Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnancy watch is officially a go

07/13/2006 at 07:27 PM ET

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is now on PregWatch.  We’ve been talking about it since January, and this morning on The View we finally received an update. Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t confirm a pregnancy, but announced that she is desperate to have a second child. Daughter Grace is 15 months. She has been trying to conceive for quite a while, (she had previously said they wished to start trying for a second baby when Grace turned six months) and has begun seeing doctors to discover why she and husband Tim are having trouble conceiving again. Elisabeth also mentioned she would like at least four children – possibly even five.

For information on secondary infertility, check out SecondaryInfertility.com. Although we have no idea if Elisabeth suffers from this specific condition or not, many women do have trouble conceiving again after a successful first pregnancy. According to their site, secondary infertility is defined as "the inability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy after having successfully done so before, and is thought "to be more common than primary infertility." If any of our readers have had experiences with this and would like to share, you may comment below.

Thanks to CBB reader Bella.

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AnnaRose on

I’m confused about how long she’s actually been trying. I thought she said back in March that she thought she was pregnant (by accident) and then it turned out she wasn’t but that it got the ball rolling on them starting to try for baby number 2. If that’s the case then she’s only been trying for a few monhts now. I thought a person had to be trying for a year without success before doctors want to start to look in to things. Or has that changed? Or maybe it’s different for celebrities, maybe the doctors bend the rules for them. I don’t know.

Campbell on

I saw this very show this morning… she made it very clear that she wanted to have another baby “yesterday”. She said that she thought it would “be easy” and apparently “her body is not ready to get pregnant”… quote, unquote. So , yes she specifically said that she is seeing her dr. and asking questions such as “am I ovulating”, “what’s my temp?” …etc.. So I don’t know based on that if there is actually a “problem” OR if she is just impatient.

AllisonJenny on

I have always been surprised that Elizabeth wanted more kids. The way she carries on about hiding in the bathroom to avoid sex and declaring she and Tim won’t take vacations to tropical places or take vacations just for the two of them…I’d think having more kids would make Bitsy even more uptight : (

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I found the hiding in the bathroom comments to be a bit counter-productive too, if she really wants a second baby!

Kristi on

My SIL had a successful first pregnancy but can’t seem to hold on to a second. She’s had 5 miscarriages in the last 2 years and is now being tested for various things. It’s really hard on the family, so I hope everything works out for Elisabeth and Tim.

AnnaRose on

I have a friend who suffered from secondary infertility and it turned out to be because of a thyroid problem. It doesn’t surprise me that secondary infertility is more common than primary, since pregnancy can increase a person’s chances of having hypothyroidism and thyroid problems can cause infertility problems.

joyandryan on

I seem to be suffering from secondary infertility, although my doctor has never called it that. Our daughter will be 3 next week; I had two devastating miscarriages last year and have been unable to get pregnant at all since July 2005, despite ovulation medication and charting temperatures. With every month that goes by unsuccessfully, it just gets more and more disappointing. We, too, want four or five kids, and it’s a frustrating thing to feel like the clock’s ticking. My prayers go out to Elisabeth and anybody else who experiences this problem.

AnnaRose on

joyandryan: Have you looked into the thyroid angle, because a thyroid problem can not only make it more difficult to get pregnant but it can also increase the chance of having a miscarriage. My friend that I mentioned in an earlier post struggled for several years with problems and her doctor was reluctant to run a thyroid test because he said it was necessary, but she insisted anyway and once she was treated with medication she got pregnant soon after.

Kate on

There are many causes for secondary infertility. In my case, PCOS is a factor (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Also, sperm quality can change so one of the first, easiest tests they can do is a simple semen analysis. (We can’t just assume its “her” problem.)

If that turns out ok, get thee to an RE, reproductive endocrinologist. Most ob/gyn’s do NOT have the training to do much more than prescribe Clomid and then don’t bother to monitor the patient as closely as needed while on this medication.

Contrary to popular belief, female fertility starts to decline in our late 20’s, then sharply declines after 35. If she tries for a year with no luck (6 months if 35 or older) she needs the RE.

spindoctor on

My SIL is suffering from secondary infertility. She is young (29) and has a 5 year old daughter, regular periods, nothing abnormal on medical tests- but no baby after years of trying. 😦 It’s a sad situation for the whole family. She’s desperate for a baby at this point.

spindoctor on

I forgot to add that she’s has several miscarriages. I often wonder if being overweight can hinder conception or make miscarriages more likely, as she is quite heavy. Does anyone know?

AnnaRose on

spindoctor: I think being overweight can lower fertility. But I’ve never heard anything about it making miscarriages more likely.

Lisa on

It took my husband and I almost 3 years to concieve our second child. I know there are women with real problems out there, but sometimes it just takes a while. Elisabeth is not my favorite person, but I hope she able to have another child.

MuffThumb on

she wants ANOTHER one? good god!

i dont know what is wrong with people these days! you cant POSSIBLY be a good parent to both children when they are so young. i think it’s unfair to the first child, and unfair to the parents to have that sort of stress so quickly!

i’m waiting until my first kid is past the terrible twos!

Dawn on

I had secondary infertility (my second child is adopted) and it is more common than primary but people talk about it far less often. The reasons people have trouble having subsequent children are the same that people have trouble having a first but also we’re older when we start trying again and fertility doesn’t improve with age. I host a group blog for women who are struggling with or who have struggled with secondary infertility.

AnnaRose on

MuffThumb: Under normal circumstances I might agree with you. But I don’t think it matters as much with celebrities, since they seem to be surrounded by hired help who are doing most of the work for them. So far every celebrity that I’ve seen who has had two kids really close together has just hired an extra nanny for the new baby. I guess it’s easy to have kids close in age when you’re surrounded by a staff.

Celeb_fan on

I take personal offense to your comment about it being impossible to be a good parent to children close in age. My brother and I are 11 months apart and my sister is 2.5 years younger than me. My parents chose to have us close in age and were/still are WONDERFUL parents. There is nothing unfair about having constant playmates growing up. My parents couldn’t have loved us more or done more for us. The amount of time allotted between children doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

Kate on

Has your sis been tested for PCOS? Miscarriages are more common with women who have it and the fact she is overweight may be a symptom of the PCOS. If she goes to an RE, they can do some labs to help figure it all out. There are meds she can take that may lower her miscarriage rate if it is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome.) Feel free to email me and I’ll send you some links for more info.

I hope that she finds answers soon.

meliciousgirl on

I conceived my daughter within two weeks of taking my Implanon implant out (it came out, I ovulated, I fell pregnant.) We’ve been trying for a sibling since she was six months old and she is now 15 months old. She weaned herself at 10 months so if you count from then we’ve only been ‘officially’ trying for 5 months without success, but I know plenty of women who conceive whilst breastfeeding.

Lisa on

MuffThumb: I also take offense to that comment. I have 2 children, Savannah who is 9 months and Chris who is 2 1/2. I just turned 24. You can be a great parent to 2 kids and be young. The best gift for a child is a sibling to grow up with. You could have all the money in the world and be a horrible parent. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you do/don’t have, as long as you love your children with all you have, that’s all that matters.

tink1217 on

If Elisabeth wants another now, I say go for it!!! I too have struggled with secondary(although it was for a 3rd child, not a 2nd)IF. My 2nd DH and I have been trying now for 7 yrs to have a baby together. I have had multiple MC (5 in all) and one ectopic pregnancy and lost my left tube. All my IF testing, including thyroid and PCOS have come back normal. We have even had recurrent MC testing and genetic testing on both of us. All normal. I could go on for days about this subject. I hope Elisabeth finds a quick and easy solution to her not getting PG yet. IF is devastating to anyone who suffers its effects. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

jessica on

It took 18 months for my husband and I to conceive our first child. We then tried for our second child and after 6 months we went to a specialist. We did everything except IVF. We just felt that we needed to stop once IVF was the only option left. I am not saying there is anything wrong with IVF at all. We are now in the process of adopting a baby from China. I just wanted to tell everyone how happy we are that we made the decision to adopt. We can’t wait to bring our daughter home. We may even go back and adopt again for a 3rd child.
This is an option out there for anyone who is having problems and can’t conceive or who can conceive but just wants to give a child a good home. It has changed our lives for the best. Feel free to ask any questions. I love talking about our adoption experience that we have gone through so far!
I will be praying for everyone who is having problems getting pregnant!

A.C. on

We are currently going through secondary infertility. We have been trying for our third child since May 2005. The hardest part about secondary infertility is that people don’t understand why you aren’t happy with what you have. The fact is you are happy with what you have, there is just a little someone missing. Another thing people don’t understand is that once you have a child (or in my case 2) problems still can arise. I just found out I have to have surgery to remove polyps, which is more than likely the cause of my 2 miscarriages last year.
I hope that Elisabeth finds the help and support she needs. I know that if I had listened to all the people around me, I would still have the feeling something was wrong and done nothing about it. Thank god for a husband who pushed me to see if something was wrong.

Jessica on

I have PCOS and antiphospholipid antibodies. By the time I was 27 I’d had 8 miscarriages and 3 live births. We tried to get pregnant for 3 years with our older daughter, we took a month off and went to Europe, came back got back to the RE and got pregnant that cycle. For our second daughter we skipped everything, got a higher dose of clomid and went to Europe and got pregnant that cycle. I have to be on low-dose aspirin during my pregnancies and heparin injections twice a day, it’s the only thing that’s worked to keep me pregnant.

KF on

I can definitely empathize with Elisabeth, and I wish her and Tim lots of luck and prayers in conceiving another child. It’s such a difficult thing to go through. I wish she wasn’t going through this, but I do think it’s courageous of her to share her thoughts and experiences on national TV. Hopefully it will help make other people more aware of infertility in general and help them be more sensitive to others who may be trying to (or can’t) get pregnant. I think many people assume that getting pregnant when they want to is a given, or that once they’re pregnant they’ll have an easy, full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby – but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Children are a miracle and a blessing…

Lore on

I have 2 children ages 8 and 5 and had no trouble at all getting pregnant with them. My husband and I have been trying for about 9 months now and we are shocked that it has not yet happened. I had a full blood test and internal exam and everything came back normal. I have always had regular periods. I guess its time to talk to a specialist. Thank you for opening my eyes to this problem. I hope you all are blessed with a healthy baby soon…

Erica on

Elisabeth’s face lights up whenever she talk about her baby Grace. I hope she gets pregnant soon because she really and truly does want to get pregnant.

elizbth on

allison, your comment sounds a bit up tight. is there something you don’t like about her which gives you the right to think she is too up tight to want more kids? what an insult!

i don’t think elisabeth is uptight. she has the right to talk about wanting as many kids as she wants without you swaying her or anyone else that she shouldn’t have them.

anyways, elisabeth is a great mom and makes beautiful babies! i can definately understand her anxiety. i hope she gets pregnant as soon as possible! she deserves it!

elizbth on

besides! what woman doesn’t want to avoid sex sometimes????!!! i’m sure you do! i’m sure she doesn’t purposely try to be counter-productive when she wants a child!!!!

Melane Marsh on

How would you feel if you could never have a child that was part of you? Born of you and your partners genetic make-up. As a female how would you feel if you could never feel your child grow inside of you? The devastating news that you have fertility issues. The treatments are expensive for anyone and unless your employer carries insurance to help cover these treatments you are expected to have the money up front.

Hi my name is Melane’ Marsh and I am a nurse at Renown. I work for the ER/Trauma team. I am contacting you to get my story out in hope of some help and to also help other women like me. Did you hear about the women who had two uteri and had a baby in each one? That is me without the possibility of having a child that is genetically mine. I was born with a Didelphic uterus. Yes that means I have 2. I also have 2 cervix. As if that was not enough one of my ovaries is wrapped up around my pelvis and I have had endometriosis. Since 2001 I have had 2 surgeries and have undergone artificial insemination 9 times. As a young adult I never knew that my menstrual cycle was heavier than it should have been or that the pain I had should have been reported to my OBGYN. I thought this is how it is and you get through it. Little did I know that this disease, endometriosis, was killing my eggs and my chance of being a mother to a child that had my genetic make-up. This has been devastating. Infertility alone is emotionally, physically, mentally and financially draining. This has taken a toll on my mind, my career, my body and my family and friends.

This last visit to Dr, Faulk he told us we need to think about donor eggs. This is when it really hit my husband that the road to us having a child that is genetically ours had ended. This has been really hard. We know the problem lies with me and we can not fix it. As a nurse and police office this is really hard to take. We want to fix it, make it better.
Looking at the positiveness of having a child with a donor egg, did you know that they can match you up to 99%? That the success rate of having a child with a donor egg is 98%. That is higher than the chances of you adopting or getting pregnant through IVF. The down fall is it very expensive. I am looking to get my story out, help other women that are going through the same thing, and in hope that someone out there will help my husband and I.

On Sunday 5/13/07 I went to work as always. I know I touched lives and saved a few, but through it all I wished someone could help save me. I am depressed, devastated and unable to move forward. I want a child. I want to feel it move inside me. I have no idea what god has chosen as my path. I am angry at him yet praying he will show me what is the plan for my husband and I.

I wish I could portray the Rascall Flatts song Stand. I want to turn around and stand tall, but I can not. I want to be an inspiration for other women yet I can not find the inspiration to wake up tomorrow. I feel as if my heart has been torn out. I can not turn around without seeing a show of children/pregnancy/family. Every song reminds me of what I can not have. Every time I turn around there is a child or a pregnant women. I am lost and helpless.
Thank you,
Melane Marsh

Kellie on

she was having problems conceiving because people like her shouldn’t be allowed to infect the gene pool