Angie's dad hasn't seen Shiloh

07/12/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

According to People, Angelina Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight, says the only way he has seen his newest grandchild, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, is the same way we have… through tabloid photos.

"I haven’t seen Shiloh yet. I’m looking forward to it," Jon said at the  L.A. premiere of You, Me, & Dupree. He added about Angie, "And no, we haven’t spoken. … I don’t, I didn’t have any communication with her."

Jon and Angie have been publicly estranged for two years.  Angelina previously blamed her father’s extramarital affairs as the reason she wanted nothing to do with her father.

As for his interpretation of recent photos of Angelina and her family, Jon seems to believe his daughter is truly happy, even without him in her life.

"I never saw Angie’s face more happy," he said. "Deep, deep peace that never has been there before until this. Beautiful, beautiful look. Both Brad and Angie looked so happy."

Source: People

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Natalie on

Awe that’s sad, maybe one day they both can have a healthy relationship.

sarah on

i think angelina jolie is very selfish. i think jon has every right to see his first biological grandchild and spend special moments with her. i hope angelina has the heart to share her daughter with her dad. this is such a sad story.

Joy on

My mom’s godson doesn’t let his father see his kids. And my brothers ex gf’s sister doesn’t allow their father to see her child. It happens and it’s sad but as parents they have that right. If my father was alive he too wouldn’t be involved in my life or the life of my child. Sometimes some things are unforgivable.

Kate on

I hope they work their issues out. It would be great for both of them if he has a relationship with his grandchild. He seems really happy for Angelina

Karmellah on

I hope their riff dosent keep Shiloh from seeing her grandfather.

landroverdisco on

How interesting that she has different standards for her relationship with her father, especially in light of how she came together with Brad.

black on

I’m so sick of angelina, brad, maddox, zaharah and shiloh.
I think they’re so fake.
And I totally agree with landroverdisco.

graciezma on

Well said landroverdisco…

ls on

I saw an interview with her inwhich she said that her rift with her father was due to his talking to the press about her and her adoption of Maddox beofre she had made an announcement, not extramarital affairs. The interview was done before Zahara was adopted. And, none of us know that she and Brad engaged in an affair while he was married.

Marie on

How irritating that he just assumes he’ll get to see Shiloh and that he assumes the title of “grandfather”. Sorry buddy, but just because you’re biologically related to Angelina, doesn’t mean you have automatic right to call yourself something very sacred. Being a parent or grandparent is a very special honor and no one has “rights” to being such just because of blood ties.

I don’t think she’s being selfish, but instead trying to protect her children — all of them — maybe from being hurt like she has been. Why bring your kid(s) around someone you can’t trust or have a relationship with?

I’m in a similar situation as Angelina. The man who fathered me will not be grandfather to the baby I’m due any second with (let’s get going already!) and will not have any claim to this child or any of my future children. He does the same thing that Jon Voight does; assuming he has a right or that he’s automatically a grandfather and it’s frustrating as well as aggravating. So I guess I can understand and see the other side of things a little easier…

Yes, it’s very sad and I mourn that I don’t have a father, but the alternative is unthinkable. I have tried since I was 15 to fix things and for the last 10 years, all he’s done is hurt me more. Sometimes it’s best to just leave things and understand that things just can’t be fixed.

landroverdisco, I can’t disagree with you more. We don’t know how things really were with Brad, Jen and Angelina. For all we know, Brad and Jen were separated and just going along with looking like a couple for the sake of privacy while dealing with their split. I know what it looks like, how he and Angelina started so soon after the public announcement, but we don’t know the full story, nor will we ever. We shouldn’t be judgemental about it.

Scorp on

First of all, I’m not a parent yet and thankfully I have a great relationship with my father HOWEVER if he presented himself in a way in my life that made me feel bad about the person I was I would stop being around him. Specifically, if he wasn’t really present in my life as I grew up. I’m not a huge Angelina fan but I can’t judge her for not wanting him around her and Brad’s kids because like most things, I’m not privy to the whole story. I do think there’s more to all of it than what she has said/will say in the media. Besides, ol’ grandpa never made such a fuss over her older kids. He’s on TV every other day talking about Shiloh…that certainly would stick in my craw a bit if I was Angelina. Regardless of Shiloh being biological or not, they have 3 children and if he wants to continue to talk to every entertainment outlet he might remember that…or better yet, use all the energy he’s expending on reaching her privately. Write letters, leave voicemails, send messages through people close to said person. It can’t help his case that he’s constantly on some show talking yammering on.

As far as how ‘Brad and Angie’ came together it’s all speculation…until one of them decides to talk about the other and the how their relationship began it will continue to be that. Both have said (and various set sources confirmed) they weren’t getting busy while filming their movie. Once his ex filed for divorce, they were both free to do what they wanted. Matters not that the marriage wasn’t ‘officially’ over at the time… He was not ‘in’ a relationship anymore (meanwhile, ex wifey moved on to her new man during that time frame as well). It happens all the time, not sure why some folks are so affected by these particular celebs and what they believe occurred.

nicksmomma on

Well, well, wonderfully put landroverdisco! I am not a fan of the whole Angie, Brad, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh family/situation. I know that in People magazine back when Tombraider came out there was a article with Angelina and Jon saying that they had reconciled since the whole situation with her mother and her father and how their split came about. She even asked the producer to let her real father, Jon Voight, play her father in the movie Tombraider, which he did. This last thing that made her mad and not talk to him was reported to be the fact that when she adopted Maddox, Jon was doing a press conference for something and when he was asked about Angelina doing her humanitarian work, he let it slip how proud he was to be a grandpa because Angie had just adopted a baby boy from Cambodia. That made her mad because she didnt want anyone to know yet. Then he has been on several shows since then in tears pleading with her to let him be a part of her and the kids’ lives, first for Maddox, then when she adopted Zahara, and now that she has had Shiloh. It’s just a sad situation. I understand that we will never truly know the reasoning as to why she is like this, only those involved will, but I do hope that one day she will let him be a part of all of her children’s lives. Especially since her mother is so ill with cancer now. In my opinion, it may do her family some good, considering how close Brad is to his entire family.

pink.lioness on

Does anyone know whether Angelina’s brother, James Haven, to whom she is very close, is on speaking terms with their father? James has always been supportive towards Angelina, so it would be interesting to know how his relationship with Jon Voight is.

editorjax on

I think it is presumptious of him to think he can see the baby. Angelina clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her father, and that is her right. Regardless of how her relationship with Brad, or anyone else, came to be, her father did harm to their family by cheating on her mother, when she was a child. She has the right to not want to see him. I always think Voight looks so pushy in interviews talking about Maddox and Zahara, and now Shiloh, when it’s pretty clear he’s never even seen these kids!

AnnaRose on

editorjax: I agree. He seems to think he’s entitled to see them. If I were Angelina I would just give someone free reign to my children if they were a bad influence. And she may even have more reasons than we think for keeping him away from her children, she might just be keeping the reasons private.

stephanie on

I swear there were more comments here. What happened to them? Anyway. he asked her, through E! news live of all things, to seek help for her ‘mental problems’ just before Maddox’s adoption was finalised. like a marriage ending, it’s never just one thing that caused it and I think Jon public tears and accusations were the last straw for her.

Anna on

For someone who has been engaged in extramarital affairs herself, I think she’s being overly judgmental about her dad. That brings me to think that there must be so much more behind her not wanting to see her dad anymore. But hopefully for all of them, they can settle their disputes eventually. Coz hating your own family is never a good thing.

ADH on

Nicksmomma, your version of what happened is exactly the story I remember hearing right about the same time Maddox was adopted. I remember when Jon was being interviewed by E! News and he let slip about Angie’s baby, etc. He seemed excited about it, and if I’d been Angelina at the time I might’ve been upset but not enough to entirely break ties w/my dad.

Since then though someone on here or somewhere else like imdb, claimed that “really at the time Jon had been dissing Angie’s abilities to be a fit mother (supposedly telling Children’s Services she had mental problems, etc.), and was a bit prejudiced about having a Cambodian (and now native African) child for his grandchild. And now he’s the doting grandpa because Shiloh’s biological, and probably will be the only one (unless Ange has more bio kids) because James is probably HS so he’ll never have kids.”

Whether or not Voigt actually said that to a reputable magazine, or to anyone at all is anyone’s guess.

(I wonder though if Voight was dying, and asked forgiveness for his past sins, if Angelina would be singing a different tune or not?)

stephanie on

James is not gay. He’s been engaged to a woman for a while.

crzymaid on


it’s not anyone’s guess what Voight said, (though I find it amusing that because you remember something the way someone else does on this site, that makes any other version dubious at best); if you do a basic search on Google you will find links such as this one about Voight’s statements to Access Hollywood on August 2, 2002.,6115,333476_7_0_,00.html

At the moment Jon Voight has been speaking to various news outlets (such as the San Francisco Chronicle) about how he’d like to celebrate his Emmy nomination by seeing her and Shiloh. No mention made of his other two grandchildren (I guess it can’t be as meaningful to celebrate with children who are not biologically related to you).

My mother is an elegant and charming woman with acquaintances and strangers and a bile-spouting harpy to everyone in the family including us, her own children. My sister and I do not feel obligated to subject our children to her behavior just because she is our mother. AJ has her own reasons for not wanting her father to have anything to do with her children.

ADH on

I defintely now remember reading the comment somewhere else, then it was deleted because it was so stupid.

When I read it, I highly doubted Jon Voight would be that biased about his grandchildren, but then again I suppose you never know how he is in person.

AnnaRose on

anna: Just because she chooses to not have her father in her life doesn’t mean that she hates him. In fact, she stated in an interview when she was asked about it that she doesn’t hate her father she just realized that there’s not enough energy in the day. Which I took to mean that dealing with her father is too taxing. And in that case, a lot of good can come from having him out of her life. Just because someone is related to you by DNA does not mean you should have to put up with their crap all the time.

Erin on

Angelina has stated that one of the reasons she does not have a relationship with her father is because she does not want to take her anger towards him out on her children. Their relationship is taxing on her emotionally that she feels not having him in her life would be best for all of them, especially her kids.

Angelina loves her dad but I do think she is right to cut her out of her life. Heck, if I had him for a dad I’d do the same thing.

gabriella on

Poor Brad. First Jennifer wasn’t talking to her mom, now Angelina’s not talking to her dad. He comes from such a close-knit family it must seem pretty bizarre to him.

On the other hand, I finally decided after 20 years of very negative energy to stop speaking to my own dad. Even though it went against all my prior hopes of being on good terms with my family, once I did it I felt like it was one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

Erin on

Angelina not talking to her dad is nothing new – she cut him out of her life before she and Brad ever started a relationship.

If I’m not mistaken, she cut him out of her life in 2001 or 2002 (not 2004 as this story suggests), while in the process of adopting Maddox. Jon went on TV and trashed her and almost ruined her chances of adopting Mad, so that was the last straw for her.