Suri's birth certificate?

07/10/2006 at 06:31 AM ET

Istock_000001696650medium_3 TMZ has obtained, what is apparently, a copy of Suri Cruise’s birth certificate. The birth certificate reveals that Suri was born at St. John’s hospital (health centre).

EDIT: A hospital representative revealed the following information

-The birth certificate was filed on May 8th, 20 days after her birth, which is 10 days after the allowed policy set out by St.John’s.

-This signing was delayed because neither Katie, nor Tom was able to go in and sign the certificate. Instead, a "friend", whose signature is not legible signed as a witness.

-The attendent or supervisor, who signed the birth certificate was suppose to be present during the birth. Apparently, she was not. This happened because the doctor that was apparently present during the birth, was unable to sign. They also added that while the doctor present during the birth, normally signs, it is not a requirement.

The eventual signing of the birth certificate was triggered by the fact that Suri required a passport to travel with her parents.

Also to note is that Katie’s name now appears as "Kate", rather than her birth name of Katherine. Suri, also does not have a middle name, it’s just "Suri Cruise."

Source: TMZ


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fynn on

This just keeps getting wierder and wierder. I’m not sure this certificate is real but if it is then something is really fishi about the whole baby affair. I mean “a friend” signs Suri’s birth certificate?…come on! I’m sure every parent wants to sign the birth certificate themselves. And “the doctor was not available”? If I were the doctor who delivered Tom Cruise’s baby I’d want to sign my name under it. I really hope this mystery gets solved soon…

Sara on

Just sounds a little too convenient that there are so many bumps in the road.

charlie65 on

Did you ever bother to read the original item by TMZ? It’s more clear that the version posted by Shannon.
The source TMZ spoke to was the OFFICIAL spokerperson at the hospital. That was a certificate to have a passport, a burocratic step, there’s nothing simbolic in it to say “I’m sure that every parent would want to sign it”. There’s nothing weird. And yet you continue to diss Tom, Katie and their baby for no reason.

dave on

This is rich. A “friend” and an attendant who wasn’t present at the birth signed the certificate. And 10 days late. Are they trying to fuel conspiracy theories on purpose?

Jennifer on

I think the fact that she has her name as Kate on the birth certificate instead of Katherine is weird…has she legally changed her first name to Kate? It’s fine and great if that’s what she wants to be called, but even Tom has “Thomas” on the certificate as his first name…

Aleah on

Isn’t it odd how this birth certificate appears just when virtually everyone on the planet questions the existence of that baby?

dave on

Not really, TMZ probably tried to get it themselves.

It says Suri was born at 3:26.

Victoria on

I’m with fynn on this one. Every parent wants to sign their first child’s birth certificate. That is momunmental to a new parent. It’s the first official thing you do as your child’s parent. I can see ONE parent not being available, but both? Strange. It should be interesting to see how this turns out.

Karmellah on

things keep on getting weirder and weirder.

Leslie on

Tom Cruise has never legally changed his name (birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother) so I would think that it would have to be his “legal” name on the birth certificate.

J. on

Perhaps it wasn’t a birth certificate at all. Perhaps they were reallya adoption papers. 😉

charlie65 on

You are wrong. Tom has legally changed is name in Thomas Cruise. That is also his other children legal last name.

Shannon on

I’m sorry but I agree that this is getting weirder and weirder. And with being the celebrity gossip lover that I am, I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with this. I really hope that we don’t find out in the end that Suri was never real though. That isn’t the kind of publicity that these two will want, which is why I really want to say that no one would fake a pregnancy and birth just for the simple fact of publicity. We will see though.

mabsat on

as much as i think this is totally strange and cant wait to see if we ever find out whats really going on, i do think its a little low to stoop to actually take a copy of the babys birth certificate (unless she doesnt exist, in which case its ok..) i mean if it was any other celebrity baby who we hadnt seen i think there would be great scandal if their birth certificate was distributed on the internet. dont tom and katie have anything to say about this?? its all very odd.

funkyfeet on


Finally, the hospital rep said that the circumstances that triggered the eventual signing of the birth certificate were that Suri needed a passport and a birth certificate is a prerequisite to obtaining one.

I don’t think this was just a bureaucratic step. I do find it odd that it took them 20 days to sign the birth certificate. In 20 days they didn’t have time to go to the hospital and sign or since they are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, have someone bring the birth certificate to their home and sign it there. Things just get stranger and stranger with these two.

Jenn on

I initially thought like everyone else…that something must possibly be wrong with little Suri. But this thing changes my mind…I don’t think she exists. I don’t care if you make minimum wage or $20 million a movie…YOU WANT TO SIGN YOUR CHILD’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! Especially with how devoted they (possibly pretended) to be. The fact that it says Kate is a red flag too…people who sign contracts as often as they do don’t use their shortened name. I understand these are two VERY small things…but to me they are the details that are screaming fake! Just my opinion…maybe this is just the BIGGEST episode of Punk’d ever!!!

Aleah on

@ Dave:
I still find it odd that this document appears, very conveniently, right when the existence of Suri Cruise starts getting publicly questionned.

Kelb on

This situation is just getting stranger and stranger. I was skeptical at first but now I’m seriously starting to think three things; either that this baby does not exist, there is something wrong with her or Tom and Katie are hiding one explosive secret. Nothing adds up at all.This document is just going to fuel the fires. And rightfully so, it’s pretty suspicious if you ask me.

alex on

Suri doesn’t exist. Its as simple as that. Everything was faked: the relationship, the pregnancy and the birth.

Nicole on

They don’t have time to sign the birth certificate, but they have time to attend Conner’s soccer games and the MI:3 premieres across the world….interesting…..Y’all are right – this is awfully fishy….still…

Orla on

Something is strange, for sure here. But I cannot think as to why Tom and Katie wouldd fake a pregnancy and birth of a child. Why would they do it? For some publicity, I doubt it because in actual fact it could ruin both their careers. Who in their right mind is going to hire somebody who did something as phycotic as that. Nobody will want their film associated with either of their names. Fans of Tom And KAtie will be outraged and disgusted that they were lied to in such a sick way. Nobody will ever be able to take them seriously again. This is not normal behavior, if they did fake this they are in need of professional help. But I doubt they did, they wouldn’t be that stupid, risking their entire carers for what, some publicity?? To fake a baby doues not make any sense. Maybe something else is going on but i doubt there is no baby at all.

virginia on

I do believe Suri exists, but sadly I feel that Katie has the least control over anything at the moment. It looks a lot like she is manipulated by Tom and the people who work for him. She seems isolated from everyone except Tom and his crew and that all seems really creepy.

I bet even if she felt like emerging into the public eye with Suri it’s probably been made very clear to her that she is not allowed. Tom is up to something. He is keeping them both really under tight lock down.

Perhaps Katie doesn’t even know about all of this. I mean, I bet he just said don’t worry it’s all taken care of Kate you just rest at home. She probably thinks he did the certificate and it was all done properly. It’s her first child and she is very young and seems to have been a very wholesome sheltered person before. She probably doesn’t even know how it’s supposed to work when you have a kid.

She could be heavily medicated actually and not in a position to put up much arguing when they tell her don’t bother we’ll sort out all the paperwork.

I sound like a total conspiracy theorist! Sorry I just liked Katie a lot before and a personality shift and behavior shift so drastic as hers since she met Tom just seems suspicious.

Natalie on

A part of me doesn’t really care about Tom, Katie and “Suri”. I do however enjoy adding my two cents to the conversation or opinion pot. Everyone has theories regarding Suri’s whereabouts. No matter when or if she appears through out her life everyone’s going to speculate her relations to her parents i.e. if she’s biologically their daughter. I’m only guessing why people care. Hollywood paints this picture with “some” stars as having the perfect life. The perfect relationships, more money than they need, the many vacation spots & ect. Though we all know this isn’t true about being in the limelight that their life is perfect. Their relationship hit everyone in left field. Many celebs want to sheild their children from the spot light but eventually you do see their children. Normally this wouldn’t bother as many people but Tom Cruise’s actions have doubted many people. What I find odd is that anytime anyone questions Suri’s whereabouts, their religion comes up with some excuse. I recall seeing John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s children when their were infants. Being that they are of the same religion, that doesn’t add up. Tom Cruise is now the new Michael Jackson..

kelie on

Of course suri exists, what reason would they have for faking her. It would ruin them. They are not that dumb! It might not be toms, but katie, i beleive did give birth to a little girl. I cant believe people actually thing baby suri was faked. Come on, be realistic!!!!

Tina on

After having MY baby, the hospital staff was alllll over me to sign all required papers including the birth certificate. I couldn’t imagine someone getting an exception just because who they are. Once you have a baby, especially your first, you WANT to do everything, read everything, sign everything… And even a birth cert for a passport. I’m sorry but any parent in their right mind would make time to fill out paperwork regarding their own child. IF Suri exists (which I don’t think a biological baby from those two does) then I feel sorry for her. Her parents can’t make time to sign a piece of paper? Sad.

laraso on

I´m sure that Katie was pregnant, remember the photos, her body looked really pregnant, not faked in any way. But I wonder why they make such a big secret about the baby. I just hope that Suri is healthy and doing fine

yeehauser on

I’m not a big fan of Tom & Katies, but I also find it disturbing that in this day and age we can get access to another person’s birth certificate so easily. Who cares which names they put on the certificate anyways…if I remember, the nurses rely on the person signing the birth certificate to make sure the information is accurate, thus Katie could have put the name Kate on the document.

Ali on

First of all, births are public information. You can pull up several years of births at most hospitals on Google. There’s nothing fishy about that, it’s always been that way.

And secondly, for the people saying that Tom and Katie wouldn’t fake a baby because they have no reason to — people that do stuff like that don’t NEED a reason. Check out some pregnancy message boards. There are fakers on them ALL the time. They do it for attention and that’s it. Sure, Tom and Katie are famous, but maybe they wanted a different kind of attention.

I don’t know if I think they made everything up, but something is DEFINITELY fishy here. No one can deny that.

Madison on

People wouldn’t have their doubts if Tom didn’t screw himself over while promoting War of the Worlds. Jumping like a maniac on Oprah’s couch wasn’t a wise move but it was wrong of him to criticize Brooke Shields for using prescription drugs to help with her postpartum depression. Because everyone woman loves it when a MAN tries to tell them how to recover from the after effects of pregnancy and giving labor. Genius! Not.

It’s been said before, but look at how the both of them have handled their past relationships compared to now. I mean, it wasn’t even a slow progressive, in an instant they went from being private to public.

Another Scientologist, Leah Remini published photos of her daughter Sophia when she was an infant in Us Weekly, so the excuse that Scientology is hiding Suri is questionable.

Principesa on

The freak show continues…

One can get access to birth certificates because it is part of the public record. As long as you have $$ and are able to march yourself to the county hall of records, you can get anything you want (aside from a confidential marriage license).

Yea, she exists. They are just exploiting her which makes me want to vomit.

mystique on

Did it occur to anyone that this might not even be the real birth certificate? Once again jumping down these two throats, its like people want to believe the worst concerning these two. You get a birth certificate, yet you doubt that too. And I dont think Katie has legally changed her name so I doubt whether that is even Suri’s real birth certificate.

And there is nothing fishy about the birth certificate just coming out, it takes 90 days for it to become public. Suri isnt even 90 days old yet, another reason why I believe TMZ doesnt have the real thing.

And just because Tom and Katie were public with their relationship doesnt mean they cant protect their child. With all the comments, I’m seeing they have every reason too.

And TC with all his millions you’d think will have a child if Suri didnt exist. And I’m still waiting for how Katie Holmes would fake a pregnancy in a hospital.

mystique on

Yea, she exists. They are just exploiting her which makes me want to vomit.

What have they done that shows they’re exploting her, quite to the contrary. But these two are caught between a rock and a hard place. They show a picture, they’re exploiting her, they dont, now they’re still doing it lol. Lets face it, they’re going to get bashed and criticized no matter what they do, I’m seeing that now.

Téa on

One thing that I find interesting on this is that there is no middle name listed for Suri.

Is this a common practice?

Also, did Tom drop his middle name as well legally?

Too many questions for this to be valid.

J. on

Wouldn’t it be something if Tom Cruise couldn’t father a child, they used another man’s sperm, and the baby was accidentally born mixed? Oops, mix up at the lab! Unlikely, but yet… 😉

mystique on

Tom legally changed his name to Thomas/Tom Cruise. Katie has not legally changed her name. Now I dont know if you have to put your legal name on the birth certificate, that would also answer whether TMZ got a photoshopped one and not the real thing.

yogadaisy on

Damn, this is SO suspicious! There are too many red flags on this certificate.

They are going to have to make a statement soon to try and explain everything. With as publicity-hungry as Tom is there is NO WAY that he does not know how much people are doubting Suri’s existence. If it were me I would want to just clear things up and stop all this negative talk about me and my family.

joy on

LOL at J!!

okay here’s what adds up (or doesn’t add up) Tom and Katie oops Kate made their official announcement that they were a couple in April. By what, June or July they announced that she was pregnant. Then we see pictures right away of her bump but the bump goes from big to small to big to small then towards the end got really to me deformed looking!! Then we all anticipated this baby to be born sooner then it was according to when Tom and Katie made thier announcement. Not to mention Tom buying a sonogram machine?! Suri is supposedly born, no photos are seen. Okay that’s fine, I mean maybe some parents actually want their children to have privacy in their first few months….but now it’s been 3 months and not even a glimpse of a covered baby. No Kate walking around – they all vanish!

The only thing I don’t understand is how you can fake it when other people are involved….(i.e. Connor, Isabella, Katies folks)! How can NO baby exist? so in theory I do believe A baby does exist but whether or not it’s a biological child of either parent remains to be seen. I wouldn’t put it past Tom to do something like this because he’s brainwashed by scientology theories!! Maybe Suri was born sooner, they kept that part a secret, and maybe something is wrong with her and they aren’t ready to discuss it. Or maybe she was pregnant and miscarriaged and they decided to play it out while looking for a “child” to adopt! Who knows. Lots of theories, lots of speculation, but the more and more no baby is seen and things keep coming out the more fishy it gets! Even if they are seen out w/ a covered baby it won’t satisfy anyone if her face isn’t seen!! So in the end we could be wondering for YEARS!!

Katee on

I have a question, no one has seen suri and the birth certificate was signed late do u think maybe the baby might have died before birth or at birth and tom and katie is just trying to deal with the pain of losing a child without all the press involoved in it. I personally think it makes perfect since that would explain all the appearances after her birth without the baby not because of their not ever being one but because the baby simply didnt make it. I think within the next few weeks we’ll probably find out something, but right now this is something the 2 of them are trying to deal with in private.

michie on

OY people. Suri of course is real. We never saw Conner or Isabella most of their lives. Now a days everyone wants to see the baby the second it is born. Katie has been out and a bout with her parents and Tom’s parents. She is not overly medicated held up somewhere. Babies are a big deal and if after all the hoopla they decided to keep her inside for a bit, for the love of God let them.
I agree with MYSTIQUE, the birth certificte could be a fake. Just to set people off. Also when Leah Remini had Sophia out in magazines and stuff it was because they were on her case for gaining weight and she was showing how she had jusy had her baby and did not intend on losing it all at once or through surgery. If the media was all over your case because of that you would take your baby out just to get them off your back. She has said numerous times that Sophia never leaves the house and sees only her immediate family. People are allowed to do what they want. Just because we want to see her doesn’t mean the parents are going to let us.
Now I love being on this web site and reading all the gossip but there should be an extent that things should go to. Saying Suri doesn’t exist is just wrong. Katie WAS pregnant. And saying she wasn’t is not fair to her. Speculating that at different times she didn’t look pregant than in other pictures, come on. Anyone who was ever pregnant looks different any different way they stand. And lets put in to the fact that uh, yeah we don’t have photographers following us everywhere that sell to magazines that air brush and alter photos.
Ok. sorry for going on and on, i just get so bugged when people say Suri’s birth was faked and all. Its not fair to Suri, Katie and everone else involved.

Kily18 on

I am SURE (after reading all these posts) that Tom Cruise got what he wanted:


Then, he does largest mystery of all the times, why?

Because SHILOH was more famous and having more attention, so what he did?

Suri is now having more attention that Shiloh, because Shiloh was in all magazines and papers, the time for Shiloh ended, then he made that his little daughter turned more wanted of the most famous baby of the world (Shiloh).

For me, Suri exists and she doesn’t know nothing about her freaking dad.

Poor child.

spindoctor on

I really don’tknow what to think. I just hope the baby is happy and healthy. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just sign the papers in the hospital. I think that’s strange. Though I can understand why they would send someone else. Can you imagine the security and coordination that would be needed just to get them into the hospital? A real pain in the neck for all the patients, new moms, etc.

stephanie on

I agree, michie. The whole thing is getting pretty pathetic. People used to say they’re sick of them and want them to disappear, WELL THEY HAVE, they’re spending time with their family. Not rapping about bitches and hos at clubs or posing naked on the cover of magazines when they have nothing to promote. Psh.

MuffThumb on

I dont think that birth certificate is real. it IS possible that Katie had “Kate” written on the birth certificate, but there is NO WAY neither tom nor Katie wouldn’t sign their daughter’s birth certificate!!

deeda on

I don’t buy it. First off, newborn babies in the U.S. do not need passports to travel out of the country. I took my son to the British Virgin Islands last year at 23 months and he didn’t need a passport, so I highly doubt that they got the birth certificate for that reason. Second, birth certificates are legally binding documents which means that both parents legal names must be on it. So either Katie changed her name to Kate (probably at Tom’s suggestion) or something is wrong with this thing. Last it says the baby was born in the hospital. Most hospitals will not let the baby be discharged until an official birth certificate is filed. This is to protect them from liability stemming from baby mix-ups and such. All in all something is seriously wrong here.

alisa on

Someone had to find a reason to throw britney in this debate too.*lol* Anyway people should happy they have gone away, that’s waht so many was whining about for over a year. Now that they have people are still on their backs. I just hope Katie & her baby are happy & healthy wherever they are.

Tina on

I love how some people are SO sure she exists. How can you say Katie/Kate was definitely pregnant or that Suri is REAL when the truth is, none of us know. That is the only truth… no one but their family really knows the truth.
But I can’t wait to hear it, when ever that may be….

jess on

I have never had a baby, so I don’t know how the birth certificate thing works, but I recall she was released from the hospital within 24 hours of the birth, so maybe there wasn’t time to get it signed then. Remember they are celebrities so the same rules don’t always apply to them. I am certain Suri exists – it just doesn’t make any sense to fake something like that. I feel kind of bad for them that everyone is saying that their baby is fake 😦

Di on

Ever thought that SURI could stand for SURREAL?
Just a thought i wanted to share

Natalie on

I truly do not believe it is a real birht certificate. Every one knows that the mother and father’s exact names including middle names has to be on the certificate. It just does not look genuine to me. In Michigan the birth certificate is done within 24 hours of the birth.

Beth on

FYI, these days, US citizens who are babies do need passports whenever an adult needs a passport.

In the past, in the Caribbean, Central and South American, Mexico and Canada, Bermuda both babies and adults could frequently get away without needing passports. However, this is now about to change over the course of the next 2 years due to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It was supposed to have changed on Dec. 31, 05, but they pushed it back to phase in on Dec. 31, 06 (air and sea crossings) and Dec 31 07 (land crossings).

The need for a passport in the Western Hemisphere is generally for reentry into the US, not for entry into the other country.

Just so no one thinks their baby does not need a passport and gets caught offguard!!

AmyBluFrog on

I’m still not sure what is going on with this whole Suri Cruise thing. I am a little suspect, though. Such a public pregnancy, and then nothing!?!?!? Not even a blanket covered stroller or carseat! So, I decided to do a public records search in CA, the only Suri Cruise I could come up with was “The Suri Cruise Foundation”, which started as “The Infinity Foundation”, then changed to “The Suri Cruise Foundation”, and more recently, “The Suri Foundation”. The only info available publicly about this Foundation is that it is non-profit. This is all very, very weird.

I can’t believe, though, at this point, there is no baby. How crappy would that be?!?!?! But, why haven’t any of their friends seen the baby, as is reported by US Weekly??? It is all just so, so weird.

I’ve never been a big Tom Cruise fan, but after all of the Katie and baby spectacle, I just think he is a huge freak! If there is a baby, I feel sorry for her.

Aleah on

I just did a quick check and, in California, in order to get a birth certificate, you have to fill out paper work, provide pertinant information, and swear that you are, or are authorized, to obtain that person’s birth certificate. That makes me wonder how TMZ then managed to get that document…

patricia on

What I don’t get is why they have waited so long. At this point it’s probably more stress to keep her hidden. People like Gwyneth wtih Moses, Gwen with Kingston, and even Brangelina with Shiloh have gotten the baby picture out of the way and then moved on. Now they go about their business and that’s cool. No one minds. We saw the baby and we’re all happy.

The media will ALWAYS be after more and more shots. They still do it to people with older kids like Reese Witherspoon and Madonna. It’s not just babies, so if Tom and Katie are waiting till we are all over it I don’t think that will ever happen. How long can they keep this up?

I’d rather get it out of the way and then move on and let the press get whatever damn pictures they want.

pinkleopard on

This seems so fake, first of all any time you sign a legal record you must use your full and legal name, her legal name is not Kate! Secondly wasnt she born at Cedars Sinai with Grier Hammond, it would be interesting to compare Griers Birth Certificate with Suris, since we know that Grier is real according to the pictures we have seen of her.

Alioop on

I of course do not believe that Suri is real but that’s just my opinion. I think there is some kind of trickery being played out in this case beginning with the timing of Katie’s pregnancy announcement. I’m not sure what exactly was planned to make the public believe that Tom and Katie were in love and Katie became pregnant with Tom’s child. All or parts of the pregnancy were faked and the birth was faked and now this birth certificate is faked. We haven’t seen pictures of Suri because Suri is make-believe but if she isn’t why haven’t the paps gotten pictures of her with Tom or Katie in social events or doctor visits? Because if she truly exists, I doubt if she would be taken to a medical doctor and allowed to have immunizations if Scientologists do not believe in them. They probably just give her vitamins to stay healthy. If this all sounds weird to everyone, well I’m just another passenger on the Weird Train that follows Tom Cruise.

LolaBelow on

I had a baby at St. John’s last winter. We didn’t have a name for our son at the time and they never pressured us to sign a birth certificate. HOWEVER, they would only do the paperwork on our behalf (social security number etc.) if we came back to the hospital within 7 days.

That was their policy at the time.

Jennifer on

Regardless of whether this applies to Suri or not (as absurd as it seems), what IS the penalty for faking a birth in the U.S.? If I, for instance, went bonkers and “faked a child” what would happen legally upon discovery of that? I really doubt Tom and Katie would risk committing such a fraud! Unless both are mentally ill and surrounded by a bunch of similarly mentally ill people..seems unlikely…I just think this whole think keeps them in the papers and on TV as being a news story…and they keep themselves in the limelight

Kelli on

I was told that California State Law requires that, if a baby’s parents are not married, they both have to sign a “Declaration of Paternity” before the father’s name can be put on the birth certificate. If that is the case, it seems strange that they would sign that and not sign the actual birth certificate.

Heather on

I think it could be fake. All the info on the certificate is stuff we know and not anything new.

Jane on

I found a website that list Katies real name as being Kate Noelle with Katie in quotations, so maybe her birth name is Kate? What does seem weird is that Cruise is listed as Toms last name which it isnt he is named after his father, Thomas Cruise Mapother. You would think they would require his full legal name on his daughters birth certificate it was authentic?

mabsat on

i just think that if she does exist, she MUST have at least been out in her own garden at the house, and it seems bizarre that the paparazzi managed to get an albeit blurry pic of brangelina and gwen stefani in their garden, and yet they havent managed to get one of suri out and about in her garden when such a picture would be MUCH more in demand at this point… or maybe the security round their house is just super tight.

Mi_mom on

When I had all 3 of my kids they made a big deal at the hospital that I could not be discharged until I signed the birth certificate paperwork. They then processed it and I had to pick it up at the city office after giving them a week to file it. When I picked it up I had to show identification that matched the birth certificate that I was indeed the baby’s mother. I agree with everyone else – you would WANT to sign your child’s birth certificate.

I also think it is extremely odd that Suri has no middle name. Both Connor and Isabella do (Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise and Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise) so I can’t believe Tom is against it. Even Suri Holmes Cruise would be appropriate.

Overall my feeling is that this certificate is a fake. Too many open questions and far-fetched explainations…

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

When we took Anya to Holland when she was 4 months old, we needed a passport.

The info on this birth certificate was confirmed to me by another source (not TomKat of course).

Mina on

Katie was really pregnant, we saw a picture of her stretch marks..

Millie on

I’m not sure what the laws are in California, but here in the UK if the parents are not married at the time of the birth then they both have to sign the birth certificate. If they are married then only one parent needs to sign (usually the mother). Not sure how that differs to US law??
I thought Suri was born at Cedars Sinai too, on the same day as Brooke Shields’ daughter. I thought there was a quote somewhere too from Tom confirming this (although I may be wrong).

MuffThumb on

Suri and Grier were both born at St. Johns Hospital.

Tammy on

I think they are just over protective parents or something is wrong with the baby

Lorus on

I didn’t send in my daughter’s forms to register her until she was nearly 3 months old. Technically they are due within a couple weeks but I forgot about them in the newborn daze phase. The hospital I was at sent in that a newborn female was born to me so she was registered 10 days after she was born but her name was “newborn female” until I sent my forms in. So I don’t think it’s weird that Suri was 10 days late in being registered. Tom Cruise was parading around in Europe around this time promoting MI:3 so maybe Katie just didn’t want to leave the house to get it done.
The only thing I think is a little off is the fact that it says “Kate” on the birth certificate. Did she officially change her name since I thought you had to have your legal names on them.

M on

I’m PRETTY SURE that Katie’s real name IS KATE. I know IMDB says otherwise, but I think people just assume that “Katie” comes from “Katherine.” In several biographies even BEFORE Tom decided that she should be called Kate, not Katie, it was written that she was born KATE.

All these comments really make me laugh; it’s hilarious how everyone just “knows” she’s fake because we really are experts after seeing a few pics, aren’t we? It’s so easy to take a few facts and decide they are fishy and make it into a big conspiracy theory! I think people are just eager and excited to believe something is not right because Tom’s a bit wacky.

I really, really, doubt the pregnancy was fake. We saw her belly, and afterwards we saw stretchmarks AND her nursing bra. If it WAS all faked, they did a damn good job.

aran on

I am a nurse and can assure you that this birth certificate is NOT LEGIT. If you take the time to do a simple search of the nurse’s name and license number you will see it is for “Patricia Noel” NOT “Anne Heffernan.”$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=RN&p_qte_pgm_code=7800

Yes the attending nurse can sign the certificate, but the very fact that the license number is wrong, makes the document not legitimate. If the license number is fradulent, the entire document is invalid as is the case with this one claiming to be Suri’s.

Lau on

Suri doesn’t exist, but just as several people have already mentioned, Tom’s legal last name is now “Cruise” and Katie’s given name is indeed “Kate Noelle”.

Campbell on

I saw a story on Kate(not sure if it was True Hollywood Story or not). Her mother was interviewed and referred to her as “KATE”. This was several YEARS BEFORE she and TC met. As for the rest of this…. who knows what’s up. It could be nothing, it could be something tragic. I hope that there is nothing to all this.

ceci on

I think it’s all really weird. I live in Canada, and both parents need to sign the birth certificate unless the father is “unknown” or if he lives abroad (I believe you need proof of this fact).

Also, why would Tom NOT have enough time to sign his (first biological)daughter’s birth certificate but have no problem making time to promote his movie? Wasn’t he even on Ellen after Suri was born?
Lastly, why would they wait 20 days to fill out a birth certificate if they knew what her name would be when she was born?
Most parents wait cuz they don’t know what they’re gonna name their child…

Maybe they’re adopting a bb and will make it pass as Suri cuz they were never realy pregnant. Or maybe the bb looks a LOT like Chris Klein?? Or better yet, maybe Katie has PPD and is taking vitamins to make herself feel better (cuz we all know Tom doesn’t believe in psychiatry) 😉

Brianna on

I don’t really care if the baby is real or not…I think the whole situation is just odd, but it’s interesting how the birth certificate surfaces the week after US magazine’s cover is all about the Suri mystery.

yogadaisy on

I was at the park this morning and an acquaitance was telling me that she and her husband were at the Ivy last week and that Tom Cruise was seated at the next table over without Kate or Suri but with a male friend. Now, anyone from LA knows that the Ivy is packed with paparazzi – they just stake out the place – if you want your picture taken you go there – if you DO NOT want paps taking your pic, you avoid it. So, why is he out to lunch seeking attention??

Show us this baby for goodness sakes!

klb on

The baby could not have his name without him signing the birth certificate. My niece was born in California and her father had to sign the BC for her to have his name. They did not need a certificate of paternity at all.
Also, you can only travel within North America without a passport. You must have a passport otherwise, whether you are 3 months or 75!
This is all quite wierd, I must admit. I think this must just be a fake.
I do remember thinking that her stretch marks looked very strange though…wobbly and zig-zagged. Also, why would such a young fit girl get them at all? I know people do get them, but not as bad as hers looked. I have had 4 kiddos and have never had a battleground like that on my tum!!
Just very bizarre.
They were photo-op mad (even shopping for shoes!!) and now nothing. And I have never known a new dad to leave his baby to go around the world to promote a film. He is Tom Cruise…he did not have to do the junket (Brad didn’t for his film!).

Mommyx1 on

klb- I am fit and young, was pregnant while I was 18. And I got extremely bad stretch marks. It’s not about your age or fitness level. They are genetic. You either get them or you don’t. Simple as that.

Anywho, on the subject of Suri. I absolutely believe she’s non-existant. Or maybe there’s something wrong with her becuase they used the ultrasound machine constantly throughout her pregnany. Morons. /rollseyes

MuffThumb on

YogaDaisy- I’m interested in the story of your acquaintance. you say this person saw tom and a male friend at the IVY, without katie or the baby, but then you go on to say that you dont go to the Ivy without wanting to be photographed. how do yo think tom got away without being photographed when being with his male friend?

yogadaisy on

MuffThumb, I don’t know – it’s kind of weird! I do know that the paps usually stake out the place but perhaps on that day or time no one was there. I mentioned it because making a conscious decision to lunch at the Ivy is saying that you want to be photographed…so, his intent was publicity but perhaps he got none that day.

It struck me as odd that HE (alone) would still be persuing publicity but Kate and Suri have yet to be seen. I would think he would be ALL OVER some photo ops of his new family yet they are non-existant which could lead one to believe that there’s a problem with Suri or Kate.

Just my 2 cents!

Marlee on

i was intrigued by what “aran” wrote… i looked up that website and sure enough the license number belongs to someone else… as for the nurse anne heffernan, she does exist and she is not only an RN, but also a nurse’s midwife… however she has different license numbers for both… i don’t see how this birth certificate can be real either… this story is getting very bizarre… i’m interested now to see how this circus turns out…

SparrowsLady on

Tom and Katie could go to the L.A. premiere of M:i:III (May 4), but couldn’t be bothered to sign their daughter’s birth certificate? Pretty soon after that they went to Washington State for a special premiere, but clearly that was clearly much less taxing than scrawling a signature across a sheet of paper. They weren’t available to sign the thing, nor was the doctor who delivered the child, and the friend’s name isn’t legible. How likely is that?

And everyone saying that it was years before Isabella and Connor were photographed, that is NOT true.

Baby Isabella:
Baby Connor:

Even when stars don’t do formal photo shoots, they are frequently photographed toting around carriers, strollers, blankets, baby bags, etc. because they are parents of infants and those things are simply part of a post-baby life. It used to be that way for Tom, too, contrary to what some like to believe.

Joy on

my nephew will be 5 on saturday. They didn’t have a name for him when he was born and they told them they were not allowed to leave the hospital without signing the proper papers and told them that a name must be in order before they leave *shrugs*

Kristin on

Although most people assume that the nickname “Katie” is derived from the given name “Katherine,” according to both Wikipedia and AOL Movies, Katie Holmes’ given name is, in fact, “Kate Noelle Holmes.” (Likewise, Kate Hudson’s given name is “Kate,” her mother refers to her as “Katie,” and occasionally fans erroneously cite her given name as “Katherine.”) Although I don’t have any definitive evidence (e.g., Katie’s birth certificate) to establish which Web sites are correct, in light of the confusion, that point isn’t especially convincing to me. Which doesn’t mean that other aspects aren’t bizarre, of course… 🙂

Holly K on

They keep talking about scientologists not wanting their infants to be photographed, I know Leah Remini has already been brought up—but I just remembered she even had her own pregnancy special on Vh1 and I believe they followed her almost into the delivery room!

I do believe there is a Suri but I wonder if maybe something is physically wrong with her? Is it possible that Tom is that shallow???

huh? on

I don’t even know what to say. Tom and Katie disgust me and if they lied about the baby…then they are horrible people!!! I give credit to the celebrities that decide themselves to show the public their children in a positive manner. I think it takes away some (not all) of the nagging of the press.

I heard Tom and Katie have guards watching their trash so that the media can’t root through it???!?!???!??

ENOUGH ALREADY….just show the baby or tell the truth!!!!

NicoleMarie on

I might be making a big deal about this but why no middle name? I know it’s not exactly important but it would be nice to have one maybe after katie’s..erm I mean Kate’s :rollseyes:
mom? My middle name is after my aunt so it’s important to me(though a lot of middle names are common like ‘marie’ for example.

Meg on

Wow. I don’t know what to think about this whole situation. It’s just bizarre. Tom certainly is the new Michael Jackson. I think he’s a complete weirdo and I have zero interest in seeing any of his movies ever again.

I know when I had my twins, even though I left one in the NICU and took one home, I had to have BOTH of their paperwork all filled out and signed before I was discharged. Seems weird that nobody signed the birth certificate, parents or doctor. I had two obstetricians and each of them signed one of the birth certificates.

Brandi on

I don’t care for Tom Cruise and I could argue all day about whether or not this whole thing is real.

My theory is that they are together, Katie WAS pregnant (not Tom’s though) and this whole thing is to dispell the long running rumor that Tom is gay. After 2-3 years, they will seperate and Katie with get her $$$ for this whole charade and she and the baby will move on with their life. And, all the while, people will believe that Tom is the baby’s father so, therefore, he’s not gay.

What will REALLY be interesting is if Nicole Kidman IS pregnant with Keith Urban’s baby. If so, then we know she can get pregnant so, why would she and Tom adopt instead of having their own babies? I know that argument is hokey, but I still wonder.

In the end, here is what I KNOW based on some research.

I did a search on for Katie Holmes. There is a Katie N. Holmes (DOB 12/18/78) who has a driver’s license in the state of Ohio. As far as I know, you cannot have anything other than your LEGAL name on your driver’s license (at least in Texas) which leads me to believe that her LEGAL name is Katie. I will not post the address, I will only say her DL shows an address is Toledo, Ohio and other people who live at that address are Martin J. Holmes, Nancy K. Holmes, & Kathleen A. Holmes. Anyone who wants to pay $25 for this service (per year) can have access to this information as it is all PUBLIC RECORD. All of this information (that I am giving you) can be verified by anyone who has an account there or wishes to create one.

So, as far as I am concerned, I believe that her legal name is Katie.

I also did a search for Thomas Cruise and a Florida driver’s license was found for Thomas Cruise (DOB 7/3/62) as well as Nicole Mary Kidman, John M. South and Mary Lee South living at an address in Marco Island, FL.

This leads me to believe that Tom did, at some point, change his name legally to Thomas Cruise.

So, does that help with anything? I don’t know.

Rachel on

I’m with Marlee… I’m sort of interested to see how this turns out… I would be interested as well to hear what these two women, “Ann Heffernan” and “Patricia Noel” think about this certificate and their names/license numbers being spread through either this fake birth certificate, or a very fake birth

As far as my opinion? It’s all just very, very odd. I really hope that IF Suri exists that all is well, that Katie is home with her and that she realizes the kind of marriage she’s in REALLY quickly and gets the heck outta there!

ADH on

OMG some of your ideas remind of of this made-for-TV movie Kate Jackson starred in, in the early 1990s in which she played a nurse practioner who faked a pregnancy to keep her married boyfriend, so she drugged Lori Laughlin and stole her baby right from her womb (during delivery) and replaced it with a SIDS fetus.

Then for the rest of the film Lori’s character kept looking for thd baby “she was sure was alive prior to birth.”

Meanwhile Kate’s character faked a second pregnancy after her boyfriend disliked the gender of her “first baby,” so she stalked several other mothers by claiming she was a midwife and in the end took a prostitute’s baby (killing the other woman in the process) and was only found out when her new baby boy became ill. (The police then end up raiding her home, thus finding Lori’s then-14 month old daughter in a playpen in Kate’s apartment.)

Now I would imagine that Tom and Katie/Kate’s daughter probably didn’t come from such means as that, but still something seems more than a bit fishy I’d say.

Brandi on

On further examination…

To get an Ohio DL, you have to have:

In order to obtain any Ohio driver’s license, commercial driver’s license (CDL), identification (ID) card or duplicate of any of these items, the customer, and any co-signer for a minor applicant must present a primary and a secondary document satisfactory to prove both: (1) Name and Date of Birth and (2) Social Security Number (SSN), if ever assigned. (Ohio Administrative Code Sections 4501:1-1-19, 21, 22). Additionally, non-U.S. citizens are required to provide proof of legal presence before an Ohio driver’s license or identification card can be issued.

Only original documents or a copy bearing an original certification by the issuing authority are acceptable. Uncertified copies or copies of certified documents are not acceptable. Failure to provide two (2) acceptable documents to prove both the name and date of birth and the Social Security Number, if ever assigned, shall result in denial of the application.

The primary document must contain the full name and date of birth and must be verifiable. The Social Security Number must appear on either the primary document or the secondary document. The name on the documents must match the person’s current name unless a change of name is established by a court order, Marriage Certificate, Marriage License or Divorce Decree. The court order may be a primary or secondary document. Only original documents or a photocopy bearing an original certification by the issuing authority is acceptable. Uncertified copies or copies of certified documents are not acceptable unless otherwise noted. Failure to provide two (2) acceptable documents to prove both date of birth and Social Security Number, if ever assigned, shall result in the denial of the application.

At least one primary and one secondary document must be provided by the applicant.

Zoey on

I do not believe that a biological child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise exsists. I really don’t. I’m sure I’ve said this a million times but this is TOO FISHY.

First, Katie disappears for 18 days.. and then BAM she and Tom appear and they are madly in love, convinently enough coinciding with the release of movies for both of them. Then Katie is pregnant almost instantly, when neither Nicole nor Mimi could get pregnant during their marriages to Tom, and here’s Katie, displaying a baby bump that indicates that she is five months pregnant, when pictures of her taken just like.. a month before show her with a flat belly?? Her belly button had popped in that first picture, then in later pictures, it went back in.. and then it was out again. Her bump grew and shrunk continuously. And yes, you could argue that it was the camera angle, but I’ve never seen anyone, not even another celeb who was in the media during their entire pregnancy grow and shrink like that. Never! And she lost weight near the end of the pregnancy. I’m sorry, but who *loses* weight in their last month of pregnancy? Now, I’m not saying for sure that Katie was never pregnant, because I don’t know, but the fact that their whole relationship looked like one big publicity stunt, and that her bump was so big, and then small again are both very suspicious! And the pictures of her nursing bra – ok, don’t you think that pregnant or not, she’d be able to get her hands on a nursing bra? I don’t understand how the thing fell open but she didn’t feel any breeze or notice it at all? And her shirt wasn’t wet? Wouldn’t a nursing mother leak after a certain amount of time? To me, it seems much more likely that she knew it was unclipped and wanted to press to take pictures of her with a nursing bra.. kind o like a “see, I really was pregnant” type of a thing”. And as far as the stretch marks go, those stretch marks were so oddly shaped. Personally, I thought they looked like marks you would get from wearing your jeans too tightly as opposed to being pregnant. That’s just what it looked like to me from the pictures. Or hey, maybe someone drew them on, makeup artists have faked far bigger things than a few squiggly little stretch marks. But yes, I won’t deny that she gained weight during it all, but then again, she could have eaten a bunch of cheeseburgers, and stuffed her bra.. or worn a pregnancy pouch that has padding over her breasts. I mean, movies and TV shows fake pregancies all the time, I dont think it would be that hard for Tom Cruise to get his hands on the resources it would take to fake one. And why would they do it? I keep going back to one thing – scientology. Throughout this whole thing, everyone keeps talking about that religion. Couldn’t the church/cult have paid him off (and yes, they are extremely rich.. or maybe he was brainwashed into doing it… or he believed so strongly in their beliefs he just had to get them out.. or I dont know… whatever) to advertise their beliefs? I mean come on, has Scientology *ever* been talked about this much before? And you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity… maybe that was their thinking? Or of course, it could have to do with the release of Tom and Katie’s respective movies… or both!

Now again, I’m not saying that Katie was never pregnant, I’m just saying that this whole thing is highly suspicious. And even if she was pregnant, I dont think she and Tom had a baby together. She was just too big at the beginning.. and Tom has been rumored to be sterile for a REALLY long time. And yes, I know its just a rumor.. but still. BLARGH.

And then, since Suri has been born, WHERE IS SHE? The press was allll over these two, they were camped outside Tom’s house, they were flying overhead.. but why were there no pictures of Katie leaving the hospital after the birth? I mean, didn’t we even see Britney leaving the hospital? And there was that whole thing where Britney shopped around for the best price on the first baby pics… so we certainly weren’t going to get a good shot at first, but at least we saw her leaving the hospital. And even with Violet we say pics of her covered up.. being carried by Jen or Ben. And as someone said, we saw aerial pics of Shiloh and Kingston… but nothing of Suri? Where is this kid, if she truly does exsist?

I think the circumstances surrounding the birth and the birth certificate more specifically don’t seem right. Why would neither parent sign the certificate? How convinent is it that the doctor who signed the certificate never actually saw the baby??

I want these two to be gone too. And I know people can argue that they did vanish, but no. They are in the media now more than ever. They know how to manipulate the press to get as much publicity as possible.. they’re darn good at it! God, I am so sick of all this.

Just my opinions though, don’t mean to offend anybody.

And a bit unrelated, but as far as the thing about the Nurse’s number, isn’t that search only for RNs? Because the letter before the Nurse’s number on the certificiate is G, I think? And that thing says don’t type in the “RN”, which makes me assume that the search is only for them? I don’t know though… again, just my thoughts.

Mrs. McGraw on

Shame on whoever said “OR BETTER YET, maybe kate has PPD.”

I thought it would be ironic…but it’s never better, baby or fake baby.


Everybody seen Kate’s belly after she had suri she had plenty of stretchmarks if the pregnancy was faked then how would she have all them stretchmarks imo

threeminutepalaver on

I also wonder if there is something physically wrong with Suri for her to have been hidden for so long. or maybe Suri died (miscarriage or stillbirth) and TomKat are keeping up a charade to save face. I think it is likely that Katie would keep a low profile if she was suffering PPD. I agree with the other commenter who wondered if Tom bought a Sonogram machine to watch Suri all the time because it was a high risk pregnancy or something was wrong and they were worried about her. I don’t know if Katie was ever really pregnant or not but my gut tells me Suri doesn’t exist now. (the poor little thing).

threeminutepalaver on

also, I think it would be easy for TomKat to fake a pregnancy if they wanted to with makeup artists et al. It reminds me of how Vivian Leigh supposedly faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage in the 50s to get media attention and public sympathy….(just thinking out loud)…

yogadaisy on

Zoey, I love your post. You said all the things I was thinking! There are just too many damn inconsistancies!

Who else’s pregnancy has been so suspicious with so many oddities??

Téa on

Heres another suggestion…

The baby exists, they want their privacy, people start speculating, and someone on the net decides it’d be funny to “obtain” the birth certificate which is an obvious fake.

I think people are giving TMZ too much credit, in all honesty. The document is fake, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it came from the Cruise folks. Anyone with Photoshop can doctor this in about 10 minutes.

Not that I don’t think Tom Cruise is a FREAK and Scientology should be illegal…but often the simplest explanation is the right one.

Tina on

Another thought… I believe the sonogram machine was a ploy. If she had a high risk pregnancy (like I did) she wouldn’t have been out and about shopping all the time and certainly not traveling as much as she did.
Besides, who is stupid enough to purposely expose the baby and mother to the sonogram machine THAT much? We all know it’s not safe in excess.

Karmellah on

Infants do need passports now. I help issue them at work. You need a passport to go to canada even if you live in upstate new york come december. Things have gotten extremly tight this year.

Maybe toms sonogram machine did something to her. I would like to think she is real, just maybe deformed or have that sun allergy, but things are just odd. I understand about privacy but this would be the first private thing tom and katie has done their entire pregnancy/relationship. they had been very look at me, look at us, and then all of a sudden it just stopped….Something is weird. maybe the mothership came back afterall.

Amanda on

As weird as this whole situation is….I still think there must be a baby. I mean, Isabella and Connor must have seen her, not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. And quite frankly, given that Martin Holmes was so against the TomKat situation, I highly doubt that he would be willing to go alone with such a conspiracy. Case in point- they likely are waiting for the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt mania to die down.

Patty on

It’s not fake unless Tom and Kaite want to spend some time behind bars. Faking a birth certificate and a passport is a very serious crime. Especially the passport.

Katee on

I say we start boycotting Tom Cruise and just see what happens if we can get everyone to totally stop paying any attention to him we may find out whats going. Im usually not interested in celeb stuff like this but im really into this. So what do you say want to see if we can boycott and find out whats going on????

Zoey on

Oh, and to add to my above post.. another huge thing was the sonogram machine. Why on earth would Tom need it if there really was a baby/Katie really was as far along as they claimed. IMO it looked like a big coverup for the pregnancy not being exactly as they said it was. Just my opinion, again.

And thanks, yogadaisy. Lol I’m glad someone agrees with me 😛

And Katee, I’m pretty sure bloggers all over the world encouraged people to boycott Tom, yet somehow his movie MI3 still did really well. 😦

gargoylegurl on

I just can’t buy the idea that Suri doesn’t exist. So many people would have to be “in on it”…Tom’s kids, Katie’s family, Nicole Kidman, etc. It makes no sense.

Besides, Tom has enough money, if he wanted a baby he has the means to “get one”…

I agree with what someone above said…sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one. I think maybe we are all reading way to much into this whole thing…

Yes. There have been some unusual happenings since TomKat began, but many of the theories people are coming up with seem really far fetched to me. Definitely entertaining though…8)

Leah on

when i had my son i couldnt even leave the hospital until i signed my childs birth certificate, thats if this is a real birth certificate im just wondering if this is part of a petition to adopt, and maybe the adoption backfired..personally i think tom just wants to keep us all guessing because hes an attention freak and wants all kinds of publicity.

Layla's Mommy on

I had to sign my daughter’s birth certificate before i left the hospital. How is it that a “friend” could sign the birth certificate? Only the parents and the doctor are suppose to sign it. That’s it. I was born in California and the only signayures on mine ar my mother’s and the doctor.

And I think Suri has a middle name. I’m not sure if they released it but I think she does. I really doubt this is real.

Layla's Mommy on

I just want to add that I have never doubted the existance of Suri, but I think it is wrong how they keep her inside all the time. Tom did the samre thing with his other two keeping his daughter hidden for 3 year and his son hidden for 2.

Layla's Mommy on

Who ever said that it takes 90 days for the birth certificate to become public is right. And that is 90 days AFTER it has be COMPLETED. That means that this is a fake or Tom and Kate leaked it themselves.

Shannon CBB contributor on

Layla’s mommy – there were pictures of Tom and Nicole with both Bella and Connor right after they adopted them.
Here are links to pictures that Sparrowslady posted-
Baby Isabella:
Baby Connor:

Shannon CBB contributor on

Layla’s mommy – there were pictures of Tom and Nicole with both Bella and Connor right after they adopted them.
Here are links to pictures that Sparrowslady posted-
Baby Isabella:
Baby Connor:

Layla's Mommy on

I stand corrected. I guess that makes this thing with Suri REALLY odd. What the heck is there problem. I would hate to think that there would be something wrong with her. No one would with that on a child or the child’s parents. I really hope she is healthy and that they figure out a way to do what is best for her.

I have had to find out the hard way about not taking my daughter around other more regularly. She freaks out when someone tries to hold. We recently joined a playgroup and it took her a LONG time to warm up to the other children and adults. They really need to socialize Suri if they want her to feel comfortable around others.

LaMama on

Maybe this is like “Rosemary’s Baby” and Katie/Kate was selected as the breeding ground for an alien baby and that she is somewhere in a drug-induced daze while Tom and all the people he paid off throughout this conspiracy are celebrating the joyous occasion.

LOL. I know that was inappropriate, but I couldn’t resist. Since people have shared so many wild theories here, I just thought I’d throw in my own wacky idea.

I seriously DO hope all is well and that everyone has read far too much into this.

Heather on

I go back in forth in my belief and disbelief of Suri’s existence.

Red flags have popped up from the beginning of T&K’s relationship, how it seemed just when things would die down about them, all of a sudden something else brought them back into media lime light. The revelation they were dating….the engagement….the pregnancy….the rumoured miscarriage….public appearances (soccer, Australia, shopping sprees)…the birth (Right when MiIII came out). Many more things staking up and making people doubt everything about them and the timing of things and all the discrepencies.

Then you have the other side of it. What about Isabella and Conner, having your children carry the burden of a lie so big? The posibility of a slip up to a friend or their mother? Lies always come out, weather in full or in bits and pieces and I think Tom Cruise is weird, but if it’s a lie to any degree, why would he risk his career like that? He’s known world wide!

I do think the poster above is right though, no matter what’s ever revealed about Suri Cruise, even if we saw her tomorrow her parentage is probably always going to be questioned.

ginettissima on

I hate to sound harsh but… as much as I remain curious to a degree (as most of us are, of course) I don’t think I really care either way whether this baby exists or not, whether the birth certificate shown is real or not. I think all this strange behavior surrounding the baby seems a really contrived attempt at attention and it’s getting kind of tiresome. 😐

crzymaid on

I just read an article a couple of days ago about how TC is apparently behaving in an increasingly paranoid manner as related by people who were present during the MI:III publicity tour. If I can find the link again I will post it.

I waffle about whether Suri exists or not, but if she does, I hope she is healthy, whether biological, adopted, or whatever other provenance, though I do tend to think that if she exists she was born earlier than claimed, and that if she doesn’t there is a child in her place right now probably adopted. I have no idea whether this birth certificate is real or not so I won’t speculate.

What strikes me as peculiar in the debate about seeing/not seeing Suri is that we just saw the most blurry shots of BAMZS at their Santa Barbara compound. Any picture sells. My fiance who is in the military and holds pilots’ licenses for both planes and helicopters tells me that there is no way that the air space above the TC compound can be permanently restricted (he is not a diplomat or a person whose life is a matter of national security). I don’t know what his address is so I can’t go look at his house on but unless the property is totally wooded, we should have seen a blurry far off picture of someone holding something that looks like a baby on their grounds (even if it was a pretend bundle). Though of course, they would also have us believe that when they want to play a game of softball they like to go all the way to a public park in Malibu without their child to do so.

The whole thing is BIZARRE to say the least, and if little biological Suri exists and she is healthy, then they are simply doing her a great disservice, because unless she looks just like TC, no one will ever stop wondering whether she is his child or not.

Autumn on

Oh my, I have no idea if this child exists or not! Perhaps she was born with a rare birth defect, died of it, and they buried her on the grounds of their mansion. (Unless she has one of those disorders where she’s horribly allergic to the sun or something.)

Maybe she was born with a partially formed parasidic twin attatched to her? (I know I heard about a baby born recently with three functioning arms or something…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie and the baby were being held prisoner because supposedly Tom’s the Grand Poomba of Scientology and with Suri being his child (supposedly) it’d make her akin to Scientology’s Golden Child/Little Buddah/Dali Lamah/messiah etc. so she “has to be protected.” :rollseyes:

Who knows maybe it’s a combination of it all?
1. Maybe Suri has a rare disorder/incurable disease?
2. Maybe Katie has PPD?
3. Maybe Scientology thinks she’s the Golden Child?
4. Maybe it was both a faulty pregnancy (child born with disorder & dies soon afterward) and a failed adoption attempt?

Luckylyra on

I seriously do not think this baby exists at all. Nothing adds up. People say Tom may be a bit kooky but I think he’s totally gone around the bend. Though it is extreme, I would not put it past him to fake a pregnancy and child. And even if/when Suri does finally surface nobody is ever EVER going to believe that she is Tom’s genetic child. Some may even doubt that she’s Katie’s. Harsh but undoubtedly true, you must admit it. No one is ever going to believe anything about her anymore. If you ask me, ‘Suri Cruise’ is well on her way to becoming a full-fledged urban legend at just shy of three months of age. Bravo.

Babi on

Let’s keep it cool. Fact is that if a celebrity wants privacy then s/he will get it. Because: A. s/he can PAY for it; B. paparazzi know it’s best to cooperate then ignitiate a war; C. there’s mutual need between publicity-seeking celebs and material-hungry paps. Suri has not been pictured because that was what the family asked (I am sure). That being said, I think the certificate can easily be a bogus, fabricated not by the family but by the press.

AmyBluFrog on

I read it on the internet, so it must be true!

Skeptik on

I call BS … it is easy to verify the information with the California Board of Nursing:

The license number listed belongs to a “Patricia Noel”, who is a public health nurse…RYNA$LCEV2

——————————————–Search Results for Registered Nurses and Continuing Education Providers


There are only two Anne Heffernan’s and neither has the license no. G48079:…ctionQuery


The “Anne Heffernan” listed above is, in fact, a midwife, but that license number does not match up:

——————————————–Licensee Name: HEFFERNAN ANNE TERESA
License Type: Registered Nurse
License Number: 317058
License Status: ACTIVE Definition
Expiration Date: May 31, 2008
Issue Date: January 01, 1980
Actions: No
Related Licenses/Registrations/Permits

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Hospitals do sometimes tell parents that they have to name the baby before leaving. That’s clearly nonsense though. If the parents can’t come up with the name or refuse to fill out the paperwork, what’s the hospital going to do? There are no legal grounds on which a hospital can keep a baby against the wishes of fit parents, nor could it refuse to release a mentally-competent woman. Anyway, what insurance company would pay for even an extra day of unnecessary hospitalization just because the baby’s not named yet?

I wonder if Suri might have been born jaundiced? Prince Christian of Denmark was born so jaundiced that in the first few pictures of him he looked much darker-skinned than either of his parents. If Suri was born jaundiced, it would be simple prudence, considering all the rumors about her parentage, not to release pictures of her until the condition is cleared up.

holly on

I think that the explanation that makes most sense is that katie was pregnant when she met tom, and that their relationship is a convenient charade for both. She, as a good catholic girl, did not want to be seen to be pregnant outside a relationship, he was already “auditioning” women to be his next “girlfriend” (such as scarlett johannson, who sensibly rejected the offer!) I think that this suited them both-she got a father for her child, he got to look both heterosexual and fertile, and they both got tons of publicity for their new films. By the time it became clear it was backfiring on them, it was too late and they had to keep up the charade. This has apparently been an open secret in the entertainment industry all along. I think she was born a couple of months earlier than we have been told, and they won’t let anyone see her until she is of an age where noone will be able to tell. Also, i think Katie’s official name is Kate. Wikipedia says that this seems to be the case from several sources.

emay on

I think Holly’s explanation makes the most sense. That’s what I thought all along, because it did seem that they announced they were pregnant as soon as they were engaged. And the last few “pregnancy” photos we saw, the belly looked fake. I do believe she exists, but I doubt Tom is the father.

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Daffodil- Jaundice does not last nearly as long as 3 months. If the baby spends time under phototherapy lights, it takes maybe a week for it to clear up. My daughter had jaundice, and we only stayed in the hospital for 2 extra days, and after a week home she didn’t look yellow at all anymore. When I was born my jaundice was so bad they almost did a blood-transfusion or something(my mom didn’t explain it well. Lol) And even in that case they were out of the hospital after a couple weeks.

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I meant *we* were out of the hospital. Damn early morning. Lol.

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it could be that Suri exists but is by a different father and actually older than they said, but it still doesn’t add up. Not with all these rumours about Suri’s very existence now. That doesn’t explain that they keep her hidden all the time… they’d at least take her out in a stroller with blankets draped over that don’t allow any clear pictures, or something.

I still believe Suri exists and Tom is the father, and that they’re just extremely over-protective. Maybe it’s not even Tom, but Katie, who wants to shield her baby from the world.

Melanie on

Mommyx1, my son had a severe case of jaundice and we were admitted in and out of the hospital for 2+ months after his birth. It is possible but he was very early, cooms positive and a male (the three strongest factors for severe jaundice). On the other hand, I don’t think this has anything to do with “Baby Suri”.

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First Katie’s birth name is Katherine Noelle Holmes, her family has said it on interviews before. Second, I dont think the birth certificate is legit. If you remember when Britney had Sean Preston, a tabloid bought his birth certificate, and it didnt have the markings ‘informational, not a valid document to establish identity’. But I could be wrong, because i live in toledo, not california. And about the last name, if tom’s legal name isnt cruise, they could have still made Suri’s last name that.

TJ on

I thought it was born at Cedars Siani?

jrmaddie on

i think that kate was pregnant but i am not too sure about the father or when she was exactly born and so on but what about the baby going to the doctor??? i know that Suri should have seen a doctor at least a couple of times now for check up and shots, etc.. Maybe they would not go to a doctor’s office but probably have a doctor ccome to them but how come no pictures of that??? paparazzi is staking out their house so how come no picture of a doctor or nurse???

Natalie on

TJ exactly, I remember they saying the baby was born there, right down the hall from Brooke Sheilds on the same day she gave birth to her daughter.. This whole thing is weird but again someone pointed out something. “Why do any of us care?” There’s other celebrity families we can gush over, so lets all focus on someone else rather than Tom, Katie and the offspring..

Natalie on

TJ exactly, I remember they saying the baby was born there, right down the hall from Brooke Sheilds on the same day she gave birth to her daughter.. This whole thing is weird but again someone pointed out something. “Why do any of us care?” There’s other celebrity families we can gush over, so lets all focus on someone else rather than Tom, Katie and the offspring..

comicbookchick on

I figure I’ll put in my two cents on this too, LoL.

This birth certificate does not seem legitimate for all of the reasons stated above and especially the RN’s number being wrong. That just wouldn’t do.

As for all of the conspiracy theorists … think about the way that people reacted to Kate coming out of the house so often without Suri? Shortly after that she started to “disappear” right? It seems like they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

I’m not a fan of either of them and never have been (just considering their work, not anything related to their publicity) but it seems like they are in a real Catch-22 here as far as public opinion goes.

I just hope that they are all doing well and are in good health and all of that. And I’m sure that eventually we will see little Suri somewhere.

Autumn on

Mommyx1 I have first hand experience with jaundice from the POV that my parents told me I’d become jaundiced soon after birth, however in my case the hospital didn’t catch it soon enough, so putting me under the light didn’t help much. Apparently the standard procedure after that, nearly 31 yrs ago, was a blood exchange transfusion, so I had that too.

Somehow though either from the donated blood or the hospital environment in general, I contracted spinal meningitis and was diagnosed with that at a mere 10 days old!

Since then I’ve had to live with the after effects of the meningitis, which has left me cerebral palsy like symptoms. (I can walk unassisted, but with a stilted limp bc my legs didn’t grow evenly, and my right hand/arm is slightly paralyzed.)

Anyway hopefully Suri hasn’t had as serve luck with health as I did as an infant, however I do know that even something as “simple” as jaundice can lead to much worse.

Leah on

ok, since i too like conspiracy theories heres mine…
Maybe tom is not the father of suri, maybe they took sperm from another man, perhaps a fellow scientologist, but when the baby was born it wasnt white, there are mixups sometimes, labs arent always perfect. now toms trapped, because he was so public. maybe hes looking to adopt a white baby now and pass if off as his own. he might be trying to find one that has some of his and kates features..i wouldnt put it past him, hes a very strange person…

keri on

I think they did so many things to make it look like she had a baby (oops, her nursing bra was showing in one photo and stretch marks in another!!).
Let’s just face the facts. What mother in her right mind would leave her baby a few weeks after it was born to travel to another state.
As far as breastfeeding goes (if that bra meant she is indeed breastfeeding)…when mine were born I was constantly feeding in the first few weeks and leaked everywhere if I didn’t at least every 2 hours. She went out to enjoy a softball game and was even wearing a silky top. Um…no!
You cannot even properly pump your milk that early on and babies are seriously eating constantly anyway. She would not have been able to take a break that long.
If she did really have a baby, but she is probably not nursing.
They cannot have faked this can they?
What about her shots…have they had a private nurse come in to do them?
Tom loves his publicity though, so maybe he is just letting it buid so she wont play second fiddle to Shiloh. Did I just write second fiddle 🙂

Carol Lee on

Suri was conceived to be a human sacrifice for the worshippers of L. Ron Hubbard. She was sacrificed along with 2 live chickens and everybody had to drink goat blood during the ceremony. Her body and the chickens were then burned and the ashes scattered over the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

yogadaisy on

“and the ashes scattered over the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” LOL!!!

Immunizations are not necessarily standard for an infant, in fact, many people delay or skip them altogether because of the dangers of some of the ingredients (mainly mercury) and their side effects.

So, I don’t think it’s strange that Suri hasn’t been out for a doctors appt. I would bet her doctor would make a house call anyway.

keri on

Sorry, not to make this a personal issue, but who opts out of immunisations????
They are recommended by everyone in the medical profession.
And mine all saw a doctor at 6 weeks, which is just common sense.

Rachel K. on


This is a HUGE debate among many parenting forums and all the parents have their different reasons.

Many parents have begun to worry about some of the vaccinations that children recieve containing mercury. Others worry about the side effects. And more and more are opting out of certain/if not all early childhood vaccines than ever before.

Other parents worry about the possibility of a link between early immunizations and autism.

To many parents, and individuals (myself included) it does seem “common sense” to immunize children. I don’t want to risk my child not being given a vaccine for a life threatening illness only to have an outbreak occur and for it to be too late.
But for other parents, to vaccinate a child without knowing ALL the possible risks and side effects that could occur (which is, won’t lie, what most of us do) is anything but common sense and who can blame someone for thinking that way.

mouse ka teer on

what i don’t understand is why they needed somebody else to sign the birth certificate. “They didn’t have the time”? That’s bullshit! They had “the time” to go to one of the other kid’s soccer game, go out to eat. Even go somewhere in WA state! How does somebody NOT have the time to sign their child’s birth certificate?! Why wouldn’t they want to show off “Suri” if there really IS a “Suri”?

mouse ka teer on

maybe they realized everything was calming down about suri and wanted everybody to talk about “her” again. and planted this birth certificate themselves? just a thought

mouse ka teer on

maybe they realized everything was calming down about suri and wanted everybody to talk about “her” again. and planted this birth certificate themselves? just a thought

Katee on

What I personally dont understand is why know one wanted to buy the suri pictures, iv heard it said several times that the pictures would not sell for the price tom wanted well i honestly believe if their were pictures people mag or us would have come up with the money, maybe tom wouldnt sell because their was nothing…. to sell?? I dont think theirs a baby i believe she may have been pregnant at one time or another maybe with Chris’s baby not with tom’s

Layla's Mommy on

I don’t think that scientology has anything to do with it because, like Shannon said, they had connor and isabell out way befor now. Maybe it is different because she is biological?

What is the deal with scientology anyway? Wasn’t it made up by a science-fiction writer? I am not a religious person but that just seems odd. Basing you life’s belifes after a book written by someone who was paid to make stuff up. And wasn’t L Ron sentenced to prison for defrauding the churches members?

“In 1977, Scientology offices on both coasts of the United States were raided by FBI agents seeking evidence of Operation Snow White, a church-run espionage network. Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue and a dozen other senior Scientology officials were convicted in 1979 of conspiracy against the United States federal government, while Hubbard himself was named by federal prosecutors as an “unindicted co-conspirator.”[10] Facing intense media interest and many subpoenas, he secretly retired to a ranch in tiny Creston, California, north of San Luis Obispo.

In 1978, Hubbard was convicted of felony fraud and sentenced to four years in jail and a 35,000₣ fine by a French court. Hubbard refused to serve his jail time or pay his fine and went into hiding.”


irina on

Ohhhhh my God!!! someone said that Tom Cruise is now the new Michael Jackson, and THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE…. creepy as hell….