Gwyneth Paltrow, Apple and Moses out in NYC

07/11/2006 at 07:17 PM ET

1zoi5uwUpdate: Mary has posted more photos of Gwyneth walking with Apple and loading Moses into the car.

Originally posted July 11th: The New York Post printed a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow and her son Moses, 3 months, out in New York City earlier this week. He’s getting big, and certainly looks like big sister Apple!

Also, TMZ has posted video of a tottering Apple, 2, holding mom’s hand and walking down the sidewalk before getting into an SUV, while a nanny follows with Moses and his carseat.

Source: NY Post and TMZ.

Thanks to Gaston for the scan, Indie for the video and Annji for the tip.

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Doreen on

He IS getting so big…awww…God bless him!! 🙂

Kristen on

I agree, Moses does look like his sister. What a sweetie.

As much as I love seeing pics of the little ones, the video just seems to intrusive. You know they are annoyed when pics are taken but you can really see her discomfort (Gwyneth) in the video.

Lis on

oh to be rich and famous. See how she goes to the car and hands off little apple to the nanny to put in the car seat. If that were me ( I have 2 as well ) I look more like the nanny holding Moses. juggling the kids and struggling desperately to get them in the car seats full of juice and food or what ever they have on there hands. I would have 10 kids if my life were as easy as this.I still do not believe what they say money cannot buy happiness. It sure does seem to buy sanity when you have kids. If I could borrow just one of her nanny’s for just a day what a wonderful world it would be :o)

AnnaRose on

Lis: I was having the same thoughts you were when I was watching the video. It’s no wonder celebrities can have children so close in age, if you don’t have to do any of the dirty work I guess it must be a breeze. And I’m a bit annoyed with the way that Gwyenth always tries to act like she doesn’t have a nanny and yet she’s been spotted with one on numberous occasions.

Campbell on

Lis , this not meant to slam YOU… BUT– I’m not really sure that one could conclude that because she is “rich and famous” that her life is “easy”. What is “EASY” ?? Not trying to be argumentative, seriously, I’m not. Tell me how YOU or anyone for that matter can measure SANITY for another.? I believe that is relative. I had 2 (18 months apart), lived in poverty, had NO support system, No family, and was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY ELEMENT when my first 2 were born.. (not to mention that my husband and myself were fulltime college students.. I could relate story after story after story. I think in the end what I’m trying to get across is that EACH situation is relative to that person… I don’t think you meant to be critical of Gwyneth for her choice of profession… seems to be a by-product of their lives, don’t ya think?

alex on

Moses is so cute! What a doll :).

Campbell on

Jiminy!! I read what I posted and realized that what I wrote only made sense to me!! Not cool! (after some careful thought) … I think no matter who, what, where, we are we are BASICALLY the SAME… same dreams, same fears, same hopes, same family legacies, same spiritual struggles… that’s all. I think we are more ALIKE than different NO MATTER WHAT THE VARIABLES ARE. *sheesh, I need to chill, (smile)*

AnnaRose on

campbell: I agree with what Lis said. I think what she was trying to say, and what I was trying to say, is that taking care of two children would certainly be easier if you have two people around all the time to help you with all the childcare. I have a cousin who has three children and a full time nanny and she really believes that her life with a nanny is the same as people who are raising children without a nanny, she can’t seem to see all of the ways that her life is easier (for instance: when she takes her older child to school in the morning she doesn’t have to wake up, feed, and dress her younger two and get them into the car and make it to school on time, she just has to get the older one ready and the nanny takes care of the rest). That’s obviously a lot less work than having to do everything for all three children.

Lis on

just get a little jealous when I see a video or picture like this one. I guess it may be sleep depravation kicking in but I feel it is a constant struggle. I see Gwyn passing off the tots to someone else and letting them do the nitty gritty. Poor Nanny in the back there holding the baby and trying to push the stroller and she did not even turn around. It had nothing to do with what she does for a living just a “wouldn’t it be nice” comment and I am sure all the mothers who got there hair pulled or had a screaming child to stuff into a car seat today are probably feeling what I am now. Do not hate her because she has money just wish I could borrow one of her nannies for a day :o)
Guess I may need to call nanny 911?

Lis on

OMG AnnaRose that school thing hit it right on the button. We have camp right now and the thought of having someone at home so I could leave the other one ……hey it would not hurt if I looked like her too. celebrity Mommy envy. It is the same when they wrote a while back that Denise Richards works out 5 times a week for 5 hrs to keep in shape. Hello! can you imagin 25 hrs of your time in a week! how can this be done without help. for normal mothers this would be a dream.
Love Gwen Love the kids envy the free hands

steph on

I’m not a fan of Gwyneth, I also can’t stand the way she tries to act like she doesn’t have a nanny when in fact she’s had one since Apple was born. Does everyone remember when she slammed working mother’s when she was pregnant with apple? Saying that”Mothers should stay home with their kids instead of working” Easy to say when your rich, famous and, pampered. But most regular moms have to work to support their families. And when she talks about parenting she always seems to talk down to other moms in a superior tone. Oh I could go on. I’m sorry but,I can’t stand that woman!

gargoylegurl on

Apple and Moses are ADORABLE — definitely 2 of my fave celeb babies.

I can see how having the paps around would be annoying, but Gwyneth seems to have a constant scowl on her face lately…

AnnaRose on

steph: I agree with your entire post. She comes across in magazines as so superior, and it bugs me so much the way that she doles out advice about how parents shouldn’t mess with their kids schedules. Well, normal parents have to mess with their kids schedules sometimes because they don’t have nannies, chefs, assistants, and housekeepers, so sometimes they have to alter their child’s day a bit to get things done. And the nanny thing bothers me so much. She has claimed from the beginning that she has no nanny, and yet her mother, her nanny and her friend Madonna have all stated in interviews that she does have a nanny. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because I’ve worked as a nanny, but I hate to see nannies not being given the credit that they deserve for all the hard work they put into helping other people raise their children. And I hate to see the way that certain celebrities try to act like they’re doing it all, when they really have a lot of help, it just sets up totally unrealistic expectations for regular moms who can never live up to those high standards without the staff that celebrities have.

gargoylegurl on

^ I totally agree. You are right AnnaRose, it does make it hard for “regular” moms to live up to these standards.

Stef on

She definitely has some beautiful children, but it saddens me to see how almost all of these actors and actresses have nannies, sometimes even more than one! If my mother could raise three kids without one, then so can they!

AnnaRose on

steph: I agree. It bothers me to see these celebrities that have the advantages that would allow them to be able to really spend a lot of time with their children, and yet so few of them take advantage of it.
I can’t imagine why a person who has a staff already of housekeepers, chefs, and assistants would need additional help with their child. It seems to me that the hardest part of a mom’s life is that she has to juggle taking care of her kids with other things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and errands. Celebrities don’t have to do any of those things, so they should be able to manage their own kids without having several nannies to help them. It seems awfully helpless to not be able to manage any part of your life without hired help.

karlee on

It doesn’t matter if they have chefs,housekeepers,nannies and so on.Their celebrities and they can aford it.I’m a new mother of a 1 month old twins, and I know I can’t live up to gwyneth standards,because we live totally to differents lives.Which is fine with me. My mother had five kids raised all of us with out a nanny,so I know it can be done.But on the other hand I don’t see anything wrong with celebs having nannies,its not like having a nanny makes them bad parents.If the celebs love their kids and are sending time with them nanny or not then its not an issue.Gwen can have five nannies for all i care j/k

AnnaRose on

karlee: Just because a person can afford a nanny doesn’t mean that it’s a great idea. I don’t understand why a person would even bother to have children if they’re not going to raise them.
And it’s wonderful that seeing celebrities lives hasn’t given you any unrealistic expectations. However there are a lot of women that I know who do end up feeling very bad about themselves because they can’t live up to the “having it all” idea that celebrities are always promoting.
And I never said that having a nanny makes them bad parents, I said they’re acting helpless. I feel that they are lucky to be in a position where they have the chance to really spend a lot of time with their children and a lot of them are not taking advantage of that, and I think it’s sad. There are a lot of mothers who would kill to be able to have the chances that they are squandering.
And speaking as a person who has worked as a nanny, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having occasional help, however there is definitely such a thing as having a nanny around too much. I have witnessed up close just how devastating it can be for a child to have their parents pass them off to a nanny a lot when they really just want to spend time with their parents.

iheartme on

The thing that drives me crazy about Gywneth is that she is just so pretentious and holier than thou. I am sure she is a good mom and Im sure she loves her kids, but it seems like whatever she does, she has to announce it to the world and that is what is right. I really don’t care what she does in her own life as it is her life and she can make whatever choices she wants –just don’t be so holier than thou about it!

AnnaRose on

iheartme: I’m with you on the holier than thou thing. I read one interview that really bugged me where she was talking about how people should feed their kids only organic. Now I think that organic is a great idea, however most people cannot afford to feed their kids organic, so I wish she would get down on the high horse and stop acting like she’s a better mother than other’s because she feeds her kids organic. And then of course there was the working mother comments she made, again a lot of people can’t afford to stay home with their children.

Smileyme on

Moses is so cute, and he looks so much like Apple! It’s too bad that video was so small… I couldn’t tell who was who or what was happening.

josiekate on

Moses and Apple are like twins! And needing two nannies for an simple-looking outing implies that Gwyneth is pretty overwhelmed at the moment by the demands of motherhood and two kids under 3. Of course she is without her hubby right now because I believe Coldplay is on tour. Maybe that’s why she has extra help.

Estelle on

See, this is why I don’t want to be a celebrity. A 20 second video is posted and there’s 22 comments about how everyone hates Gwyneth. She said when Apple was born that she didn’t have a nanny but might get one in the future. Of course everyone takes that as she’ll never have a nanny. I’m sorry but I’ve never got a holier than though attitude from her.

AnnaRose on

estelle: There aren’t 22 comments on here about people hating Gwyneth. There have been a lot of comments about the kids being cute, and a few comments about how annoying we find her. Just because some of us find her annoying doesn’t mean that we hate her, it’s possible to dislike something about someone without hating them.
As for the nanny thing: Gwyneth said repeatedly in interviews for the first year of Apple’s life that she didn’t have a nanny and then in a recent interview she said that Apple didn’t have a nanny until she was 13 months old. However, her mother stated in an interview that Apple has had a nanny since she was born. Then Madonna also mentioned it in an interview. And then Apple’s nanny published a book about childcare in which she states that she was working for Gwyneth at the time when Apple was a newborn. So clearly Gwyneth was lying about that, which is my biggest problem with her.

ericka on

0o0o i love her! I love chris and apple and NEW MOSES! HE’S ADORABLE! I love his little dark patches of hair on the top of his head and the side by his ears. I saw this picture on E! today and was trying to find it everywhere but didn’t. Thanks for posting it CBB!

ericka on

I think we should stay on topic here…gwyneth is the topic but it’s moreso moses and apple not the fact that they have a nanny or not.

Ana on

Oh Moses is so cute, as cute as his sister Apple! I love his style 😉

jen on

If I was followed around by photographers and other threatening people all the time, waiting to get a glimpse of me in an awkward position, I’d have an army of helpers if I could afford it. I’m sure its quite painful to have to be concerned with this at a time in a baby’s life when we all spend our days going and coming as we please. When my daughter was 3 months old I looked like crap and my life was out of control. If any celebrity really looked like that she’d be on the cover of us magazine (see britney). Its too bad that gwyneth has to deal with this but we are all part of the problem by having a thirst for these videos. I’m not saying its a tragedy: gwyneth chooses her life. but that’s the breaks. I would need a lot of extra help too.

lizzielui on

Yes Gwen is annoying and may have vassilated on the whole nanny issue but in genereal this whole debate about celebrities and other moms with nannies is ridiculous. Just because someone else is able to raise their kids without a nanny doesn’t mean squat about the reasons why I choose to have one and how good of a parent I am. It doesn’t mean that I (or anyone else for that matter) is a bad mom or does not want to spend time with the children. It means that I need HELP and since I have the means to afford one I have a nanny and I am grateful. People act like having nannies or having help raising kids is a new phenomena. My mother had four children and after each of us was born my grandmother moved in with us for no lesss than six months each time to help out. When I was 21 I spent the summer of my junior year in college with my sister helping her out with her newborn and two year old. The women in families have always pitched in to help out, feed the babies, change them, hold them, give the mom some breathing room, etc. Now people are venturing outside of the home for that help. BIG DEAL! Different people work at different paces and handle things differently. I currently have three kids under the age of three (five month old twins and an almost three year old) and let me tell you I would not have been able to do it all without some help. So what if I have a cleaning lady as well, my primary job is mother and it is I who is raising these kids. (Hubby travels a lot) Of course my mother would have loved to stay with us for a while to be of some assitstance but she could not for medical reasons, otherwise she would have been there. Just like people here have ripped Gwen for setting this unrealistic standard of how to raise kids I argue that some of you are doing the exact same thing in your post. Do what works for you and let me do what works for me.

spindoctor on

Lizzielui- I agree with you. Most people have some help when they have samll children. Some people are lucky enough to have a mother or mother-in-law in the same city. Some people have to pay for help. Sending children to daycare or preschool is no different than hiring a nanny, just less expensive. I do find Gywneth to have a superior attitude in her interviews. She certainly wants to portray that she has the perfect life and impeccable parenting skills. That does bother me. However, we can all see that it isn’t true. She has a husband who is on tour for months and 2 very small children and never a smile.

landroverdisco on

Moses is gonna be a dapper chap like his father.

Michelle on

I really think everyone is reading too much into this video. It is obvious that Gwyneth knows she is being followed and taped by papparazzi. Her first concern is probably just to get the kids in the car quickly and get the heck out of there. Who knows, the women in the video may be her friends or relatives. I have been known to help out my sister in law when out shopping. If I am the one carrying the kid and not her, does that make her a bad mother? I think everyone needs to chill out and realize that living in the public eye where you are constantly followed and scrutinized must be very difficult.

joanna on

Plenty of people who aren’t celebrities have nannies. We live in a world now where we don’t have our mothers, aunts, second cousins living down the street to help us raise our kids, gives us hand or just a moment of peace. We can’t judge how a person loves or takes care of their family based on the fact that they have hired help. If you can find a person that you trust with your most treasured little person, than go for it!

AnnaRose on

I disagree. I think if a person is surrouned by hired help who are taking care of their kids for them they’re not being very good parents. It’s one thing to leave your child with someone if you have to work. It’s quite another to hand your child off to nannies because you don’t feel like doing the dirty work of parenting. It’s just so lazy.

Shannon CBB contributor on

AnnaRose – the lady that published the book, that was Gwyneth’s nanny, was only a short-term nanny, for the first 6 weeks of Apple’s life. Not just because she is a celebrity, but some individuals who do have that extra money choose to have a nanny just for the first 6 weeks, not to care for the child, but to teach THEM how to care for the child. I babysit for quite a few families who had this each time they had their first child, and then they just had me to babysit every couple of weekends when they went out, and then another lady once or twice during the week.

I believe that Gwyn and Chris, after those first 6 weeks, didn’t again have a nanny until June 2005.

In the video, I think the one that picked up Apple was an assistant and the one with Moses is their nanny. Either way, Gwenyth has chosen (and can afford) to have extra help while Chris is away on Coldplay tour (which the Sydney concert was great by the way!!!!) 🙂

AnnaRose on

Shannon: A nanny is a nanny. I don’t care if it’s a short-term nanny of a long-term one. The point is that Gwyneth went on national television and in several magazines and stated that she didn’t have a nanny. Now it appears that not only did she have a nanny for the first few months of her baby’s life, but her mother Blythe Danner said in a recent interview that Apple had a nanny throughout her first year. Madonna also stated in a magazine (I believe it was around Sept. or Oct. of the year that Apple was born that Gwyneth had a nanny for Apple). So I don’t believe Gwyneth’s claim that Apple didn’t have a nanny until she was 13 months ago.

tivi on

Everyone who posted negative comments about Gwen should think before they type. Did you consider the fact that Gwen may hand Apple over to the nanny and going into the SUV to buckle up Apple from the other side and getting ready to put Moses in. We do not know the whole story, but a clip video and we are being very critical and judgemental.

AnnaRose on

tivi: We have a right to our opinions. Just because you don’t happen to agree with some of us doesn’t mean that we don’t have a right to those opinions.

Tivi on

AnnaRose, the pictures of celebrities and their babies are posted here for us to enjoy.I can’t believe how you and others have all the time in the world to analyze every interview, new paper articles, etc. I am embarrass to even to respond to your comment. You go right ahead and write your opinions. Celebrities are people just like you and me. Just because they have money doesn’t mean you can nick pick every mistake they made. Before you pass judgement on them, how would you feel if someone judge you?

AnnaRose on

tivi: Once again, I have a right to my opinion.

You wrote in your post: “Just because they have money doesn’t mean you can nick pick every mistake they made.” (I assume you meant nit pick), and actually yet I do have the right to comment about their mistakes.
And if you were embarrassed to respond, why did you even bother.

me on

Moses is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Why is it OK to bash Gwenyth (but not Gwen Stefani) on this site?

karlee on

I don’t see any mistakes gwyneth is making by having a nanny. I know some people may have a problem with it which is fine,its a person own personal decision. But I don’t think its right to judge someone or say they’re not a very good parent.Some people are not going to spend time with their kids sad as it its nanny or no nanny.I don’t think she is helpless, lazy or doesn’t feel like doing the dirty work of parenting.Like I also don’t think that of celebs such as madonna, or even denise.Because I see pictures of them with their kids at the park,or pools spending Time with their kids.I can understand Some people not liking her because of her movies, attitude, maybe you thought she lied about something, but I hope not because of a nanny.Because having a nanny doesn’t make you a good or a bad parent as some people may think.

AnnaRose on

karlee: I disagree. Sometimes having a nanny does make a person a bad parent. I know a lot of people who hired nannies because parenthood turned out to not be as fun as they thought it would be and they didn’t want to do all the dirty work, so they hire a nanny to do all the hard work while they get to do the fun things. And, IMO, anyone who does that is a bad parent.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

I’m a nanny and have always worked for wonderful people, but also know women who have been taken advantage of by the parents that employ them.

As far as bashing Gwyneth – no, it’s not allowed on the site. Personally, I am a fan of Gwyneth’s, although I realize many are not. I will be looking over comments on all recent posts shortly. The initial ones I saw last evening seemed to be directed towards Gwyneth’s statements about not having nannies when in fact she did, at least for a time, which we know from photos and press reports. That is the truth. However, if we could keep personal negative opinions about her personality to a minimum, that would be great.

karlee on

AnnaRose I agree with you 100% about Those parents,but not all parents with nannies.But to me that doesn’t seems to be the case with gwyneth IMO.

AnnaRose on

karlee: based on what I see in the video I think she is one of those kinds of parents. and it’s my right to believe that.

Chris on

AnnaRose: yes you have the right to your opinion. What I don’t understand is why do you hate Gwyneth so much just because she has a nanny, an extra pair of hands to help out. I bet you are trying to be the SuperMom and want the whole world to know it. If you are able to do it all by yourself and find rewards then that’s great. More power to you. If you don’t like Gwyneth or other celebrities who do have nannies, then this site isn’t for you. It seems like you have a response to everyone’s comments.

AnnaRose on

chris: I have never said that I hate Gwyneth, and I don’t appreciate you putting words in to my mouth. And insulting other posters is against the rules. And you don’t know anything about me, you don’t know if I’m trying to be supermom or not.

gaston on

Oh my dear god. I don’t know any other actor that is an envy magnet as Gwyneth seems to be. I would not mistake high standards and self-respect for holier than thou attitude. People should remember that when she gives an interview, she’s being asked for her opinions. If you don’t agree with them or don’t like her, that’s fair enough. She has the right to change her mind about having a nanny, and/or have many of them as she chooses. You think she’s a bad parent? again, your opinion. Time will tell. But for the love of god, leave the woman alone.

Chris on

AnnaRose: I did not know the rules. However, I find your comments not opinions, but you being very judgemental. You don’t know anything about Gwyneth. She has the right do whatever she wants and if it’s changing her mind and getting nanny, then it’s her business. It’s not our place to say it’s wrong. I find it ridiculous one can judge a person for having a nanny or two. That does not make them a bad parent. It seems whatever I or anyone write, you will have a respond so it’s best to let you be.

AnnaRose on

chris: once again, insulting other posters is against the rules. i’m reporting you.

Sarah CBB News Editor on

These are the rules: Please remember when you comment that we do not allow any nasty comments- either towards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Celebrity Baby Blog.

When you are posting a comment, ask yourself what my nephew’s Montessori nursery school teacher tells them to consider before saying something… “Is what I’m about to say true, helpful and necessary?” If not, please do not post it.

They are right at the top when you post a comment. AnnaRose, I didn’t find Chris’ comment to be insulting – it seems she stated her opinion about your comments just as you’ve stated yours about Gwyneth’s comments and choices many times in this post.

I’m closing the comments here until Danielle can look them over in the morning. Thanks for your patience.