Mickey Rourke fears fatherhood

07/11/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

By auditioning contributor Kaisa

Actor Mickey Rourke, 49, admits that he would love to have kids but has never had any as he’s afraid the abuse the suffered as a child will reappear. He had a difficult relationship with his divorced parents: "I’d love to have kids, but I don’t want to repeat the cycle of abuse my parents started. I never knew my father and I’d hate to repeat that kind of cycle with my own children, because I’d also want to be there for them no matter what. My early life was a complete nightmare. My father left home and my mother then married a guy who never liked my brother Joe and me."

He was close to starting a family with second wife Carrie Otis: "I would have had kids with Carrie, but our relationship broke up because of faults on both sides, and if I had children now I’d only want them if I was in a special relationship like that."

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Tan on

At least he’s honest.It’s a shame that he feels that way.

Campbell on

Wow, wow, wow! Who knew this about Mickey?! I am bowled over by his lack of selfishness. His profound insight and awareness about toxic cycles is so important. I think when it comes to making the single most important decision a person can make, some healthy fear is commended. I realize that most of us ask ourselves,”what kind of parent would I be?”, “Can I do this?” I’m not sure how many of us are truly open w/ourselves or take the time to sort thru profound issues. As far as Mickey is concerned, I’ve heard “bad-boy” stories about him for years… whether any were true, I don’t know. But, I am pleasantly suprised to read that he has had the self-awareness and maturity to not bring a child into this world while being so unsure of his capabilities to be a proper parent. He is not only protecting himself BUT an innocent.

Autumn on

While I agree that Mickey’s decision to not become a father was in his best interest as well as any future children’s, I realise now that second guessing one’s parenting abilities sometimes leaves you with no options.

Case in point, several years ago I broke up with a guy who was sort of my boyfriend at the time mainly because I feared that if we’d married and had children, the children would’ve had a 75% chance of being born legally blind (because he was, and so was his mother and one of his two younger brothers.)

I realise that was probably so vain and stupid of me now… 😥

joy on

I actually grew up with fears myself. As a child I was sexually abused by my father and feared that if I one day had children would I repeat the cycle? but after some professional help I realized that we all have the power to stop the cycle. I babysit children for a living and have never had that fear (or else I’d never put myself near them). Fear is a powerful thing.

Stacey on

I stop the cycle by keeping my kid away from abusers and pedophiles 😉

Joy on

very true but sometimes it’s the closest people in your lives that turn into the abusers.

Seraphina on

Her name is actually spelt Carre, not “Carrie” and I believe it is pronounced “Khar-ay”.

Mickey’s self awareness has obviously come after a long and troubled adult life – he actually shot Carre (they both claimed it was an accident) and had quite a few domestic violence issues, according to police reports. I recall reading an interview with Carre stating how she was anorexic when she was a model and how dysfunctional her relationship with Mickey was.

I don’t know…Mickey strikes me as one of those guys who believes Carre is the perfect woman for him mainly because they’re no longer together and he doesn’t actually have to work at the relationship.

He was great in Sin City though – truly an outstanding performance.