hands. Kelly Clarkson’s album is huge, selling well for months and months and it just passed the 10 million mark worldwide.

AnnaRose on

allison: I was going on the U.S. sales, and even if you’re going on the worldwide sales, you still just demonstrated my point for me, every album goes down drastically in sales.

NA on

Come on people you can deny the huge impact of this girl…
it’s all about the hate.
“Hate her or love her you can ignore her”

NA on

Posted by AnnaRose: every album goes down drastically in sales.

You are complete right… but that it’s not happening just with Britney Spears… look some other artists their album sales are going down drastically too.
This generation is full of ilegal music so…

Alison on

It’s not all illegal downloads, legal downloads are going up every year. The music world is changing. I expect that in a few more years the Internet will be the normal way to purchase music.

And AnnaRose, I know you were posting US sales, but I wanted to give the bigger picture. And if you think I have proven your point you didn’t read my whole post.

spindoctor on

Spears is the only female in music history to have her first four albums debut at No. 1. She’s sold over 50 million worldwide in 5 years, which is unheard of. She’s has the top 3 scents ever for Elizabeth Arden (10 million bottles sold). Top celebrity google year after year. Forbes lists her net worth at 150-200 million. I think she can safely call herself a superstar. If she’s not, then who the heck is? Seriously, people who say she’s not a superstar, whom do you consider to be one?

gargoylegurl on

No matter how she earned it – whether it was through talent or publicity stunts – I don’t really see how it can be argued that she is not incredibly famous, or as she stated, a “superstar”…

Love her or hate her, her fame is incredible. But really, what the heck does any of this have to to with her pregnancy or her comments on post-pregnancy fitness? It seems like just another excuse to debate about Britney Spears, it’s getting old and way off topic…

AnnaRose on

na: Printing the facts about her album sales is not hate. There’s a huge difference between having a problem with something that someone says or does and hating them.

alison: I did read your entire post. But your sales figures still have proven my point that each of her albums sells less than the previous one.

gargoylegurl: The comments that are being made are about the interview, so I fail to see how that’s getting off topic.

gargoylegurl on

I was referring to all the record sales info and the debate over her level of fame & how she attained it. In my opinion that doesn’t hold much relevance to the original article.

AllisonJenny on

Just to clarify, my idea of “superstar” is someone with staying power in the industry and a long term successful career. Think Paul McCartney, Madonna, etc. vs “flash in the pan” artists like Tiffany [I’m showing my age here ; )]

AnnaRose on

gargoylegurl: I disagree. We were commenting on something that Britney said in the interview. What exactly are we supposed to discuss if we’re not supposed to talk about the interview? There are no pictures to comment on so that leaves just the interview.

allisonjenny: I agree. I also only consider someone a superstar if they command attention without resorting to publicity stunts and other attention-grabbing things such as those I listed in an earlier post.

tink1217 on

allison, tiffany was a “flash in the pan” definitely. she was only around in the spotlight for somthing like 2 years. britney has been around for almost 10 years. she released BOMT, I believe, in 1997. So, flash in the pan I woulodn’t call her. She has had a lull in her career for the last 2 years. BUT, she has done other things like her perfume line also. Which must be doing pretty well I see it is still selling like mad in Macy’s. Of course a “superstar” is someone like Paul McCartney or Madonna(although I still don’t know why with her). Madonna has had 2 years at a time where she hasn’t done anything musically or hasn’t toured. AND, I do recall her “acting” roles. Not much critical acclaim there. So, most celebs do have a flop movie or album in their career at some point. This whole post is not directed at you, allison. didn’t mean for it to sound that way.

Look, I am not saying Britney is exactly like Madonna or anything. I just think that she gets a bad rap no matter what she does. So, I am hoping she will be able to have her baby, get back in shape, do a decent album, and create some staying power again. If not, she can maybe have the paparazzi free life she wants. That is….maybe in a few years.

gargoylegurl on

I thought the point of the article/interview was pregnancy, self image during pregnancy, & post partem fitness – not record sales, the definition of “superstar” or if a celebrity deserves to be called one.

Guess we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, AnnaRose. 8)

gargoylegurl on

Tink, I just want you to know that my last comment was not directed at you. I was responding to AnnaRose in regards to an earlier comment I had made. 8)

AnnaRose on

gargoylegurl: Obviously we are going to have to agree to disagree, because I see nothing wrong with discussing the contents of the article, and since part of the content is Britney referring to herself as a “superstar” I consider that open for discussion.

tink1217 on

that is fine, gargoyle! I didn’t think so!


boy…some people around here just always have to have the last word, don’t they! HAHA!

Ada on

oh these boards. sigh. its almost exhausting to read through these posts sometimes.

i love britney, i always have. ive always found her to be very down to earth and unaffected by her incredible fame. and yes, she IS a superstar… its basically an indesputable fact. whoever doesnt see that is allowing their personal feelings for britney cloud the facts.

i cant wait for her to come back! she definitely will. the girl has every resource at her disposal and can easily achieve her former body.

not that she ever “left.” she hasnt done a damn thing in over 2 years and yet she is in the news every single day. i think its pretty safe to say that her fame isnt going anywhere.

ps – if people followed ME around 24/7 with cameras, you’d better believe there would be tons of photos of me barefoot, or with messy hair and no makeup, or hungover, or wearing my boyfriend’s sweatpants and a ratty shirt, or something similar. and i wouldnt give a crap. no one looks perfect all the time in “real life.”

Raquel on

I believe that Britney will get back to shape, and have a cd coming out in 2007. She always said she wanted to be a mom in her 20’s, and she is doing it. I say good for her, for being able to put her career on hold while she decides to be a mom. I think this time, she is having a little girl.