Katie Holmes in Colorado: "Suri's doing great!"

07/12/2006 at 10:08 PM ET

Friendsholmesus1 Katieteloptus11 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are now staying at his home in Telluride, Colorado. Katie was spotted out with a friend on July 10, and before getting into her car she was asked about almost 3 month old daughter Suri. Katie replied with "Suri’s doing great…she’s back at the house."

Katie has also apparently been spotted nursing Suri around town, but no confirmed sightings from reliable sources as of yet.

Photos for use on Celebrity Baby Blog courtesy of US Weekly.


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Punk_of_a_Tomboy on

I’m sorry, but Katie looks pretty haggard to me, if Suri does exist it looks as though she is wearing her mother out.

SparrowsLady on

Well, knock me over with a feather, I’m stunned: Katie was spotted out and about minus her daughter, again, her hair isn’t brushed, and her smile doesn’t reach her eyes. Who knew you’d ever see such a thing?On the bright side, the tabloids will have to ditch the stories that the wedding is on hold until she loses weight, since those jeans look painted on!

That “friend” looks like Jessica Rodriguez, the Scientology chaperone who frequently accompanies Katie when she ventures out in public and sometimes sits in on her interviews, like this one in W Magazine last year: http://www.style.com/w/feat_story/070505/full_page.html Curiouser and curiouser, I tell you.

Natalie on

I think Katie looks great, just tired. I think Suri might be quite the handful, as I was always under the impression Katie didnt have a very good pregnancy.

Natalie on

SparrowsLady, I really wish there was an editing button on this thing, as I take offense to the word friend in quotations marks. just because Jessica is of religious affliation, does not make them any less friends.

and Katie’s hair IS brushed. when curled and left loose like that, my hair does the same thing. doesnt mean I didnt run a brush thru it.

gargoylegurl on

I think Katie looks fine…actually pretty normal for a new mom…could it be that perhaps she is spending a lot of time with her new baby and is tired from that? I guess not. It seems very few people are interested in *logical* explanations anymore.

AnnaRose on

sparrowslady: Thanks for the link. That was the oddest interview I’ve ever read. I don’t understand what the point is in even doing an interview if she’s not going to answer any of the questions. It’s clear from that interview that she’s not “allowed” to speak for herself.

Rachael on

Wow, she’s actually out without Tom? That surprises me. I understand the privacy these two want and all, but still find it odd this poor child is 3 months old and we haven’t seen any inkling of her. With all the publicity these two seemed to love before she was born ~ you’d think we’d see something by now!

SparrowsLady on

“SparrowsLady, I really wish there was an editing button on this thing, as I take offense to the word friend in quotations marks. just because Jessica is of religious affliation, does not make them any less friends.”

It’s not because she’s a Scientologist that “friend” was phrased that way, but because of the nature of the relationship between the two. From the W Magazine interview that I linked in the original post: http://www.style.com/w/feat_story/070505/full_page.html

“Anyone who has seen photos from the couple’s June tour of European capitals in support of their summer movies will recognize the tall, cold-eyed Jessica Rodriguez, a third wheel at all of Holmes’s recent public appearances. Rodriguez, 29, was described to me as Holmes’s “Scientologist chaperone,” and it was clear that she would be on hand during our interview despite my protests.””

I don’t know, maybe they were always like normal friends and the magazine got it wrong, or maybe Jessica was really more or less what was described, and I don’t consider that an equitable friendship. One could ask why an adult like Katie needed a chaperone at her age, or if it is typical for a person expressing interest in a new religion (whatever it may be) to be appointed an around-the-clock minder of that faith who supervises conversations with outsiders, and one could wonder if that chaperone reports back to someone higher up in the faith, but we’ll never know, right?

SparrowsLady on

More on Katie’s coffee-run friend from the W interview, for informational purposes only: http://www.style.com/w/feat_story/070505/full_page.html

“After the interview, when I ask Rodriguez how long she’s worked with Holmes—reports call her a longtime employee of the Church of Scientology—she waves her hand and says, “Oh, no, we’re just best friends.… Well, Katie has a lot of friends.” And how long have you been friends? “Oh, a while,” Rodriguez answers. “I don’t know.”

It turns out the two women were introduced only six weeks earlier—right around the time when Holmes met Cruise. (Holmes prefers to keep the details of the couple’s first date to herself, but Cruise is said to have invited her to a sushi dinner on his plane.) Rodriguez comes from a family of wealthy Bay area Scientologists; she attended a boarding school in Oregon linked to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, then went to work for the church, reportedly attaining membership in the Sea Org—Scientology’s elite religious order, whose members commit to the church for one billion years—in 1998. No one close to Holmes will venture to say exactly what Rodriguez’s role in the actress’s life is these days.”

Lucky Katie to befriend someone so powerful right around the time she came into Tom’s life.

funkyfeet on

Thanks for the link. That interview totally freaked my out. I realize its the edited version but hot damn something just aint right about Katie and Jessica and Katie and Tom. *goes off to find complete interview*

Tracy on

How come we see all the other new parents with their babies (Gwen & Gavin, Brooke, Gwyneth) & not a thing with Katie? I’m sorry but I would take my baby absolutely everywhere. And I’d make time to comb my hair!!

AnnaRose on

tracey: Amen to that. She has tons of money and she can’t manage to leave the house looking better than that.

yogadaisy on

Holy Crap. I just read that article.

She sounds completely brainwashed. I had no idea it was that bad.

Rye on

I have no idea what is involved with Scientology and I have honestly always thought Tom Cruise seemed like a nice guy, so I won’t say anything BAD about them-but I do find it a TINY bit odd that there hasn’t even AT LEAST been a picture of either of the parents holding a SHROUDED baby or something at least like that. Has this baby even seen the light of day? I am just so confused about the whole situation! In some aspects it is actually a good thing, keeping the poor baby out of the way of screaming paparazzi and photog-hounds-and I guess Scientologists are very much into NOISE and the way it impacts infants in the early stages of childhood…so, that could play a part in why they don’t want the baby out a lot where shouting paparazzi kamakazzi ninja maniacs might attack. I DON’T for a second believe the rumors that there is NO baby (cmon-we all saw the pics of Katie preggo with stretch marks and in a bathing suit on a boat with Tom and his kids-so that rumor is totally debunked.) and I also disagree that they aren’t showing the baby to the public due to hideous birth defects…people are just coming up with whatever excuses they can to make Tom and Katie even weirder than they are. Get over it. While I do find Katie to be completely brainwashed by the scientology ways, she has a free will and she can do as she pleases, and Tom seems truly smitten with her-even if it does come off creepy and a little too over the top at times, i buy it. it probably won’t last like most other hollywood couples though-but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Layla's Mommy on

It is nice to finally see her out. she looks great! Lost the baby weight SUPER fast, huh?

Stef on


I read that article and was just floored by it. She did not answer a single question that he asked her except for the one about the dirty socks where she replied with a simple “No.” The whole thing just seems a bit too rehearsed for me.

Layla's Mommy on

I just finished reading that article. She sounds totally brainwashed. It is like she is a computer reciting pre-recorded answers. And that Jessica girl liying about how long they have been friends, that is just soooooo scary.

Here are some quotes that make my skin crawl. mostly becasue she never really answers a question and just recites what seem like Tom Cruise propaganda.-

W: Is there anything you guys don’t have in common?

KH: “You know, we appreciate each other.”
W: Isn’t it an adjustment to move in with someone—and after only a month? (In late May, Holmes packed up her apartment in Hollywood’s El Royale complex and moved into Cruise’s Beverly Hills manse.)

KH: “He’s the man of my dreams.”
W: I suggest that many couples prefer to cherish the feeling privately, especially in the delicate first months. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whatever the nature of their relationship, come to mind.

JR: “But why can’t they go public, you know what I mean?” Rodriguez continues. “Like, Brad and Angelina—that’s just a shame for them. Right, Katie?”

KH: “Yeah. I mean, I’m just so happy,” “And I love celebrating our happiness. I can’t keep it in.”

After the interview, when I ask Rodriguez how long she’s worked with Holmes—reports call her a longtime employee of the Church of Scientology—she waves her hand and says, “Oh, no, we’re just best friends.… Well, Katie has a lot of friends.” And how long have you been friends? “Oh, a while,” Rodriguez answers. “I don’t know.”

It turns out the two women were introduced only six weeks earlier—right around the time when Holmes met Cruise.
As if that weren’t already perfectly clear, just then a security guard lumbers into the dressing room and presents Holmes with a giant silver box tied in a thick purple ribbon. A small crowd gathers to watch her gleefully tear open the package and pluck out a Chanel diamond necklace—a gift, naturally, from Cruise. “He’s my man! He’s my man!” she screams, then jumps up on her chair to do an impression of her fiancé’s now-famous sofa shtick from Oprah.

People begin to cheer. “This is your moment!” cries the manicurist.

“I can do splits too,” Holmes says, jumping down and splaying herself across the floor. On that note, I suggest, we should probably get the photo shoot started.

“On that note,” she replies, “I love him.”

I need a shower to get all the BS off me!

Kate on

I think Katie looks good, just a little tired. She’s definitely dropped the weight quickly.

…but that interview is pretty creepy…

Jenn230 on

OMG, that interview is CREEPY!!!!!!! Honestly, if I felt that their feelings for each other were real, I would say good for them! I have NEVER questioned another hollywood relationship. This one just does NOT feel right. It hasn’t from the begining and it keeps getting more and more strange.

Lodi on

Whatever. That interview is so fishy.
I still highly have my doubts that this child exists. Great time for Katie to show her face in public and say her daughter is doing great, a week after US weekly publishes a story on them called ‘baby mystery’ and Suri’s shady birth certificate surfaces. Pathetic attempt at damage control if you ask me. Let’s face it, even if/when this child is seen no one is going to believe she’s genetically Tomkat’s child, especially in Tom’s case. Not ever.
Little Suri Cruise will forever have a place in Urban Legend folklore in my opinion.

Jen on

Is is cold in Colorado? It appears it is by the way they are dressed.
I believe they are hiding Suri because of the attention it is receiving. So when she does appear it will be viewed as a huge “attention” ordeal from the public. He is trying to find a way to top Shiloh’s birth..letting people’s suspense heighten until the big moment of showing her to everyone. I understand the public saying if they want their privacy leave them alone, but they are very public people with fans. If they wanted privacy,they shouldnt have flaunted their pregnancy. Of course people are curious about the baby it is human nature, famous or not when you know people had a baby you want to share in their joy.

Victoria on

Wow, she actually looks like the mother of an infant. Shocked.

Annie on

Wow. Just read the article and it’s really strange the way she acts and answers the questions.

LaMama on

After reading that interview, I’m beginning to think that this is much deeper than any of us realize. In fact, it’s alarming.

I don’t know much about Scientology, but it sure seems as if brainwashing tactics are being used. It’s strange enough that we never see them with a baby in public, but it’s also odd that we don’t see KATIE much, and when we DO she’s either with Tom’s mother or one of her Scientologist “friends.” Can’t she do anything ALONE? Is someone afraid that she’ll make a run for it? And the fact that she’s always accompanied by someone and NEVER has the baby with her, makes me wonder if someone is holding onto the baby somewhere to make sure that she’ll come back. Maybe that’s farfetched, but I’m really starting to wonder…

It’s bothersome that she can’t do an interview all by herself and that Jessica even answered some of her questions for her. Who is Jessica to tell Katie, “You adore Tom?” What an odd thing to say. Also, when questioned about the fact that people don’t believe their union is real, JESSICA says: “WE don’t read that stuff.” We? Weird. If they weren’t so threatened by SOMETHING, surely they would let her do an interview by herself.

It seems like there’s some kind of programming and isolation going on. How come we haven’t seen a single picture of Katie with her own mother? Having a first baby is a BIG deal. New mothers want to share that with their own mothers. I also think I read somewhere that Katie’s parents didn’t get to see the baby right away because Tom was not there and he wanted to be there when they first saw her. Doesn’t that sound weird? If I was a new grandmother, just try keeping me away from my new grandbaby. Also, you would think that Katie would WANT to have her baby at least SOMETIMES when she goes out. If she is, in fact, nursing, we all know that new babies eat ALL the time, so it’s natural to have them with you at all times.

Another thing I have wondered: If they have been seen around Las Vegas and Telluride, they must be flying. Even if Tom has a private jet, aren’t the security procedures still the same? Wouldn’t somebody see a baby boarding with them?

Why doesn’t someone who loves her, try to intervene? Will she ever be able to make another movie without some “friend” accompanying her? Will she EVER be able to have two seconds to HERSELF? You would think that her parents, a friend, a director, Nicole Kidman, ANYONE…. somebody who knows her (or knows HIM) would step in and talk to her, that is, IF they can get get her alone. I realize that she’s an adult and can make her own choices, but people who are brainwashed eventually LOSE their willpower. They begin to see outsiders as a threat. It concerns me that she said that her old friends in Ohio are not really her friends if they are worried about her.

Someone needs to get her and that baby out of there. Remove her for a few months and see if she still wants to go back!

LaMama on

Two more things. First, for her to keep repeating the same statements (mantras?) over and over is weird. I don’t care how loop-de-do in “love” you are… it’s just weird, especially a year later. Isn’t there anything intelligent to be said? And surely there’s something about him that annoys her sometimes! Secondly, the fact that he sent her a gift in the MIDDLE of her interview makes it look like his subtle way of showing that even when he’s not there, he’s still there. In a different situation, it could be romantic, but this one does not strike me as being that.

Let the woman BREATHE already.

Stacey on




THIS is what Katie Holmes has gotten into.

gargoylegurl on

This post is supposed to be about Katie out and about post-partem & her comments regarding her daughter. It’s not supposed to be about “the evils” of Scientology or some interview that has nothing to do with babies or parenting. Why is that stuff even on here? It seems this place is becoming more of a celebrity gossip blog than a baby blog. I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t merit discussion, I just don’t particularly care to read about it and feel it is way off topic.

I would like to see this site stick to celebrity babies, children, & parenting topics.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I agree. If we could get back on topic, that would be great. I’m guessing Shannon hasn’t had a chance to go through the comments on this post yet, so I’ll take a look.

Campbell on

If one would like to really break it down… I’m not sure that there is a “post” on this topic that could “cut muster” right now. “Tom, Kate, and “baby” seem to be on “another spiritual stratusphere…

Campbell on

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!!! (gracious, just tryin to inject a little humor!)

MuffThumb on

if someone could edit the comments having to do with the “W” magazine, that’d be great. an interview from more than a year ago, who’s author’s bias comes across in the very first paragraph, has nothing to do with Katie and her daughter, as her daughter hadnt even been concieved at the time!

please lets try to stay respectful and on topic, people. I dont understand how when other women look tired, it’s due to their child, but when katie appears tired, it HAS to due with scientology and brainwashing. makes no sense to me, and kinda insulting.

mystique on

This thread is not about the evils of scientology or the W spread. People here clearly trying to spread some agenda is getting old. This place is about celebs and their babies, except when it comes to Tom and Katie I guess. And yes that interviewer from the beginning you could tell went in with some kind of an agenda and considering anything can be edited to convey a certain thought, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt, its been over a yr.

Still waiting and hoping this gets edited.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I think this thread has gone far enough off topic. 🙂 Thanks for all your comments.