CBB Exclusive: Moxie CrimeFighter and her baby brother Zolten

07/11/2006 at 11:10 AM ET


Image617901eaf0f811da Here are the latest photos of Penn Jillette and his wife Emily’s kids.  Big sister Moxie CrimeFighter just celebrated her first in June.  Baby brother Zolten will be 2 months old on July 22nd.

For those wondering about Zolten’s name, Penn has this to say, "Zolten is a common Hungarian name, it’s my wife’s maiden name and most importantly, it’s the name of Dracula’s dog."

Penn & Tellers Showtime show Bullshit was just nominated for three Emmy’s (Outstanding Reality Program, Outstanding Writing/Non- fiction, and Outstanding Editing)!  I love the show.  They say the things that the rest of us (well, the lefty pinko commie Democrats/Libertarians) are thinking.  Penn also hosts a daily radio show that you can listen to online or download the podcasts.  This in addition to Penn & Teller’s nightly show at the Rio in Las Vegas, his article in July’s Playboy, and many other projects, including daddy.  The man wears many a hat!

For more photos, click the Extended post.

Moxie_sling Zolten4thjuly

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Campbell on

What a WONDERFUL handful! How gorgeous are these two?. Mom and pops must be deliriously happy and exhausted. I don’t really know anything about Emily’s personality, but can you imagine Penn telling stories about his brood? Love it.

Natalie on

I love their daughter’s name, Moxie Crimefighter. I know it’s not the usual name we often hear. I have a friend who is pondering the name Moxie if they have a girl.. We all have our fingers crossed that it’s a girl.. Zolton is adorable.

comicbookchick on

I know that people are taken aback by the names, but I think they are fabulous! And what a couple of adorable children! 😀 So glad that they are doing well! And I totally love Bullshit too. 😉

Natalie on

Er Zolten..doh’

Lora on

Those kids are adorable!!!

Anne on

His little smile looks so much like his Dad’s smile! How cute are they.

Ana Lima on

They are sooo cute!!!! And I love Zolten’s little shirt with the spelling…..

Autumn on

Anne that baby in the sling, giggling at the camera, is Moxie, so it’d be she has her father’s smile! ;P

Zolten’s cute too, in his little shirts and bassenette. (sp?)

Indeed what a handful!

Joy on

wow a 2 month old and a 12 month old! good luck to them! haha

Very cute photos!!

jen on

And I thought *I* had it rough (born 10/30/04 & 5/30/06… 19 mos apart to the day. Good part is my daughter is same age as Kingston & Shiloh and a few others so I can forever be comparing them. hehe.) Anyways can someone PLEASE please PLEASE figure out where Zoltens cuuuute personalized shirt is from????????????

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Jen, Emily told me Zolten’s personalized onesie is from http://www.customglamgirl.com

watts on

Moxie’s expression in the birthday-cake photo is adorable — simultaneously innocent and mischievous. Such cute kids with cool names!

FC on

Moxie is just a little cutie. ♥ Her little brother Zolten is adorable. I see he worked one arm out of the swaddling. That made me laugh, like he’s trying to escape even in his sleep. 😉 I’ll bet he’s a free-spirited boy. 🙂

ro on

Arggh, this has been bothering me for months. Zolten isn’t a common Hungarian name. Zoltan is, though.

I wonder if they’ll call him Zoli.

Autumn on

Jen, You can also get a very similar t-shirt for your kids at http://www.neighborhoodies.com/catalog/

I think their shirt in that style is called the Super*Star.

Peacepoet on

Both these kids are soooo cute! I love their names, too.

I think Zolten is going to look like his dad! I mean, look at that face!

kristen on

omg they are such a cute family!! I looove that picture of Moxie in the sling. She’s just gorgeous! Sweet little Zolten all wrapped up, it reminds of when my fellows were tiny.

Petra on

Umm… the Hungarian name is spelled Zoltan. Do your research if you claim the origin of your kid’s name…

Lucille on

“Origin” – it’s exactly that, Petra. They spell it the way her father’s family changed it to – Zolten. Great name.

Casey on

Get them to http://www.thebabywearer.com to get a more comfortable baby carrier! Love the pictures! Beautiful kids!

bananas on

They are beautiful. I was so excited to find these pictures online. Thanks Penn and Emily. My little girl was born 10 days after Moxie, and when I look at her sometimes I wonder if the two of you are going through the same things I am. Best wishes.