Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Nobu in Las Vegas

07/11/2006 at 04:56 PM ET

CBB Reader Eva wrote in with this sort of Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes sighting.

This last weekend, Sunday to be exact, I was vacationing in Las Vegas and dining at the famous Hard Rock’s Nobu.  When we arrived I saw two police vehicles parked at the side entrance of the Hotel (where I entered).  I really did not think very much of it.  We then entered Nobu and when we were seated I noticed that the back room was draped.  Later while looking around I noticed that the drapes had been tied back and that people were seated back in the room eating.  After talking a bit with my wonderful waiter I started to ask him about the frequent celebrity visits and he replied that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had just finished dining in the VIP room!  I did not see them but he said that body guards had checked out the place prior to their arrival and then they ate and left.  He also said that they were very nice people.  I had to ask if Baby Suri was with them and he said "No Baby" in a sad tone. 


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djk on

How convenient that just as all this news of “Where is Suri?” and comments like “there is no baby” – that you just happen to be where Tom and Kate were and the waiter said sadly “no baby”. What a crock!!! It must just prove that Suri doesn’t exist. Great job of cracking the case!!!

crzymaid on

Given that papparazzi can’t normally get into restaurants with all their equipment, especially in Vegas where the eye-in-the-sky sees everything particularly in the big casino-hotels, it’s kind of sad that they would have their bodyguards “check out” the place before they go in, especially if they are without Suri.
What’s next, hiring the secret service for “close protection”?
Delusions of grandeur.

Zoey on

Um, I don’t think she was saying that because Suri wasn’t with them she either does or doesn’t exsist. Just that on this particular instance Suri wasn’t with them.

Not that I don’t have my doubts about Suri.. but I don’t think that was the intention of this post.

aran on

There was also a Katie Holmes sighting in Telluride where they have a house. There were pictures on TV but I haven’t seen on the web.

yogadaisy on

There is no baby.

Katee on

What I personally dont understand is why know one wanted to buy the suri pictures, iv heard it said several times that the pictures would not sell for the price tom wanted well i honestly believe if their were pictures people mag or us would have come up with the money, maybe tom wouldnt sell because their was nothing…. to sell?? I dont think theirs a baby i believe she may have been pregnant at one time or another maybe with Chris’s baby not with tom’s

Katee on

I found this on access hollywood”There have been Suri sightings almost as if Suri is the new Bigfoot. A hiker claims he stumbled across Katie breastfeeding Suri while he was on his trail,” Us Weekly contributing editor Katrina Szish told Access. “A local waitress claims she saw Tom and Katie hiking with Suri and claims that Suri had thick, dark hair.”

CherryTree on

“There have been Suri sightings almost as if Suri is the new Bigfoot. A hiker claims he stumbled across Katie breastfeeding Suri while he was on his trail,” Us Weekly contributing editor Katrina Szish told Access. “A local waitress claims she saw Tom and Katie hiking with Suri and claims that Suri had thick, dark hair.”

At this point, I’m more likely to belive someone spotted Bigfoot nursing a baby on a hiking trail (since these two never ever leave their child home for anything *rollseyes*) before Katie. If those two were any more transparent, they’d be my window.

Campbell on

Hello!! Hello!!! gosh, I’m even typing sarcastic. Verifiable? photo?…. not seein nothin yet! Listen, we are a very intelligent society. I have faith in that. Out curiousity is what propells us forward. GIVE ME SOMETHING I CAN HANG MY HAT ON.

Heather on

I wonder how long they can keep this up? I mean, there has been no comment from the camp since these stories have been popping up. NOTHING! Every news outlet has had a story, what are they waiting for? I know they want to protect their child, but…..

Leah on

Tom Cruise is an attention freak, and hes using his poor daughter as a means to get it, the longer he holds out about her, the longer people are gonna talk about him and the hungrier the media will get ensuring that he stays in the spotlight..Shame on him for using his family like that.

Erik on

I don,t want to think like this but i keep thinking baby suri may have birth defect
and they want to keep it private

Stef on

I don’t think there is a Suri Cruise, but if there is one, I would like to know who is watching this child while its parents are out and about? They were at a Hollywood premiere for MI:III days after Suri was born. I’m not a mom, but to me I would think a brand-new mother would not want to leave her child in someone else’s hands that soon. There’s definitely something off here.

Lauren on

Regarding the MI3Tom has family in LA and friends they trust, and apparently found someone they felt was suitable.. just as every other parent, famous or not, does when they leave their child for a few hours (if that long). There isn’t anything ‘off’ about Katie being out for a few hours. Brooke Shields was out and about even before Katie was, yet there weren’t accusations about things being ‘off’ there. It all seems so much more extreme and unnecessarily suspicious and nasty when it comes to Tom and Katie.

If they WERE out with their child, then people would be saying he was being a fame hound and using her to stay in the magazines, because every time they were out, they’d be photographed. It’s not like they can have one picture and then be left alone. So they decided to keep a lower profile (which they did most of last year when not at a game or promoting a movie) and that’s suposedly means they didn’t really have a baby or that there is something wrong with their child. It’s just such a huge jump, I can’t quite follow it.

Though, in my opinion, no matter how many pictures of Suri are produced, those who are skeptical and casting doubt on the family, will continue to be so and do so.

stephanie on

how is he being an ‘attention freak’ when he has been keeping himself and his family out of the public eye for most of the last months?

Most big celebrities have their bodyguards check out places before they go there. I assume this is dinner time, so it would be past Suri bedtime? I think the ‘sad tone’ was because the waiter wanted to see a celebrity baby too, not because they ate her for dinner.

I agree with what Lauren said.

iheartme on

While I am not a TC/KH fan, wasn’t Heidi Klum at the Emmys or some other awards show fairly shortly after her son’s birth? I don’t think going to the MI3 premire was *that* bad.

The other stuff that has happened since the “birth” is another story. I don’t know what to think.

mystique on

ITA with every word,Lauren.

Leah on

Oh come on!!! you dont think jumping on opras couch was a scream for attention?? or his wild antics with kate? give me a break!! he loves this crap..why else would he keep doing it? did he act like this when days of thunder came out and he was all popular? no. his movies are starting to get worse and worse, now he needs something else to keep him in the public eye.

Autumn on

Yeah iheartme, Heidi Klum was at the Emmy Awards last September when her son Henry was a mere 6 DAYS old!

Anyway as far as people claiming they’ve seen Suri with her parents in the woods, lol, that does sound more like a Bigfoot sighting than a baby sighting…but who knows if it’s true. (Though it might be…)

Anyway, I think that Suri probably has a birth defect or something, which is probably why they haven’t shown her yet in public.

kim on

I think Suri is real. But i do think that there is something going on.
Why is she real? Well, i know that Tom is acting a bit crazy in a controlling way over things, but if Suri isn’t real, then it means that he told his other two kids to lie along with him. Would he really go that far just to get more publicity? Let his other kids lie about having a new baby sister? And would Nicole Kidman let him use their kids this way? I think no. It means Keith Urban has to lie to, etc. Other family members.
It is ok if they deceide not to show the baby to the whole world. Maybe they got some sence in them when people accused them of over-exposure and they where afraid of being accused of using this baby to for fame.
Believe me, if they did sold those baby pictures, we all would be judging them on this site for selling out their kid. Now where are doing it because he didn’t share any pictures.

The only thing that’s bothering me is, why haven’t we even seen them outside behind the baby stroller or something like that? Like Ben and Jennifer for example. I hope they didn’t go overboard, and deceided Suri isn’t allowed to go out of the house till she’s 40. 🙂

Eliza on

I’m no longer sure I believe they have a child. I’d like to think they do because I had always respected Katie as an actress.

As for the comment how does Tom scream for attention. He does it every day, especially when he has a movie coming out or is out. I bet now he’s trying for the emmy’s. Course a bit surprised if he does have a child why he wouldn’t pull her out in the lime light.

As for why are we all on Katie but not Brooke. Because we have at least seen Brooke has a child, we have yet to see any proof of Katie. Sure, we saw stretch marks but that can be many things. At this point I’m wondering. And after seeing the birth certificate? That only raises more questions.

kristen on

I don’t know, I can’t see how anybody would be so stupid as to fake a baby’s birth. I’m trying not to judge one way or the other. But I do wonder if the baby may have been born with a birth defect, like a cleft palate.

I know some parents choose not to share photos until after the baby’s corrective surgeries are done (I have a hard time with that, though…)

Camesha on

After all of the speculation of baby Suri’s existance, I have begun to wonder if Tom and Katie are dealing with something serious related to Suri’s health or even the loss of Suri. What if she had an illness or passed away of SIDS or something along those lines?

Having just had a baby boy (3 weeks old), I would really HATE to have to deal with speculation that my child didn’t exits or was a lie if I was going through such a loss. It is obvious that Katie was pregnant. Why they haven’t chosen to put their child in the spotlight is really their business. I just hope that they haven’t dealt with any serious issues related to the health of their daughter.

michie on

Lauren, I TOTALLY AGREE with you. Thanks for wording it so well and easing the stress of me trying to say it as you did. 🙂
When it comes to Katie everyone jumps all over their case. But all the new “celebrity” moms that have been out within days of having the baby, either alone or carring the baby, don’t get any of the grief that Katie is getting. It’s just not fair to Katie, Suri, their families, and everyone else. Come on.

nicksmomma on

I think that Suri is real. Just because every other celebrity that has a baby takes them out and the paps shoot their pics and they sell their babies pics to mags and what not, doesn’t mean at all that we, the public, have any right to see any of their babies (no matter how bad we want to) It wouldn’t surprise me if the paps didn’t start this story that maybe Suri isn’t real for the simple fact that they haven’t had the chance to get their money shot. It just seems that for some reason we all think that we should see this baby by now and none of us have a right to see her, even if we were Tom & Katie’s friends unless we were invited to see her. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tom is egotistical and totally gets on my nerves with his arrogance and power trip and I used to think Katie seemed so sweet, but I am honestly shocked at how brain washed she appears to be lately. I just think it is sad that anyone would assume that just because we haven’t seen Suri yet, that she is either not real or has a birth defect? You know what they say..when you assume you make a ass out of u & me…this is just my opinion though.

gargoylegurl on

Wow. It’s nice to come to this post, & for a change, read some comments that aren’t full of wild & crazy conspiracy theories!

I think all the rumors are getting way out of hand. I’m actually starting to feel very sorry for Tom & Katie because no matter how they handle themselves they are always going to be criticized & scrutinized.

I especially feel for Tom’s children; how painful it must be for Bella & Connor to hear these things being said about their family.

I’m tired of it…enough already!

Heather on

Katie looks very sad in all of the “after” pregnancy photos that I have seen of her. She doesnt look “healthy” either. In the majority of the photos where she is smiling, the smile looks very forced. Something just seems very odd to me. I wonder if she wants to have the baby with her, out in public and wants to show the world her daughter. I mean come on, even though most celebrities complain about the media and paparazzi pics, blah blah blah, I believe they really do WANT to be seen.

I am sure the “where is Suri??” craze is because of Tom. But again, Katie just looks so sad or troubled, to me anyhow.