What will Suri Cruise look like?

07/11/2006 at 07:00 AM ET

Suribabypic184 days and counting and we still haven’t seen hide nor hair of Suri Cruise.  To tide us over, German TV station RTL devised this photo composite of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to give us what they think baby Suri Cruise might look like. I guess it’s the best we’re going to get.

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Kystilla on

She looks pretty, not like those usual guessing baby pictures, where children look like some sort of aliens 😀

sarah on

well, now we know why we haven’t seen pics yet.

pink.lioness on

such a sweet little girl!

I doubt Suri has blue eyes but whatever she looks like, I’m sure she is beautiful.

SarahLuvs on

Thats not a very cute baby! Hopefully their good genes did a lil better than that!

Karmellah on


yogadaisy on

Meanies! I think that baby is adorable. She looks like Katie with a bit of Tom thrown in. If Suri exists she could very well look similar to this.

Lisa on

I also think she is a cute baby!

Campbell on

*takes a DEEP breath*…. I think that pic is absolutely precious! And, Oh my Lord I know everyone’s gonna jump at me, But here goes….. I think that pic favors Danielle’s precious little Anya. And I thought this BEFORE I read any comments. So there, I said it. *she say’s sheepishly*

Rye on

Oh my word…she has highlights.

Morris on

Campbell, I agree. I was thinking the same thing. That picture definitely looks like Anya

carly on

wow she is gorgeous, a very adorable baby xx

Autumn on

LOL! Yeah I agree Campbell, that “baby Suri” is adorable AND looks vaguely a bit like Anya…with Tom Cruise’s hair! lol! *oh dear*

Well if Suri does look like that, then I have no idea why they’re not showing her off?

Plus imho that baby looks less strange than some other mockups that were done of celeb babies/kids several months ago (before some were even born). Esp. when they age progressed them to teenagers, yikes! 😛

Elle on

OMG.. That baby picture is sooo fug. I hope the kid doesn’t look like that. She’s going to be swarmed by paparazzi one way or another (they can’t keep her under wraps forever) and she’s going to have such a tough childhood if she’s not good-looking.

Sabrina on

Sorry i can’t agree, that picture looks disturbing and i can’t see Anya in it at all, Anya is the gorgeous one.

Michelle on

I have a theory that the whole pregnancy was faked and that they were waiting for a surrogate to give birth to a baby for them but that it has all gone wrong and that maybe they are waiting to adopt another child in the meantime.

If you remember in her “pregnancy” one day she was huge and the next she was small and the bump didnt look too natural.

I am waiting for people to shoot me down about this but this is just a theory that would explain a lack of Suri sightings!

sandy on


so I am guessing that every person in here that made an ugly comment was an absolute beautiful baby, and had children that were the picture of perfection.

yeah right!

fist off, those are some of the rudest comments I have ever come across, who are you all to judge an infant?

second, its not even a real baby! its a computer composite of 2 people blended together.

I dont see anything wrong with the way the child looks, she is cute.

I hopem for ther childs sake, that none of you birth a child with a deformity. obviously the lot of you are too shallow to see anything beyond looks!

sandy on

has a picture of katie with stretch marks showing on her belly.

I tend to beleive the whole thing that it was faked ro something went wrong. it doesnt seem strange.

but a big part of me would like to believe that maybe the just dont want their child to be a show piece. from what i remember from the past, kaite hasnt ever really been big on sharing every aspect of her life with the press, usually keeping things to a hush.

anything is possible really.

Kim on

that baby looks exactly like christian bale!!!

Elle on


Your point is moot. Even if everyone that made a negative comment WAS an ugly baby with ugly children, that doesn’t mean they can’t recognize an ugly baby for themselves. You don’t have to be a good singer to be able to tell someone else can’t sing.

Secondly, as you said– It’s not a real baby. It’s a computer generated image. So no, I don’t feel bad about dissing that.

pink.lioness on

Elle, I don’t think at all that this baby, if it was real, would be “ugly”. IMO the little girl looks quite pretty and has an absolutely sweet smile. Gorgeous Anya doesn’t look that much like this baby image but there was this one picture of her at seven months old where she has a very similar smile. Sooo cute! What someone might find ugly, could be gorgeous for someone else!

Elle on

i agree! she looks like a mini- christian bale!!

rocket jonny on

is that really her??? i thot no one had pics.

this website rocks!

thanks alot you guys!!!

ihatetomandkatie on

well all that’s sure is it will be a short big chinned freak thats really angry but flashes an angry smile to make everyone think it’s really just joking and looks like its going to cry out “dawwww- awwww awww soonn” all the time. it’s been beamed up to the l ron hubbard moonship.

britney on

that picture seems to suggest that this suri is some sort of demon or troll? if katie doesnt get depressed after that monstrosity then there really is no post-natal depression…

lark2612 on

I think that baby Suri must be an ugly baby and that is why they aren’t taking her out in public yet. She was probably born with so much hair that she looks like an ape. They are probably waiting until she gets older so they can put her through plastic surgery to fix whatever is making her look ugly. They probably don’t want to scare the public. Or maybe the baby isn’t really Tom’s baby but someone of African or some other nationality instead. And they want to hide the fact that she isn’t Tom’s kid. Who the hell really cares anyway. They are just people like everyone else. They are no more special than the average homeless person living in absolute squalor or anyone else for that matter. All you people just feed their egos and for what? Nothing!

whoa on

that baby looks creepy!

sarah on

first of all, i doubt suri actually looks like that!

Rokusan on

That is the creepiest non-baby I have seen in a long time. It looks disturbingly not real, probably because it’s not.

But if you were going to grow a tiny little Hitler in a tank, that would be the result. Especially the pink flowers. And yes, I’m sure lots of people would find that “cute” and “gorgeous” too.

Uncanny Valley.

Kelly Croy on

Hilarious ebay auction is selling an artist’s conception of baby Suri. In the background you can hear the music “Who are you?” by the Who playing. Lots of lookers but no bids yet. Funny stuff.


antoinette on


kay on

maybe the reason we all havent seen this bundle of joy is because of these people who are posting rude comments. would you like it if someone said these things about your child? i would never say these things. maybe they want some privacy in thier lives. is the world really gonna end if we never see this baby? no, i dont think so. so give them a break. congrats katie and tom.enjoy your baby, no matter what she looks like.

kay on

maybe the reason we all havent seen this bundle of joy is because of these people who are posting rude comments. would you like it if someone said these things about your child? i would never say these things. maybe they want some privacy in thier lives. is the world really gonna end if we never see this baby? no, i dont think so. so give them a break. congrats katie and tom.enjoy your baby, no matter what she looks like.

sheri on

I wonder if the baby was stillborn or something and they are having a hard time admitting it. I don’t know. The whole thing seems odd- from them getting together and the whole publicity thing. (obviously it works, i’m writing this right!)

Apple on

I think the pregnancy is real as I remember Katie has showed off her belly sometime with a short top before her due date. I’ve read some rummor that Suri’s picture was offerred only 3M less than Brad’s baby. That’s why Tome and Katie decided not to release it.

Stephanie on

I don’t even think Suri is real. Tom and Katie both had big movies that were coming out, maybe they just wanted publicity. Did you notice how weird her belly was? It was bigger at 7 months then the day before she went into labor! or maybe the baby is weird looking or something is wrong with it and Tom won’t want to be embarrassed by a hidious baby. I don’t think there even is a baby “Suri.”