Tobey Maguire and Jen Meyer expecting first child

07/12/2006 at 10:59 PM ET

6475250tidi Update July 12th: ET is just announcing this news, although we’ve had it up since June 9th. Jen tells USA Today, "I’m walking on air. I’m getting married, starting a family and have an amazing company."

Update June 16th: It’s true! Jen is at least four months along. Check out the first belly photos here.

Update June 14th: Little birdies tell us that this isn’t just a tabloid rumor. Time will tell!

Originally posted June 9th: Tabloid Star magazine reports in this week’s issue that Spiderman star Tobey Maguire, 30, and his fiancee Jen Meyer, 29, are expecting a baby this winter. Apparently, "it’s still early, so they aren’t talking about it publically yet," but are very happy at the news. Tobey and Jen, who is the daughter of Universal Studios exec Ron Meyer, have been together for three years and engaged since April – perhaps when they learned of the pregnancy…? We hope to receive more information in the coming days and will update the post as we do.

Source: Star Photo Source: Bunte

Thanks to CBB readers Jill, DeAnna Sara, Jessica, Michelle, and Kayla.

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joy on

once again an engaged couple having a baby! It’s the new hollywood trend.

First comes love then comes baby then perhaps one day we’ll send ourselves down the aisle at some point and get married!

NicoleMarie aka Cole on

NO! I wanted to marry him!! lol

Well I know he is going to be a great dad.

Rye on

well, HONESTLY, in my opinion, as long as the parents are loving and caring that is all that matters. My parents got married because my mom became pregnant and that was “the right thing to do” but they didn’t marry for the right reason and are now not together….so, it depends. I think as long as the child is in a happy home with no friction or animosity between parents then it is a good thing.

gargoylegurl on

I agree with Joy. I’m not against children before marriage necessarily, it just seems to be very popular with celebs right now.

Dorkiee on

Im with Cole, i wanted to marry him.. ohh well..

Congrats to them both.

In regards to the engagement thing, its not like they are Paris Hilton, and get engaged every 2 weeks.. they are in a long term commited relationship and they are in love.. as are Maggie and Peter, as Rye said, there are not many people that have that before having the child. Just my two cents. 🙂

Lola on

Great for them if this is true. They’ve been together for a while and are very low-profile. I didn’t even know they were engaged until a couple weeks ago. Hopefully we will find out one way or the other soon.

Autumn on

Yeah I know what you mean Joy. Statistically lately it seems like 95% (if not more) of the pregnant couples/new parents listed on this board are all unmarried couples.

(Okay maybe it’s not that high, but it seems like it.)

Still congrats Tobey and Jen.

Lorus on

I personally think that having a baby is WAY more commitment than marriage. As long as the people are good parents it shouldn’t matter if they have wedding rings on.

krewcat on

I am a firm believer in marriage first, but I am old fashion. I’m sure they will be great parents even tho, in my book they aren’t great role models. Flame if if you want, its jsut my opinion.

landroverdisco on

Congrats to them! They seem like a solid partnership. Jen Meyer reminds me of Jennifer Grey before the nose job.

dave on

“I’m sure they will be great parents even tho, in my book they aren’t great role models.”

They’ll be great parents, but are bad role models? Doesn’t make sense. Being married does not make you a good parent.

Lola on

I agree with Dave. Being married doesn’t mean jack. Look at Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards or a thousand other couples. If Tobey and Jennifer are committed to each other and their baby that is all that matters. Though I do think they’ll get married eventually.

Rinna on

Well said Lola! I’m so happy for Jen and Tobey. They are adorable and seems to be so much in love.
Although I am a bit jealous, I’ve always had a huge crush on Tobey.
But congratulations to them!

spindoctor on

Only 68% of children in this country live with 2 married parents (and about 10% of those are in blended families). So honestly, it’s not unusual at all. Personally, my husband and I were legally married after the birth of our 3rd child. People always ask “How long have you been married?” and we say “4 years” and they say “but your youngest is 5?” hehe. I always go to to get stats on kids and families (that how I know these percentages).

Neva on

I just heard this news! WOW! I think it’s great!

They seem like two well rounded and mature people. Low profile-clean living and have known eachother for some time.

Looks like Tobey beat Leo (DiCaprio) to the finish line! Marriage and a baby!

God Bless You both Tobey and Jen!!!!